Dolly Dolphin II

It’s been a while since I’ve received a new Fun Factory toy, so I was pretty excited to check out the Dolly Dolphin II. While I’ve reviewed a lot of products from this company, I’ve only checked out one other big standard vibe, the Heartbreaker. I’ve had it for years now and it’s always served me faithfully, so I had big expectations for this pink vibe.

The first thing that I noticed about this toy is how flexible it is. Of course, it’s crafted from Fun Factory’s amazing silicone, which is always pliable, but I was surprised when I could bend it in half!

After prying open the battery compartment and inserting a couple of AAs, I turned the control wheel and was pretty pleased with the buzz. Personally, I am not a huge fan of the control wheel because I feel like it’s a crapshoot. A lot of Fun Factory toys have a two-button system that I like better – press one button to increase speed and one to decrease it – nice and simple. Anyways, rotating the wheel will alter the vibration speed and since multiple speeds is where it’s at, I won’t complain too much. Silicone is really great at transferring vibration, so I found the highest speed to be pretty impressive for a vibe that runs on a couple of AA batteries.

Of course, the dolphin face on this vibrator is cute, but I am pleased to report that it does a surprisingly good job of stimulating the g-spot. I had my doubts because a lot of my g-spot vibes have a much more distinct curve, but I guess that the flexibility of this toy allows it to get where it needs to go to get me off properly! I also really love how smooth this toy is because it feels quite good. The Heartbreaker has a lot of ridges, so it’s nice to have something that’s a little different.

This vibe is standard in size at 8.5 inches long with a 4.5 inch circumference and is pretty quiet for a vibe with this much buzz. As you should all know by now, silicone is phthalates free and hypo-allergenic. Plus, you can sterilize it by cleaning it with a ten percent bleach solution. Dolly is a dolphin, so she’s splash proof, but you shouldn’t submerge her.

Overall, this isn’t my favorite vibe, but it’s a good choice if you’re looking for a standard vibe that’s made out of body safe materials. It’s also super cute!

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