I is for Indecent

I is for Indecent

I is for Indecent, another small compilation from Alison Tyler’s Erotic Alphabet collection, tackles themes that are a little more risqué than the rest of the series. The question of what is indecent is a tricky one. My mom freaks out whenever two people hold hands on television – how dare they? I, on the other hand, have a pretty high tolerance and figure consenting adults can do what they damn well please. Tyler has carefully put together fifteen stories that will expand your horizons, while toeing the line of what some consider obscene. The result is a collection that will open your eyes, test your boundaries, and keep you reading!

Exhibitionism is rampant throughout, but the stories approach it from a completely different angle. I loved Lisette Ashton’s That Monday Morning Feeling – it almost made me long for Philly’s dirty public transportation. The narrator takes us through her morning commute sans underpants. The thought of pressing up against a fellow commuter just long enough to turn them on before taking off at the next stop is incredibly enticing!

Michael Hemmingson tells the tale of a poor graduate student who, in an attempt to pay her rent, ends up as part of a live sex show at an art gallery in The Installation. Her journey is truly engaging as she opens up to the experience. This is a story I don’t foresee myself living out, especially since my days of being a poor grad student are past, but I am definitely intrigued by.

With tales of public urination, an affair with a priest, an encounter with a hustler the narrator knew as a boy, and playing dead; you’re likely to find stories that excite and offend you. Not every story did it for me, but the back of the book states that this one is “guaranteed to offend and titillate,” and it lived up to that promise.

-The Porn Librarian

Add this excellent book to your collection!

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