HotMovies4Her Tips: Sex In The Shower

Shower sex can take many directions.  It can be hot and intimate, cold (literally) and awkward, dangerous, or any number of descriptive words.  Some folks snarl at the idea while other can’t wait to drop their underpants and hop in for a wet romp.  Either way, we have some suggestions that will make getting dirty way more fun than getting clean in the washroom… a little safer too!  We reached out to our pals on Twitter and they gave us 2 out of our 4 tips.  Thanks, @FascinationsFun (#1) and @SophieDelancey (#2)!

1. Make sure you have something to hold on to.  Safety first!  Before you go thrusting HotMovies4Her Sex Tipsabout, be sure you have something to latch on to.  Some companies make suction cup handles that work pretty well.  While you can’t pull on them with all of you might, they do add some security and leverage.  Whatever it is, be it a towel wrack or hand rail, be sure to test it first!

2. Don’t get soap on your sensitive spots!  Soap, body wash, shampoo, etc. are not meant to be used as lube.  If these products are used as such, things can get pretty uncomfortable (read: sting like a motherfucker).  Rinse before you play!  If you need lube in the shower, go with a silicone based lubricant (as long as you’re not using silicone toys).  It stays viscus whereas water based lube will wash right away.  Be careful here!  If lube drips to the floor, things can get slippery in all the wrong places.  A slip-and-fall is not sexy! This is one of the few times I’ll tell you to be cautious about the amount of lube you use.

3. Don’t hog the water.  Keep your bodies close and adjust the shower head so you are encased in a nice warm liquid cocoon.  This will take some experimenting, but it will be worth it.  It just isn’t right to leave on person to shiver just outside of the cozy warm water cone.  Being too cold or too hot can be a huge turn-off to say the least.

4. Waterproof toys are awesome.  They are made to get thrown into the shower-sex mix.  Again, if you’re using silicone lube you don’t get to play with silicone toys.  However, a waterpoof bullet vibe makes for a nice third party without taking up too much room.  Also, the shower is a great place to use dildos with suction cup bases. What’s not to love about a hands-free dildo session?  You can get kinky with restraints that are made especially for getting wet.

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