Smartballs Teneo Duo

Smartballs Teneo Uno

Let me just begin by saying I’m pretty excited that Fun Factory has gone ahead and updated a toy that so many women have raved about in the past. The original SmartBalls got a lot of praise, but this company saw a way to improve one of their most popular toys and took the time to do it right.

I was pretty psyched when I received the newish SmartBalls Teneo Duo for review from I have some Ben Wa balls, but never got my hands on the original SmartBalls. Since the Duo is crafted from 100% medical grade silicone instead of Elastomer like the originals, I think it was well worth the wait!

So, the Duo is a set of Ben Wa type balls that are designed to strengthen the PC muscle. All you need to do is insert them and then go about your business. The vibration of the inner balls will cause your PC muscle to work to keep everything in place and you get a workout that will lead to better orgasms! It’s really simple and equally important to do your kegels – everyone with a vagina should make sure to exercise daily.

The Duo has an interesting texture that includes a finger groove that is meant to help insert the toy. I definitely recommend you use a water-based lube (they include a sample) for insertion as they are pretty big. Because they are made from silicone, you should not use a silicone-based lubricant because it could ruin them. Once inserted, as long as you’re moving, you’re exercising! I have gotten in the habit of using mine after work when I go through my daily cleaning routine.

The greatest thing for me is that they can be sterilized by wiping them down with a 10 percent bleach solution. While I’m not sharing them, I use them all the time and I love the fact that I can be sure of their cleanliness every time I use them. I’m especially thrilled that the retrieval cord is made from silicone because toys with nylon cords kind of gross me out.

I really like the Teneo Duo, although they may be a little much for beginners. If you’re worried about that, you should check out our review of the Teneo Uno, which is basically the same item but with only one ball.

Do something smart (and sexy!) for your body with Fun Factory Smartballs Teneo Duo!

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