Crystal Wand

I’m not going to start lying to you today. When I got this toy in the mail, I was a little less than excited. I’m a little spoiled when it comes to sex toys and Nectar Product’s Crystal Wand didn’t look very impressive to me. While the S shape was intriguing, it’s made from Lucite which doesn’t look nearly as cool as glass or steel. Thankfully, I gave this one a shot because its design is actually pretty damn great.

Cynthia Taylor Lamborne, the designer of the crystal wand, apparently is on a mission to help women enjoy the pleasures of g-spot stimulation. It even comes with a handy little guide book that explains how to care for your wand and how to put it to use.

Let’s start off by talking about caring for this toy. This is my first Lucite wand and I really don’t know anything about the material other than it’s the impact resistant material used around hockey rinks. Nectar Product suggests soap and water, which is pretty standard, but also suggests an interesting alternative. Apparently, you can create a 100% natural antibacterial cleansing solution by adding 10 drops of grapefruit seed extract to one cup of water. Good to know! They also warn us against using alcohol based products on Lucite.

This is a great toy and perfect for anyone who’s new to g-spot stimulation. The s-shaped design of this 10 inch toy makes locating your g-spot simple and is also good for p-spot stim according to the guide. Not having a prostate, I can’t speak to that myself! Lucite is hard, like glass or steel, but much lighter, which I thought allowed me to have complete control over it. I did find that a little lube goes a long way and will definitely enhance your play. The best part is that you can use silicone or water-based lube – I’m a big fan of options!

I’ve used a lot of toys that claim to stimulate the g-spot over the years and have a few I think are absolutely amazing. Any woman who owns the Pure Wand will rave about it, but it’s hefty price tag is a bit of a deterrent, especially in today’s economy. That’s where I see the Crystal Wand fitting in. At only $55 (half of what you’ll pay for the Pure Wand) it’s a bargain and since Lucite will stop a hockey puck, I’m guessing this is a toy you can plan on having a very long time.

If you’re interested in exploring g-spot stimulation, this is a quality toy that will help you find your way. It’s great for first timers and, when combined with a clit vibe, great for one hell of a ride!

Add this wonderful wand to your toy box!

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