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Who knew Summer could be so sexy! True, skimpy bikinis and dripping popsicles are totally hot, but in this instance I am referring to the deliciously foxy India Summer, star of the highly acclaimed Open Invitation: A Real Swinger’s Party in San Francisco. Rocking the industry for more than four years, Summer has over 100 movies under her belt (so to speak), loves all different types of porno, and enjoys long walks on the beach. Ok, I might be lying about the long walks, but she is a nature enthusiast and we are still making seasonal references here, are we not?

We got in touch with the fabulous India Summer as she was promoting her starring role in the awesome swingers flick. Merging staged porno performance with real life sexy encounters, Open Invitation features a fictional couple’s discovery of open relationships and steamy sex parties – the latter which are populated with folks from the actual San Francisco swinging scene! It’s reality entertainment taken to the next level!

Spend some time getting to know all about the hotness that is Summer, then be sure to check out Open Invitation: A Real Swinger’s Party in San Francisco. You won’t be disappointed!

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
I currently live in Los Angeles, but am originally from Iowa. I have a BA in education. I am a combination of Irish, German, English and Native American. I am 35 years old and have been in a wonderful open relationship with my husband for 13 years!

I love spending time with my mate, going on hikes in nature, going to the beach, rock climbing or mountain-trail biking.  Spending time in nature always revitalizes me. I love going out to eat or experimenting in my own kitchen. Intellectually, I get my fix from reading, music, film and good discussions… and when I feel naughty I like to engage in private dalliances with my girlfriends and boyfriends…

How long have you worked as an adult actress?

I “dipped my toe in the water” so to speak in December of 2005 and then again in April and June of 2006 doing a few scenes. It was my way of giving the industry a little trial before committing to it. I started full time into the industry in September of 2006.

How did you get into the industry?

The long version is that my personal sexual exploration and journey lead me to the adult business. I had quite a few years of lifestyle and swinging experience prior to entering the industry. A lot of the swingers I met would remark that I should be in porn, complimenting my looks and skills. Some people in my life at that time would also suggest that I should model. A synthesis of those suggestions made me start considering the industry. I remember saying to myself, why not “swing” with some of the hottest and most skilled lovers in the world and get paid for it? I actually remember thinking that. Of course swinging and doing an industry shoot are completely different animals, but at the time that’s what I was thinking.

What do you get out of making porn?

I get to do something that I love and I get to do it in a creative, appreciative atmosphere.  I have a lot of fun performing, between the sex and the acting I think I experience the same satisfaction that an athlete or musician feels when they perform and play.

What kind of porn turns you on?
I can get turned on by anything from 70’s erotica like “The Story of O”  or “Emmanuelle” to BDSM/fetish, to hardcore gonzo, to features and parodies to pro-am.  Don’t let anyone tell you that women are not visually stimulated! I appreciate being intellectually stimulated, but I also like just plain old “balls to the wall” hot sex by hot performers.

How would you like to see you career progress in the future?
Ideally I’d like to keep growing through a variety of challenging and stimulating roles, and transition from being strictly a performer to directing and producing my own ideas and projects. I’d like to bring my own visions to fruition.

How has porn helped you grow sexually?
Exposure! Being exposed to a variety of genres and performers has opened my eyes to things I had never seen or considered before. Whether it be new techniques or concepts, the people around me in the industry have influenced me to grow. I have to credit directors and producers who have offered me scenes that I may not have otherwise considered or tried. Porn helped me to be more open minded about sex, about others and about myself. It forces me to constantly re-evaluate my prejudices about what I think my limits or turn-ons should be and what they really are. An example of this would be BDSM shoots. I had no idea prior to starting in the industry that I would or could ever enjoy BDSM. Lo and behold I do some BDSM scenes and find out that I totally love it!

What is your best piece of sex advice for women?
Enjoy it!

Open Invitation: A Real Swinger’s Party in San Francisco

How did you get involved in starring in the movie and was it the first time you had worked with any of the stars?
My agent called me and asked me if I was interested in the role and except for James Deen, I hadn’t met or worked with any of the other stars.

How does it differ working with a female director rather than a male one?
I can’t really say there is a big difference in working for a female as opposed to working for a male, but in this particular case Ilana was hot!

Tell us about the part you play in the movie.
I play Allison Bloom who is married to James Deen.  We are a couple who loves each other but are in a sexual rut.  We happen to meet another couple who introduces us to the lifestyle.  My character, like most people, is a little apprehensive at first but finds herself unable to resist the temptations.

You show real passion in this movie, what was it that drove this passion? Was it your sexual partners in the movie, the direction, the idea of what you were creating?

Many factors!  I feel like I had great chemistry with my partners.  I’ve known James Deen for quite awhile now and we have worked together several times. My familiarity and chemistry with James helped in the sense that he played my husband and we have that real history already behind us.  As I said, It was the first time I worked with Lorelei and I loved it.  She was a real turn-on for me and I LOVED working with her.  As for direction from Ilana, she would get us pointed in the right direction, give us the seed of the scene and then let the actors develop the scene together, making adjustments as necessary.  We weren’t just reading off scripts or having to be held by the hand. I think that the approach we had on set inspired the creative spark and a sense of team work and camaraderie that manifests on screen.

I read in an interview with you that you and your husband have been swingers in the past, how did you get into that? And how did it help you in the movie?

Yes I had several years of swinging experience prior to entering the industry.  My husband had experience in the lifestyle prior to me.  We started out very exclusive in our own relationship and as we grew together and opened up to one another, we started our own explorations into “openism.”

As for how it helped me in the movie?  The “Blooms” experience in the movie reflects my own personal experience. By that I mean they are approaching open relationships from a place of mutual support, love, strength and curiosity as opposed to entering the lifestyle as an excuse to get away or get over on your own partner.

The movie has been pre nominated for 13 AVN awards with you being nominated for Best Actress, how does it make you feel, and have you won/been nominated for any awards in the past?

It makes me feel great!  It’s been a real buzz.  I feel like I have real talent, I work hard at what I do and I put a lot of heart and spirit into my performances. To have AVN recognize the movie, the cast and crew along with my performance is incredibly gratifying.  It was a real “team effort” and I am glad to see that reflected in the pre noms.  As for other nominations, I was nominated for “Best Actress” by AVN last year for my parody of Sarah Palin in Penthouse’s “Drill Baby Drill” and I also received a nomination for “Best MILF 2010” by AVN.

The final party scene is the climax of the movie, was it nerve wracking to shoot in front of 127 amateur swingers?

Not at all!  One thing I learned about myself as a swinger and adult performer is that I am a true exhibitionist!  I feed off of the energy of people watching, whether it’s the crew at a shoot or anyone else who happens to be on set that day.  To perform in front of and along with the 127 experienced swingers was an absolute thrill for me.  You could even say it was kind of a “Superbowl” atmosphere.  As far as I’m concerned they could put bleachers in for all of my shoots.

This movie really appeals to couples and women, do you think this is an important direction in how the future of adult should go?
Yes I do think it’s a important direction.  For me, one of the most personally satisfying types of fan mail I receive is from couples who watch my scenes together to set the mood for themselves.  As a performer it’s nice to hear when you are helping to bring people together.  I feel like the adult industry is stepping it up quality and production wise. It really is branching out in a lot of exciting directions.  You can find just about anything out there to suit your tastes and quality demands.  As much as I enjoy performing in all kinds of genres, it was always a goal of mine to be involved in a movie and production of this quality, one that directly or even obliquely relates to my own personal journey and story.

Watch Open Invitation: A Real Swinger’s Party In San Francisco Now!

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