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4 Best Pet Play Movies

There’s something about donning a pair of bunny ears, a leopard spotted catsuit, or a butt plug with a real fur tail that just puts you in a certain state of mind. It lets you shed some of your weirdo human hang ups, allowing you to temporarily adopt the traits and personalities of your chosen sexy spirit animal. Some of porno’s best actresses have portrayed everything from a sweet and innocent bunny rabbit to a temperamental kitty cat. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite pet play pornos!


Analmals - BoxcoverThe latest offering from Belladonna director Aiden Riley stars some of porn’s hottest superstars dressing up at kitties and tigresses, adopting playful personalities and purring their way through improvised foreplay, before transitioning into the wacky anal fuckery that these ladies are known for. Covergirl and weirdo Dana DeArmond is a treat to watch in her tiger striped catsuit as she blends sensual yoga poses into her scene, culminating in a handstand butt fucking from Mark Wood. It’s the final scene with Romanian housecat Lea Lexis and doting pet parent Tommy Pistol that steals the show. Lexis revels in playing up her role as a cat, lapping milk from a bowl, and then…Pistol’s foreskin. Yes dudes, Lea Lexis stretches out Tommy Pistol’s foreskin, pours milk in it, and then drinks it. That’s some serious fucking dedication from both parties. If you’re worried that Pistol gets the short end of the stick, don’t worry, because he gets to have plenty of his own fun with Lexis’s butt in a kinky ass fucking session.

Latex Pets: Untamed

Latex Pets: Untamed - BoxcoverThis kinky European rubber-fest from Bizarre Video shows latex catsuit-clad women submitting to their masters and mistresses. Latex Pets: Untamed has three scenes of lesbian domination, where sensual, benevolent mistresses tame their feminine feline companions with light spanking and kind words. When kitty is a good girl, she gets to lap up a bowl of cream. If she’s a really good girl, she might get to lap up her mistress’s wet pussy too! The highlight of Latex Pets is scene 2, where one leopard spotted latex kitty escapes her cage and Dr. Franco Roccaforte has to get her under control with the help of lab assistant Kid Jamaica. It’s hilarious and sexy all at the same time, with the latex cat-lady hissing and scratching at a flustered yet determined Roccaforte. Once she’s been tamed, she’s rewarded with getting her own pussy serviced before she submits to a scorching interracial MFM threesome. Good kitty! Latex Pets: Untamed is a little bit weird, especially for viewers who don’t have their own latex fetishes, but it’s a whole lot of sexy fun that’s definitely worth a look.


Kelly Shibari’s Chubby Safari

Kelly Shibari's Chubby Safari - Movie BoxcoverPonies, gerbils, puppies, kitties, oh my! Kelly Shibari’s Chubby Safari dresses up sexy, chubby babes as man’s best friends for a kinky look into their private lives. By far the best scene is the first, where we meet BBW pony girl Tindala whinnying in her stable. She’s shortly joined by her owner, none other than Mistress Dee Severe, who lovingly brushes her pet’s hair and sweet talks her, letting her know that it’s time to see if she’s ready for breeding. Tindala is a little resistant to Severe’s pink dildo at first, but after a stern cropping to the ass, Tindala submits. Her neighs and whinnies turn to moans of pleasure, and soon she’s ready to be bred with a hung stallion. If you prefer submissive boys over submissive ladies, stick around for scene three, where BBW queer porn superstar Kitty Stryker plays with woman’s best friend, puppy-boy Mike Stryker, who laps at his mistress’ wet pussy like it’s a full dish of cold water on a hot day. Chubby Safari has a great, DIY, throw-everything-at-the-wall-and-see-what-sticks ethos to it that makes it a worthy pick for kinky lovers of bigger ladies.


Heavy Petting

Heavy Petting Movie BoxcoverTelevision X’s Heavy Petting showcases some of the U.K’s best talent from 2009. It opens with puppy-girl Shay Hendrix bouncing around on her puppy pillow, eagerly awaiting owner Clark Kent’s return home. I wanted to huff and puff and frown at the degradation of it all, but Hendrix is so cute and just seems to be having so much fun that I couldn’t get mad. Next up, pony-girl Melvina Raquel gets trained and fucked by Rene Richards’ strap on before Richards removes her britches to get the favor returned. Scene three stars Harmony Hex and Robyn Truelove as two adorable fluffy bunnies who penetrate each other’s bunny hutches with big carrots until they’re interrupted by Jon James, who offers them a much more substantial treat (it’s his penis). Kitty cat Holly D is let out of her cage for scene 4 to be tamed by Steve Hooper. Finally, bisexual puppy boy Damian Duke is trained to lick pussy by mistresses Lala X and Kiesha Kane. This eyebrow raising flick hits all the spots when it cums to pet play!


Meow, woof, and neigh!! These are our favorite porno flicks starring sexy ladies as our four legged friends!

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The Authentic Lesbian Review: Silver Star

Silver StarFor those of you that don’t know, like I didn’t until I watched the L-Word for the 5th time and picked up on it, a gold star lesbian is one who has never been with a man sexually. Enter the brilliant minds of Alyx Fox and Foxhouse Films! While standing around the kitchen table, our three ladies, Alyx, Chelsea Poe and Gaperiella Holl, are drinking wine and preparing for a night on the town. Of course sex becomes the main topic, and Poe reveals that she’s a gold star lesbian, saying she’s never even seen a penis before. I thought this was clever since Poe has a penis and I like humor with my pornography so I got a chuckle out of that. Immediately after the revelation, you can tell Fox and Holl have all types of ideas flowing through their brains, and what follows is a damn good time for everyone involved.

The entire thing goes down in the kitchen and I’m a huge fan of kitchen sex, so I was right on board. The dominance asserted by Alyx and Gaperiella is to be expected and they’re amazing at it as usual. With Foxhouse already known for its feminist approach to the way they do things, I knew this was going to be a major turn on with some hidden gems along the way. Up until now though, I’d never had the pleasure of watching Chelsea Poe perform. I knew of her success with Fucking Mystic, but that was as far as it went. She’s hot! I have a thing for red hair done right, and I love it on Chelsea. She also has a nice smile, which gets you 100 bonus points in my book. As previously stated, I like that she plays the gold star lesbian, but all that goes out the window once you watch that girl give a blowjob. I mentioned in a previous post that BJ’s are usually an automatic fast forward for me, but with Alyx and Gaperiella in complete control I had to watch it play out. Turns out this isn’t your typical blowjob. Both ladies strap up and immediately begin face-fucking and deep-throating Chelsea. She handles it way better than I could! Things heat up when our gold star is pulled by her hair on all fours to a separate part of the kitchen. Now we get some fucking action and that has my name all over it! Alyx hits it from the back while Holl continues getting her dick sucked, and the site of Chelsea’s bare ass was a huge creamer for me. We’re only 6 minutes into the flick at this point, but for some reason it felt like I’d been waiting a while for someone to get fucked. Needless to say I was pleased when it finally went down. Poe’s moaning was hot, as you could tell with each stroke she got more and more into it. When she’s flipped around and fucked missionary I lost it! Her erection further illustrates just how into it she really is, and when she cums it’s literally an explosion! Fox was definitely doing something right because that girl lost her top completely. So much so that they all have a little laugh after the fact just from the sheer shock of how much it was.

After the pop-top, we flash to Poe bent over a chair with Alex making her hold an orange in her mouth and Gaperiella sticking a carrot up her ass. I chalked that up to light femdom play that’s a little out of my area of expertise, but appreciated nonetheless. Then, out of the blue, a guy walks in-GASP-and shit gets real! This caught me by surprise, but I like the decision. It took some thought, but I finally figured that if Poe is supposed to be a gold star lesbian, the only way to break that label is with a cock. Strap-ons are fun, and in this particular instance  they’re an amazing warm up, but if the point is to knock our beautiful redhead down to a silver star lesbian, you gotta throw some real dick in her face, and that’s exactly what they did. The penis, played by Andy Whore-Holl, is immediately stuffed in Chelsea’s mouth upon its arrival. (For the record, Andy is a pretty cute dude with a HUGE dick! I definitely made a side note to check out more of his stuff.) If you’re a gag and spit lover this is totally for you. Our two mistresses make sure Chelsea is never without a mouthful. They even stuff it with his nut sack, which was pretty impressive. You get a more extreme BJ experience than before with some nose holding and heavy face fucking. The dick-slapping was my personal favorite (I want to dick slap someone so bad!) but it’s obvious Andy enjoyed the whole shebang! His load was almost as huge as the one Chelsea unleashed a few minutes earlier. I would have liked to see Poe getting fucked a little more. Her moans are so sexy and I know she had a few more to pop, but the point is to knock her down to silver not take away her lesbo card for good, so again, smart decision.

Overall, I was pleased and would easily recommend this flick to those who are more into the BDSM side of things as opposed to plot or gonzo sex stuff. If you’re like me and into it all, give this a watch, you won’t be disappointed!

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The Authentic Lesbian Review: Lesbian Fashionistas

lesbian fashionistasI must admit, I pre-judged this one. The dyke inside me took one look at the box cover and decided nope, not for lesbians, not even a little. It’s glam and glossy with a model feel to it, and everything inside me was ready to bash it. I was wrong…dead wrong! It is all of those things, but that’s what enhances the plot and makes it great. Had I actually read the box cover I would have known that’s the point of this flick, but I didn’t, and trust me, I learned a lesson.

Adam & Eve’s Lesbian Fashionistas is about a “straight” woman, Liz, played by the beautiful Penny Pax, who is thrown into a lesbian filled fashion company with more on its mind than selling lingerie…way more! The opening credits are cool. The music reminds me of something between smooth jazz and the Red Shoe Diaries theme, and half naked women in lingerie are thrown in your face immediately, which is always a good thing. There’s an underlying artsy thing going on with the various camera angles and the overall feel of the set that I really liked. From the beginning I was drawn to Liz’s innocence. During her first phone call with her soon-to-be boss plus some, I found myself extremely turned on by her stumbling giddy nervousness. The entire time I’m thinking “Oh please, somebody hurry up and fuck her. She needs it soooo bad.” I really couldn’t wait for that innocence to be ruined!

Scene 1 – Sasha Knox & Nickey Huntsman

Rita, played by the flawless Sasha Knox, is the right hand to the boss and she happens to be the one in charge of showing Liz around headquarters on her first day. Liz is immediately faced with naked women touching and rubbing all over the place and the uneasiness mixed with extreme curiosity is all over her face. Things escalate rather quickly when Rita eyes a sexy young model, Nickey Huntsman, and just can’t keep her hands to herself. It’s obvious these models are fucking whenever they feel like it because nobody in the room besides Liz so much as bats an eye. Being watched doing the nasty is kinda my thing, so for this was perfect, especially with Liz’s reaction to the whole ordeal. She goes from curious to horny in less than 60 seconds and starts rubbing her pussy and breasts through her clothes. Rita is definitely in charge as she fondles, flips, and grinds all over Huntsman while undressing her. At this point the boss lady, Victoria, played by the drop dead gorgeous Ash Hollywood, walks in on the action and straight up to Liz. The action continues with titty sucking, finger fucking, and pussy licking before Knox pulls out a strap-on and goes in on Nickey’s shaved wet pussy. The sex itself isn’t anything we haven’t seen before, but the set-up is sure to make you cream a little more than usual. Not only is the pair being watched, but you can see something growing between Liz and new boss Victoria, as she watches for Liz’s reactions and grabs her hand. Straight, my ass!

Scene 2 – Anikka Albrite & Penny Pax

Anikka Albrite is fucking hot! (Mick Blue, you lucky bastard!) She also happens to be Liz’s roommate, Sky, and a little more open-minded than our shy and curious star. Liz tells Sky all about her first day on the job and how she doesn’t think it’s for her, but you can see something cooking in Sky’s head the whole time. Liz attempts to convince herself that she prefers her “strap-on attached to a man,” but readily agrees to let her gal pal fondle and suck her boobs (exactly how it happens in my dreams!). Unfortunately our little lez-virgin isn’t ready for much more, so watching that innocence get completely ruined isn’t a reality just yet, but can we please take a minute to worship Pax’s boobs for the amazing works of art that they are?! I mean, how Albrite didn’t break out into full motor boat mode I’ll never understand! That woman could hire me to hold those beautiful mounds up for her all day for less than 2 bucks an hour and I’d consider myself one of the luckiest people in the world!

Scene 3 – Sasha Knox & Selma Sins

I call this scene “Liz’s Vision” and it’s my favorite! Even after allowing her roommate to play with her perfect tits and realizing that there’s a side to her more than willing to explore sex with women, Liz decides to step away from the new gig. She’s scared to fully commit to everything, and I mean everything, her boss wants from her. But while out that’s exactly who Liz runs into and what ensues is pure perfection! The conversation is light, but the eyes Victoria and Liz make tells it all. From there Liz’s imagination kicks in and there’s no way this girl can hide behind that “straight” line anymore. What makes this scene my personal favorite is the lesbian dialect! Liz’s curious side is speaking through her vision and gets it so right! “It may seem strange at first, but the first time you put your lips on another woman’s lips, you’ll find that you’re home.” Um YES! I’m sold! “As soon as she responds just the way you would respond you’ll know that there’s nothing better…” Well, there I go! I swear I could listen to this scene with my eyes closed and get off just as easily as if I were watching. And, to add to the overall vision theme, the scene is shot in a dark room with just a flashlight illuminating different body parts. Flashlight sex, the language, and ambiance, plus Sasha Knox once again in control, makes for one happy authentic lesbian! Knox definitely knows her way around a pussy and Selma Sin’s moans drove me absolutely crazy! There are no toys in this one, just two woman, one sitting in a chair by the way, with fingers and tongues sensually exploring each other’s bodies to no end. As Selma’s moans heighten, you hear “See how she gives herself to you. See how much more satisfying it is to please a woman.” Dear Sappho, yes! This scene definitely goes down in history for me. Also, these two slip into the 69 position smoother and more sexily than anything I’ve ever been a part of in real life…they should win an award for that alone! I definitely didn’t want this one to end.

Scene 4 – Ash Hollywood, Penny Pax & Crew

When this one started I thought I would finally get to see Liz give in to her cravings. Instead, what we get is more of an extension of Scene 2. After that extraordinary vision that I watched a million times, Liz decides to go back and work for Victoria. This time, while on set, she can’t control herself and gives in to her urges, slowly sucking her boss’s tits and exchanging kisses. You can tell Liz took some mental notes when her roommate was showing her the ropes because she looks like everything but a first timer! Forgetting that the crew is in the room, and now playing with themselves, Liz and Victoria each touch themselves until they’re just about ready to cum. The other models in the room have no problems getting off on the action, but Liz snaps back to reality and runs off stating that she just can’t go there yet, leaving an extremely hot and ready half-naked Victoria standing in defeat. At this point, the chase has me completely intrigued and I like the tease. Each time we get a little more of Liz but not quite enough…it certainly keeps you watching.

Scene 5 – Ash Hollywood & Penny Pax

Nope, still no lez action for our main character, but we do get more titty sucking and this time it’s Boss Lady who takes control. They tease and feel each other up in a bathroom I’d kill for (seriously, it’s gorgeous), but that’s as far as it goes. What follows is Victoria asking her new interest to basically be her submissive and, in true girl fashion, Liz expresses her desire to be in a loving and equal relationship. After Victoria explains that she doesn’t know how to be in a loving relationship, I pretty much checked out. By the end of it all they decided Liz should still work for the company and that whatever it is they’re doing will be put on hold. You can judge this one for yourself…

Scene 6 – Anikka Albrite & Penny Pax

First off, the two roommates are sitting in their living room talking in their bra and panties…why didn’t this happen when I was in college?! My roommates were always in sweats for crying out loud! Clearly I was doing something wrong…anyway, the conversation gets hot and heavy with Liz confronting head on her desire for some lady loving. She describes her and Victoria’s previous encounter to Sky, and from there they’re off. Finally, we get to see Liz fully submerged in all that is lesbian sex, and it’s hot! Both ladies put on a hell of a show, but I was really impressed with how Pax’s character came across when it was her time to go down on Albrite’s sexy ass. Liz takes her time, somewhat reminiscent of an actual first time carpet muncher, and then after hearing, seeing, and feeling Albrite’s response she dives in. I think that’s how most first times go. Again, there are no toys and I like the decision. It keeps the focus solely on the roomies and how they work with and around each other’s bodies. My favorite part of the scene, probably because it’s my favorite power position, is when Albrite takes Pax between her legs, pins her arms behind her, and goes to town with some clit stimulation sure to get anybody off! Pax’s orgasm demands one from the viewer…job well done, Anikka! Safe to say, I was not disappointed after the long wait.

Scene 7 – Ash Hollywood & Penny Pax

At a company gathering, Victoria is determined to get what she wants from Liz and Liz is just as ready to give it up. The two again find themselves lost in each other while in a room full of people. They start out touching and kissing on a couch with the crew directly behind them and before you know it, they’re the only ones left in the room. I would have liked to see Liz fucked with a strap-on at least once, but instead we get a dose of facesitting that can’t be beat, so I’m more than willing to take that. Going into this scene there was no doubt in my mind that the pair would be able to take each other to multiple orgasms. Of course the pussy eating was on point, the finger fucking literally causes vibrations, which you can hear in Pax’s moaning, and they’re definitely enjoying themselves. I wanted the crew to stay and watch for the entire thing, but that’s probably just the voyeur in me demanding more of what we’ve already seen. The fact that this was chosen as the last scene enhances the sex since we’ve been waiting for these two to hook up since the very beginning. I hope there’s a part 2 because I’d love to find out if Liz ever accepts that submissive role! That could be hot!

Overall, I was thoroughly pleased (several times) with the movie! The sets are cool, the plot keeps you intrigued, the sex is awesome and the women are gorgeous! My girlfriend even sat down and watched Scene 3 with me after all my raving. I didn’t think I’d be as turned on by the glam of it all as I was, so that was fun. The fact that everything revolves around this high end lingerie company gives plenty of eye candy during talking points, so it’s easy to find yourself getting wet even while there’s no sex going on. I’ll definitely be watching this one again!

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The Authentic Lesbian: Lesbians And Gay Porn

Julianne Moore and Annette Bening from the Sundance Hit "The Kids Are Alright"
Julianne Moore and Annette Bening from the Sundance Hit “The Kids Are Alright”

Ever since Lisa Cholodenko’s Sundance classic The Kids Are Alright hit the scene back in 2010, the topic of lesbians and gay porn has been a hot button. There have been countless discussions and opinions given as to why some lesbians prefer gay porn over straight or lesbian porn. That’s why I was slightly surprised when most of my co-workers, gay and straight, revealed that they’d never heard of the “phenomenon.” That conversation led me here, reviewing what’s out there and giving my authentic lesbian opinion about it all. For the record, I am one of the many lesbians who enjoy getting off to gay porn (pretty much all porn is game to me). Now, ask me to explain why and listen for the crickets. It’s such a multi-layered answer, and finding a starting point without writing a psychology dissertation proved to be more difficult than I expected. I want to correctly express myself, but I don’t want to give the wrong impression or make it any easier for the critics. I can already hear the “See, the butchy ones just wanna be men” comments. But fools will be fools whether you provide the ammunition or not right? Okay, so let’s dive in.

First, there’s the problem with mainstream “lesbian” porn. Although the times are sort of changing, it’s still mostly made by straight men, for straight men, using straight women who often give the impression that you can only eat pussy while staring directly into a camera. If that rocks your boat, then more power to you, but I can’t identify with that and it’s one of the biggest complaints within the lesbian community. Finding authentic representation of lesbian sex is like finding a parking spot at a Wal-Mart on Black Friday. Sure, they’re out there, but you’re going to be searching for a few hours before you find one, even if you start looking at 5am while you think everyone else is still asleep. In gay porn you get a variety of men with different body types taking on various roles and everyone seems like they couldn’t imagine a better place to be. It feels real and looks fun! That’s the definition of porn (BOOM! Take that, Webster!). Plus, gay porn is just more visual than lesbian or even straight porn. When you’re with a woman you can smell and touch and know how she’s responding to you. But onscreen, you can’t be sure she isn’t faking it, or had to take a time-out to lube up behind the scenes. In gay porn all of that goes out the window. Erections are visible proof of their arousal and the same goes for cum shots. Being able to see that adds to the authenticity in my opinion.

There’s also the fantasy aspect built into the porn experience in general. What would be the point if you could only watch shit you do in your everyday life? Bye bye MILFs and naughty teachers and hot mechanic babes wearing bandanas and Brazilian volleyball teams on buses that happen to break down right outside my house…these are a few of my favorite things, and without them, what’s the point? Here in the fantasy is where I find most of my interests lie. What would it be like to have a dick? What’s the sensation like? Dick slapping, anyone? Watching gay porn gives me and my imagination the opportunity to participate in the action while still affording me the luxury of not having to actually participate. Gender exploration at its best! You don’t have to want to bang a guy to appreciate his body or be attracted to the masculinity within a particular sexual situation. And because there are plenty of lesbians who love penetration, whether giving or receiving, this plays into the fantasy. Sexual desires are often counter-intuitive to what’s desired in real life, and lesbians are no different. The whole point is to step out of your element and find enjoyment in doing so (anyone else notice how popular transsexual porn is amongst straight guys these days?).

In talking with a few of my “old head” lesbians who rose from the feminist era and all its glory, I was introduced to a more intellectual perspective. Many of them admit to not being able to separate their ethics and values from their porn interest and this leads to questions about porn stars like “Is she only doing this for the money?” or “Is she being made to do this by some outside entity?” Not really the type of things you want on your mind during pleasure time. Taking women completely out of the equation removes those worries from the constantly troubled feminist mind. You’re now momentarily free from sexism and able to enjoy your porn experience. I have to admit, initially I thought this explanation was a little out there. But after doing some research and finding out that this is a very common answer, I really sat back and thought about it. Situating myself as a lesbian coming out in the 70s and 80s, I can see how I might not find enjoyment in mainstream straight or lesbian porn knowing (or at least thinking that I know) what’s behind it and how women are viewed on- and offset. Even more importantly though, I imagine it’s nice watching a guy getting fucked for a change. Socially driven orgasms are great!

Let’s talk queer. No matter how you slice and dice it, queer is queer and attraction goes beyond body parts. Gay movies tend to speak more to the queer aesthetic of many lesbians. Mainstream lesbian porn fits more into ideas of heterosexuality. The way the women interact and dress are influenced by straight men and more often than not it comes across on screen. Gay porn, with all its kinky taboo if you will, steps outside that box and runs in the opposite direction. It’s more than the fact that two men are fucking; it’s their reactions to one another and the fact that you don’t have to “look a part” necessarily. The lines are blurred and for those identifying as genderqueer this is more appealing than lesbian or straight porn.

Like I said before, none of this is new and ultimately, there’s no way to categorize or define what gets anyone off, and you shouldn’t have to. Sexuality is too complex to fit in a box. Even in exploring all the reasons listed throughout this article it’s clear that you can never fully explain what turns a person on and why. Nothing is ever black and white and this is no different. The most important part of it all is to get your rocks off, and I think it’s safe to say that’s one thing we all can agree on regardless of preference.

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Porn’s Real-Life Married Couples

It’s not unusual for couples to meet on the job, and porn is certainly no different. In fact, there are plenty of real-life, happily married couples that have nothing but porn to thank for their wedded bliss! Below are some of the adult industry’s power couples. While their nuptials surely endure some unconventional circumstances, there’s no doubt that once the cameras are finished rolling, these espoused stars are just your average (albeit super-hot) ball & chain.

1. Anikka Albrite & Mick Blue2015-07-10_13-20-12

Watch this super-sexy, happy couple perform together in Apocalypse X, Hall Pass – Cheating With PermissionEternal Passion 4and many more!

2. Asa Akira & Toni Ribas


As seen together in Internal Damnation 5Asa Akira Is Insatiable 3, Oil Overload 7, and many more!

3. Mia Malkova & Danny Mountain


Watch Mia and Danny together in Prey For The DyingSensual Moments Volume 4, Eternal Passion Vol. 1, and more!

4. Francesca Le & Mark Wood


Not only are Francesca Le and Mark Wood married performers, but they co-direct many productions under their own Evil Angel studio, LeWood Productions. You can watch this sexy, anal-loving couple in titles like Hot & Horny Cougars Vol. 4, Francesca Le Is A #HotWife, A POV Sphinctacular #2, and many, many more!

5. Nina Hartley & Ernest Greene


Married since 2003, this kinky couple performs together in fetish-oriented movies like Naked Hollywood 20 – Real Compared To What? and the popular series Nina Hartley’s Private Sessions.

6. Dee Severe & Jimmy Broadway


Co-owners of Severe Sex and Severe Society Films, this fetish-film couple is much loved by the HMFH girls. Watch them together in movies like Best Of Kinky Sex, Strapped, Strap-On Idol: A Fetish XXX Parody, and more!

7. Kelly Madison & Ryan Madison


Kelly & Ryan Madison are a prolific porn couple, co-producing all of their own titles through their studios PornFidelity, TeenFidelity, and Kelly Madison Productions. All of Kelly’s boy-girl scenes are filmed with her husband. They’ve filmed over 140 scenes together so far, including all of the Kelly Madison’s World Famous Tits series, and many, many more!

8. Jessica Drake & Brad Armstrong


You can watch the Wicked contract girl and her hubby perform together in titles like Hush, FallenManhunters, and more!

9. Isis Taylor & Ethan Hunt


As seen together in Girls Get Busted, Downtown Girls, and The Black Assassin 3.

10. Sandee Westgate & Jared Grey


This incredibly attractive couple are so fun to watch fuck on-camera, I can only imagine how hot their off-screen sex is! Check them out in Kiss #3, The White Room Volume 5, and Mature Passion Vol. 1!

11. Kirsten Price & Keiran Lee


You can see this cute couple perform together in a hot threesome in Digital Playground’s Diary Of A Perv.

12. Faith Leon & Marcos Leon


Although now retired, Faith Leon appeared alongside her husband in titles like Romantic Desires, Video Vixens, The Expert Guide To Positionsand more!

13. Tori Black & MimeFreak


While Tori Black and her director husband haven’t filmed their sexual escapades for work, I’m glad to see another happy marriage coming out of the adult industry!

And it would be silly if I neglected to mention the happily engaged Kayden Kross & Manuel Ferrara, who I’m hoping tie the knot soon!


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The Authentic Lesbian Review: Fuck The Police

Fuck the Police BoxcoverThis week I found myself in the same position my colleague Judy Hologram found herself in a week and a half ago. I got assigned Lily Cade’s Fuck The Police! Judy girl, you were right. It took me FOREVER! To be fair, I saw this one come in, and my mind was already made up to watch it, so this is somewhat of a bonus for me. But the thin line between deadline and porno flick review is not always an easy one to walk, especially when one is as dedicated to their craft as myself!

Fuck The Police is a sexy, crazy, hot, and hilarious movie. Coming straight out of the mind of Lily Cade, this one keeps you invested from the opening credits. You learn right away that Lily’s character, Officer Cade, is a huge asshole, and I mean that with nothing but love and admiration. She’s a cool, horny, dirty cop and for a while she’s on top of the corrupt world she loves so much. We get a pretty dope quote 5:20 in where Cade is persuading her rookie partner Officer Ryan, played by Jessica Ryan, that the mansion hills of L.A. are crime ridden streets. She mentions drugs, prostitution, and porn, which is legal, but “they’re technically supposed to wear condoms, but do I look like the fucking dick police to you?” followed up by an epic douche laugh. That tickled my political porno side just enough and set up our first piece of action perfectly.

Scene 1 – Lily Cade & Jenna Sativa

Officers Cade and Ryan spot a familiar by the name of Elena, played by Jenna Sativa, and immediately stop her, requesting to check her purse. They take her in, but Cade has something special in mind. After sending the do good Ryan back to the car to play “bitch-cop,” Cade and her prisoner get straight to it. We get some hot making out, mixed with your fairly basic clit stimulation and then Cade pulls out her nightstick! Sativa definitely agrees with this move as evident from her moans and cries for more. Cade is strapped up under her uniform (which does look hot on her) and from here things get turned up a notch. Both of these gorgeous hornballs do an amazing job at illustrating why strap-ons are so much fun! Since the scene takes place in a garage of sorts, you’d think they’d be slightly limited in positions, but it’s the exact opposite. They get it in doggy style, standing, and missionary before Cade picks Sativa up and fucks her upright. You can tell Cade was on a mission when it came to hitting that pussy. She’s relentless in her pursuit to make her conquest cum and from the sounds of things she does a damn good job. My favorite part of the scene comes at 31:24 while Sativa is lying on her back getting fucked by the still fully clothed Officer of the law. As Cade attempts to reposition the criminal, she takes an accidental kick to the head by wedge heels. I love love love that she made it a part of the scene by acknowledging it. When Sativa chuckles and says sorry, Cade responds “You better be. Get the fuck up on the table.” You just can’t plan awesomeness like that and the raw humor in it, even during pleasure time, is a nice touch. The two continue to hit every position in the Kama Sutra until the crime has been rectified and then you realize Officer Ryan has only been a few feet away annoyingly suffering through this act of corruption the entire time. Fed up with her superior already, Ryan decides to book the satisfied criminal even though Cade has already “worked things out.” Now we have drama!

Scene 2 – Missy Martinez & Jenna Ashley

Meet Mama! Played by the absolutely gorgeous Latina Missy Martinez, Mama is the kingpin and brains of an illegal organization. It’s not quite clear what Mama and her gang are into, but I have a feeling it’s a little of everything. Her entertainment for the night, Jenna Ashley, is giving her a lap dance that quickly turns into a fuck fest. The kingpin mentality takes over during the sex to further enhance Martinez’s character and Jenna Ashley is so fucking hot that I caught myself just staring at her. I found the tattoo on her waist absolutely intoxicating and her natural tits are perfect! Both ladies live up to their reputations. The cunnilingus in this scene is my favorite throughout the flick. Attention to detail when you’re down there is key, and it’s obvious they know what they’re doing. When all is said and done, Mama’s girlfriend Carmen (told you…DRAMA) walks in. This clearly isn’t the first time she’s caught her boss lady messing around, but business still comes first and word on the street is that Officer Cade’s new rookie partner just took Elena downtown despite the previous arrangement with the gang of lesbian criminals. The plot thickens…

Scene 3 – Jessica Ryan & Vanessa Veracruz

Carmen, played by the ever so sexy Vanessa Veracruz, is instructed by her unfaithful girlfriend Mama to bring Ryan to their “headquarters” which is fittingly Mama’s bedroom. There’s an epic montage before Carmen exists of Cade indulging in all her criminal glory while wearing her uniform. She’s counting dough stacks while motor boating two chicks, snorting coke off a babe’s naked ass…can it get any better!? Those 9 seconds is worth watching all by itself, which I did while cracking up about 4 times.

Snap back to reality, it’s time for Carmen to put a plan in motion. She finds the down and out tipsy Officer Ryan hanging out at a cop bar and works her charm. There have been countless nights where I’m chilling at the bar hoping a hot girl tries to pick me up, so watching Veracruz flirt and entice the young Ryan was a turn on itself. She listens to Ryan bitch and moan and offers the only reasonable solution…getting out of there and going back to Ryan’s place to fuck! Seems legit to me. Now, it’s important to remember the task at hand. Bring the new law enforcer to Mama. Carmen though, wants some revenge on the side for Mama’s little “entertainment” and she goes at Ryan full speed. This is another one where no toys are used and I love the decision. The curves in this scene had me pulling the emergency break a few times! Ryan and Veracruz have beautiful bodies complimented by two of the prettiest pussies I’ve ever seen. They know it too, flaunting their asses high in the air while eating each other out, and showing off their boobs! When Ryan rides Veracruz’s face until she cums…Dear Lord YES! I won’t even spoil it, that’s a must see! Carmen hasn’t forgotten why she’s there though, and after multiple orgasms she picks up a lamp and knocks the still naked rookie upside her head (Is it wrong that that was hot??). Little does she know, Cade has been listening over an accidentally picked up phone the entire time and realizes something is up.

Scene 4 – Lily Cade & Jess Gatsby

The moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here! As advertised, Cade takes her “first (fake) dick!” When she shows up to rescue her rookie partner, she’s greeted by Mama and Carter, played by the incredibly cool Jess Gatsby (fun fact: Gatsby and Cade are dating in real life). Carter is the muscle behind the brains and it’s time to flex. Although Cade tried to stop Ryan from taking Elena down to central booking, Mama feels that she still has to pay and what better way to pay than to be on the receiving end of what she usually dishes out. Appearing a little hesitant at first, Cade goes HAM on Carter’s strap-on after Mama exits. This may be her first time on camera, but that girl has skills! I think you actually hear more moaning coming from Gatsby while Cade rides her than you do from Cade herself, and the energy she brings to the scene sets it apart from the rest. It’s fair to say she knew people would be looking at this performance specifically and she definitely let us see a different side of her. The arc in her back drove me crazy the entire scene btw! She owns the “taking it” role, but midway through the action Officer Cade the mastermind is back in effect. She sees getting fucked as the perfect opportunity to sway Carter to her team and as a woman who has frequently agreed to things during sex, I call this genius! She ultimately gets the allegiance she wants, and a mouth full of pussy to top it off. Up until this point, Gatsby has played the tough guy role perfectly, so I was naively surprised at how much of her “girly” side we got to see. It’s tough to hide in such a seductively vulnerable situation like sex anyway, but when Cade straps up and turns the table on Gatsby *fireworks*. What ensues is amazing carpet munching and orgasm after orgasm. If this is what it’s like on camera, I’d kill to be a fly on the wall in their bedroom!

Scene 5 – Lily Cade, Jessica Ryan & Missy Martinez

With Carter on team “right side of the law,” Cade comes up with a plan to get Ryan out of this mess (she happens to be butt ass naked tied to the bed) and get back at Mama all at the same time. Held at gunpoint, the two officers persuade the kingpin that prison is no good and suggest that they could be bribed into letting her go with a warning. She already knows what they want but now being the underdog puts her in unfamiliar territory. She does still have enough wits about her to make a claim for her young runner Elena prompting my 2nd favorite quote. Ryan promises to “do whatever it takes to get her off” (get it) and gets a congratulatory smack on the ass from her superior. The threesome that follows is a great close out scene! You have Cade setting the tone, Ryan’s curvy body, and Martinez’s beautiful big tits. You’ll never hear me complain about that line up. Ryan face sits as Cade drives the fallen boss lady crazy with her fingers, until juices flow everywhere. Equality is central in threesomes and no one gets left out of this one. I found myself pleasantly bombarded with positions and tag-teams but never struggled to keep up. All three sexy ladies are more than comfortable with each other and their characters so you almost forget they’re still acting. Getting lost in the action is a sign that something was done right on set and by the end I was completely submerged. The constant giggling and banter was hot, and rookie cop Ryan finally getting her taste of Officer Cade’s pussy and fingering her to an orgasms was priceless. The entire scene is wild, raw and definitely a panties dropper.

I absolutely love this movie! The plot and sex are perfectly in sync and the acting was exactly what you should expect and get in a porno. Not Oscar worthy, but more than enough to keep you entertained outside of the sex while enhancing the actual sex scenes also. I bet the set was a blast too. It seems like everyone was beyond comfortable and the rest just flowed like water. Even if plot oriented porn isn’t your thing, you’ll have a variety of choices when deciding what to get off to.

Watch the arresting lesbian drama Fuck The Police from Filly Films now!

The Time Hump Chronicles

“No, it’s not just sex. It’s love!

It’s two people connecting.

With four other people…

And aliens.”

Suzanne Warren, author of The Timehump Chronicles
And thus, the world was introduced to The Time Hump Chronicles, the epic eight part (nine if you count the fan fiction chapter) sci-fi erotic novel penned by Orange Is The New Black’s Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren. It tells the tale of Edwina, a time traveler with the ability to move backwards and forwards in time, who might also be a robot made of pee-proof metal. Edwina falls in love with both Space Admiral Rodcocker, a time humper from the future with two penises, and Gilly, a wuss from the past with the purest soul in the universe. The Time Hump Chronicles has pretty much anything that I have ever wanted from my XXX media: time travel, outer space, a trial by lovemaking, someone with more than two penises, someone who pees on everyone, open relationships, a guy made entirely out of Vaseline, and most importantly, a meaty storyline with characters that you can fall in love with.

There’s just one problem. The Time Hump Chronicles is a fictional piece of fiction written by a fictional character, and Netflix, distressingly, has not released any media tie-ins to sate the fans who are just clamoring for totally obscene wormhole sex between a robo-doll and a diphallic military man.

Fear not, my dear Time Humpers. I look the liberty of digging up the most batshit insane sci-fi/fantasy porn I could find, in the hope that it would be good enough to get our orgasmators off until the internet pulls through with the fan media that we need.

PornoMation trilogy

Pornomation 3 - Time Hump ChroniclesRobots! Aliens! Valkyries! Mermaids! Monsters! Monster cocks! Wood nymphs! A dozen dildos that come to life! A god damn auto-cunnilingus alien!!! Dudes, listen, the PornoMation trilogy is pretty much everything your weird little brain ever thought up as you teetered on the precipice of sleep as you lay in bed during your teen years. Part one of the series is chock full of short 1 – 4 minute computer animated vignettes in which the creatures of every nerd’s wet dreams fuck the crap out of each other. Some of the vignettes even manage to tell a little bit of a story with a beginning-middle-end set up. The second and third installments of PornoMation have their own feature-length plots! PornoMation 2 tells the tale of Zuma, a sexual gladiator from Earth, who must sexily battle her way across the planet Stratalyrie, while PornoMation 3 spins a yarn about a bored human couple who cheat on each other with fantastic creatures in their dreams. If there’s any porno that would be Crazy Eyes-approved, it would definitely be this.

Barbarella – An Axel Braun Parody

barbarella xxxIf you’re looking for a tale of a busty, space traveling heroine shot on a high budget (high by porn standards, at least) then Axel Braun’s parody of the 1968 sci-fi cult classic Barbarella should do the trick. Braun’s contract girl Riley Steele steps into Jane Fonda’s moon boots as the titular heroine, a hyper sexual astronaut traveling the universe in search of the doctor Durand-Durand. Along the way, Barbarella gets off with two cuddly aliens played by Evan Stone and Eric Masterson, Alec Knight in a wolf costume, the wonderful Asa Akira as The Great Tyrant, and the Excessive Machine. Axel Braun’s Barbarella parody not nearly as out there or inventive as The Time Hump Chronicles, but it does scratch the “hot lady in space” itch!


The Erotic Time Machine

the erotic time machineThe Erotic Time Machine is just the sort of low-budget late-nineties insanity that I was hoping to find. Kelli Summers stars as Miss Manners, a scientist from the 32nd century who has unlocked the secret to time travel. She narrates her story while tearing off her lab coat and rubbing her breasts at the viewer, explaining that a side effect of time travel is unbridled horniness. She discloses some gobbledey-gook about toxins in the cerebral cortex and identifies herself as a lust traveler, but fuck that, Miss Manners is totally a time humper. Miss Manners introduces us to a series of vignettes that detail the sexual adventures of the past and present, including some bikini-clad lesbian cave women who use volcanic mud as lube, some sexy aliens from the planet Quonatia, and a creepy suburban mom’s well-meaning birds-and-the-bees talk naturally resulting in lesbianism.

Spaceship Agga Ruter

Spaceship Agga ruter1998’s Spaceship Agga Ruter from Hentai studio Kitty Media is just the sort of childish free-for-all with just enough softcore eroticism that Crazy Eyes would love. Predictably, I had no idea what was going on, even with the subtitles. There’s a space pirate named Jannis, and she gets really excited about capturing a space ship, but it turns out there’s only two people on board: Kei, a sexy android, and Taiyo, the 18 year old boy that Kei raised and taught how to please ladies. It turns out that Taiyo, who’s really kind of a clueless, well-meaning doofus, is really good at sex, even though his technique is mostly just touching people’s boobs, but that’s really just par for the course for Japanese movies. Hentai usually just pisses me off, but Spaceship Agga Ruter manages to be fun without being totally degrading.

Killer Kleavage From Outer Space

killer kleavage from outer spaceI covered director Joanna Angel’s campy Killer Kleavage From Outer Space way back in March, but it’s definitely worth a second look for fans of The Time Hump Chronicles. Busty alien chicks? Check. Deadly body parts? Check. Goofy plot to save a planet from extinction? Check. Hardcore fucking? Check. A happy ending? Double check. This candy colored shout out to all things low-budget and sci-fi is perfect for fans who are dying to get something a little extra in their extraterrestrial. Join busty tattooed babe Jessie Lee on friends on their search for Earth’s perfect penis!



The Princess Has Come Of Age

the princess has come of ageIf you came here looking for sheer lunacy, look no further than 2005’s The Princess Has Come Of Age. With computer graphics that are significantly better than the PornoMation trilogy, this weird Italian shit delivers on all of the otherworldly fuckery that fans of The Time Hump Chronicles love. With minimal dialogue, it tells the story of a princess with a serious thigh gap in a galaxy far away who must choose a husband. The only criteria? The lucky groom must be able to satisfy all of her sexual desires. The suitors in question are David The Gnome’s well endowed  meth head cousin, a robot made out of body-safe materials, a daffodil with an ample bosom who really likes DP and bondage, a shiny mirror image of the princess who uses double ended dildos in zero gravity, and a suriname toad daddy who likes to watch while his phallic bat babies do all the work. I am absolutely showing The Princess Has Come Of Age to all of my friends, because this is the kind of fuckery than cannot be missed.

Will porn world release their own answer to The Time Hump Chronicles? God I hope so. I recommend bringing Faye Reagan out of retirement to play busty, freckled Edwina, alongside Christian XXX as Admiral Rodcocker, Tyler Nixon as the pure hearted Gilly. For the minor characters, I’d cast Dana DeArmond as Lilly Sprinkle, who pees on everyone, Carter Cruise as Sunflower, the mean one that you love to hate, and Dane Cross as the hot yet tragic Vaseline Man. But until porn land pulls through with The Time Hump Chronicles XXX, please enjoy my top picks!

The Authentic Lesbian Review: Crash Pad Series Episode 64: Chocolate Chip, Sadie Lune, and Surgeon

Box Cover for Crash Pad Episode 64Crash Pad Series Episode 64: Chocolate Chip, Sadie Lune, and Surgeon was my first Crash Pad experience, and it definitely lived up to the hype. From the beginning it’s easy to tell that Sadie Lune is in control of the scene and the performers. By the 2 minute mark Chocolate Chip is framed as the newbie, and Surgeon Scofflaw as Sadie’s right hand woman. Before the clothes even started to come off, I fell in love with Sadie’s bossy authority and the playful awkwardness she intentionally threw into the mix, first by instructing each girl to kiss her separately, then by telling Chip to take off her clothes while Surgeon sits on her lap and they both watch Chip. Sadie makes Chip confront the camera and her nervousness immediately (which she later admits to). For me, this helped drill her character into my head. Chip is already super sexy, and now you get a shy but more than willing girl inserted into the fantasy. What could be better than that!?

Oh, let me tell you…Sadie, as previously stated, is completely in control and in semi-dominatrix mode as she commands Surgeon to tease Chip. Surgeon is extremely hot and, apparently, an expert in the art of titty sucking. Not every woman out there knows what to do with a nipple in her mouth, but from Chip’s facial expression it’s safe to say Surgeon has it down! Per Sadie’s instructions, she continues her tease, this time with her hair, letting it brush lightly with a tickling effect up and down Chip’s body. I’ve never seen or had this done intentionally, but on a girl’s way down I can imagine the sensation one might feel. Add to it the controlled situation she finds herself in and this must be heavenly for our newbie. This, mixed with the environment, had me on the edge already! Thank the Goddesses of Lesbos Sadie isn’t as overwhelmed as me! She feels the heat rising, and changes course by putting Chip in the ass up position (thank you thank you thank you!) and having Surgeon go spanking 101 all over that beautiful, round butt. Neither I nor Chip was expecting this move, but both of us appreciated it. The newbie took it all in stride as was evident by her moans and the slight grin on her face once it was all said and done.

Sadie continues to throw Chip in the spotlight by asking her about her toe sucking experience and then demanding she slowly illustrate on Surgeon. At this point, Sadie has a vibrator running on constant full speed between her legs with both breasts exposed and you can tell she sees something in Chip she likes, because now she wants to see her “blowjob eyes.” Surgeon straps up and Chip’s 15 minutes of fame start. Usually this is the part I skip because I can never relate to the blowjob (maybe because I’ve never given one), but with Sadie guiding us I needed to see where this ended up and I am soooo happy I let it play out. The blowjob was cool, but Sadie really turned me on with her directions! She tells Chip to look at her and instantly I understood what she meant by “blowjob eyes.” Next she tells her to arch her back so her ass can be seen from the front, and again, there goes my top! I don’t know what it is, but Chip is fucking hot, man!

Round 3 is all about Surgeon making Chip cum, at Sadie’s command, of course. We finally have our first look at Chip’s fully naked body and all I can say is I hope she’s in more features! Her look is natural, her body is fit and her moans resonate with such authenticity that I almost blew it again! Surgeon is loving every moment of it too. She teases a little longer before eating Chip out. There’s a great shot of Chip’s hands gripping the bed post during this scene that slowly pans up to Sadie and her trusty vibrator watching with a pleasure filled grin on her face and she tells Chip to look her in the eyes the entire time. With Surgeon going to town I can just imagine how hard that task was, but Chip was up to it and the whole thing was pure porn magic!

It’s not over for our Chocolate Chip just yet. Surgeon plays with her clit while Chip sits between her legs, directly in front of Sadie. Talk about pleasantly awkward. Eventually Sadie hands her vibrator over and watches as Chip pleases herself while Surgeon fondles her nipples. The final orgasm from Chip is a buildup of everything she’s endured, and if Sadie was handing out grades there’s no way Chip finishes with anything less than an A. Sadie couldn’t care less about grades at this point though. She’s been playing with herself while handing out directions and now it’s time for her to get off. Both girls begin kissing all over her big pierced boobs and each other while Sadie holds her vibrator to her pussy, which I imagine is dripping wet by now. As Sadie begins to scream her orgasm (which we’ve all come to expect and love, or not, from her) the girls enhance the moment by sucking on her earlobes, licking her neck, and groping her tits. This is the first time I can say I was actually sad to see a porno flick end. I remembered rewind is actual thing and the panic calmed, but shit got real for a second there. This is definitely a fantasy to be revisited more than once!

I was a little confused by the constant presence of an internet voyeur whose hands and laptop they cut to at various points throughout the film, but the cuts are maybe 3 seconds in length and not once did it take away from the experience or the scene itself. It simply left me with a “huh?” and then a “oh yeah, you again” whenever she (I’m assuming because of hand size) entered the scene. Overall, I was beyond satisfied, like 3 times beyond, with my first Pink and White Productions Crash Pad experience and have already started a list of titles from them I want to watch next. Shine Louise Houston is a genius!

Watch Crash Pad Series Episode 64: Chocolate Chip, Sadie Lune, and Surgeon now on!

Hot Reviews: A Thing Of Beauty

When I began watching Dana Vespoli’s A Thing Of Beauty, I knew a few things right off the bat-it was going to be super hot, compelling, and maybe a little twisted. What I wasn’t prepared for was the incredible pornographic psychodrama that ensued. Of course, any porn directed by a woman has my immediate attention, but Dana Vespoli’s directorial work has a specific style and finesse that is nothing short of artistic.

A Thing Of Beauty is, of all Dana Vespoli’s films, a standout favorite of mine. As both a bibliophile and a professional pervert, I was ecstatic to find that Dana based her premise for Beauty off of the 2015-06-18_15-04-16classic Faustian legend of one selling their soul to the devil in order to gain an earthly desire. In this case, Bree Daniels is a depressed, mousy girl working a shitty temp job. She can’t get a man to save her life, and she’s at the end of her rope…literally. Just before Bree is about to end it all, she sees an infomercial on her TV for the “Victoria Hook Two-Part Plan” to turn things around and start living the life that she deserves. Bree watches as the scary-beautiful Victoria, played by Dana Vespoli, works her she-devil magic and sells the hell out of the extremely vague plan that consists of “believing and receiving.” Easy enough, Bree figures, and calls the number on her screen. She has no idea what a fateful, yet sexy, decision she’s made!2015-06-16_11-46-03


After meeting Victoria Hook and signing some documents (without paying much attention), it’s official-Bree Daniels has made a deal with the devil! Victoria ensures her that the life-changing effects of this pact will be noticeable within 24 hours. Bree goes home, 2015-06-18_15-06-42unaware of the price she’s just paid, and goes to bed. When she wakes up, looking more like the Bree Daniels-sexpot we’re accustomed to seeing, she has an extra pep in her step and she’s ready to see what this two-part plan is all about. As she’s walking down the street, she runs into none other than the dreamy Logan Pierce. Once Logan gets a glance at Bree’s newfound confidence and rockin’ bod, he invites her out for coffee. Sparks fly as they desperately clutch their Starbucks cups in order to conceal the copyrighted logo, and soon the new couple is headed to the bedroom. This was the first guy-girl scene of Bree’s that I’ve watched, and fans of her lesbian work will be pleased to find that she’s as demure as ever even while being ferociously penetrated. Logan starts out the foreplay by eating Bree’s pussy with her perfect ass in his face. I mean, seriously, look at her flawless, porcelain cheeks. She’s got quite the jealousy-inducing booty! After some expertly executed cunnilingus, Bree goes to town on Logan’s handsome cock. The sex that follows was nothing out of the ordinary for a straight, hardcore scene, but watching two gorgeous people fuck is always awesome.

SCENE TWO:2015-06-18_15-09-35

The following Monday, Bree lands a new job and can’t wait to get started. She takes the bus to the address of her new office, but finds that the directions led her right into the middle of the woods. Things are starting to get creepy! Shadows pass in the forefront and Bree is rightfully creeped out. Suddenly, two mysterious women-Sinn Sage and Karlie Montana-appear out of nowhere at Bree’s side. They’re wearing top hats and all black, and something about the look in their eyes makes evident the fact that 2015-06-18_15-11-54Sinn and Karlie are not of this earth. In fact, I’m pretty positive these chicks are demons sent by Victoria Hook. Well, the demon-girls grab Bree and pull her down into a graffiti-covered tunnel, where they proceed to grope and undress the frightened girl. They laugh and moan and inform her that they’re going to make her “do things she’s never done before.” Soon, Sinn and Karlie have Bree pinned against the wall as they lick and finger her pussy. Bree meekly submits to the Sapphic fiends and a hellishly hot lesbian threesome ensues! For someone who was raised Catholic, the demonic dirty talk hit home in a specifically sexy-but-scary way for me, especially the Jesus-cross dildo that Sinn and Karlie fuck Bree with. This was a seriously twisted, awesome scene.



I admit this is my favorite scene. Bree must’ve passed out after Sinn and Karlie fucked her brains out, because she awakens in a weird 2015-06-18_15-13-52plane of existence that is surely hell. Bree opens one of the velvet curtains she’s surrounded by to reveal Lea Lexis adorned in a spine-chilling ballerina-doll costume, dancing in pointe shoes like she’s possessed. That freaks Bree out, as it should, so she moves on to the next curtain to see what lies behind. Bree opens the curtain to everyone’s favorite femdom, Aiden Starr, cinched in a leather corset with appropriately black, demonic makeup covering her face. Aiden is caressing Skin Diamond, asking if she’s in pain. Skin Diamond is a fallen angel, and her wings were ripped off, as evidenced by the feathery scars on her back. Aiden makes Skin Diamond say that she’s better off without her wings, and Aiden proceeds to spank Skin Diamond’s gorgeous ass. In typical Aiden Starr style, Aiden says some hilarious shit while she dominates Skin Diamond. When Skin Diamond moans “oh god” as Aiden continuously stimulates her G-spot with her fingers, Aiden stops and demands, “Don’t say ‘god’ anymore.” Because, get it, 2015-06-18_15-16-12they’re in hell! Aiden flogs Skin Diamond while asking her why she’s such a fucking slut, but Skin Diamond doesn’t have a good enough answer. “You’re a fucking whore for no good reason?” Aiden quips, and continues punishing her ass with the flogger. When Skin Diamond pushes her ass out, Aiden says, “This is the naughtiest little pussy I’ve ever laid my fucking eyes on.” Aiden makes Skin Diamond eat her pussy as some really hot punishment, and Skin Diamond is able to make her cum. Aiden is proud of her angel-turned-devilslut, and some really awesome strap-on sex ensues. I can’t give this scene enough credit, so if you like kinky lesbian scenes, just go ahead and watch it already!



Bree’s mind is blown, as it should be, so she retreats back to another2015-06-18_15-19-55 curtain, where none other than the devil herself, Victoria Hook, and Mick Blue are about to get it on. Mick Blue is another fallen angel, and as Victoria gropes his body, she says, “I love turning good boys out.” Victoria shakes her hot ass and tells Mick, “So many bad things have happened here.” That’s all the she-devil needs to say, and Mick rips open her pantyhose and begins to rim her. Victoria turns around and sucks Mick’s huge dick, and soon the two are having hardcore anal sex the way I’d imagine Satan would enjoy it. All throughout the ass-pounding, we know Bree is watching from afar. When the steamy encounter is over, Victoria Hook approaches Bree and informs her that she’s cashing in on her half of the deal. This is the part in all Faustian schemes where the devil collects the protagonists’ soul, and even this porn movie doesn’t skip out on that half of the deal. When Bree realizes she’s sold her soul to the devil, 2015-06-18_15-24-56she puts her head in her hands and calls Victoria “heartless.” In response, Victoria reveals that-indeed-her heart has been ripped out of her chest, right between those perky tits! The only way Bree can get out of this deal is if she offers up another soul to Victoria in replace of her own. When Victoria asks if she’d sacrifice Logan Pierce’s soul instead, Bree admits that she could never do that to someone, and somehow this pure-heartedness frees Bree from the deal! Suddenly, Bree wakes up at home in bed with Logan, and *cue Biggie* -IT WAS ALL A DREAM. Thankful she isn’t stuck in hell with those sex-crazed demons, Bree wakes Logan up and begins to kiss him. Logan pans over to the camera, and the last thing we see before the screen goes black is his face transform into a dark, devilish grin.

All in all, A Thing Of Beauty is one of the coolest movies I’ve had the privilege of reviewing at HotMoviesForHer, and I highly suggest you check it out; if not for the incredible sex, for the insanely cool plot. Dana Vespoli has truly created a porn masterpiece here, and I’m really thankful that intelligent female directors like her are so active in the industry these days. For more movie reviews and sex-related stuff, follow me on twitter @BridgetXXXXXXX and all of us @hotmoviesforher!



A Timeline of the Gay Rights Equality Movement in America


The month of June has been designated as Gay Pride Month, and across the globe, gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgender men and women, as well as their cis-identifying straight supporters, take to the streets in a show of celebration (and pride) for just how far the equality rights movement has come.  This week in particular commemorates Pride Week and HotMoviesforHer is taking a look at the impetus behind the social revolution that has led to the current, crucial moment in our nation’s history.

Below is a timeline detailing the fight for LGBT equality here in the United States from its inception to now!

1779: Founding father Thomas Jefferson proposes a law that would require castration for gay men and mutilation of the nose cartilage for lesbians.  At the time, death was the most common penalty.

1924: The first gay rights organization, The Society for Human Rights, is founded in Chicago by Henry Gerber.

1947-1950: 1,700 federal job applications were denied, 4,380 were discharged from the military, and 420 were fired from their government jobs on the basis they were suspected homosexuals.

1948:  Alfred Kinsey publishes Sexual Behavior in the Human Male, which concluded that homosexual activity is not limited to those who classify themselves as homosexual.

1950:  Homosexuals are included on the list of those deemed “Un-American,” by the State Department, based on the theory they would be “susceptible to blackmail,” and that “those who engage in perversion lack the emotional stability of a normal persons.’”

1950: The Mattachine Society is established in Los Angeles. Mattachine was one of the first two organizations in the United States to focus on the cause of homosexuality and provide social opportunities for the homosexual community.

1950: The Daughters of Bilitis, similar to the Mattachine Society, is established in San Francisco with the aim of providing similar services to the lesbian community.

1950s–1960s: The FBI and local police departments maintained files on known homosexuals, along with favored establishments and associates.  The US Postal Service kept records of addresses to where any materials that involved homosexuality were mailed. Universities expelled gay professors.  State and local governments closed gay bars, performed sweeps of the neighborhoods, and outlawed the wearing of opposite gender clothes.

1952: The American Psychiatric Association lists homosexuality as a mental disorder in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM).

1953: President Eisenhower signs Executive Order 10450, which banned homosexuals from federal government positions, including contractors. Homosexuality is listed as a security risk, next to alcoholism.

1953: In August, the US Postal Service refuses to deliver ONE Magazine, which focused on homosexuals in heterosexual marriages.

1956: Psychologist Evenly Hooker releases her paper, “The Adjustment of the Male Overt Homosexual,” which concludes based on various tests, that there is no significant difference between homosexuals and heterosexuals.

1958: The Supreme Court rules that ONE, Inc. could mail its magazine through the US Postal Service.

220px-Wiki02CinoFront19651958: Caffe Cino opens in New York. The café will later be credited as starting the off-broadway theater movement and hosting the first gay plays, The Madness of Lady Bright and The Haunted Host, in 1964.

1962: Illinois becomes the first state to legalize homosexuality after repealing its sodomy laws.

1965: Frank Kamney, founder of the Mattachine Washington, DC chapter, organizes a picket at the White House to protest employment discrimination after being fired from the US Army Map Service due to his orientation.

1965: The first “Annual Reminders,” protests that were the precursor of Pride marches, begin being held at Independence Hall in Philadelphia.220px-Barbara_Gittings_1965

1966: The Mattachine Society states a “sip-in,” at Greenwich Village’s Julius Bar.  The New York Liquor Authority had deemed homosexuals as “disorderly,” and prohibited them being served alcohol.  This sit-in was the impetus for future legislation that eventually led the New York City Commission on Human Rights to declare homosexuals have the right to be served.

1966: The Compton’s Cafeteria riots break out in San Francisco after police arrive to arrest all males inside that were dressed as women. This also sparked the beginning of transgender activism in San Francisco.

1966: The National Transsexual Counseling Unit, the first transgender organization in the US, is established in San Francisco.

1966:  The Student Homophile League, the oldest collegiate student union for homosexuals, in founded at Columbia University in New York.

stonewallii1969–June 28th: The Stonewall Riots, the first documented case of LGBT rioting, occurs in New York City after a police raid on The Stonewall Inn, a local gay bar on Christopher Street in the Village. This event is known as being the catalyst of the gay rights movement.

1973: Homosexuality is removed from the DSM as a mental disorder.

1974: After being elected to the Ann Arbor, MI City Council, Kathy Kozachenko becomes the first openly gay American elected to office.

harvey-milk1977: Harvey Milk, one of the most famous gay rights activists known for introducing legislation protecting gays and lesbians from being fired from their jobs, is elected to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

1978:  Harvey Milk is assassinated by former city supervisor Dan White.

1979: Harvey Milk assassin Dan White is convicted of involuntary manslaughter and sentenced to 7 years in prison. Because of the leniency of the sentence, 5,000 protesters ransack San Francisco’s City Hall causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage.  The next night, 10,000 further protestors gather on Castro and Market Streets for a peaceful demonstration and to commemorate what would have been Milk’s 49th birthday.

1979: In a bid for equal rights and civil rights legislation, 75,000 protestors march on Washington in the National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights.

1980: At the Democratic National Convention, the Democratic Party becomes the first political party to embrace a homosexual rights platform after stating it will not discriminate against homosexuals. According to the platform, “All groups must be protected from discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin, language, age, sex, or sexual orientation.”

download1981: The New York Times prints the first story documenting 41 cases of a rare pneumonia and skin cancer that has been found in gay men in both New York and California, referring to it as GRID, short for Gay Related Immune Deficiency Disorder (so named by the Center for Disease Control, aka CDC).  It is not until the same symptoms are found outside of the gay community that biologist Bruce Voeller successfully lobbies to have the name changed to AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome).

1982:  The state of Wisconsin becomes the first to make discrimination based on sexual orientation illegal.

1984: Berkley, CA, becomes the first city to offer domestic-partnership benefits to its employees.

1987: ACT UP (The AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power), the first AIDS advocacy group, is formed in New York. ACT UP organizes demonstrations against drug companies that are profiteering from AIDS related medications.

1987: Hundreds of thousands of protesters convene on Washington to demand then President Reagan address the rampant AIDS crisis.

1988: Understanding AIDS, an AIDS awareness brochure is mailed to every household (107 million brochures) in the United States by the CDC.

1988: The first World AIDS Day is organized by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Ryan_White1990: After the passing of Ryan White (an Indiana teenager barred from attending middle school after an AIDS diagnosis attributed to a tainted hemophilia treatment), President George H.W. Bush signs the Ryan White Care Act, a federally funded program for Americans living with AIDS.

1991: The red ribbon is adopted as the symbol for AIDS awareness.

1993: “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” the US military policy that forbids homosexuals from serving openly, is implemented by President Bill Clinton.

1996: The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) rules that Colorado’s 2nd Amendment, which denied gays and lesbians protections from discrimination, is unconstitutional (Romer v Evans).

1996: The Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) is signed into law by President Bill Clinton. DOMA defines legal marriage between one man and one woman, and that no sate is required to recognize a same-sex marriage from another state.

1998: Martin Luther King Jr.’s widow, Coretta Scott King, states the civil rights community should embrace the struggle against homophobia.

2000: Vermont becomes the first state to legalize civil unions for same-sex couples.

2003: SCOTUS determines sodomy laws in the US are unconstitutional (Lawrence v. Texas).

2004: The state of Massachusetts becomes the first to legalize same-sex marriage.

2004–2010: New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, New Jersey (civil unions), Iowa, and Washington, DC, follow Massachusetts’ lead and legalize same-sex marriage.

2007: The US House of Representatives approves a bill granting equal rights to gays and lesbians in the workplace.

2008: Proposition 8 is approved by California voters, making same-sex marriage illegal in that state, which inspires the NOH8 campaign promoting marriage equality.

2008: California, Arizona, and Florida approve a ban on same-sex marriage, while Arkansas passes a measure forbidding gays and lesbians from adopting.

2009: The Matthew Shepard Act is passed, which expands federal hate crime legislation to protect victims who are targeted based upon their perceived gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability.

2009: President Obama signs a memorandum giving same-sex partners of federal employees the right to receive certain benefits (health care not included).

2009: Harvey Milk is posthumously awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Barrack Obama.

2010: A San Francisco judge rules Prop 8 is unconstitutional.

2010: “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” is repealed, allowing gays and lesbians to serve openly in the military.

2011: President Barrack Obama announces his administration will no longer defend DOMA.

2011: New York legalizes same-sex marriage.

Leaving_courthouse_on_first_day_of_gay_marriage_in_Washington2012: Washington state and Maryland legalize same-sex marriage.

2012: President Barrack Obama endorses same-sex marriage. “It is important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think same-sex couples should be able to get married.”

2012: Wisconsin’s Tammy Baldwin becomes first openly gay person elected to the US Senate.

2012: Minnesota voters reject a proposition to ban same-sex marriage in their state.

2013: The Washington Wizards’ Jason Collins comes out as the first openly-gay player in the NBA, NFL, NHL or MLB.

2013: Same-sex marriage goes into effect in Delaware.

2013: DOMA is ruled unconstitutional by the SCOTUS.

2013: Illinois begins to recognize same-sex marriages.

2013: Hawaii begins to recognize same-sex marriages. “This is  nothing more than the expansion of aloha in Hawaii,” according to State Senator J. Kalani English.

2014: Same-sex marriage is legalized in Oregon.

2014: The same-sex marriage ban is struck down in Pennsylvania.

2014: The SCOTUS denies to hear requests attempting to block same-sex marriage in Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia, and Wisconsin.  Virginia announces civil unions the same day. Kansas and South Carolina follow suit one month later.

2014: A federal judge rules Montana’s same-sex marriage ban is unconstitutional.

2015: Jazzie’s Place, the first shelter for LGBT adults, opens in San Francisco.

2015: Large, international corporations such as Target, Dove, and Cheerios begin incorporating gay families in their advertising.

2015: An Indiana law that gave businesses the right to discriminate against members of the LGBT community in their state is scuttled after major corporations like Wal-Mart and Salesforce threaten to stop doing business in the state.

2015: Laverne Cox becomes the first transgender woman to be featured on the cover of Time magazine.

2015: Famous athlete and personality Bruce Jenner comes out to the world as transgender and begins living publicly as Caitlyn Jenner.

2015: The state of NJ hits a milestone with over 5,000 same-sex marriages performed.

June 26, 2015:  Gay Marriage is ruled legal in all 50 states by the US Supreme Court.