Do Not Disturb – Hotel Sex Stories

Summertime is all about cashing out on your stored up vacation days and hitting the road in search of sun, fun and perfect weather. And what better to get you ready for your trip than “Do Not Disturb,” Rachel Kramer Bussel’s anthology of hotel sex stories. There is just something about a freshly made hotel room that begs to have its sheets tossed on the floor in a fit of passion and its sign hung on the doorknob.

Whether it’s the escape from real life or just the excitement of getting busy in a completely new and different place, hotel sex really is the best. Sure it means you get to take a shower together then toss your wet towels on the floor with abandon, but more so, it means you get to really work those imagination muscles and be whoever you want to be without having the fantasy wrecked by that pile of dirty laundry in the corner, or that bathroom that really needs to be cleaned. These twenty stories of getting hot away from home bring the thrill of those crisply made beds and mini shampoo bottles to your biggest sex organ (your brain, of course) and will easily have you thinking of taking planes, trains and automobiles just to get away and get it on.

From hotel bar rendezvous and fucking the staff to eagerly anticipated birthday threesomes and mirrored ceilings, this book covers all the bases of bringing hot hotel fantasy to the page. While my favorite stories (which I’ll get to in a minute) all took place behind locked doors upstairs, the one that caught my attention the most was Teresa Noelle Roberts’ “Tropical Grotto, Winter Storm,” a wild romp inside the deserted water park of a resort hotel in New England during a blizzard. The disconnect between icy frozen roads and tropical waterfall fantasy sex was enough to make me grin uncontrollably. Well that and I’ve been to a similar resort, so I can picture it quite nicely.

The favorite stories I was referring to earlier explore two very different ways to spend time holed up in a hotel room. The first is Alison Tyler’s “Tightly Tucked,” which extols the virtues of taking full advantage of your vacation and just chilling out – and saying screw it to the partner that won’t let that happen. Who needs her when there is a super sexy housekeeper that’s more than willing to forget about making those hospital corners? Fuck sightseeing. My other favorite story, Stan Kent’s “From Russia With Lust,” is a kinky solo stay in Moscow where a business man fuels his desire with a direct view into a neighboring room. It gets even better as the couple realize he’s watching… but I don’t want to spoil the whole thing.

So if you’re sitting in your bedroom, or lying on a beach not far from your own hotel room, this book is sure to get you in the mood to hang your own sign on the door and get down to business. Bon Voyage!

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