Infrared Rechargeable Massager

Let me begin with a confession – I did not get this personal massager with the intention of using it to get off. That probably sounds weird, and I’ve totally put it down my pants, but I was really intrigued by the thought of a nice, heated shoulder massage. Don’t judge me.

Before you read any further, if you’re looking for a super powered “massager” to bring you to mind blowing orgasm, stop reading and go buy the Hitachi Magic Wand.

This Infrared Rechargeable Massager from Cal Exotics can’t compete with the Hitachi. Really, and I’m sure millions of women across the world will agree with me – nothing can compete with the power of the Hitachi. However, if you’re looking for something else like I was, it is pretty good for working out kinks and winding down after a long stressful day.

One really cool thing about this massager is that it’s rechargeable. Because of this you don’t need to worry about tracking down D batteries or stringing a cord across your living room – just grab it and go to town on tension. To be honest, the charge only claims to last for about an hour, but in my opinion that’s plenty of time for a nice rub down.

I also found that the power of the vibration was perfect for a back massage. With two different speeds, you can start slow and work up to the higher level for a more intense session. This is also pretty handy if you get bored with your massage and end up getting frisky with your personal massager. Anyways, it’s powerful enough to work out any kinks, without making your teeth rattle and your head hurt.

It also comes with three attachable heads, which are OK, but I found that the wheel that is attached on one end works best. The good news is that you definitely have options with this one.

While it was the heating element that really caught my attention, I have to admit that I wasn’t very impressed with it. It gets warm, but not hot enough to add much to the situation for me. The heat really doesn’t penetrate your muscles deep enough to be a major selling point.

Overall this is a cheap massager that’s great for an after work rub down. It will totally get you off, but I could never recommend this over the Hitachi if that is your main objective!

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