Sedeux Flare

While I enjoy sex toys with fancy lights and sounds and extra vibrating bits as much as the next person, when it comes to wanting to know that I’m going to get off, there are a few staples in the toy box that I always go to first. For me, one of those basics is a good, flared-based silicone dildo, like the Sedeux Flare.

Part of the foundation of a complete toy box, in my opinion, a simple dildo like the Sedeux Flare, that’s straightforward and to the point is the perfect toy for both partnered and solo sex. It can be slid into a harness and used to fuck like a champ, or directed by hand – either yours or another’s, and held firmly by its base. The Flare is great because it is made of beautiful red pearl 100% silicone, which can be both cleaned and sterilized easily (boil for 3 mins, or put in dishwasher – top rack, no soap). Because it’s silicone, the Flare is also phthalate free – a must have for anything that’s goin’ near my girly parts. Phthalates are plastic softeners that some companies use to make their toys more pliable and are generally not that great for your body, but 100% silicone is hypoallergenic, non-porous and totally phthalate free.

The Sudeux Flare is a little on the smaller side when it comes to size. At 5 inches insertable length, with 1 ¼ inch thickness, it’s not a mini cock, but it’s no massive wang either. While I tend to prefer my dicks a bit bigger, this one was totally great for deep thrusting and not needing to be completely worked up before using. The tip of the dildo has a distinct head that hit just right at first impact and its slight curve worked well once inside my vag.  I didn’t test it out anally, but it seems like it would be a good tool for butt play too.

To be perfectly honest, there isn’t much that sets this dick apart of all the others, except that it is so plain and simple, which is what makes it a toy I will return to over and over again. Bells and whistles are great, but when it comes down to the business of getting down, it’s the tried and tested, what-I-see-if-what-I-get toys that always make it out of the box.

Experience A Flare For Pleasure With The Sedeux Flare!

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