Gettin’ Busy Goin’ Green

In recent years, we have started to really think about what we are doing to our planet and have started taking major steps to cut down on the huge amounts of waste we are accumulating and the destruction we’ve done to our environment. Today is Earth Day, a day which was created to help foster awareness and inspire action to help get ourselves on track and keep the Earth clean and healthy for our future generations. While recycling your trash, using cloth bags when you shop and flipping the light switch when you leave the room are all great ways to get green and very sexy in their own regard, we like to make sure you know how to be eco friendly and extra aware when you are getting sexy. Check out some of these tried and true green tips next time you find yourself in a red hot situation.

– Shower together to save water. Wasting water is not gonna cut it when it comes to being eco conscious, so why not cut down the wasted water with a shower together? To make sure you aren’t letting more go down the drain while you get frisky, get wet and lather each other up, then turn the water off. You’ll still be nice and slippery without wasting any water!

– Unplug yourself. You have better things to do than watch TV or go online and if you play your cards right, you probably won’t be needing the lights on either. Take advantage of the dark – it’s free, doesn’t use any energy and is totally sexy. And if it gets too hot, skip the fan/air conditioning; open a window instead.

– Play with organic foods. Foods grown with pesticides are bad for you and the earth, so bring only organic fruits and veggies into your bedroom. Fruits and veggies are particularly awesome to play with because they are usually sweet, yummy, healthy and have little to no packaging that will go into the landfills.

– Stay home! Why go out and drive somewhere if you can get down and dirty without leaving the house? Skip the car ride, which pollutes the air, and hang out at home instead. And if you need to get out to get your rocks off, take a bike ride.

– Use rechargeable toys… or any of the new toys that are solar powered or use a crank to power up. Cutting down on batteries not only saves on trash, but actually protects our environment by keeping it free of dangerous corrosive materials and pollutants. Many sex toys these days have rechargeable permanent batteries or rely on other non-battery power sources. You may spend a little more $, but you’ll save when it comes time to buy batteries.

Recycle your toys when they die. Give your beloved sex toys the honor they deserve by sending them to be turned into another useful object instead of just added to a pile of junk.

– Forget about the gym. Gyms use a ton of energy to power those huge treadmills and elliptical machines. Save the gym membership and the planet by getting your exercise horizontally… or vertically, or sideways, upside down, what have you! Sex is a great calorie burner and a whole hell of a lot more fun than the stairmaster.

See, being green can be super sexy. Plus, now you have a few more excuses to turn those lights off and get busy!

Happy Earth Day!

– J.D. Bauchery

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