Picking up our mail today, what do I see but a big envelope with a Good For Her sticker in the return address and a bunch of Canadian postage.  I didn’t even wait until I got back to my desk to tear the flap open and see what was inside…

It was a delightful thank you package from Alison Lee and everyone at Good For Her for sponsoring the 5th Annual Feminist Porn Awards!  They sent us lots of lovely treats, including a program from the festivities, pictures, a button and a super nice thank you note!  You are so welcome Good For Her – we are delighted to sponsor and be a part of such an amazing event!  Making sure that feminist porn and performers are celebrated and promoted is such important work and we love being able to support you guys.

As well, we get to come out into the community and meet folks that are watching this porn and interested in dirty movies/sex-positivity in general.  We love being able to talk to people and making sure that everyone is having as much fun/pleasure as they can.  What can we say? We fully support mind-blowing orgasms and we are just here to help.

So, yes, sponsoring events is one of the ways we really get to reach out to our community and thank them for all the amazing work they do, as well as help preach our porno gospel to the world.  A win-win situation if I ever heard one.

Thanks for all the goodies and the super sweet thank you, Good For Her!

J.D. Bauchery

3 thoughts on “HotMovies4Her”

  1. Really, it was the least we could do for all of the awesome support from Hot Movies For Her! We love you guys soooo much!

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