Sex Sling

While it’s probably one of the most cliché clichés of all time, it is in fact true that necessity really is the mother of invention. When it all boils down to it, all the greatest ideas have been born out of a specific need to be filled. And sometimes that need is purely to have hotter sex. Amen to that!

In what I assume was an epic battle of wanting to fuck longer vs. having tired legs from holding them up and out for long periods of time, the sex sling was born! A simple strap that keeps your legs up and open, the Sex Sling is the perfect accessory for extending the action into the wee hours!

The basic concept of the sling is pretty easy. Velcro the cuffs around each ankle and slip the long strap behind your head, with the padded section resting on the back of your neck. Next, lay down and raise your legs in the air to the height you desire, then just increase the tension on the straps attached to your legs by pulling the loose ends by the padding on your neck. And tada, you’re legs are totally supported in the air with little effort! Amazing, right? Well, almost…

While I really like this sling and how it keeps my legs up and apart with ease, I didn’t find it as comfortable as I wanted it to be. Sure, the neoprene padded neck rest was a nice touch, but the pull from my legs was too much for my neck and was actually very uncomfortable. So, instead of resting the force on my neck, I moved the strap down and rested it behind my back/on the back of my shoulders. Neck pain alleviated and it worked just as beautifully. I would even think about looping the neck strap over a sturdy headboard bedpost… I haven’t tried it, but by the time you read this, consider it done.

Another slight positioning revamp that we tried was looping the cuffs around my feet rather than around my ankles. Again, the force just didn’t feel comfortable on my ankles, but on my feet, it was totally fine. Plus I felt like I had more fun with the cuff on my feet – more control to play around, swinging my feet and all. Sure, it’s not super sexy, but it was fun, so really, I win anyway.

Once it came down to actual go time, I found the sling to be quite handy. With my legs suspended up and apart effortlessly and my bits totally out there for the taking, there was definitely easier access for everything from oral sexin’ to hardcore pussy pounding. Plus, having my legs taken care of both left my hands open to extra fun and afforded me way more sexy time than is usual when I am holding my own legs up.

While the box states that the sling enhances G-Spot stimulation, I’m not sure I felt much of a difference; but I will say that the claim that it enables maximum penetration is totally true. Plus it leaves your partner’s paws free to have some fun of her own.

This fabulously sexy sling is a total bedroom bonus for me, but for folks that have different abilities or aren’t able to hold their legs up and out on their own, this strap could be super beneficial. And with totally adjustable straps, the sex sling can be used by many different kinds of bodies. Woohoo!

On the material front, this handy sexessory is made out of body safe nylon straps with neoprene lining the neck rest and inside the cuffs, keeping it nice and sturdy but soft as well. And from what I can tell, machine washable (it doesn’t say it, but I can’t see why it wouldn’t be) too. Everything you could want it a sex sling!

All-in-all, if you are looking for a good quality solution to tired legs and kinks in the back when your banging, or even if you just want to try something new and fun but non-threatening, this is the sexy accessory for you!

Assume the positions with the Sex Sling from Sportsheets!

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