Best Sex Writing 2008

best sex writing 2008

In retrospect, I probably would not choose Best Sex Writing 2008 as a book to read poolside if I could go back in time. This has nothing to do with the quality of this collection, because it is excellent, but one thing I learned through my experience is that castration and fruity frozen drinks do not go together. Besides an incredibly graphic article on castration, I also learned more about sex and the disabled, porn in Iran and that apparently no one fucks on their wedding night. Yet another reason I’m in no rush to get married…

If you’re interested in sex (who isn’t) you don’t want to miss this eclectic group of essays that cover facets of human sexuality that you might never consider otherwise. This isn’t a sexy book, but it will open your eyes to new worlds and answer questions that don’t typically come up at dinner parties.

Tristan Taormino’s essay on phthalates is one that everyone with a cheap jelly dong should read. I’ve read a lot about the dangerous chemicals, but really appreciated how accessible this article was. It paints a scary picture, and I’m thankful for that. As Taormino points out, Canada has banned phthalates in doggie chew toys but you can still buy a chemical oozing anal plug.

One of my favorite pieces was Ariel Levy’s Dirty Old Women, which focuses on older ladies who seduce teenage boys. We all have our opinions about Mary Kay Letourneau and her former sixth grade student and current husband Vili Fualaau. Unfortunately, I’ve never been exposed to information that wasn’t straight off the pages of People. Levy speaks of the differences between women and men who seduce children and of how society tends to portray all parties in this intriguing essay.

Rachel Kramer Bussel has managed to create an informative page-turner that offers readers a chance to broaden their horizons through each author’s unique perspective. Perverts and prudes will find themselves unable to put this one down

-The Porn Librarian

Add this excellent book to your collection!

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