Top Five Tuesday – Bloodsuckers

Vampires are all over the place these days.  From Tru Blood  to all the Twilight uproar, these creatures of the night have totally taken center stage in the realm of the undead and, in my opinion, are kicking zombies to the curb.  Sure, I could be bias.  Right now I am in the middle of editing this gay teen vampire love story (gotta love random freelance projects), so I’ve been  pretty much inundated with these bloodsuckers day in and out.  And to back my vamp lovin’ up even farther, I found a list of vampire porns on the internet.  See – everybody loves a Nosferatu.

Inspired by all that, plus the fact that it is the haunting month, I’ve decided to bring you my top five vampire porns!  Get ready to get your suck on!

Muffy The Vampire Slayer Muffy The Vampire Slayer: Just the fact that someone went with this awesome spoof idea makes me so totally happy. Sometimes you just need to go for the obvious, and a lesbian vampire hunter named Muffy is so right on target.
Vambires Vambires: Hello, it’s called Vambires! How could I pass this one up? Plus I always like to include a little bi action when I can.
Daughters Of Darkness Daughters Of Darkness: The box cover might not be much to look at, but the actual action is super hot. It’s like fetish porn and vampires were created to go hand in hand.
il Vampirla... (The Vampire) il Vampirla… (The Vampire): This choice was all about the box cover. Click on the link to check it out bigger and you’ll understand my reasoning. Oh, and the sex was a total bonus.
Female Fantasies Female Fantasies, Scene 2: A high quality horror romp chock full of hot lady Vamps goin’ at it all over the place. A total win-win for porno/horror fans!

-J.D. Bauchery

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