Shunga Chocolate Sauce

When I received my bottle of Shunga Chocolate Sauce, I will admit that I was only moderately excited. I mean, chocolate body paints sounds like a lot of fun, but past experiences with similar products kept me from getting too worked up about the possibilities.

Once I opened the cute bottle and dipped my finger in for a taste, I was a little less worried and started dreaming up all sorts of dirty ideas! Unlike a lot of “edible” products, and I use that term loosely, this one actually tasted as advertised without a weird chemical aftertaste. Shunga’s sauce isn’t going to replace my Herrell’s Chocolate Sauce in the fridge, but its subtle taste is pretty good.

Before I go any further, I should warn you all that this product does contain sucrose – which means you need to keep it away from your girl parts. If you use your hands, wash them before going near anyone’s private bits and save them a nasty infection.

After laying out my Liberator Throe in order to save my sheets, I handed my girl a blindfold and pushed her onto the bed. What followed was a good hour or so of chocolate kisses and fantastic foreplay as we got sweet and sticky with Shunga. The bottle comes with a cute sponge applicator, but I quickly resorted to using my finger to draw all over her body before licking her clean. Once we’d had enough, it was off to the showers to clean up before getting dirty again!

One drawback, for those who are a little OCD like me, is that this product is a little sticky and hard to clean up entirely without a washcloth at least – hence the shower. If you’re less particular about your sheets, this may not bug you, but I thought it was important to mention.

Overall, this product exceeded my expectations and set the mood for a night packed full of kissing, giggling and chocolately goodness! While it’s not something I anticipate using once a week, it’s definitely a fun treat for any couple.

Get your own Chocolate Sauce for hot sex with a little something extra on top!

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