Beaded Aluminum Bullet

I love bullet vibes.

They’re so simple and the perfect way to add a little buzz to your bedroom without your xxx time being dominated by whatever toy you’re using. Most bullets are made out of plastic, so when I saw the Beaded Aluminum Bullet from Vibratex, I was really excited to get my hands on it. Aluminum is a phthalate-free material that can be sterilized, so it’s definitely more in tune with my tastes when it comes to sex toys.

There are a couple of great things about this toy that I want to highlight. I already mentioned that aluminum is a great body-safe material, but let me just say that it’s really nice to have a bullet that can be shared without worry. All you have to do is make sure it’s wiped down with a 10% bleach solution to sterilize it in between uses. The material is also great at conducting temperature, so you can run it under the hot water tap and heat up a cool winter night!

Another thing I really enjoy about this waterproof Vibratex vibe is the beaded shape of the body. There’s a little ball on the tip that’s great for pinpointing vibrations and the bumpy shaft feels great sliding up and down.

Unfortunately, there are a couple of not so super points I need to bring up. First up, this is not a very powerful toy, although since it runs on one AA battery I didn’t expect much. Of course, it is comparable and ever better than most bullet vibes, I just don’t want anyone to be misled. I also think it’s unfortunate that it only offers one speed. I can usually forgive a weaker vibe if I have a little control over the buzzing, but sadly this is a one trick pony.

While this is a great toy for us, I would suggest people who aren’t sure about bullet vibes pick up a $5 trial toy to see if it’s a toy they need to have in their collection. To be honest, if you’re not super into bullet vibes, you can probably find a better toy to spend your money on, especially for solo play. However, if you’re someone like me that reaches for a bullet vibe time and time again, why wouldn’t you spend a little more money on a toy that is made from a safer material that happens to be lots of fun!

For a body safe bullet vibe, check out the Beaded Aluminum Bullet!

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