HotMovies4Her Tips – 4 Basic Sex Tips

I’m not going to lie – now that Ginger Leigh has left the building and we are bringing our newest blogger, Janie Jones, up to speed, it’s been a little cray cray around the office.  I’ve been super busy working on various projects all day, but I wanted to make sure and offer up a few sexy tips to start this week off right.  Instead of coming up with a specific theme for the tips, I thought I’d just pass along a few overarching tricks of the trade that really fit into most sexual situations one may encounter.

1) Lube, lube, lube. And if you think you’ve lubed enough, lube some more.  I think that about says it all, but if you need it spelled out a little clearer… use lube when you bone.  Whether you are headed into a vag or into a butt (ESPEICALLY in the butt), lube makes everything go just a little smoother, which is what you want.

2) Don’t forget to laugh.  Sex is a very serious and sexy thing, but really it’s also hilarious and full of silly little moments that keep everything interesting and fun.  If you are so busy making sure that the mood is sensual and erotic, you may just miss all the relaxed enjoyment that you could be having.  Remember, you are supposed to be having a good time.  Like the Hokey Pokey, that’s what it’s all about.

3) Being self conscious is only making you unhappy.  Just as with the tip above, spending all your time focusing on one thing will ensure that you miss all the good stuff that you would be enjoying if you weren’t so distracted.  When it comes to being naked in front of someone else and showing them your most vulnerable sides (both figuratively and literally), people tend to become self conscious.  My own personal way for thinking about it is – if you wanted to get me naked and bone me, you probably already have an idea of what my body looks like naked.  And just as I am, you are probably so focused having a naked person in front of you and the anticipation of getting laid that you aren’t looking at all my flaws.  If you decide that my naked body isn’t one you want to have sex with, well, then maybe you should go fuck yourself?

4) Saying no doesn’t make you a bad person.  People have limits and boundaries for a reason – to keep both themselves and their sexual partners happy and safe.  Respecting your own boundaries and instincts does not mean you are insulting anyone else or making them feel bad (they will interpret what they want to out of the situation anyway).  Saying no to having sex without a barrier or wanting to wait until both your test results come back isn’t silly or over-dramatic – it’s smart.  And if you aren’t ready to have your ass explored – it doesn’t mean you are a prude or boring or anything like that – it just means that you aren’t ready to have you ass explored.  It’s just important to know that you always have the option to exercise your “no” muscles and get your needs met.

Hope these four basic tips help!




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