Jimmy Jane’s Contour M + Afterglow Sensory Set

Contour M + Afterglow Sensory Set

When it comes to sex toys, I’ve always been the kind of lady that goes for the stuff that will get me off as fast as possible, and quite possible vibrate me right off the bed. I’m not usually one that goes for the sensual, romance-inducing toys or anything that’s full of lotions or potions. But, as my toy collection started becoming super dildo and vibrator heavy, I figured it was time to travel into unchartered territory – erotic massage. But instead of just getting some massage lotion and being done with it, I wanted something I knew would be a whole experience. I’m nothing if not thorough.

This is how I ended up with one of the nicest toy packages I’ve ever seen – the Contour M + Afterglow sensory set by Jimmy Jane. First off, let me just point out that Jimmy Jane is one of the classiest toy companies out there. Not only was this package awesome, it was actually packaged amazingly as well. Nothing over the top or too much, but what I would expect from an upscale company. Basically, there were no naked chicks rubbing muscle men on the box. And really, that makes a total difference to me. What can I say, I sometimes judge a book by its cover.

The Contour M + Afterglow sensory set is a two piece kit, consisting of a hard ceramic massager and a candle that burns down into massage oil. As well, the kit comes with a really nice pack of wooden matches. Nice touch, Jimmy Jane. I love when my toys are all inclusive! The Contour M (which you can buy separately as well) is a palm-sized, medium weight, white ceramic massager.  Shaped like a hollow mushroom cap with scalloped edges that make nubs, or kind of like a ghost from Pac-Man, but squashed a little, the Contour M fits perfectly in your hand and uses its nubbins to massage all the stress out of your/your partner’s body. Without some kind of lotion or oil it doesn’t run as well over skin, but it’s still pretty great. All in all, it’s the kind of object de’ art that you could use as a nice paperweight until you want things to get a little friskier in the office.

To make the Contour M an even better toy, Jimmy Jane paired it with a soy massage candle called Afterglow. All you need do is light the candle and let it burn for a new minutes and there you go – warm massage oil. You can pour the oil directly from the candle onto your partner or into your hand then onto skin, or onto the Contour M then to skin. So many options. And you get a nice sensual vibe from the candle light as well. What a multitasker!

I actually really enjoyed Afterglow way more than I thought I would. Afterglow was unlike any other massage oil candle I had ever seen before. The others were all super stinky and really artificial smelling, which is a total turn off to me, but the Afterglow candle has a light, refreshing smell that’s not perfumey or synthetic at all. Plus since it’s soy based, the candle burns cleaner for all 42 of the hours it is supposed to burn. That’s right – this candle is wholly reusable, and will last you roughly 42 hours of burning fun! My only gripe about the massage oil is that it becomes greasy after a while and could probably stain your sheets. Oh well, the price of a fun time.

If you are looking for something to spice up your relaxation regiment or make your own erotic experience, this sensory kit is definitely one to try. And don’t forget about the holidays – this set would be an awesome gift to anyone… naughty or nice.

Get your relax on with Jimmy Jane’s Contour M + Afterglow sensory set!

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