A Night Out

Author: Yvonne Chance Category: Threesomes

A few months ago I decided that secrets do not make a happy marriage. I had been keeping one for a long time. I did not hide anything from my husband to deceive him. I had been burned in the past and did not want it to happen again.

My first husband was clueless. He had no idea that I was gay. He claimed the reason I was never fully satisfied after sex was that I was a nymphomaniac. Even though we had the wildest sex after he told me about things that happened at work with other women, he never put two and two together.

My second husband figured it out one night while we were watching a triple x movie. There was a group shower scene that was all women and I was so wet and hot that he could not help but get the picture. Unfortunately for me, he was cruel in his reaction.

I divorced my first and outlived my second. The third caught me by surprise. There was a world of difference between Casey and the first two. He had some really different ideas about sex. That’s what made me finally decide to trust him.

Casey listened as I explained that, when I was growing up, being gay was the worse thing you could be. It was better to be a prostitute than a lesbian. I dated, I married and I pretended. That was what my generation did.

Casey asked if I had ever acted upon my sexual preferences and I had to tell him I had. I also told him it had been years since I had been with another woman. He asked if I wanted to be with another woman. I admitted I did; but, I told him I would not consider being unfaithful.

Casey then astonished me. Casey told me that two consenting adults, acting only to satisfy their sexual urges was not being “unfaithful” as long it was done openly. He told me to find myself a woman and enjoy myself.

In an attempt to be fair, I asked if he would consider me finding a bi-sexual woman and both of us enjoying ourselves. Casey thought for a while and told me it would be up to the other woman. Whatever she and I wanted, he would do – go home, watch, or join.

I searched the adult personals and contacted a lot of women before finding someone that seemed real. Janice wrote some funny and interesting emails and then we started talking on the phone. Finally, we decided to meet at a local restaurant for drinks, just to see where things went.

I picked Little Egan’s. It is a cozy, dark restaurant and bar. The kind with real cloth table cloths and napkins and big private cubicles. The perfect place for private conversations.

I was very careful in my choice of clothing for the big night out. My dress was a wrap aroung that merely tied in two places. I wore a garter belt and stockings with no panties or bra. My heels were spiked to show off my legs. I’m short so I have to use every advantage.

Casey and I met Janice at the bar and then went to a table in a corner cubicle. We slid onto a curved bench – Casey, me, then Janice. I had especially wanted to be between Casey and Janice. I had plans!

The night started out like just three friends having a drink. Once I was sure that Janice was into me, I ran my hand up her leg. I felt her respond instantly. I knew what I was doing when I picked Little Egan’s. Those long tablecloths covered everything! I slid my hand up to her pussy and started working her clit.

Casey knew something was going on; but, he did not know what. I leaned toward him and kissed him long and slow. Then I reached under the table and unzipped him. I pulled out his big, beautiful dick and started jacking slowly. I was still working on Janice’s pussy.

When Janice was wet and ready for more, much more, I took her hand and placed it on my leg. Then I reached over and took Casey’s hand and placed it on my other leg. Neither was aware of what was going on with the other.

I went back to finger fucking Janice with one hand while I jacked Casey with the other. They caught on and their hands worked their way up to my wet, throbbing pussy. You should have seen the look on their faces when their hands met at my snatch!

We quickly decided that we needed a place a little more private than Little Egan’s. We straightened our clothes and went to the car.

Janice and I got in the backseat, while Casey drove us to our house. I hiked up her skirt and kept up the finger work I had started in the restaurant. Her click was just as hard as a mini dick, so I started jacking her click. She was going wild.

We lived fairly close and Casey was wasting no time getting us to the house. I had stripped in the backseat so I was naked as the day I was born as I walked to the house. Janice was a little shocked until she looked around and saw that our house was off to itself. Once inside, I helped Janice undress as we worked our way to the bedroom.

Janice lay back on the bed and I began to stroke her naked body ever so gently with only the tips of my fingers. I did not miss a spot and some I visited more than once. My lips followed my fingers.

Janice’s breast were beautiful. They were firm, full and high. The aureoles were pink and only slightly darker than her nipples. I gave them my full attention while my husband watched and undressed. His cock was iron hard and fully raised. It looked like it would burst. That gave me a delicious idea.

I lay down and asked Janice to get on top in sixty-nine formation. I then asked Casey to fuck Janice, while we pleasured each other.

Casey moved to my head and mounted Janice “doggy fashion”. I could see every inch of his cock move into her wet, pink pussy. I concentrated on Janice’s clit again, only this time with my tongue.

As I sucked and licked Janice’s swollen clit, Casey fucked her all too ready pussy. As he would make his backstroke, I licked her juices off of his dick. I licked her pussy all around his throbbing dick. It was driving them both crazy.

Casey started plunging into Janice’s pussy. She could barely lick my pussy for the groaning, so she started moving her fingers inside my wet pussy. I thrust against them as though they were a cock. Things were really heating up and we were all on the verge of coming.

As Casey’s balls brushed my face as he fucked Janice, I licked them and gave them a little suck. I would then concentrate on Janice’s pussy again. I did not let my hands rest. I had her glorious tits in them and they felt wonderful! I felt Casey’s hands reach for her tits. I put my hands over his and squeezed her tits with his hands.

I’ve always been able to tell, when Casey is ready to come. His dick gets harder and harder. I could tell from Janice’s reactions that he was getting close and so was she. I did not want to miss out so I started thrusting myself against her frantically working fingers. I glued my lips to her ever swelling pussy lips.

Janice came first and, man, was she a squirter! Casey had always wanted to be with a woman that squirts. That was all it took for him to shoot off like a cannon. It was the best of both worlds for me.

I was licking Janice’s cum off of Casey’s cock with each stroke in and out of her dripping pussy. I felt Casey’s balls tighten as he started to come. I began cleaning his juices from her still throbbing pussy. I cleaned them both as I began to come myself.

There was a problem. I am a screamer. It is so hard to suck and scream at the same time. I was alternating between Casey’s dick and Janice’s pussy. I did not want to miss a drop. When I started to come, all I could do was arch my back and scream with the intensity of my first orgasm with a woman in years. There was only one thing left to do – turn this into a regular get together! (I can’t wait for her to meet my hot tub!)

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