Top Five Tuesday – Newer Movies I Need To See

Here on, we update our movie collection faster than you can shake a dildo at.  While adding more movies is awesome, it sometimes means that we don’t always get to watch all the amazing flicks that fly by before something else shiny and sexy grabs our attention.  We each keep running lists of must see movies and try to review them as much as possible, but some of those top picks fall through the cracks.  Today, for Top Five Tuesday, I am holding myself accountable and letting you in on my most recent list to force myself to find time for these gems!

Erocktavision 9 – Pink Tacos & Beer: We’ve recently added a bunch of awesome movies to our Erocktavision catalog, all of which I am stoked to see, but I am especially excited to watch a lesbo flick with a name like “Pink Tacos and Beer.”  I mean really – how can the phrase “pink taco” not catch your eye?
, The Sex Files: A Dark XXX Parody (Disc 1): SO excited to see this X-Files parody!  While I am not an avid X-Files fan, I was totally sold on this the moment I saw the trailer!  All the adventure of a sci-fi action movie and all the action of a porno – what a marriage of awesomeness.  Plus we get Kimberly Kane as the super sexy redhead Dana Scully. Swoon.
Seven Minutes In Heaven 3 – Fuck Yeah!: I can’t believe I haven’t watched this – the third installment of director Courtney Trouble’s Seven Minutes In Heaven series!  Another group of insanely hot queers gather together for a super sexy slumber party with lots of kissin’, sexin’ and fun, but no script.  This is reality porn at its finest.
Bend Over Boyfriend: We literally just got this movie in the last few days and I am already frantic that I haven’t watched it yet!  Back in the mid 1990s, sex educators Carol Queen and  Robert Morgan created this awesome guide to anal pleasure for men, and now, close to 15 years later, all the information is still dead on and the movie is just as hot as ever.  Definitely give this a look – I know I will!
Turbo Rock: Rock groupies never looked so hot!  Zaftig queen April Flores and Ashley Blue star in this kink-tastic rock ‘n’ roll fetish spoof.  It sounds like a whole bunch of movies rolled into one and I can’t wait to get my eyeballs all over it!

So there is my list, and I’m checking it twice!  Now all I have to do is add an extra two hours on the day to watch all the porn I want to see… Adding that to the list now.

J.D. Bauchery

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