Summer Lustin’ – Had Me a Blast…

It’s getting hot outside, and I don’t know about you, but there’s something about the summer that really does it for this me. As girls wear less and less clothing, I find myself engaging in my favorite of the seven deadly sins – lust – more and more.

Nice weather also means making out all over the place. Of course, by “making out” I mean a lot of different (and often dirtier) things, but I don’t think I have to go into great detail. If you’re also a fan of getting it on anywhere but the bedroom all summer long, we’ve got quite a treat for you.

Thanks to our friends at, we’re giving away the perfect accessory to your summer time trysts – the iLusting Vibrator. Most importantly for my purposes, it’s waterproof, so you can take it to the beach, pool or outdoors during a warm rain shower. It’s also rechargeable, phthalate-free and offers 3 speeds and 5 vibe patterns.

So now you’re probably wondering how you can win it… All you need to do is leave us a comment on this post explaining how you would take advantage of the nice weather and this vibe and we’ll include you in our raffle.

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Unfortunately, the contest is limited to our readers who live within the continental US. Sorry. Only comments left before noon (east coast time) this Friday, June 12 will be included in our drawing.

26 thoughts on “Summer Lustin’ – Had Me a Blast…”

  1. I’m lusting to take this out for some pool play. When it’s too hot in the sun, we’ll heat up the shade or the water.
    Nothing like waterproof toys in the summer!

  2. I have an second story balcony that gets the morning sun. I go out there every day when it’s nice with my coffee, in my robe. I’d SO tuck the iLusting in my pocket and have a good wank amongst the birds and herbs.

  3. The air and atmoshpere are so electrically charged when a thunderstorm starts to blow in. Everything is just so full of energy that I can’t help getting super turned on! Hearing the rollling thunder in the distance and knowing that it will be on top of me soon just does something to me. I’d love to take the iLusting vibe outside into the heat to feel the wind begin to pick up, lightly caressing my body as my senses begin to climb! By the time that the clouds burst open, I’d probably be gushing too! Good thing that the iLusting is waterproof!

  4. Well, I’ve always wanted to try beach sex, but none of my current vibes are waterproof (I know, a serious hole in my collection.) This would be the perfect excuse to try a little naughty semi-public sex!

  5. This would be so fun for the pool or maybe even the hot tub. Sadly I don’t have a lot that can do into the water.

  6. I am going away with my gal at the end of the month to a cabin with an outdoor shower and hot tub. Both sound like perfect spots to try out this vibe. We have also made love on our screened porch during summer evening thunderstorms and it would be good to have a toy that wouldn’t be harmed by any rain that blew in on us.

  7. There’s this hotel/spa which has huge glassed showers in the rooms, and curtained hottubs on the patios. I don’t have anything waterproof, I know, a huge lack…

  8. I’m lusting to take this on the road with me. I’m moving to another state and i’d love to try this toy out at various lakes and rivers. See how it’d work with a little delicious public play.

  9. Ooh! This looks perfect to take on a short camping trip – waterproof, so it can go in the water with us, and plastic, so it can take all the roughhousing in the grass!

  10. I’m would love to play with this with my wife in our pool

  11. It’s waterproof, huh? Well, in that case, I’m taking it with me on our annual family trip to Current River so that I can use it the entire time (or until the batteries wear down) while we float down the river on inner tubes!! How’s that for a summer fantasy made fabulous?!

  12. Ooh la la!

    First, I’d take Q to the park. We’d cuddle on one blanket, another over us. I’d secretly bring out the vibe, unzip her pants, and give her a bit of a reward as I bit her neck, shoulders and earlobes.

    Then, we’d head back to my building, and change into swim attire. We’d head down to my building’s 24-hour hot tub, and sneakily use this vibe to get off under the watchful eyes of the video cameras.


  13. Now that the weather is getting better, the top can come off the car and maybe this just finds its way into the car…long waits in traffic are suddenly not as boring!

  14. Nothing better than a cool night on the front porch when it’s so dark all you can see is silhouettes. Leave the neighbors wondering what hubby and I are playing at.

  15. How about a hike on a hot, humid summer day. Sweat drenching tee-shirts and shorts as we climb and leave the rest of humanity behind. As we reach the overlook stripping off our clothes and using the sweaty sheen of our bodies, combined with the moisture between her legs and the iLusting vibe to reach new (sexual) heights…

  16. I’d take it to San Francisco with me on vacation just in case i don’t meet that hot girl i’ve had my eyes on. I’m not checking any bags so it would just be one more thing I have to explain to the TSA guys.

    I’ll tell you how it went. 😉

    besides i haven’t had a vibrator since i was 17.

  17. This would be the perfect toy to take along this summer. I have a lot of road time and need something to make all those hours stuck in traffic just a little more entertaining. It would see all of the east coast and a good amount of the rest of the country over the summer. I have hiking, camping, and boating trips this summer and nothing to bring that will fit in a backpack without protest.
    Aside from this it could come along to feature dances, because let’s face it, spending a couple of hours surrounded by drop dead gorgeous women in their underwear (or less) is bound to get a girl wound up.

  18. eh, weather has been crappy in southern california lately. so I think my girlfriend and I would be playing with this inside. haven’t seen the sun in a week, so the pool would be cold…

  19. I live about 3 blocks from the beach- but the sun is too hot for me- so I go at sunrise
    Now that would be a great way to greet the morning- walking on the beach- then lying on the sand and letting the sun and the waves caress me right along with the vibe.
    mmmmm, now that is an incentive to get outof bed in the morning.

  20. I’m spending my vacation with my sub in Oregon and going to make the sexy, macho guy my sissy so I think the Ilusting vibrator would be the perfect accessory to have and use while he serves his Goddess in other capacities. I love my rabbit vibe but I am ready to try something more discrete. I want to take him to a secluded place useing the Ilusting on myself while using him with my strap on. So many ideas so little time

  21. I’ve been eyeing the iLusting for a little while now, and I’d love to take advantage of its fully waterproof capabilities while I’m camping this summer, and maybe take it skinny dipping with me in a cool mountain lake. 😉

  22. The summertime means the lake and possibly the ocean for me. And there would be nothing more awesome than sitting at the shore while the waves gently beat upon me and watching the moon while having an awesome orgasm!

  23. This looks wonderful! I get sick of replacing my batteries all the time!! Actually I just pop the old ones out and put them back in for a little buzz…Crazy….I’d use it by the lake. Well in the lake, hopefully with some handsome butch that makes me keep quite while she uses it under the water. Yum!

  24. Thanks for the entries everyone! We’ll be doing our drawing later this afternoon and will notify the winner via email before announcing it on the site!

    thanks for playing along – I’m definitely inspired to pick up an iLusting of my own soon!

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