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2016 Porn Awards Season Roundup

Last week our porno Twitter feeds were hit with a deluge of excited and humble (and some not so humble!) thank-you’s as first XBIZ and then AVN released their 2016 nominations for their upcoming industry award shows. We here at HotMoviesForHer HQ like to think that we have our sticky little fingers on the pulse of what’s hot in the adult industry, so we were thrilled to see that we’d covered many of this year’s nominees. Let’s take a look back at the best that 2015 had to offer, and what we had to say about it.

Prison Lesbians Vol. 3Prison Lesbians Vol. 3 – Nominated for the AVN Award for Best New Series

Kaitlyn Gender: Based on a Not so True Story – Nominated for 4 XBIZ Awards and 1 AVN, including Parody Release of the Year, Best Actress – Parody Release, and Transgender Release of the Year

Kurt Lockwood – Nominated for 2 XBIZ Awards and 1 AVN, including Best Supporting Actor

Asa Akira: Wicked Fuck Doll – Nominated for 1 XBIZ Award and 5 AVN Awards, including Best Star Showcase and Best Double Penetration Sex Scene

Alex Chance: Family Therapist – Nominated for 2 XBIZ Awards, including All-Girl Release of the Year

Kink School: A Guide to Erotic Roleplay – Nominated for 1 XBIZ Award and 2 AVN Awards, including Specialty Release of the Year

All Access - Abella Danger boxcover

Kayden Kross’s Casting Couch – Nominated for the XBIZ Award for Pro-Am Release of the Year

Keisha Grey – Nominated for 1 XBIZ Award and 6 AVN Awards, including Female Performer of the Year

All Access: Abella Danger – Nominated for 1 XBIZ Award and 1 AVN, including Performer Showcase of the Year and Best Girl/Girl Sex Scene

Gangbang Me 2 – Nominated for 3 XBIZ Awards and 3 AVN Awards, including Best Group Sex Scene and Most Outrageous Sex Scene

POV Punx 11 – Curvy Girls – Nominated for the AVN for Best Continuing Series

Diary of a Sex Slave – Nominated for 2 XBIZ Awards for All-Sex Release of the Year and Director of the Year – Non-Feature Release


A Thing Of BeautyLesbian Fashionistas – Nominated for 3 XBIZ Awards and 1 AVN Award including All-Girl Release of the Year and Best Actress

Fuck the Police – Nominated for the AVN for Best Comedy

Ms. Grey – Nominated for 2 XBIZ Awards and 4 AVN’s, including Best BDSM Movie and Best Director – Parody

A Thing of Beauty – Nominated for 4 XBIZ Awards and 1 AVN, including Best Drama and Director of the Year – Feature Release

Trans6uals – Nominated for the XBIZ Award for Transgender Release of the Year

B. Skow – Nominated for 3 XBIZ Awards and 1 AVN Award, including Director of the Year

Mia KhalifaNominated for the XBIZ Award for Star Showcase of the Year

Comic Book Freaks and Cosplay Geekscomic-book-freaks-210x300 – Nominated for the XBIZ Award for Fetish Release of the Year and the AVN for Best Makeup

FemDom Dream Date – Nominated for the AVN Award for Best BDSM Movie

Jacky St. James – Nominated for 4 XBIZ Awards and 3 AVN’s including Director of the Year

Wild Inside – Nominated for 5 XBIZ Awards and 3 AVN’s including Best Drama and Couples-Themed Release of the Year

Richie Calhoun – Nominated for 2 XBIZ Awards and 2 AVN’s, including Best Actor

Killer Kleavage from Outer Space – Nominated for 5 AVN’s including Best Comedy and Best Screenplay


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The Authentic Lesbian Review: Water Fetish With Jordan Kingsley

Water Fetish With Jordan Kingsley CoverFirst things first, Water Fetish With Jordan Kingsley is not a movie made by lesbians for lesbians nor is it a water fetish movie, or at least not what I think of as water fetish. What it is, is two extremely hot, big-boobed porn stars fucking the shit out of each other while water falls on them and it’s incredibly sexy.

Tanya Tate and Jordan Kingsley find themselves in a seductively dark and random space, and already they can’t keep their hands off each other. The camera pans in to show close ups of their fingers intertwined as they rub each other’s silky smooth legs to the tune of what sounds to me like smooth jazz with a New Jack Swing twist, and it’s surprisingly fitting. Staring directly into the camera for the first 3 minutes was faux to say the least (and completely for a male audience), but the camera angles are epic. I love the close-ups of their mouths while sucking on each other’s fingers biting each other’s lips.

Tanya, being the incredibly hot horn ball that she is, doesn’t waste any time getting the ball rolling. She goes down on Jordan almost immediately, and there’s a pretty cool close-up of that where you can see her playing with Jordan’s clit in her mouth. Major turn on if you ask me! From there the pair gets into my favorite power position with Tanya sitting behind Jordan fondling her clit and finger fucking her to an orgasm. With this position comes the water, and it was at this moment that I realized how fucking good these two look together! Of course, both Tanya and Jordan are known for their beauty, but something about the water enhanced it for me. Plus Jordan’s boobs are perfect. They’re definitely made for motor boating!

At the 6 minute mark, the music cuts off, and while I was a little sad for it to go, I knew shit was about to get intense. Jordan goes down on Tanya and the sound of the water hitting the ground is so clear I felt like I was standing in the scene. I’m big on sound to enhance my visuals (if you haven’t caught on already), so I found this very cool and it helped me dive deeper into the fantasy. Tanya’s accent also got me going, but that’s the case every time I hear her speak. On the same note, Jordan is wearing a cuff with O-rings on it, so when she goes to town fingering Tanya’s pussy I felt like Santa was sneaking up behind me. It isn’t terribly distracting, but I could have done without it. You be the judge:

From here, the freaky ladies go back and forth fingering and munching on each other and trading orgasms. I was expecting toys from the look and feel of the movie, but I was happy to be surprised. Two non-lesbian women enjoying each other’s bodies so much that no extras are needed fills me with pride for some reason (I think it lends credit to my theory that all women are sexually attracted to other women, but that’s a longer article for a different day) and definitely enhanced my pleasure. My favorite part of the entire flick is towards the end when Jordan begins fingering Tanya from behind. There’s never anything wrong with ass-up/face-down and further proof can be found right here! To make it even better, Jordan gets under Tanya to eat her out and the ride Tanya takes on her face is enough to make anyone scream!

Did you hear that slurping? Ahhh, the precious memories that sound returns to me!

Anyway, Tanya has an epic orgasm by the end of it all and fittingly the scene fades to black with a closeup of the girls’ wet mouths kissing and licking. Like I said before, this isn’t a movie made with lesbians in mind, so if that’s going to piss you off, stay away. But, if you’re like me and can stand the cliché “look into the camera” thing, and can get off to almost anything, especially two sexy, soaking wet, horny women sucking and fondling clit with no toys, then give Water Fetish With Jordan Kingsley a try. I doubt you’ll be disappointed!

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Never Shave November: Porn’s Hairy Girls

Every November all our dude friends start posting status updates on the growth of the beards and staches that they proudly embrace in honor of No Shave November/Movember/Noshember. They eschew grooming to raise awareness for causes such as men’s health needs and overall cancer research, but with particular focus on prostate cancer and testicular cancer. I myself stop shaving my own legs during the month of November, but that’s mostly because the Arctic temperatures of my gnarly apartment make any time spent outside of my footie pajamas physically painful. I’m not altruistic with my own body hair, unfortunately.

Nikki Silver
Nikki Silver

While other women may also be foregoing their usual grooming standards this month, there are many who fully embrace their full body hair all year long. Some have even made a career in the adult industry out of their all natural, albeit atypical, appearances. This niche in the industry is referred to as hirsute or hairy, and goes beyond just hairy vulvas. Hairy babes embrace their whole package, including their underarm, leg, and arm hair. However, hirsute models are typically only hired by fetish companies.

“I would definitely like to see that change. I think it’s a huge problem when people are reduced to fetishes,” says Harley Hex, a bisexual, non-binary, hairy babe. She works full time as a webcam model and part time as a porn performer. “I’ve had men ask me how I got the hair on my legs and armpits because they have never seen a woman with hair in those places before. While there are many people in my work and in my personal life who find my body hair very attractive, I’ve also had people react with shock and disgust, even when I was only growing out my pubic hair. I believe that more representation outside of niche fetish sites can help chance some of these views.”

“Honestly, I feel pretty fine about being a niche and not working with most other adult companies,” writes Nikki Silver, who is often referred to as the Queen of Hairy Porn. She is well known as the founder of “…The majority of porn is not something I’m interested in being involved with anyway, so I don’t feel a loss at not being included… On a societal level, I do think it would be good for hairy women to be included in mainstream porn. It would help normalize that for young men and women looking to porn, to inform at least in part what they find attractive. Hopefully it would show young people that you can make lots of different choices about their bodies and they can all be sexy.”

When asked if their body hair has been an asset in the porn industry, nonbinary and queer performer Joey Minx responded, “Yes and no. I’ve been able to do a lot of shoots that are specifically hairy fetish sites.  In a broader sense, it has severely limited the work I am able to get in the adult industry because they are looking for shaved models. I have done shaved shoots as well to make money.”

Harley Hex
Harley Hex

It’s the same old story, where bodies that don’t look a certain way are barred from opportunities, especially in the workplace. In this sense, the adult industry has the same symptoms of society and media at large, where the drive to make money results in the exclusion of diverse bodies from representation. “I also would like to see a more inclusive variety of presentations in the adult industry that are not used as sole marketing points for websites,” writes Joey Minx. “This could be including but not limited to body hair preference, genders, sizes, races, ethnicities, abilities, and the types of sex being featured between performers. Not just in porn, in all media. Representation is important.”

Harley Hex adds, “I know that if I shaved I would have more opportunities and would have access to a wider fan base. On the other hand, I would be losing something about myself that has set me apart from many other performers.”

So despite female hairiness being generally perceived in our society as being unorthodox, what drives hirsute performers to stay all natural?

For Nikki Silver, it wasn’t much of a decision to make. “I never adhered to that convention so defying it was not anomaly for me. As a young teenager I was more interested in my own body, those of my girlfriends, and generally exploring alternative communities and politics than I was in adhering to what I thought was ‘normal.’ In fact, I really despised what I saw as normal. I was very comfortable being confrontational.”

“I didn’t fully accept beauty norms and hence, wasn’t terribly affected by them. I think I was able to build up a pretty strong base of self confidence. My mom is also an amazing woman who only ever told me I was beautiful and admired my changing body through puberty, as well as supporting all my decisions like dyeing my hair green and not shaving my armpits.”

On the other hand, Harley found stopping shaving to be very stressful at first. “I stopped shaving a little over four years ago,” she says. “My hair is super thick and dark and grows in very quickly. Shaving has always been a pain, and one day I just thought about why I was doing it. I realized it wasn’t for me, it was for other people who expected me to do it. I challenged myself to grow my hair out to see what it looked and felt like and I just never went back.

Stopping was very stressful but I’m so happy I did. It took a few weeks of wearing jackets and long pants, but eventually I stopped feeling as worried about what other people would think or say and started focusing that energy on more important things in my life. Even if I never do go back to shaving again, I feel like I can more fully accept my body and don’t feel ashamed by the way my hair grows in anymore. That’s a really freeing feeling.”

Whether they always embraced their abundant body hair or learned to do so, these performers have found plenty to love about their lush all naturalness.

Joey Minx
Joey Minx

“I love how soft my hair feels under my fingers,” writes Harley. “I’ve grown to love how the thickness and fullness of my hair is something unique about my body. My partners love to way my hair feels and the way it makes me smell. I’ve been told I have a very distinct smell and I think my armpit hair makes that more noticeable.”

“I like how people smell and I like how I smell,” adds Nikki. “Not as in, I haven’t showered in weeks smell but just the natural way humans naturally smell. My partners appreciate this as well. I find shaving/trimming to be a laborious and painful process so there’s no part of me that wishes to do that. I think my partners also appreciate my lack of stubble and ingrown hairs. I literally never have ingrown hairs because my hairs have not been ‘cut’ by a razor or trimmer in 4+ years. I also like to run around outside naked and having pubic hair really does protect your genitalia, it’s there for a reason.”

For Joey Minx, it’s less about the aesthetics of being unshaven, “and more about doing what feels right to me with my own body, and not shaving is what I’m most comfortable with. My partners don’t care if I shave or not, as long as I’m comfortable in my own skin.”

In writing back and forth with these performers, a theme emerged that it all really just comes down to being healthy and happy with your own appearance, and that we should all work to support each others’ bodily choices. I think Joey said it best:

“There are a lot of standards that are considered normal in our society that are oppressive. Insinuating that a person is less attractive, worthy, or desirable because of having hair on certain parts of their body is not only one of these oppressive standards, it seems really ridiculous to me on an objective level. Not to say that if someone shaves they are perpetuating this standard or wrong in doing so–the whole point is people should be able to present their own bodies the way they want to, and still feel desirable, worthy, and comfortable in their own skin.”

And if anyone’s got a problem with it?

“I tell them their opinions of women’s bodies are irrelevant and misogyny is not a cute look.”

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A Guide to’s 20 Fetish Studios

Here at HotMoviesForHer, the editorial staff rejoices when we get a title from one of their various studios (of which we have 20 straight and trans-oriented). Since 1997, Kink has been reigning supreme in the online fetish-porn community. With a diverse range of studios that accommodate a wide spectrum of sexual orientations and proclivities, Kink continues to produce some of the highest quality BDSM/fetish content with a mix of extremely talented, sought-after performers and industry amateurs looking to fulfill their fetish fantasies onscreen.


At BoundGangbangs, sexy female performers are tied up and fucked by a group of well-endowed men to fulfill their fantasies of being outnumbered while in bondage. Like all of Kink’s content, the performers involved are living out their kinkiest fantasies onscreen and only participate in acts that they’re truly interested in. Total female submission is the name of the game for BGB, with performers often having all of their holes stuffed simultaneously: ass, pussy, and mouth. BoundGangbangs isn’t for the faint of heart, as gangbangs are exactly what you’d expect them to be: wild, intense, and often with a bukkake element. If you like watching women get completely dominated by many men at once, definitely check this studio out.

Top-Rated Movies:

Bound GangBangs – Featuring Candy Manson

Bound GangBangs – Featuring Amber Rayne

Bound GangBangs – Featuring Kristina Rose

device bondage
DeviceBondage utilizes a veritable hardware store of metal apparatuses to induce the submissive experience of being caged and captured. Female performers undergo gagging, heavy breast and pussy play, as well as controlled masturbation by male Doms while suspended or held down by restraints they can’t possibly escape from. Slave-training with the goal of complete obedience is the objective of DB, with impressive contraptions holding subs in an intentional and constant state of uneasiness for maximum results. Fans of hardcore M on F domination will find DeviceBondage content enjoyable for both the quality and the wide array of kinky toys used.

Top-Rated Movies:

Device Bondage #2 Bruised Fruit

Device Bondage #1 Featuring Alexa Von Tess And Sara Jane Ceylon

Device Bondage – Lindsey Grant 2

divine bitches
For those interested in Femdom content, DivineBitches is the the answer to your prayers. With beautiful Goddesses expecting nothing less than their subs’ complete adoration and physical worship, these Dommes whip their slave boys into shape using a variety of methods: pegging, spanking, cuckolding, and many other creative methods of humiliation. Whether it’s for the Mistress’ sexual pleasure or to simply keep her entertained, these men will go to great lengths to please Her. DivineBitches features professional Dominatrixes who are highly trained in doling out their methods of punishment.

Top-Rated Movies:

Divine Bitches #1 – Three Slaveboys Milked

Divine Bitches #2 Divine High Tea Party

Divine Bitches – Featuring John Jammen And Maitresse Madeline

Electrosluts produces lesbian Femdom content with a focus around erotic electro-stimulation. Beautiful Dommes dish out rigorous e-stim treatments while their slave girls are bound and gagged, taking every volt with an equal dose of pleasure. All of the slaves’ holes are equal-opportunity shock-and-awe zones, as their Mistress decides whether to fuck them with a strap-on or deliver a heavy zap from a cattleprod or violet wand. If watching women wearing electrodes get fucked by a Dominatrix is your thing, Electrosluts is perfectly suited to your tastes.

Top-Rated Movies:

Electrosluts – The Chosen One – Featuring Isis Love And Leilani Leeane

Electrosluts – Featuring Krysta Kaos And Bobbi Starr

Electrosluts – Featuring Bobbi Starr And Mallory Malone 2


While anal sex remains one of the most popular categories in porn, EverythingButt takes ass-fetishism one step further. With female recipients hosting everything from fingers, dicks, butt plugs, anal beads, strap-ons, all the way to enema nozzles, EB pushes performers’ anal capabilities to the limits in safe and sexy environment. EverythingButt uses anal amateurs as well as professionals for a wide scope of ass pleasure. If you’re a fan of butt sex (and who isn’t?), this studio is a must-see.

Top-Rated Movies:

Everything Butt – Featuring James Deen And Kristina Rose

Everything Butt – Featuring Mark Davis And Kelly Divine

Everything Butt – Featuring James Deen And Amy Brooke


Feet are an often overlooked body part when it comes to sex, but FootWorship showcases that feet can and should be used for entirely different purposes than walking. Toe-fucking, footjobs, and plenty of toe-sucking occurs in both straight and lesbian scenes. This fetish isn’t for everyone, but die-hard foot-worshipers would have a difficult time finding content better suited to their tastes.

Top-Rated Movies:

Foot Worship – Featuring Siri And Danny Mountain

Foot Worship – Featuring Natalia Starr And Elle Alexandra

Foot Worship – Featuring Chanel Preston, Lorelei Lee & MORE


One of’s first specialty studios, FuckingMachines is a truly innovative and intense experience. As the name suggests, FM uses industrial, engine-powered machines with dildos attached at one end designed to make recipients cum over and over again. Settings range from medical to dungeon, with women strapped to tables or locked in cages so they can’t escape their unrelenting orgasms. FuckingMachines showcases real female orgasms, with performers controlling the speeds of their respective machines from 0-350rpm.

Top-Rated Movies:

FuckingMachines #28 – Sammie Rhodes Gets Machine Fucked

Fucking Machines #5 Featuring Penny Flame

Fucking Machines #12 Featuring Kat


Fans of submissive women in rope bondage need look no further than HogTied for their BDSM needs. Bound in inescapable positions, these women are administered a series of slave-training exercises by their Masters as they are suspended and whipped into shape. Punishments include orgasm-withholding as well as caning and breath play. If you’re interested in watching slaves give up total control to their Dom or Femdoms’ whimsy, check HogTied out today!

Top-Rated Movies:

Hogtied #2 Featuring Sarah Blake

HogTied #15 Featuring Faith

HogTied #11 Featuring Christina Carter


KinkLive features hot amateurs as well as notable porn stars as they perform cam shows for their fans. Per fan requests, the girls will whip, restrain, and masturbate with a fucking machine for their viewing pleasure. KinkLive content is pre-recorded, but you can watch the hot interaction between performer and viewer unfold as the girls are told what to do!

Top-Rated Movies:

Kink Live #6 – Maitresse Madeline’s POV Instructions!

Kink Live #4 Featuring Rain Degrey

Kink Live #10 – Featuring Wenona The Acrobatic Slut!


When men are caught behaving badly, these Femdoms do not let their misdeeds go unpunished. These hopeless men do everything in their power to win their Mistress’ favor, worshiping the ground they walk on by licking their boots clean. Punishments include CBT, spanking, caning, and pegging, but even as they undergo their discipline, these guys take a perverse pleasure in women taking ownership and controlling them.

Top-Rated Movies:

Men In Pain #15 Featuring Isis Love And Elliot Skellington

Men In Pain #10 Featuring Penny Flame & Nick

Men In Pain #19 Featuring Judas & Isis Love


PublicDisgrace takes domination outdoors for some seriously risky exhibitionism. With possible onlookers mere feet away, you’ll be astounded by the acts these performers get away with when they take to the streets of San Francisco. Women are publicly humilated in bondage, getting groped, fucked, and even gangbanged with excited voyeurs looking on.

Top-Rated Movies:

Public Disgrace #4 -The Dinner Party

Public Disgrace #1 – Public Gangbang 1

Public Disgrace #2 – Public Gangbang 2


SexAndSubmission features hardcore dungeon sex where submissive women get fucked in bondage. Performers vary from first-time amateurs to professional porn stars, but both submit just as readily to male authority. Occasionally, the willing slaves put their obeisance to the test, getting dominated by not one, but two Masters. All of these girls’ holes are their Dom’s property on SexAndSubmission.

Top-Rated Movies:

Sex And Submission #38 – The Debt Collectors

Sex And Submission #33 – The Journalist – Sasha Grey’s First Bondage Video Ever

Sex And Submission #24 Featuring Evan Stone & Shy Love


TheUpperFloor is a beautiful set in the armory where true BDSM lifestyle is on full display, as inspired by the French erotic novel The Story Of O. House slaves and their Masters come from all around to depict their practices of worship and punishment, as well as BDSM newbies who are interested in undergoing slave-training to learn how to live the 24/7 BDSM lifestyle.

Top-Rated Movies:

The Upper Floor – Featuring Cherry Torn And Sarah Shevon

The Upper Floor – Featuring Cherry Torn

The Upper Floor – Featuring Nerine Mechanique And Cherry Torn

Training Of O


The Training Of O is a BDSM reality-porn platform in which aspiring female slaves undergo four days of intense training in the art of submission, all while being filmed. None of the content on Training Of O is staged; it is all authentic footage of Master trainers putting their submissives through the ultimate ringer. Slaves are bound, fucked, spanked, and humiliated into true physical and psychological submission.

Top-Rated Movies:

The Training Of O – With Bobbi Starr

The Training Of O – Featuring Tia Ling And Wolf Hudson

The Training Of O – Featuring Sarah Jane Ceylon And TJ Cummings


Lovers of transgender women, hasn’t forgotten about you! TSPussyHunters features dominant transwomen taking female slaves as their own personal property. This kinky trans-on-cisgendered woman content features amateurs as well as notable porn stars having their first sexual experience with a woman who has both tits and a dick. Fantasy becomes reality with TSPussyHunters, as the ornate sets and intricate plots unfold to reveal sensual BDSM sex.

Top-Rated Movies:

TS Pussy Hunters – Featuring Mia Isabella And Ashli Ames

TS Pussy Hunters – Featuring Kaylee Hilton And Venus Lux

TS Pussy Hunters Featuring Honey Foxxx And Francesca Le


Like TSPussyHunters, TSSeduction features transwomen dominating men with their beautiful bodies and huge cocks. Misbehaving men are taught to worship their trans-Dommes with elements of bondage, face-sitting, milking, and plenty of trans-on-male anal.

Top-Rated Movies:

TS Seduction – Kade, Danielle Foxxx

TS Seduction #2 – Featuring Mitch West And Mia Isabella

TS Seduction #5 – Featuring Mandy Mitchell And Omar


UltimateSurrender features unscripted, nude girl-on-girl wrestling. The matches are real, and performers range from first-time amateurs to wrestling aficionados. Real sports fans, wrestling fans, and lesbian porn fans can all unite at UltimateSurrender to cheer on the girl they want to dominate the competition. The winner of the wrestling match gets to further erotically humiliate their competitor by putting them in bondage and made to have earth-shattering orgasms, along with spanking, hair-pulling, strap-on fucking, and plenty of foot and ass worship.

Top-Rated Movies:

Ultimate Surrender #28 Featuring Wenona & DragonLily

Ultimate Surrender #9 Featuring Nina & Isis Love

Ultimate Surrender #29 – Featuring Vai & Vendetta


WaterBondage takes breath play to an entirely different level with submissive women in restraints as they’re either dunked, fucked, or sprayed with loads of running water. At high pressures, spraying water can have a similar sensation on one’s body as flogging or caning. By dunking their bound slaves, Masters have the pleasure of controlling their breath. Add orgasm control to that with either a vibrator or a fucking machine, and Doms can administer erotic asphyxiation to their submissives as well. WaterBondage utilizes only experienced professionals in extremely safe settings.

Top-Rated Movies:

Water Bondage #4 Featuring Dana DeArmond

Water Bondage #1 Featuring Victoria Sweet & Isis Love

Water Bondage #8 Featuring: Jenni Lee


WhippedAss is the home for kinky lesbian Femdom bondage sex, with professional Dominatrixes taking submissive women and turning them into their proper slaves. You’ll find plenty of pussy-licking, foot worship, punishing strap-on sex, smothering, and whipping as these Dommes turn these kinky porn stars into their personal sluts. Fans of high-definition Lezdom content will love WhippedAss.

Top-Rated Movies

Whipped Ass #14 Featuring Justine Jolie, Harmony, & Sativa Rose

Whipped Ass #16 Featuring Isis Love, Kat And Hollie Stevens

Whipped Ass #11 Featuring Shy Love & Penny Play


Like ElectroSluts, WiredPussy features electric-stimulation administered by Femdoms to their female slaves. Bound, gagged, and shocked until orgasm, submissive women experience entirely new sensations when introducing e-stim into their playtime. Whether they’re covered in electrodes and fucked by strap-ons or having their Domme introduce their nipples to the violet wand, WiredPussy keeps the currents cumming.

Top-Rated Movies:

Wired Pussy #12 Featuring Annie Cruz

Wired Pussy #15 Featuring Vendetta

Wired Pussy #20 Featuring Christina Carter & Isis Love

17 Porn Stars With Acting Chops

It’s no secret that most people don’t watch porn for the plot, let alone the thespian capabilities of its stars. As long as you look good fucking on camera, it’s not a big deal if you can’t deliver a line convincingly or construct a believable persona for your character. But every now and then there comes a porn star who makes us actually want to watch the plot from beginning to end. Here’s my picks for the top porn stars with serious acting chops.

Carter Cruise

It was no surprise to me when this year’s Best New Starlet also nabbed the Best Actress trophy at this year’s AVN Awards, making Carter Cruise only the second star to do so since Jenna Jameson in 1996. Last year’s Second Chances, about a college senior unexpectedly finding love after a humiliating freshman year, was the perfect showcase for Cruise, who has previous theater experience. The rest of the cast also shines under the direction of Jackie St. James and Eddie Powell, including best friend Jessa Rhodes,  the adorably hapless Logan Pierce, and scheming sorority sister Allie Haze.

Steven St. Croix

Everyone’s favorite daddy has been AVN’s Best Actor more times than I care to count, starting with 1995’s Chinatown and continuing with last year’s Wetwork. He nails just about everything that he does, from the deadly seriousness of Fluid 3, to his hilarious turn as a mob boss in Nothin’ But Trouble.

Asa Akira

Wicked contract girl Asa Akira is always charming when given a chance to act. She has a fantastic sense of humor about it, playing her parts with a smirking glee. Definitely check out last year’s hooker-with-a-heart-of-gold vehicle Holly… Would.

Dawayne Dane

This guy hasn’t been in many pornos, but his turn as Carlton Banks in the Official Fresh Prince of Bel Air Parody is so dead on that it amazes me that we don’t see him more often. If you can get past the non-existent production values, it’s really worth your time.

Magdalene St. Michaels

This MILF is a mainstay at Girlfriends Films, and for good reason. She has an extensive acting background, and has even appeared in mainstream films. And it shows! She first caught my attention in Mother Exchange 2, where she completely wins over Giovanni Francesco.

Skin Diamond

The lovely and kinky Skin Diamond is an expert at toeing the line between pure camp and serious artistry. For the former, check out her tribute to Michonne in The Walking Dead – A Hardcore Parody. If the latter is more your game, Skin is excellent in last year’s twisted drama Control.

Evan Stone

A legend in the industry, Evan Stone is known for not taking himself too seriously and setting a hilarious goofball tone in modern classics like Pirates and Pirates 2 – Stagnetti’s Revenge. He also knows when to hold back, like his heartbreaking turn as a sick, both spiritually and physically, father in Daddy’s Girls.

Dana Vespoli

Dana Vespoli is my favorite pornstar, not least of all because of her convincing, and oftentimes creepy, acting roles. Even when she’s not fucking on camera, she still often appears on screen in non-sex roles, helping to flesh out the other characters and the plot. Check her out in the recently released The Turning, as well as in A Thing of Beauty, Vespoli’s own adaptation of Faust.

Mickey Mod

It really says something about your chops when you can carry a porno whole movie without taking your dick out! Mickey Mod is a mainstay of the fetish world, and I absolutely adored him in the kinky softcore feature The Punished Coed.

India Summer

As one of the most popular (and all natural!) MILFs working today, India Summer consistently wins over audiences with both her acting and sex scenes. Her delivery has an effortless grace that draws us in, even when she’s playing wicked stepmothers and other unlikable broads. Audiences raved about the popular Marriage 2.0, and I loved Summer alongside Maddy O’Reilly and Steven St. Croix in The Sexual Liberation of Anna Lee.

Tommy Pistol

He’s usually cracking us up in screwball comedies like Killer Kleavage From Outer Space, but sometimes Tommy Pistol manages to scare the shit out of us and show some real menace, like in last year’s trippy Bubble Gum Girls.

Mercedes Carrera

Mercedes Carrera is another star of The Turning, but she’s also weird and hilarious in B. Skow’s In The Flesh, not to mention the way that she amps up her fear and shame in the wonderfully creepy My Evil Stepson 2.

Misty Stone

The stunning Misty Stone gives Vivica A. Fox a serious run for her money in Digital Playground’s Kill Bill – A XXX Parody. She also kills it in this year’s Magic Mike XXXL: A Hardcore Parody as the dancers’ new boss. Misty has an undeniable power and forcefulness to her performances, as well as an ease to the delivery of her lines.

Nat Turnher

Nat Turnher is a star who doesn’t get nearly enough acting or romantic roles. He’s super handsome and wonderfully plays suave sweethearts. He steals the show from Sean Michaels in Family Secrets – Tales Of Victorian Lust and livens up the old plumber trope alongside Jodi Taylor in Belladonna’s Butthole Whores 4.

Amber Rayne

Amber Rayne was touring with a musical theater troupe when her contract ran out, leaving her stranded in LA. Sick of the typical Hollywood hustle, but still wanting to perform, she took the plunge into the adult industry. She gets to show off her thespian history in the campy romp The Pornographer from Wicked, and she rocks in in Wanted,  a Western feature from director Stormy Daniels.

Xander Corvus

Xander is great at playing lovable (and not so lovable) bad boys, and has a great, naturalistic acting style. Everyone in multiple award winner Wasteland deserves a spot on this list, including Lily LaBeau, but my shoutout is going to Xander for this one.

Jesse Jane

She might have the stereotypical blonde bimbo pornstar look, but there’s a good reason why Jesse Jane got lead roles in so many Digital Playgrounds blockbuster features. You can’t help but love the bubbly joy with which she tackles her roles, especially in the Pirates series and Code Of Honor.

Did I forget any of your favorites? Yell at me in the comments and let me know!

Judy Hologram forgot one of her lines in the third grade play. You can follow her on Twitter @JudyHologram and the rest of us @HotMoviesForHer.

The Authentic Lesbian Review: Crash Pad Series – Episode 1: Dylan & Trucker

Crash Pad 1In desperate need of a Shine Louise Houston fix, I went back to my roots and started digging through the Crash Pad Series. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, but rather browsing box covers and reliving story lines (and of course, the sex) when I stumbled across the very first Crash Pad episode and couldn’t remember it! Knowing that I wouldn’t rest until I jogged my memory I decided to give Crash Pad Series Episode 1: Dylan & Trucker another look and an authentic review.

As with most of the Crash Pad series episodes, this is sexy from the beginning. The opening is dark and shadowy with sexy music playing in the background, and the crash pad is introduced as a secret spot for late night hookups and undercover escapades (our spot was called the Cut back in the day). I still couldn’t remember this one, but immediately I remembered why I fell in love with Crash Pad in the first place. The heavy music and dark lighting add to the intensity that somehow always follows the actors in this series.

Dylan Ryan is a cute blonde wearing red pumps with one thing on her mind…fucking Trucker Cash! She walks into the room and takes the phone off the hook, the universal symbol for “we about to fuck and don’t wanna be bothered.” Trucker speaks the language well, not wasting any time getting Dylan’s panties down and pussy stuffed with fingers. The sense of urgency Trucker creates is hot and even though you know the two aren’t necessarily in a rush it adds to the passion between the two. Trucker’s aggression continues while fingering and eating Dylan out.

The pair moves to the couch where Dylan gives Trucker a blowjob. BJ’s aren’t really my thing, but this one doesn’t last very long because Trucker is all about the pussy at this point. After playing with Dylan’s clit for a minute or two, Trucker fucks her missionary, making her beg and plead for the cock. The entire encounter is very real and you can almost feel them coming off the screen!  From there, the sex gets a little rougher and I loved every moment! Dylan wants her pussy eaten again, and of course Trucker abides, but what I liked most was Trucker’s inability to keep hands off Dylan’s body. The touching and groping is firm and with purpose. I’m completely in love with everything about the female body and I find myself behaving just like Trucker so the fact that I could relate to what I was seeing made the fantasy that much better. Plus, looking at Dylan it’s easy to see how one handful probably isn’t enough! Trucker power fingers and licks Dylan to one more body shaking earth altering orgasm that literally left my jaw open and slightly jealous of both stars!

Short, not sweet, and to the point! Exactly what I wanted and exactly what I got. Crash Pad never lets me down, but knowing this was the 1st episode heightened everything for me (I think I’m a Pink And White geek) and on top of the intense passion they already brought to the set was the creative shooting genius behind the lens, editing and production. When I grow up, I want to be Shine Louise Houston!

Make sure to check out  Crash Pad Series Episode 1: Dylan & Trucker here and follow me and the gang on twitter @authenticlezz1 and @hotmoviesforher!

The Authentic Lesbian Review: Filthy Fashion Models

Filthy Fashion ModelsSexy. Black. Lesbian. Models. That’s right, Filly Films is back with Filthy Fashion Models and I signed up months ago so no standing in line for me! Directed by and starring Ana Foxxx, this one takes us through a few days of the life of an extremely sexy fashion photographer whose only problem seems to be having enough time in the day to fuck all the beautiful models she meets! I had a dream that went something like that once…

Scene 1 – Ana Foxxx & Lotus Lain

Ana and her girlfriend Lotus Lain are sleeping when the scene opens, and what a beautiful scene it is. There’s plenty of light shining through the huge windows and the bedding is completely white, making for an amazing contrast with Ana and Lotus’ complexions, especially Ana’s! Anyway, our star photographer awakens first and naturally decides to take a bath. The tub is located in her bedroom and the water was already run (when or by whom we have no clue) so we’re right on porn storytelling schedule. When Ana notices that girlfriend Lotus is still asleep and not even making an effort to get out of bed she takes matters into her own hands. Of course, when Lotus opens her eyes and sees her gorgeous, naked girlfriend in the tub waiting for her she jumps up and hops in to join without even taking her clothes off. Personally I can’t stand shower or bathtub sex in real life. There’s never enough space and water always ends up in my face, but in porn they rent those fancy mansions with huge stand-up showers and Jacuzzi tubs, so I was surprised to see the tiny little thing these two squeezed into. The girls are small themselves, but I wanted to see some action and I knew the space was going to limit that. I was right. There wasn’t much to the sex as far as positions go because they each had to sit on the side of the tub to get fingered or their pussies eaten. Ana did use the shower head on Lotus (something every woman in the world has tried at least once) so that was nice. But other than that, I got off from their bodies more than the sex itself. Both are incredibly hot! Lotus Lain is tatted up (just the way I like) with a long curly ‘do and a sexy ass voice. Ana’s dark complexion stopped me dead in my tracks the first time I saw her and she pulls off bangs waaaaaaaay better than I did back in the day. Watching them playfully interact was fun in a sexy way too. I bet these two have or would have a lot of fun off set.

Scene 2 – Ana Foxxx & Yasmine De Leon & Jenna Sativa

Ana’s first stop of the day is a shoot in the middle of the desert with models Yasmine De Leon and Jenna Sativa. As TV would have us all to believe is typical of models and women in general, the two ladies hardly know each other but they clearly don’t like one another. Being the professional that she is, Ana doesn’t have time for the bull, and this shoot demands passion out of the models so she does what any director of photography would do and suggest the two kiss and make up. Of course they take it literally and BOOM…we have a threesome. Count the authentic lesbo in! But again I was a little taken aback by the setting, or better yet, how it was filmed in that setting. The three horny fashionistas are fucking in a truck, and as sexy as we all know that is (I’m pretty sure I had sex in a car for an entire year of my life), we still need to be able to see it. Never is the camera angle from inside of the truck, like the front seat or the trunk; instead the camera operator remains outside and we only get a side view. This made me feel left out. As the viewer you want to get in the truck too, but it’s like the front doors are locked so you’re stuck with this view…

There are moments when the camera zooms into the action and you can see facial reactions and who’s doing what to whom, but overall I couldn’t do much with this one. It’s a shame too because on top of having a sexy stage name, Yasmine has a banging body too. I know Ana fucked her good, and I just wish I could have had a better view.

Scene 3 – Ana Foxxx & Kira Noir

This scene completely made up for Scene 2! I never met Kira Noir before this and I’m happy I’ve finally had the pleasure (about 3 times). I was instantly drawn to her look because it’s rare to find a black woman in porn rocking her natural hair in such a bold way (part of the reason I love Skin too!). As a black woman with locks I’m completely biased, but such is life. Anyway, this is a one-on-one shoot for a magazine and halfway through it’s agreed upon that Kira needs more shine to her look, so Ana grabs some oil and rubs her down. I thought that was it! I just knew Ana was about to grab a handful right then and there (more like I wanted her to), but she didn’t. Instead, while posing, Kira put her finger in her mouth then ran it down her body, accidentally getting make-up on her chest in the process. This was a gift from all the lesbian foremothers! And it only got better as the conversation progressed. Kira expresses to Ana that she’s seeing a guy she really likes, but dude is boring in bed AND he won’t go down on her (why doesn’t shit like this ever fall into my lap??)! Of course, Ana suggests Kira find a girl to do it for her, and after explaining that it wouldn’t be cheating because it wouldn’t be with a man (complete bullshit but totally worth it for Kira), she reveals herself as a lesbian and Kira just melts into the palm of her hand. Watch the innocence of this “yes, please” and try not to cum your pants…

That is the most innocent, polite sexiness I’ve ever seen in my life and I couldn’t wait for Ana to destroy it with tongue and finger. She doesn’t let me down either. Neither girl is particularly curvy, but I love the way the two look body-to-body, and Kira has the innocent, first time with a girl act down. The two kiss and touch a lot before fingering and eating each other out. I like the way Kira explores Ana’s body like a true first timer. She has that look of familiarity mixed with complete newness on her face and it’s a huge turn on! At one point they cross the room and are in front of a huge mirror which was a nice touch. Ana makes Kira cum almost at will throughout the scene and maintains control for the most part, but Kira definitely holds her own! I watched this one twice alone and once with my girlfriend…a hit, I tell you!

Scene 4 – Ana Foxxx & Lotus Lain & Shyla Jennings

I can’t lie, I completely forgot about Lotus being Ana’s girl, so when she walked in the living room with a surprise for Ana, I felt kind of bad. Then I saw that the surprise was Shyla Jennings and figured Lotus would probably be proud of Ana for her daily doings, at least that’s how I justify it in my head. I was excited about getting another threesome, this time in open space, and Shyla was the perfect fit. When they walk in she’s just lying on the bed waiting to be played with and it’s clear she never stood a chance with those two in the room. Action starts immediately in this one and off they go. There’s plenty of tag team clit rubbing, finger fucking and pussy eating in this one to go around, but my favorite part comes in the very beginning when Shyla is sitting on Lotus’ face while Ana gropes her tits from behind. Everybody was moaning and the whole thing was so intense that a pause was required.

Lotus goes to town munching on that pussy and when Shyla starts riding her hips, dear god YES! From there Ana’s sexy round ass is on display as her and Shyla 69, leaving Lotus to fondle any and all body parts in the room while waiting to have her first orgasm of the scene. When Shyla and Ana finally do team up on Lotus, Ana holds her legs apart while Shyla literally makes her scream with joy while eating her pussy. The three exchange more orgasms in the same positions but it never felt boring. The chemistry was there, the balance was there, and Shyla ended up holding her own more than I thought she would.

All in all, I was happy with this one. Besides the 2nd scene, it lived up to the hype. The acting was exactly what you want from your porno, the actresses are fucking gorgeous, and everyone knows how to eat pussy! Asking for more than that just seems wrong.

Check out Filthy Fashion Models and be your own judge. Don’t forget to follow me @authenticlezz1 for all things lesbian and the rest of the gang @hotmoviesforher!

ZOLA XXX – Lost In The Game

If you’ve been anywhere near the internet in the past 24 hours, you’ve surely heard the tale of how Zola and Jess’s blossoming friendship hit the skids. This absolutely insane story of hoeism, trapping, murder, love, and loss was told entirely on Twitter and spread around HotMovies HQ like wildfire. Zola captured our porno hearts with her gripping adventure saga, beautiful turns of phrase, and entrepreneurial spirit. We want the porno adaptation A$AP, so to make that happen I’m just going to cast it and give y’all an outline of the screenplay right here.

*Editor’s Note: We at HotMoviesforHer did not change nor censor Zola’s tweets although we she uses language that we do not use on our blog. We do not mean to offend, but rather to leave the tweets as they were originally written.


Daisy Ducati








Zola – Daisy Ducati

Madelyn Monroe








Jess – MadeLyn Monroe

Deviant Kade








Jarrett – Deviant Kade

Shane Diesel








Z – Shane Diesel

Misty Stone








Z’s Fiance – Misty Stone

Nathan Threat







Dreads – Nathan Threat

Wolf Hudson







Zola’s Man – Wolf Hudson

Film Treatment

Scene 1

zola 1




Zola meets fellow ho Jess at a Hooters and they bond over their shared hoeism. We’re excising Jess’s sugar daddy because this is porn and we’re being as cheap as possible. Zola is invited on a hoe trip to Florida with Jess. Zola’s boyfriend/sugardaddy/??? is super butthurt and panicking that Zola is leaving him alone all weekend, so she refills his water bowl and fucks him calm, romantically, with a strap on.

Zola 2





Scene 2

Zola 3




Zola is picked up for the hoe trip by Jess, Jarrett, and Z. Things get awkward when Zola texts Jess, only to find that Z has the phone, and even more so when the ladies are brought a shitty hotel, but that’s ok, because only Jarrett’s lame ass is going to be staying there. The action moves to the strip club, where Zola has to wear pasties and boyshorts despite being a full nude kind of bitch. Zola and Jess aren’t making much money, so to get things moving, they get gay and have lesbian sex on stage through their bootyshorts because this club has all kinds of rules and shit. END SCENE.

Scene 3

Zola 4



Z picks up the girls from the club and Jess spills the beans about not making any money, so Z decides that it’s time to trap. But when he turns out to be a terrible pimp, Zola takes the reigns. Fade to an artsy slow mo montage directed by Courtney Trouble of Jess banging like twenty different guys while Zola dances in a snow storm of $$$.

Zola 5





Scene 4

Zola 6




Zola, Jess, and Z return to the motel to find Jarrett crying to Dreads. Now that the cat’s out of the bag, the squad moves to a nicer hotel and Z tells Zola to keep an eye on Jarrett and leaves. Jarrett acts like a total scrote about Jess trapping and starts punching himself. Zola and Jess tie him up, put a chastity cage on him, and tag team him with strap ons until he quits whining.

Zola 7



Zola 8







Scene 5

Zola 9



This is where shit gets weird so maybe Dana Vespoli or B. Skow should direct this scene. Z and his fiancé enter just as Jarrett breaks loose and shares Jess’s trap ad on Facebook. OH SHIT. Instead of murdering Jarrett, Z is all benevolent and instead just cuckolds him. Jarrett and everyone else watch Jess suck Z’s dick and get banged from behind. Once that’s over, it’s time for everyone to get cleaned up and get to trapping. END SCENE.

Scene 6

Zola 10






Z hands a gun and the trap phone off to Zola and tells her to use it if shit goes south. Zola, Jess, and a bewildered, sobbing Jarrett leave to go trap, and Z and his fiancé have a great fuck on the hotel bed on top of piles of money. END SCENE

Scene 7

Zola 11








We rejoin Zola, Jess, and Jarrett in their car after a night of trapping all over town. One last call comes into the trap phone, and a familiar voice requests two girls for four guys in exchange for $5k. After some negotiation, it’s decided that Jess will join them solo for  $2k. They get to the place and OH SHIT IT’S THE GUY WITH THE DREADS AND HE JUST SNATCHED JESS!!!! While Zola and Jarrett and Z running around to trying to do a rescue mission or something, Jess and Dreads have 100% consensual sex because this is porn and this is how things work. Z comes back to save Jess and OH SHIT HE SHOT DREADS IN THE FACE. END FUCKING SCENE!!!

Scene 8

Zola 12






The squad returns to Z’s condo where the fiancé is counting stacks. Jarrett cries and tries to jump out the window before Z gets Jarrett and Zola on a plane and they get pick up by Zola’s boo. Weeks later, Jess calls Zola from jail. There’s no more sex because we ran out of production money.


There you go, Porn World, I just did like half the pre-production for you. Axel Braun, please contact HotMovies for info on how to pay me, because like Zola, I’m in this for the $$$.

Judy Hologram would like to thank the Academy when she wins her Oscar for best casting. You can follow her on Twitter @JudyHologram and the rest of us @HotMoviesForHer.

Porno Starring The Devil Herself

With Halloween right around the corner, we’re taking a look at all tricks and treats that porno has to offer. It’s only appropriate that we celebrate our favorite spooky sinner and the originator of all our unholy lustiness. We know her (ok, sometimes him) by many names. The Prince of Darkness. Azazel. Mephistopheles. Lucifer. Satan. Devil. Whatever we know her as, we love it when she takes a starring role in our pornos. She’s that temptress who gives us permission to give in to our desires, no matter the price, and that’s why she’s the best character that you could ever hope to see in your smut.

A Thing Of Beauty – 2015

A Thing Of BeautyIn this ultra porno retelling of the legend of Faust, Dana Vespoli portrays Victoria Hook, a creepy and convincing infomercial shill whose “Two Part Plan” to “Believe and Receive” lures the meek yet beautiful Bree Daniels into signing her name on the dotted line. When she shows up again in the final scene for a blistering round of rough anal sex, she delivers one of the best lines in all of porno: “I can feel the grace of God going up my asshole, where it belongs.” Writer/director/star Vespoli crafts a story with characters that really capture the mood and heart of the original legend. Backed up by a squad of lesbian demons and two fallen angels, Victoria Hook is hands down my favorite porno she-devil.

The New Devil In Miss Jones – 2005

The New Devil In Miss Jones boxcoverTen years later, this atmospheric and well-acted remake of the original 1973 cult classic is holding up really well. When virginal Miss Justine Jones (Savanna Sampson) commits suicide, she makes a pact with the devil to delay her descent into hell. The devil obliges, but only if the mousy blonde agrees to give into all of her most carnal, basic, and earthly desires. Savanna is fantastic as the mousy Miss Jones, but it’s the casting of the ultra charismatic Queen bee Jenna Jameson as the devil herself that makes it for me. She exudes danger, control, and a weird sense of warmth as she draws out Miss Jones’ desires, all while radiating intense sexuality. It’s entirely believable that someone would fall down the licentious path of ungodliness into this tempting she-devil’s clutches. If you’d prefer to watch the original The Devil In Miss Jones find it here!



The XXXorcist – 2006

The XXXorcistThis Burning Angel parody of 1973’s classic creepfest The Exorcist stars Joanna Angel as possessed eighteen year-old Reagan. When Father Tommy Pistol comes to the conclusion that he must perform a sexorcism, he delivers the stupidly clever line, “I’m going to have to fuck the hell out of you.” Joanna takes great fun in being repulsive, rasping her lines and snarling all over Tommy’s cock before vomiting pea soup on his crotch. The XXXorcist is a lovingly gleeful homage to the original, with the opening sequence tackling several of Dick Smith’s famous special effects. Joanna, Tommy, and costar Kylee Kross pull off some surprisingly hot sex scenes, despite the abundance of green vomit coating every surface and spurting from every orifice. Fans of the original will definitely find some silly and creepy jerk-off material in The XXXorcist.

The Devil’s Workshop 2 – Body And Soul – 2014

The Devil's Workshop 2 - Body And Soul“Pro Villain” Tim Woodman directs and stars as another Faustian dealmaker in this kinky release from Severe Society Films. Nikki Hunter costars as a struggling musician prepared to sell her body and soul for a shot at stardom, but when she finds that fame isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, the Devil still comes to collect…and crack a few whips! It’s always fun to watch Tim Woodman at work, and Nikki is deliciously desperate as she negotiates with the Prince of Darkness himself. Woodman hams it up, purring his lines with a smirk and a sneer as he seduces Nikki into the Devil’s Workshop.

Demon Lust – 2015

Demon LustSpizoo and director/star Ralph Long bring us some B-movie insanity with this year’s Demon Lust. Tommy Gunn plays a trashy Van Helsing who isn’t actually very good at his job, considering his weakness for murderous, big boobed demon babes. When his righteous son Ralph takes up his mantle, he must go head to head with the wily Son of Satan, Tommy Pistol, who has a British accent for some reason. Are British accents more evil sounding than Queens accents?  This is a weird, sprawling, transatlantic porno, where everyone in the cast seems like they’re about to break character and start losing it at any second. Tommy fulfills his devilish duties well, playing a smarmy trickster and costarring in the movie’s standout sixth scene with August Ames. Evan Stone kills it as a trigger happy warrior of God, and it’s really a shame that he doesn’t show up until the last scene. This whole thing was pretty confusing, but I loved that all the boobs were real and that everyone had a good, sexy time in this nutty tale of good versus evil.

Honorable Mention – Satan’s Whore – 2009

Satan's WhoreAlthough the devil herself doesn’t actually make an appearance, this high budget release from Harmony is worth mentioning for Gazzman’s stylish direction and the standout performances from its American and European cast. A Satanic cult performs their last ever Black Mass, not to summon Satan, but the most perfect sexual creature: Satan’s Whore, played by the stunning Russian beauty Alexandra Cat.

Find more Fantasy and Supernatural porno here on HotMoviesForHer!


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The Authentic Lesbian Review: Prison Lesbians Vol. 3

Prison Lesbians Vol. 3From the brilliant mind of Dana Vespoli comes the 3rd installment of Sweetheart Video’s ever so popular series Prison Lesbians. Prison Lesbians Vol. 3 continues the proud tradition of presenting us with gorgeous women in some pretty bad situations with the law. I’m very familiar with the series and Dana Vespoli (I would love to have a drink with her and pick her brain!) so there was never a doubt in my mind that this would be great. Plus I love everything Lily Cade and Dana DeArmond do. The entire cast is great, but there’s something special about those two.

Scene 1 – Lea Lexis & Anna Morna

Right out of the gate they hit a home run. We open to an interrogation room, in which the sexy Anna Morna is waiting on her lawyer, Dana Vespoli, who just walked in. Immediately you know Dana’s annoyed. Turns out she’s dealing with the spoiled brat offspring of a wealthy family she’s been representing for years. Anna got caught with illegal drugs in a foreign country (we’ve all been there) and expects Dana to snap her fingers and get her out of jail, not understanding that the laws there are different from those back in the states. Anna did a great job portraying her character because she got on my nerves with her naiveté and I couldn’t wait for her to get fucked (because that’s what happens when someone gets on your nerves in my world). Right on cue, prison guard Lea Lexis and her sexy as fuck Romanian accent walk in and the fun begins. Noticing on the spot that she’s dealing with an American brat, Lea decides it’s time to teach precious little Anna discipline. I wish this was how I learned discipline!

Eager to be released from the fresh hell she’s in, Anna agrees to do anything, ANYTHING, to please the guard. Lea is in charge from the very beginning and the entire scene is beyond hot! She begins with hair pulling, nipple pinching, and spanking, to which Anna responds exactly like any normal person would…she moans with pleasure and her panties are drenched because she’s so wet. She even arches her back like she can’t wait to get fucked, and once Lea picks up on it she knows there are no limits with this prisoner. After making her beg and plead to be fucked, Lea tells her fresh inmate she has to work for what she wants, and instructs Anna to suck her tits and fondle her clit. Even while getting finger fucked Lea remains in control, threatening to keep Anna locked up because she’s so good at eating pussy. Now it’s Anna’s turn to be pleased and Lea finger fucks her to two orgasms back-to-back. Lea isn’t done though. She fucks Anna sideways before they jump into the 69 position and munch out. Finally Anna regains some control over her quivering body and fingers Lea to an orgasm, for which Lea thanks her by stuffing her panties in Anna’s mouth (HOT!). They fool around more and then out of the blue Anna goes HAM on Lea’s pussy. Lea’s orgasm is so intense that I had to take a 20 minute break before watching the rest of the movie!

I know it’s early, but this scene is already my favorite! Lea Lexis and Anna Morna are simply amazing together in these roles. Both stayed in character and both were extremely turned on throughout the entire scene making the fantasy come to life even more. This is a perfect scene! To top it off, Lea decides to keep Ana locked up after all for a round two. I hope there’s a sequel scene soon!

Scene 2 – Dana DeArmond & Allie Rae

This movie is just too good to be true. Only on the 2nd scene and it’s my 2nd favorite. This one opens with a cool creepy/horror vibe to it. Allie Rae is asleep in her cell with a pacing Dana DeArmond as her cellie. Dana whispers something unintelligible in Allie’s ear that causes her eyes to pop open in fear (creepy is sexy!) and already you can tell is Dana is one crazy ass chick! Apparently, Allie would be passed around for cheap cigarettes if it wasn’t for Dana’s protection as a result of them fucking, but word around the prison is that Allie is talking about getting out soon and leaving Dana behind. Being the psychopath that she is, Dana is visibly upset and doesn’t trust Allie’s word that she is going anywhere. Allie is scared shitless, so the only logical thing to do is to have sex with Dana to calm her down, and like any normal crazy person, Dana demands Allie eat her ass to prove her loyalty and then twerks on her face. It’s pretty awesome. Much like Lea Lexis in the previous scene, Dana has complete control over Allie and the scene, but the fact that she’s out of her mind adds a different level of sexiness to the entire encounter. She lays Allie over her knee and proceeds to spank her before eating her pussy like a woman on a mission! Its obvious Allie is loving every minute of it and when Dana gets behind her (my favorite position!) and fingers the shit out of her pussy while covering her mouth I blew one and took 2 minutes to myself. Allie lasted maybe 3 minutes longer than me courtesy of crazy Dana and the dirty talk. Control remains with Dana and Allie starts to go down on her I can’t help but wonder how the hell her bush stays so damn perfect! I mean, how much do even pay for that type of consistency? Do you do it yourself? (Dana, we must talk). Anyway, Allie gets her face fucked and something about the bed creaking turned me on. Dana cums while looking directly into Allie’s eyes then tells Allie to touch her pussy while she touches hers. Those two minutes was a volcano erupting and they follow it up with Dana grinding on Allie’s back.

Allie’s ass ends up red as fuck from Dana slapping it nonstop and both prisoners decide to go to sleep…or so you think. Just when Dana closes her eyes Allie gets up and walks over to the cell bars looking abused, used and desperate to get away, then Dana pops up and sits on the bed all creepy like watching Allie like an invisible stalker. It’s pretty fucking hot! I have feeling something else went down and I would love to know what it was! Part 2 pleeeeaaaasssseeeee, Vespoli!?!

Scene 3 – Lily Cade & Jelena Jensen

I love the plot in this scene because it’s classic betrayal! Lily Cade is a drug dealer and Jelena Jensen is an undercover cop sent in to infiltrate her organization and take her down. Lily finds out about Jelena’s agenda, but only after the two have fallen in love, so of course Jelena tries to convince Lily that she’s had a change of heart and now wants to help her escape the long arm of the law. Since my girl Lily ain’t no dummy she already has Jensen tied up to a hotel bed while wielding a gun around like a paranoid schizophrenic, but it’s clear to see Jelena has the upper hand. Besides the fact that her body is crazy hot, Lily desperately wants to believe her as she’s overcome with love. She starts crying, and even though she’s torn, a scene with crying women often leads to a heavy make-out session and that’s exactly what happens here. After Lily cuts Jelena loose, the two bump and grind before clothes start coming off. I have to say, Lily Cade stays in character throughout this scene and really sells the plot and enhances the fantasy for the viewer. She looks hurt and angry and betrayed so when she finger fucks Jelena, it’s with a vengeance. She also brings up a good point while finger banging the undercover cop. Of course they’ve had her bugged the entire time she’s been on the case, so have the cops heard them fucking? Are they on to the love affair? Is this a double cross from Jensen? Suspense and sex is the best! After munching down and making Jelena cum, it’s Lily’s turn and the cop turned first lady of organized crime is sure to make it count. Her whole body shakes with orgasm as Jelena eats her out!

From here Lily fondles Jelena to another orgasm before having another one herself, and the action kind of dwindles away until they start tribbing and Lily goes into her ass up position while Jelena goes tit-to-clit crazy and fingers the shit out of Lily from behind. The orgasms are so real in this scene you can feel them through the screen and the ending is way more than topping on the cake. After fucking each other’s brains out, they kiss and look into each other’s eyes before a moment of clarity happens and they both reach for the gun that Lily was previously waving around. You hear a loud bang but the screen is black so you don’t know who shot who! Cliff hangers are such teasers!

Scene 4 – Zoey Monroe & Morgan Lee

Morgan Lee is beating the living shit out of Zoey Monroe as soon as this scene opens, and when I say beating, I mean beating! Zoey doesn’t stand a chance as she gets ran down and pummeled to a mess. Flash forward and somehow the two end up in the same holding cell. Zoey is obviously out for revenge and picks a fight as soon as Morgan walks in. Naturally this leads to sex with Zoey taking control and regaining everything that was lost as a result of that royal ass whopping she took. Morgan unconvincingly yells stop as Zoey kisses and climbs on top of her, but Zoey isn’t having any of that as she eats Morgan out from behind and smacks her ass making her vow to never forget her name. It’s impossible not to notice that both girls have incredibly sex back tattoos and being the lover of tats that I am, that just helped push me over the edge a little. Morgan eats Zoey out to perfection before the two jump into a 69. Zoey jiggles Morgan’s ass on her face while licking her like crazy and it’s pretty fun to watch!

They scissor and 69 more before cumming all over each other’s faces at least 2 more times each. I really enjoyed the chemistry between Zoey and Morgan in this scene. They’re completely bought in from the beginning and once the action starts its like cameras aren’t even in the room. There are no words after all the bumping, grinding and clit rubbing so the pair just kiss until it fades to black.

Prison Lesbians Vol. 3 is an instant hit and definitely worth the time as this is one you won’t walk away from disappointed. Watch it here and be sure to let us know what you think!

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