Sex Toys for the Holidays

Now that we’re in the midst of the Holiday season of 2014, we’re all scrambling to find the perfect gift for our special someone, or even just a treat for ourselves! Kids aren’t the only people who look forward to finding toys under the tree, so I visited Philadelphia’s Kink Shoppe, a sex positive and gender neutral adult toy and fetish boutique and spoke to Caitlin, a sex educator and customer service representative.… More

May is National Masturbation Month

To celebrate Masturbation Month, Sssh and The Screaming O have teamed up to observe National Masturbation Month with a giveaway of Screaming O Bullet Vibes for the first 250 lucky new members who sign up during the month of May.



By Fiona Wilde.  

It’s National Masturbation Month, and depending on your viewpoint this is an idea that is either a stroke of genius or rubs you the wrong way.… More

Aural Sex With Amie

I might be a bit of a stuttering Stanley when it comes to public speaking but get me in front of a hot broad open to receiving some dirty-flavoured talk and my mouth will carve out smutty sentences that would make a sailor blush (and get a boner).

In my opinion, there is an underwhelming appreciation for dirty talk and strength it can have during sex.More

Introducing Gina Liquor you’re new up and cuming sexcoach.

Hi everyone Gina Liquor here, you’re newest columnist. Let’s start this off on a safe note! Spicing it up keeping it Safe.

Been in a relationship for a while? Trust your partner but want to try something a little more exciting than your usual routine? Everyone likes to spice things up once in a while, a key factor to exploring new boundaries while staying comfortable is communicating a safe word!… More

Non-Sexual uses for a Vibrator

I recently found this article about a vocal teacher at a college who uses vibrators on his student’s necks to massage their vocal cords (sounds way dirtier then I imagine it is). This article piqued my interest in what other uses there could be for our favorite toys.

I searched and searched and only found one other non-sexual use for a vibrator – Breastfeeding mothers can use a vibrator to break up clogged milk ducts (wish I knew this 2 years ago!).… More

HotMovies4Her Tips – Giving The Gift Of Porn This Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Week, friends!  That’s right, love is in the air yet again as February 14th nears yet again.  Instead of heading to the local CVS for a heart-shaped Whitman Sampler or a stuffed gerbil that sings and dances when you press its hand, why not give your loved one the gift they really want – super hot sex! … More

HotMovies4Her Tips – 4 Basic Sex Tips

I’m not going to lie – now that Ginger Leigh has left the building and we are bringing our newest blogger, Janie Jones, up to speed, it’s been a little cray cray around the office.  I’ve been super busy working on various projects all day, but I wanted to make sure and offer up a few sexy tips to start this week off right. … More

HotMovies4Her Tips: Setting Sexy Intentions For The New Year

Happy New Year!  It’s the first full week of 2013 and we here at HotMoviesForHer are ready to celebrate by setting a few sexy intentions to make this new year the best it can be!  While making resolutions can be such a cut and dry business (aka. if you do this, then you’ve broken the resolution and now it’s over), this time around we are doing things a little differently and setting intentions to strive to feel the feelings that we want to experience, such as happiness, contentment, ease. … More

HotMovies4Her Tips – 4 Miracles of the Human Body

This year I did something I’ve never done the whole time I’ve worked here at HM4Her… I let Hanukkah slip on by with nary a comment.  What kind of Jew am I?!?  I feel terribly guilty about it, so instead of giving you some straight up sex tips this week, I thought I might turn back time a few days and get a little miracle talk in – with Hanukkah being all about the miracle of the oil lasting eight days and all. … More