Dark Angels: Lesbian Vampire Erotica

Dark Angels - lesbian vampire erotica

When it comes to Halloween, I don’t spend hours coming up with the perfect costume every year or look forward to an evening of mischief. I’m much happier pouring a couple of pumpkin ales and reading scary stories aloud. This year we spiced things up a bit by sharing Pam Keesey’s Dark Angels, because nothing says Halloween to a couple of dykes like lesbian vampire erotica!

Keesey has collected a great variety of tales that lack neither substance nor sex. Whether addressing the vampire as a symbol or as a dark seductress, each draws the reader into a world where the rules no longer apply. Whether the main character is hanging out in a modern day goth club, or a Russian countess in the late 1800’s, she’s sure to capture your imagination as she inevitably gets exactly what she wants.

One of my favorite stories is Melanie Tem’s Presence, a compelling journey through one woman’s life as she experiments with sex, blood and spirituality. It’s brief, but a really good read.

I also, oddly enough, have to recommend you read the introduction. Keesey goes far beyond what I’ve come to expect, delving into each story and vampire lore. She discusses the origin of the vampire, it’s connection with the goddess, and blood as a symbol. By reading it, I had a better understanding of the mythology of the vampire and am inspired to learn more.

For me, these tales do more than tell the tale of the seductive vampire. They present women at the height of their sexuality – confident, strong, aggressive and, of course, beautiful. The result is a collection that will please both vampire enthusiasts and my Sapphic sisters.

Add this excellent book to your collection!

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