Back in April when we went to Dinah Shore Weekend in Palm Springs, we met the awesome folks of Tulip Toy Gallery who had an impressive, silicone-heavy spread of sex toys out on their table for all to check out. Aside with being perfectly smitten with the staff, we fell in love with their line of Vamp Silicone toys. Vamp merges art, function and pleasure to create carefully considered silicone designs that I would be as excited to display on my shelf as I would be to strap into a harness and get goin’.

Fast forward through a few months of back and forth emails, those fabulous folks at Tulip sent us one of their very favorite Vamp toys to review – The Talula. Made exclusively for Tulip, Vamp’s Talula comes in three sizes, small (L 5″, W 1″), medium (L 6″, W 1.5″), and large (L 7″, W 2″), and is the only anatomically correct dildo designed specifically for harness use! By ‘anatomically correct,’ I believe they are referring to the upward angle of the dildo, which, in fact, definitely resembles the angle of a flesh and blood penis. While the curve may look severe at first, don’t worry, the silicone is flexible enough to maneuver the dick around to get the job done nicely.

Someone at Tulip must have been reading my mind (or toy reviews) when they picked out Talula for me, because they chose the large – and being a total size queen, you know that’s the one I had my eye on. At 7” long, the large Talula is definitely one of the longer toys I’ve used and to be honest, I wasn’t able to take it all, especially when we used it by hand. While this dildo is definitely long, don’t think that they skimped on the girth at all. Nope, this sucker has a 2” width as well. Big!

One thing I really liked about the width of large Talula is that just like most of the real penises I’ve seen over the years (yeah, I may be a dyke, but I experimented in my younger years, and I watch porn all day), the shaft isn’t quite cylindrical. It’s shaped like you took a cylinder and squished it down a bit so the shaft is a little more of an oval cylinder than a straight up circle. And while I don’t really care about the authenticity of the dildo in regards to it being anatomically correct, I do like that it really is as correct as possible. Oh, and it feels really fucking good.

When it came to using big T in a harness, I was a little worried about the angle factor. I wasn’t sure if the fact that it was sticking almost straight up would make positioning difficult. I also wasn’t quite sure how having a belly would affect anything, as sticking straight up, the dildo would end up almost flush with a belly. But all in all, the harnessed cock ended up working out quite nicely.  Amazingly actually.  The angle of the dildo was perfect with the harness and worked better than I wouldhave imagined.  Because some of the length was cut by the harness, it was easier to take Talula in and be closer to my partner and it let her thrust as hard as she wanted without hurting me. Win-win! Plus the defined ridge of the head made for awesome G-Spot stimulation. Seriously out of this world! 

Large Talula is definitely one of the best dildos I’ve ever had the pleasure of putting in my cooch. Quality really speaks for itself. Beautiful (I got the black pearl – so pretty!) and beautifully crafted, this dick is well worth the price. If you like length, girth and g-spot stimulation to knock your socks off, this is the dildo for you.

Give Talula a try – you won’t be disappointed!

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