Paul and Paulina

I was sold on rabbit style vibes about a year ago when I got the Rabbit Habit and have been looking for another since then. While I still love that vibe, I’ve been searching for one that is made from medical grade silicone (instead of TPR) which led me to Fun Factory’s Paul and Paulina.

Let me just say this right off the bat – I wanted to like this vibe. I really like Fun Factory toys and thought that this silicone vibe would rock my world! Sadly, I was disappointed, but there are definitely some good things about this toy and I don’t think it’s worth dismissing completely.

First, let’s talk about the things I like. Because this is a Fun Factory toy, the silicone is top quality. It’s smooth, soft and can be sterilized by wiping it down with a ten percent bleach solution. Secondly, I love the ribbed design of the body and the way the tip is curved for g-spot stimulation. Both felt really good.

The biggest problem for me is that Paul and Paulina don’t work very well together. Maybe it’s my body, but it’s a little too long and wide to get the clitoral stim I was hoping for when inserted. If I cram it to the point where the clitoral vibe is where it needs to be, I’m no longer getting the great g-spot stimulation. I mean, I love how this one fills me up, but when I’m aching for that clit vibe and have to work to get there, I get a little frustrated.

My other complaint is that it’s way too easy to turn this vibe off! It’s powered on by a little push button that is just needs a little bump to ruin your fun. The good thing about the control panel is that there are separate controls for the clit vibe and shaft, so you can control how much power goes to each pretty easily.

Overall, this toy wasn’t able to meet my high expectations sadly. If you’re looking for your first rabbit vibe, I would have to recommend the Rabbit Habit over this one. If you’re interested in reading about that – check out our review!

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