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The Authentic Lesbian Review: Lily Cade Interview

Lily Cade is at the top of the charts when it comes to making and distributing lesbian porn for lesbians. I’ve talked about her features countless times over the year as they just keep coming, and all of us here at thought it was about time we get an interview with the lesbian legend herself! She never disappoints.

Lily Cade in pool

Authentic Lesbian: Congratulations on all the recognition and mainstream attention you’ve been receiving over the past year! You can’t Google “real lesbian porn” without a Lily Cade scene popping up and, as Porn Valley’s Gold Star Lesbian, that has to be a great feeling. The conversation on lesbian sex and what it looks like is changing and expanding in large part because of your movies. Did you consciously take on the task of producing genuine lesbian porn in an effort to present it accurately or was the mindset to make movies you would want to watch and just see what resulted?

Lily Cade: I’m not going to lie, it does feel great to be me. I’ve been able to make some really awesome movies and showcase beautiful, authentic sex in so many variations. When I first encountered porn, I was really put off by “lesbian” content. It didn’t look like the sex that I had with my lovers. I have sex to connect, and that connection was missing. It was bodies touching, but not souls. It was straight girls putting on a show for men. It offended my young heart, watching this mockery of lesbian love.

While I was at USC, I watched 70s era porno features and fell in love with the work of Radley Metzger. I wanted to make movies like that, but for a lesbian audience. I wanted to push the boundaries of erotic content in cinema. I thought I would go about it from the indie film side. I took my first porn scene on a whim, but I discovered a community and a job that I really loved. As a performer, being genuine and showcasing authentic connection has always been my goal. I saw an unfilled niche and sought to fill it. As a director, I want to create erotic content with characters that feel like real women with whom the viewer can identify, not fantasy creatures that exist only to be consumed. Of course, I make what I like, but I do put a lot of thought into what I’m representing.

AL: Now that you’re being looked at as an authority on lesbian sex within the industry do you ever feel pressured or burdened down by the responsibility that can come along with that?

LC: Honestly, no. I feel a lot of pressure, but it’s about deadlines and how I’m going to get funding to make larger movies and the challenges of being an artist. I get bogged down sometimes by worrying and frustrated by dealing with bullshit.

Last night I went to the XRCO awards. I started chatting up a newbie. My wife tried to bet a guy that I would take her into the bathroom, but he wouldn’t take the bet. I took her to the bathroom, fisting her while looking into her eyes, her body suspended between the stall walls. Back at the party, another model stopped her. “The bathroom? It’s incredible, isn’t it?” I watched them lock eyes and share a moment. This is my life. The sex is the easy part.

AL: Speaking of pressure and responsibility, how do you juggle writing, directing, starring in, and editing your own movies? Does one role trump the others?

LC: I just do it, because no one else will. The hardest part is finding the inspiration. Once I have that, they rest falls into place. The most annoying part is scheduling and dealing with the last minute cancellations and other disasters. As far as which is more important, that’s sort of like asking whether my heart or my lungs are more important to the functioning of my body. I do feel like my performance sometimes suffers when I’m directing myself because I worry about other responsibilities, like whether the set is running on time or where the lights are. During the sex, being in the moment feels natural, but I’ve been focusing on improving my non-sex acting skills and immersing myself in my characters. I consider Heartbreaker vs. Obscura my best performance as an actor, in part because I was able to delegate some of the set running and stay “Heartbreaker” instead of myself.

Latex Lily Cade

AL: Gender and sexuality are at the forefront of societal conversations in terms of understanding how people view themselves and want others to view them. As a person who identifies as being somewhere between butch and femme, do you ever find these topics creeping into your work? How much of an influence do they have on your plots and characters?

LC: It’s always been a component of my work, from the very start. I feel this split within myself – butch/femme, virgin/whore, good/bad, boi/girl – sort of both, sort of neither. I like to fuck with people’s expectations. I like to make people question themselves. Men tell me all the time that I make them wish they were a woman. I’m an avatar for my male viewers. I fuck girls the way they wish they could. I fuck girls the way they wish men would.

I joke that I’m “male talent” and my first released scene was a drag role in Elexis Unleashed, in which I played a Victorian era girl pretending to be a boy so she could get a job. As a director, I like to riff on boy/girl plots and characters. One of my first scenes as a director featured Dylan Ryan as a pizza “boy” who turns out to be a girl to the surprise but ultimate delight of India Summer in Hard Working Girls. My features take place in a butch/femme universe, with the boy parts played by girls. I don’t so much talk about gender or issues of identity with my work. I just show these things and let people think about it.

Lily Cade in cowboy boots

AL: Your first scene ever with Capri Cavanni was lost to the world forever so sadly we won’t get to see it, but what made you answer that Craig’s List ad in the first place? What did you buy with the $200 you made?

LC: I’m pretty sure I put it towards rent or food. I’ve always been very practical. I did put a down payment on a motorcycle for my wife with the money I earned from my first “real” shoots for Sweetheart Video.

AL: You mention in a lot of your interviews that your type is more of an energy that you feel with a woman. So far, who have you worked with that brought the most energy?

LC: I’ve had amazing chemistry with so many women, but if you want to see my deepest on screen connection, watch me with Jess Gatsby in Fuck The Police or at Jess and I were dating at the time. She’s this gorgeous, hardbody butch, a type I had been dying to represent in porn for a long time. The Fuck The Police scene was really intense and a highlight of my career, the only time I’ve bottomed for a strap-on on camera. When it was over, Jess and I sat together as the crew put equipment away, our focus still only on each other. I held her and told her that I loved her for the first time.  The whole movie is great, but that scene is special.

AL: Cops seem to be an ongoing theme in your work. What is it about that power and abusing it that turns you on so much?

LC: I grew up watching cop shows and started to notice the women in uniform. I had a crush on Olivia Bensen from Law and Order SVU back when I didn’t quite understand what I was feeling. I’m into masculine clothes on women, and police uniforms are a particular favorite. As an artist, I find the police fascinating. Whether the police are “good” or “bad” depends on your position in society. Cops have middle class incomes but life and death power. They can get away with fucked up stuff. It’s a dynamic that lends itself well to porno style exploitation and my black sense of humor.

Lily Cade cop uniform

AL: Officer Cade and Heartbreaker are falling off a cliff and you can only save one, who lives?

LC: Officer Cade is fun at parties. She loves her life. She filters the world through an enormous later of bullshit, but she enjoys it. Heartbreaker doesn’t like herself. She’d be mad at me if I saved her.

AL: You do standup!? I had no idea…how did that start and what’s it like? Is porn a big part of your comedy?

LC: It’s definitely part of it. Porn is a unique world. The office politics and the difference between the show we put on and what’s really happening are funny to me but porn is not the only source of my material.

AL: After 8 years in the adult industry what advice would you give young women, gay and straight, looking for their start?

LC: Porn’s tough. To do it well requires a lot of emotional labor, and neither the money nor the fame are what they used to be. “Mainstream porn,” so to speak, has consolidated as fewer companies compete for a dwindling marketplace.  If you’re a traditionally hot girl, you can go to one of the better porno agencies and get a certain number of shoots. Success beyond that requires dedication, and running a brand, and acquiring fans. Porn will shoot whatever sells. If you can prove that you sell, you work. The business of being a “porn star” is not just going to set but interacting with fans, monetizing content, affiliate marketing, appearances, etc. Most girls also webcam, escort, or otherwise sell their services. What worked for me was standing out rather than fitting the mold, and I’ve seen others have success by focusing on creating niche content that fans can’t get elsewhere. If you decide to go into porn, do your research and go in with your eyes open.

Watch Lily Cade’s performances and check out her studio on

The Authentic Lesbian hails from Baltimore City, lives in Philly, and is healthily addicted to everything involving naked women. Follow her on Twitter @authenticlezz1 to watch adorable dog videos and occasionally porn.

What is Porn for Women?

Every now and then, the mainstream media calls attention to “porn for women,” and Susan Sarandon’s recent declaration that she wants to make porn for a female audience has thrust the topic back into the spotlight. We’ve been a porn site geared towards women for the better part of a decade, and yet we still debate what the inherent qualities of “porn for women” are. Sometimes fans love what we promote and other times we get feedback saying that the movies we review “aren’t for women.” In an attempt to get to the bottom of the issue, HotMoviesforHer staffers Judy Hologram, Andi, Bridget, and Dee Viant attempt to describe “porn for women.”

Judy Hologram

GirlBoy Evil Angel box cover feat Jiz Lee and Manuel Ferrara It’s a tricky question. When I’m selecting movies to promote, I try not to think about what will appeal to just hetero or cisgender women, but porn that might appeal across a broad spectrum of gender and sexuality. I think it’s important not to discount the many different kinds of women, as well as the people of non-binary gender expressions, who consume pornography.
That said, I’m not entirely convinced that “porn for women” is actually a thing. There’s so many different sex acts and ways of filming sex (Close ups of genitalia? Wide, romantic shots? HD? Shitty smartphone camera?) that women can like, that the term has become practically useless. Based on some of the feedback that we’ve gotten, some women police other women’s tastes in pornography. Yes, most of the movies on our site were made by cismen, probably with a male viewership in mind. That doesn’t mean that these movies can’t find aBig Tit Whores Get Doubled Penetrated Burning Angel box cover female audience that enthusiastically enjoys the acts and filming styles depicted here. It especially doesn’t mean that it’s cool or helpful to tell other women that our preferences are abnormal and gross, or that “The women I know don’t like such-and-such!”
We all like different things. That’s why there’s lots of different kinds of porn. A world without close-ups of huge cocks DPing an enthusiastically slutty lady is not a world that I want to live in.
This is not to say that we, as viewers, should not be held accountable for what porn we consume. As such, I have a few points for what kind of porn is for, not just women, but people across all spectra, and people who care about the health and safety of those who make the smut that we love:

The Crash Pad original box cover Pink and White Productions1. Porn where affirmative consent is paramount
2. Sober sets
3. Safe and sane sets where performers are not directly placed in danger (ex. Suspension bondage performed by experienced riggers)
4. Porn made by women, minorities, and LGBTQ people, to encourage a diversity of voices
5. Porn free of slurs
6. No non-consensual kink-shaming
7. Sets where performers are fairly compensated

It’s entirely possible that I have overlooked something, so if there’s anything that you look for when choosing porn, let me know in the comments or send me a tweet!



Candy Manson in Bound GangbangsFucking Machines with Princess Donna and Sarah Jane CeylonI could write an entire essay about this topic, but put simply, the phrase “porn for women” means (to me) any adult imagery a woman enjoys to get off. Personally, the type of content I enjoy probably would not be considered “woman-friendly” by the typical and tired narrative that we’re familiar with, but I’m a woman and it’s what I want to watch, and therefore, it qualifies. Many people who don’t know better probably consider “porn for women” the stereotypical soft, romantic girl-girl scene or maybe some light BDSM (a la 50 Shades), but I find that grossly offensive. I don’t think these stereotypes speak to all the fantastic sexual preferences and proclivities women practice, and they sure as hell don’t speak for mine. I enjoy romance in my private life, but if I want to get turned on, some kissing and hand-holding isn’t going to cut it. Maybe I’m jaded from watching so much porn at work, but I need something visceral in my personal time that isn’t going to remind me of the run-of-the-mill content I peruse on a daily basis. I’m much more likely to be in the mood for FuckingMachines’ or BoundGangbangs’ content because, to me, loss of control is hot. I know plenty of women who feel differently though, and that’s why “porn for women” is a hot-button topic that can’t really be defined one way or another, and probably shouldn’t.


Candida Royalle One Size Fits All box coverSpicing Up the Marriage by New Sensations and Jacky St. JamesI have conflicting feelings about what porn for women is, and what it could be. Initially, I think companies were trying to make content that strayed from the male gaze and moved more towards a focus on female pleasure, maybe more intricate storylines, and various body types, which were not normally augmented by plastic surgery. Using “real” bodies meant that female viewers would feel more comfortable watching people who looked like them. I think some women really enjoy watching a lot of the Candida Royalle or Erika Lust films, and politically I think they are important for a myriad of reasons. Jacky St. James makes beautiful movies; they are thoughtful, well-acted, and award-worthy. I’m just not gonna jerk off to them.

If I’m watching porn for masturbatory purposes, these are the very last types of films I would watch. To be clear, I’m also not a fan of the degrading, throat gagging, spit-heavy scenes. My personal tastes fall in the expansive area between those two extremes.
I don’t watch porn as I used to before I worked here. I watch porn as a writer, a media studies graduate, I watch it as a politically aware cisgender female, and lastly, as a person looking to get off. Sometimes my politics and what I get off to differ, but that’s what is fascinating about porn and the safety that comes with the fantasy.

I don’t want someone pandering to my “femaleness” with a storyline that does very little for my arousal or studios that refuse to hire performers with boob jobs. I happen to like boob jobs. Porn for women is whatever porn videos female-identified people watch. As a writer and porn enthusiast I’m always happy to examine the male gaze, champion the female-friendly content, and explore genres I am uncomfortable/unfamiliar with so that I may gain empathy and insight, but don’t tell me what I should be jerking off to just because I’m a woman. I should be able to choose for myself.

Dee Viant

What is porn for women? Any porn a woman enjoys is porn for women. I don’t have a simple answer, but I can say that I’ve certainly felt alienated from a lot of porn that exists because it doesn’t reflect any shred of my reality. (Then again, I also don’t want too much reality in my porn either. So it goes.) However, as Pierre Bourdieu might explain, you can define something by specifying everything that it is not. I can take a few stabs at what porn for women generally isn’t, but I’m in no place to tell anyone what is for them based on their gender. And which women are we subconsciously including when “porn for women” is the topic of discussion? Straight, hetero women? Lesbians? Trans* women? Single women? Married women? Further, is anyone asking what the porn is for queer people? Gender nonconforming, genderfluid, gender variant people? What porn is for those populations? So instead of “porn for women,” should we be asking what is porn for people who aren’t straight-identifying cisgender men?

That said, here are a few things that I don’t equate with the term “porn for women:”

  1. The dwelling upon the man’s orgasm and the delivery and reverence for his come, better known as “cum”
  2. Playing with come
  3. Dousing women in come, a la Monsters of Jizz (to be fair, I find these videos hilarious is their hyperbolic, comical, over the top,  faux jizz explosions-which is really piña colada mix)
  4. Frying come in pans and making splooge omelets and eating them
  5. Fake orgasms
  6. Heels on during sex
  7. Very young stylization of female performers
  8. Dicks resting on female performers’ faces
  9. Cutting off the male performers’ heads during sex scenes, thus rendering them “stunt cocks” (You’re more than just a dick to me! Let me see your sweet face!)
  10. Stereotypically attractive women having sex with unattractive men
  11. Closeups of penetration that outweigh wider angle shots of the scene setting (Kudos to Dorcel for always showing the scenery.)
  12. Titles that include “slut,” “bitch,” or “whore,” in a demeaning way
  13. When a women appears as an accessory to her partner’s pleasure, rather than an active participant deserving of pleasure

The above elements can certainly be enjoyed by women, but I feel that they all exist for the sake of the male viewer, and his ego and his fantasy life. And I have nothing against the male viewer, but I am a lot more interested in seeing all of every performer’s body and I don’t really care about the presence of ejaculation as “proof” of a positive sexual experience. Orgasms are great, but I don’t think of them as a goal. Also, women and transmen don’t always have “provable” climaxes, and the idea that not having an orgasm signifies sexual failure is a very tiresome one. I want to see people having fun, if anything. And really, the only legal thing I don’t want to see is food play because that’s just one thing is that not my jam.

Follow Judy Hologram, Andi, Bridget, and Dee Viant on Twitter, as well as all of us @HotMoviesforHer.

The Authentic Lesbian Review: Impractical Sex

Robot Sex

The whole point of porn is fantasy. As viewers we get to imagine ourselves in scenarios that most likely won’t play out in real life, like your hot slutty teacher fucking your brains out on her desk after everyone else has gone home for the day, or that innocent looking girl next door who can’t manage to change her own light bulb, thanking you for your help by showing up to your house butt naked demanding you let her suck you off. Most of the time all goes accordingly and the fantasy is great, but, if you’re anything like me, every once in a while you see a position or locale that just doesn’t make sense when you really stop and think about it. I’m sure most of you aren’t stopping and thinking about it as often as I am since I’m around this stuff non-stop, which is why I took it upon myself to put together a small list of impractical sex positions and locations. Don’t worry, I left technosexualism, aka robot sex, off the list. You’re all very welcome.

Beach Sex

Beach Sex

I’m against outdoor sex for the most part. Sure, there’s the thrill of getting caught, but there are also bugs and grass and allergies and a bunch of other shit I don’t want around me while I’m naked, but beach sex is the absolute worst! Yeah, Ron Jeremy and Ginger Lynn look sexy up there with a beautiful ocean behind them, but look at all that sand on Ron’s legs. You know that shit ended up either fully inside or very close to Ginger’s legendary pussy. Not only does that feel awful, it’s also unhealthy as fuck! Those little grains of sand are tiny killers inside your body, plus it’s nowhere near as romantic as you think, trust me! My ex and I tried to live this one out in Virginia Beach and spent more time trying to find a comfortable position and keep our blanket sand free. After about 10 minutes we decided to try the balcony.

Car Sex

Car Sex

The camera man desperately trying to get in the car in the 2nd scene of Filthy Fashion Models perfectly illustrates my beef with trying to fuck in the car. Sure, it was hot and steamy when you couldn’t go to your girl’s house or bring her to yours, but come on, we’re grown-ups now and there just isn’t enough space in the car! I’m sure Ana Foxxx, Jenna Sativa, and Yasmine De Leon are making the best out of it and enjoying themselves in the process, but in real life this is just uncomfortable and a sure way to get her out of the mood and looking at you like you’re crazy. These beautiful women couldn’t get it done in a truck so there is no way my 2009 Kia Spectra stands a chance. If it isn’t a quick BJ or hand job, don’t do it.

Pile Driver

Pile Driver

I have to admit, this one is fun to do. There’s no doubt in my mind that Larkin Love is having the time of her life getting fucked by the strap-on extraordinaire Lily Cade, but I bet she was sore as hell the next day. Yeah, the g-spot is getting some serious attention in the piledriver position, but this shit is painful man! The amount of pressure on the neck and shoulders is extreme, not to mention the added weight of whoever is pounding away up there. Plus, it puts strain on your thighs and hamstring injuries are no joke. I don’t care how far along you are in your yoga classes, you’re going to pay for this one the next morning.

Tribbing/Scissoring Standing Up

TribbingScissoring Standing

Lana and Flora deserve awards just for successfully pulling off that pose. Look at that shit! The picture alone makes me feel like I need a deep tissue massage. That’s the type of position you try if you’re easily influenced by things you just watched on the tube or are extremely drunk and just don’t give a fuck. Just like with the piledriver, trying to scissor standing up is begging for leg cramps at the very least, which, I’m willing to bet, is why the pair didn’t stay in that position for long during the actual scene.

Titty Fucking

Titty Fucking

If I woke up with a penis titty fucking would be the 2nd thing I’d try (dick slapping is the first… judge me, I deserve it). It does look pretty awkward for the chick though. Look at Jada Fire up there with Manuel Ferrara’s dick sliding in and out of her big beautiful round mounds in the Vivid classic that is $2 Two Dollar Bill. She has her tongue out waiting for a little lick, only problem is his dick keeps hitting her in the chin! Awkward right? I mean, I’d imagine a dick to the chin a few times is all it would take to get me out of the mood. Maybe I’m wrong…

Shower/Bathtub Sex

BathShower Sex

Fucking in the shower or bathtub looks amazing! Ana Foxxx and Lotus Lain sure make the most of it, and they almost convinced me to give it another try until I noticed Lotus propping herself up on that porcelain tub and envisioned myself attempting the same, but slipping and cracking my damn head open getting blood and water all over the place. “What about the shower?” Look, the shower is cute when you first start sexing it up, but I don’t live in a mansion with a shower that houses a bench for sitting and requires two glass doors because it’s so big. Hell, I don’t even live in a house with a walk-in shower! My space is very limited in that regard. More importantly though, I love eating pussy and that’s hard to do when you’re drowning from the constant flow of water hitting you in the face. Also, I’m not always down for getting my hair wet and fucking with a shower cap on isn’t the sexiest thing in the world.

Piano Sex

Piano Sex

If you’ve ever sat on top of a piano you know exactly how hard that bitch is and there’s no way you’re laying back on it, blanket and pillows or not. That’s why Allie Haze and Samantha Ryan didn’t get any further than that right there. Allie sits her pretty little ass on the keys while Samantha fingers and fondles away, then they take it to the floor. Pianos are beautiful instruments that can often be seductive (I’m a musician and allowed to be turned on by musical instruments) but they are not for sex, so save yourself the embarrassment of falling off (blankets make them really slippery, be warned) and just fuck in a room with a piano in it. You’ll get the same result, trust me.

Shoes On Sex

Shoes On Sex

First of all, Prince Yahshua and Saya Song lost their everlasting minds with those damn shoes on that bed! Grandmothers everywhere would be on Greyhounds on their way out West to give both of them a smack upside their heads if I was a snitch. Second, keeping your shoes on during sex is just weird. I feel like you’re going to run away at any moment. The law is on my side with this one too. In certain parts of the country it’s illegal for a man to have sex with his shoes on, (prostitution prevention has come a long way) and even if it isn’t enforced it’s still legally valid, so don’t let me catch you. Third, it’s dangerous, especially women in heels and any dude trying to give their partner the Yahshua treatment by wearing a pair of fresh Timberlands. I’m a position explorer so there’s lots of movement going on when I’m making magic, and the last thing I want to do is take a heel to the dome. I agree that women in lingerie and red pumps are sexy as fuck, but my safety comes first and so should yours.

That’s all I have for now, but don’t worry, a part 2 could be in the works as you read. Until then, stay tuned by following me on Twitter @authenticlezz1 and the rest of the crew @hotmoviesforher.

Straight Women, Gay Porn, and the Fight for Equality

CockyBoys One Erection promo imageIn the last several weeks, a number of mainstream outlets, including the ever popular Cosmopolitan magazine, have published articles delving into the latest trend of Millenial women (ages 20-35) and their penchant for skipping right past traditional straight pornography in exchange for the guy-on-guy gay titles. In an article penned by columnist Cheryl Wischhover entitled, “Call Us One Erection: Why Straight Twentysomething Women Are Obsessed With These Gay Porn Stars,” Wischhover dissects why straight women in their 20s and 30s have suddenly become not just dedicated fans of gay celebrities but, “obscene, screaming fans” for gay porn stars and the films in which they star.

CockyBoys director Jake Jaxson
CockyBoys director Jake Jaxson

The article takes a look at the female fans specifically of gay mega studio, CockyBoys, and how these fan girls came to regularly “message the guys on social media, create elaborate fan art in their honor, and breathlessly mob them at public events.” According to the studio’s estimations, this demographic now accounts for 30% of their membership subscribers and at least “80% of the fans that attend CockyBoys’ meet-and-greets,” such as the studio’s annual CockyCon.

Other adult sites have noticed this growing trend as well.  According to the annual Insights report from the “Porn Site That Shall Not Be Named,” 18 – 24-year-old women are 24% more likely to watch gay porn than any other age group or demographic.  Gay male porn is the second most viewed category by women on the site, and women of all ages account for 37% of all gay porn watched on the site overall.

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise when most straight porn is tailored for and marketed to men with what the Cosmo author refers to as “disembodied jack hammering and fake seeming female orgasms.” Another recent study , consisting of 500 female respondents, revealed that most felt while watching straight porn, they “can’t be sure the woman is actually having an orgasm.”

Cockyboys Performer Tayte Hanson
CockyBoys Performer Tayte Hanson

Dr. Lucy Neville, a senior lecturer at Middlesex University London, conducted the survey and explains, “women definitely have a preference for gay porn when the men look like they are into each other, where they are smiling, laughing, and taunting each other.”

Many female porn consumers have expressed this desire for authenticity, while others have shared that while viewing straight porn, which often focuses on the female performer’s body, they are constantly comparing themselves to the star, which can become distracting and take away from their enjoyment. With guy-on-guy scenes, they’re able to focus on the sensuality, the passion, and most importantly to them – the multitude of cocks on screen. One fan quoted in the article explained further, “I am attracted to males, so seeing two of them get it on together is like:  BOOM, twice as sexy!”

In a separate article published by the left-leaning political site AlterNet, the author quotes an interview the same Dr. Neville gave to PsyPost, in which she expounds further on the feedback she received in her research.  “A lot of women’s disdain with straight porn is their perceptions that it undermines female pleasure, is catered to a male perspective, and even that it focuses on the female body in an almost exploitative manner while featuring ‘ugly’ men: ‘The way [women] perceived women as being treated and exploited in heterosexual porn, the invisibility of female pleasure, the fact that identifying with the female actress made them less able to enjoy the eroticism of looking, and the fact that most heterosexual porn invited them to view the sex acts occurring from a ‘male’ perspective – noting the way that the camera tended to linger on female anatomy and that men in heterosexual porn were ‘ugly and out of focus at best, and just a disembodied cock at worst.’”

A separate CockyBoys fan quoted in Cosmo agreed with Neville’s sentiment.  The reason she attends the CockyBoys events and follows the stars is because they “provide a fantasy with no pressure.  I know they’re gay, which makes them easier to talk to.”

Cockyboys performer Levi Karter
Cockyboys performer Levi Karter

An additional element that may drive women to turn to gay porn and attend industry events may be the “familial” feeling, and sense of community they feel, as well as the excitement of the behind-the-scenes drama of stars feuding, and the interest in the star’s private lives as they speculate over who’s-dating-who. And according to Dr. Neville, this is a good thing! “This sense of community that’s been created has been incredibly liberating in terms of making [fans] feel they’re not alone and they’re not a pervert and that [preferring gay porn is] actually quite common and natural.”

In a society where pornography, homosexuality, and women expressing their own personal sexuality are discouraged, considered to be “unnatural,” and looked down upon, this convergence of the three may  actually prove beneficial to our culture and could “take us one step closer to leaving society’s heteronormative culture in the dust, even if only within the realm of adult entertainment.” As both women and the LGBTQ community continue in their battle for equality across the globe, isn’t it kind of nice to think that watching a bunch of sexy-ass men going at it might just be assisting in achieving that hard sought-after goal? I know you can certainly count this writer in!

Don’t Yuck My Yum: The Anal Gape and You

Make Me Gape Hard XWelcome back to the Yuck/Yum series where we explore porn practices and how they may really turn on some people, but really turn off others. In this article, I have selected a few stars and scenes that have some incredible anally talented women. Beyond anal sex, there are plenty of scenes where women either spread their own ass checks, or someone helps them grab their cheeks and show you their insides. This exaggerated hole caused by penetration is called the “gape.” If you’re watching a movie in the gape genre, you have probably seen people measuring the gape, maybe they stuff two dildos, two penises, or baked goods into the gape. If this is not your type of film, then you may wonder why this genre is so popular. What is so fascinating about putting things in people’s butts?

Ass Tricks Evil AngelWhile I am not a trained psychologist by any means, I do know what is popular in pornography, and I have the pleasure of talking with a vast amount of people about why they like anal porn, and gapping specifically. There have been numerous personal stories shared about people’s experiences and why they like gape porn, but two big reasons always arise in these discussions. 1. Anal sex is taboo, dirty, and often only practiced in real life for special occasions. 2. You have the comical, and over-the-top performances that transcend normative sexual practices, and make for a good show.

Anal Candy Disco Chicks Bonnie RottenWhen you’re looking for the “dirty” or taboo side of anal, you’re probably looking for passionate performances with attractive people who know what they are doing. Most people can’t take as much anal play as some of the professionals you see in these movies. When asked about how these stars prepare they always say they clean out before they  perform and pre-stretch before they shoot with a butt plug. This usually happens while they are in make-up, or otherwise getting ready for the scene. Anal sex doesn’t ever “just happen.” There is always some work to be done before the party.

Here are some passionate anal gape performances:


Adriana Chechick in Make Me Gape is what I think of as a passionate, and, yes, porny performance, but there is real chemistry between her and Markus Dupree. Adriana’s gape is evident, but not completely the focus of the scene. The scene is really about the two of them having a ton of fun, and the gape is a result of that fun. Interestingly, this is directed by female director Mason, and I have always felt that Mason straddles that line between hardcore male gaze, but is focused on the glamorization of the female talent.

ashley firesAshley Fires in Ass Tricks is definitely a male gaze scene, but previous to her interaction with Bradley Remington, Ashley shows the viewer all the fun toys she has, makes sure she lubes up, and prepares for sex. As far as butt plugs go, you can’t beat something that looks like a popsicle. Fun toys really make an experience, and as for porn, they break up the choreographed sex positions.

Taurus and Joanna AngelTaurus in Joanna Angel’s Anal Training Camp . Previous to this scene, Taurus has had three anal experiences in her life. Joanna and Taurus talk about what kind of butt plugs they like, either silicone or glass, and they discuss best practices for anal sex. This isn’t primarily a “gape” movie, but the more experienced ladies in this film definitely gape, and it’s hard not to gape when Bill Bailey is all up in you.


Ok, so now for the more performative and crazy anal gapes.

Tommy Pistol Sarah Shevon Candy AssSarah Shevon and Tommy Pistol make that old adage about ‘sweet lovin’ true in Anal Candy Disco Chicks. Besides the candy asses, this whole movie is pretty entertaining, and there seems to be a definite acknowledgment that this sex is all performance, and not intended for audiences to try these tricks at home.


Roxy Raye Mick Blue Anal ProsRoxy Raye has done some intense anal scenes, but this scene in particular is amazing. As far as performance and pure silliness, the scene with her and Mick Blue in Anal Pros is one of the all-time best anal scenes ever. Gifs of this scene have been making the social media rounds, people love it, and I can see why. I’m not going to write about it here because I think you should check it out for yourself. Scene four. Check it out!

I couldn’t write an anal post without mentioning the king of weird anal movies, Mike Adriano. Mike is a good looking guy, and so many female performers have mentioned him when talking about their favorite director/talent to work with. His house has crazy cartoon characters painted on his patio, and he always changes up his scenery and decorations for his interior shots. I pay attention to the details of the scene beyond the sex, and I appreciate a director who cares enough to alternate the couch cushions and art installations in his spacious home. Check Mike and Proxy Paige in Asshole Training. These guys are having so much fun, and the whole thing is just over the top. Cupcake butt-stuffing Mike Adriano Proxy Paige

These are just a few selections of gape-tastic films, but fear not, there are so many anal movies with oddities and human circus tricks that maybe there will be a part two to this Yuck/Yum gape post.

Bonnie Rotten Anal Disco Chicks

The Authentic Lesbian Review: Daddy Interrogation


I’ve always wondered why some straight guys like to be called “Daddy” during sex. (Hell, sometimes sex isn’t even necessary…think Big Daddy Kane, Puff Daddy, Usher’s song “Hey Daddy”…) It’s everywhere, and honestly, it weirds me out. I mean, some of these guys have kids and hear “Daddy” all day, which I’m sure annoys the hell out of them rather than turn them on. And I’m not talking about those into the family fantasy taboo porn; no, I’m talking about regular everyday guys. So what is it about a woman screaming out “Yes, Daddy!” or “Fuck me harder, Daddy” during sex that turns these guys on? Naturally I can’t answer this question (I totally could, but it would be completely biased and militant feminist and a 100% correct analysis of the male ego from a psychological standpoint because I’m a lesbian and ripping dudes for anything I don’t agree with runs in my blood. Plus my Women Studies 104 professor has my back.) so I took to the diverse streets of Philadelphia to ask around and gain perspective.

Besides the puzzling looks, and the one instance where a guy ran from me (pretty sure he was high on something), I got some really good feedback and engaged in in-depth conversations. After everyone got past the “I don’t know, that shit just turns me on” response and actually started to think about why it turns them on I got a few interesting responses. Predictably, the most common response I got was “when a woman calls you daddy, you know you’re putting shit down!” But why? Why is this indication that the sex is good? It’s not like women store that word away for those occasions when the dick is amazing because everyone doesn’t do it. Apparently, that’s exactly the point in this case. Guys who identified with this answer didn’t want their girlfriends or wives calling them daddy regularly. In fact, a lot of them never even requested that she do it during sex, it just happened a few times, and the turn on comes from the fact that she said it on her own so the pipe laying game must be strong. I can understand this. It’s like when a girl yells out your name during sex and she usually doesn’t. You must be doing something right! I still think the word choice is strange, but I get how that could be a major ego boost.

There was one guy who right off the bat told me it was about power for him, straight up. There was no further analysis needed in his mind. Men are supposed to provide for their women as he sees it, and when you only look at it from that angle, the relationship offers some of the same things father-daughter relationships offer, like protection, encouragement, and support. Of course, they aren’t parallel, but when his wife calls him daddy, it’s an acknowledgement of his position of power in their relationship and nothing gets a penis pumping like power, right!? He further explained to me that it was such a huge and positive part of their sex life that it spilled over into their regular every day interaction with each other and now she calls him “daddy” like someone might say “honey” or “babe.” When I asked if he calls her “mommy” he looked at me like I was crazy, but laughingly admitted he has called her “big momma” during a few birthday blowjobs over the years.

Innocence also came up more than a few times and I was surprised by how willingly dudes were to reveal that they like the fantasy of fucking a young, innocent chick. I get that youth is attractive to most of us, but why does the innocence turn on come from the word “daddy?” Fathers usually think their daughters are innocent until they’re forced to either accept or deny the truth, but does that turn you on? Does your brain even compute that correlation when you’re hitting it doggy style and counting strokes and she says “right there, daddy”? Asking these questions got me a lot of head-tilted confused looks but I did get one answer that stuck out. I’m not sure how much honesty was behind it, but one pretty young guy said he likes good girls and that projected innocence, even if it is just fantasy, makes him feel like he’s with a good un-corrupted person. I did one of these…


I had fun with my daddy interrogation experiment. I still think it’s creepy as hell, but I learned a few things and met some really cool and open people. If you’re one of those guys who likes knowing you’re putting it down by being called “daddy” then have at it! And if you’re a lady reading this who might want to try something different give it a shot and see what happens. It’s safe to say I won’t be calling anyone other than my pop “daddy” anytime soon, and I only pull that out when I want something (the exact same answer I got from a woman who gives daddy affirmation from time to time), but I won’t judge you if you do. Until next time, freaky people!

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The Authentic Lesbian Review: Shadow Army

Shadow Army CoverShadow Army is…different. It was twisted, dark, funny and at times downright creepy. I never watched a ZFX Productions flick before but word around the office has always been that you will be, and stay, entertained. The office was right. I decided on Shadow Army and found myself, on more than one occasion, sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for whatever was coming next. The production and editing easily rival all the top studios, and it’s impossible not to appreciate all that hard work, but I personally did not find this to be a sexual turn on at all. Mentally, I was definitely tuned in.

Scene 1 – Candle Boxxx


Candle Boxxx is in her office on a phone call with a mysterious sheik transferring millions of US dollars to a Middle Eastern Humanitarian Fund account, and of course the US Government isn’t having any part of that. The NSA is listening, as usual, and an alert for Kimberly Alastair Smith, Candle’s character, pops up on a gigantic screen with the words “Operation Clockwork.” Already I’m in love with the production. The special effects are cool as fuck and I’m completely sold on the government conspiracy theme they have going on. Anyway, some dude named Simon launches Operation Shadow Army and immediately takes a phone call instructing him to “keep your mouth shut” and “work her hard.”


What happens next is very strange, and I’m not sure how I feel about it. Actually, I know exactly how it makes me feel, which is definitely not horny, but I’ll lay it all out there and let you decide. Candle is shredding papers and typing up memos back in her office when suddenly she starts twitching and itching crackhead style. Before you know it an invisible force is in full effect, punching and smacking her while ripping her clothes off. Candle does a great job selling the whole thing and it’s funny as hell watching her bug out under the force of some invisible person. Her being pushed onto a couch took me back to the fond memories of Uncle Phil throwing Jazzy Jeff out of his house every chance he could. From here her panties are pulled down and the invisible being starts fucking her. You realize there’s actually two invisible things fucking her when this happens…


Exactly! There’s no way to take that shit seriously, right!? And just when I thought, well, I don’t know what the hell I was thinking, but this jizz that just squirts all over her from out of the air did not help.


After the deed is done, there’s a flash and Candle is waking up, jizz-free, thank the Lord, and trying to figure out where her clothes are, what the hell just happened, and why her sticky hair smells like bleach. She convinces herself that she’s a powerful overworked woman, gathers her clothes, and lies back down on the couch. It’s hilarious on the surface and completely scary when you think about what you just watched. Like Lifetime TV assault/blame-the-victim movie scary…

Scene 2 – Candle Boxxx & Jon O’Brien


So Candle is trying to nap when Jon O’Brien and Earl Greenwood decide to fuck that all up kidnap her ass. The point of operation Shadow Army is to torture and get information out of her, and that’s more the focal point in this scene. I’m not even sure director Rick Masters would call anything about this one sexy. The masked men tie Candle up in the back of a van and while one drives the other pulls out a taser gun and shocks the living shit out of her repeatedly until she passes out.


I wasn’t as disturbed by this scene as I was the first, even though it’s still giving off that creepy assault vibe, because I knew there was no way her body could handle all that electricity. It’s so over the top I couldn’t stop myself from laughing out loud! This woman is hands down the best at faking convulsions and her screams were so convincing I actually closed my eyes and winced at the thought of all the fake pain she must be going through.

Scene 3 – Candle Boxxx & Jon O’Brien & Earl Greenwood


Jon and Earl take Candle out of the van and into a warehouse dungeon where they punch and slap her around some more until she passes out again. Finally we get a little dialogue when Jon takes Candle’s ball gag out and starts to ask about the sheik. Candle’s no dummy and demands that her rights be respected and acknowledged to which government agent Jon yells out “Patriot Act” and my hate for Tom Brady is all I can think about (Go Ravens!) which is totally fueling my hate for government guy Jon. I actually rooted for Candle when she spit in his face in response to a ridiculously specific question about the sheik’s whereabouts. Then government Jon flips the script and tells Candle that she’s actually the accountant for the head of a terrorist group called Clockwork and the money she’s been helping him move around is actually funding the group’s illegal activities. Candle isn’t buying it and decides she’d rather take her punishment, so back in goes the ball gag and out comes more electro stimulation toys.


I think I was able to fully enjoy this scene and all its tortuous glory because I got to see, for the first time so far, Candle’s character come to life. She’s feisty and quick witted when talking with Jon and actually seeing and hearing the character made shit less creepy for me. That being the case, it’s still pretty creepy, and gets downright scary after the initial electro stimulation. At first government Jon is using some sort of electricity wand and Candle’s body reactions are again hilarious. Every time he touches her torso or breasts her body shakes with so much force you can’t help but laugh. It doesn’t look real (thank god!), but she does a great job of making it entertaining. Then Jon goes completely psycho and decides to hook a car battery up to Candle’s pussy with jumper cables and attaches the entire thing to a timer!


Talk about being completely glued to the screen! I couldn’t believe what I was watching! There’s no way anyone could live through a shock of that force every 15 seconds, but just thinking about the possibility was enough to make me cringe. The camera angles are really good throughout the film, but this scene particularly stood out because they made sure to get every angle imaginable as she swings through the air, hands still bound, convulsing with every shock. You can see the beads of sweat covering her entire body (workout idea!) and the sound of the timer is cool because it enhances the shock value (see what I did there…). You already know she’s going to get shocked, but hearing the timer countdown builds up the anticipation, like the background music in a scary movie. Anyway, the poor girl passes out from the constant electro torture, and just when you think she’s going to get a little break, Jon and Earl walk back in, hang her upside down, rip her stockings completely off, and proceed to flog the living shit out of her! She took such a beating that after a while she doesn’t even react to the pain anymore. Her body just hangs there numb.

Scene 4 – Candle Boxxx & Jon O’Brien1

Candle decides to continue to keep her mouth shut, even after all she’s endured at the hands of the government, but that doesn’t deter her captors from trying. She’s tied down to a stretching table and flogged by government Jon until her tits and torso are completely covered with scratches and bruises while the other agent stretches her bound hands. Just watching her endure all of that at the same time gave me a new respect for Candle Boxxx. That lady is a G! I can imagine her reading the script thinking “oh hey, this sounds like fun!”


The guys leave her there to soak in all her pain and agony before re-entering the room and tying her up with one leg in the air. At this point, Candle realizes things are only going to get worse, and since she still isn’t ready to talk, that only means one thing…more electro stimulation! By now she’s screaming and crying and trying to wiggle herself free, but when Jon puts clothespins on her nipples and pussy lips, it’s a wrap! And when the electricity wand makes its second appearance I couldn’t help but wonder how she could focus on convulsing with those damn pins everywhere. This woman deserves an award!


After shocking her to shit, government Jon puts Candle in a fucking locker with her hands handcuffed to the bar above her. Turns out Jon is losing his patience and since electricity isn’t persuading Candle to give up the knowledge on the sheik he puts her in a cooking box and tells her he’ll see her in the morning if she’s still alive. It’s made to look like the locker has reached over 160 degrees, but before even knowing that I was terrified at the thought of being stuffed in a locker! I never thought much about claustrophobia until now, but if that were me, I’d definitely be dead before the heat was even turned on. Small spaces and the Authentic Lesbian do not get along.


When Jon returns to find Candle still alive from a night in the heat box she’s ready to talk, unfortunately for her though she doesn’t know anything. From everything we know about government Jon thus far it’s safe to guess that this doesn’t make him happy at all, but instead of going for the closest electro toy her opts for pulling Candle’s hair until she screams out from the pain. He still isn’t getting the answers her wants, so he tells Candle after a night in the heat box he’s going to treat her to some water. The problem is the catch…


See that chair up there? Well, that chair is wired to an electrical doohickey with a metal piece sticking up that’s inserted inside of her. And to top it all off a water hose is stuffed down her throat forcing her to take in way more water than any normal person should! The faces she makes while pretending to suck in all that water are priceless. At one point I was convinced her eye balls were going to pop out of her head. Other than the facial expressions though this part was pretty boring, but I can see where it would be hard to spice up a fake water torture scene.


Her mouth is taped shut with water still in there and finally the chair machine is turned on and the convulsing starts again. Watching Candle slide up and down on the metal piece sticking up from the chair was kind of hot until the camera goes back to her face and it’s clear she would rather be back in her office. Then all of a sudden there’s a bright flash of light and we’re back in the office, dazed and confused, like nothing ever happened. There wasn’t much that I found sexy about this movie at all, but you can’t end like that! I mean, there are so many important questions still out there. Did anyone ever find out where the sheik was and where the money was going? Does Candle just get to live after that shit? Did she at least cum from the electric chair? I need to know!

Overall the movie was entertaining. It forced me to think outside of the box and even to confront a few things I didn’t know I had beef with, like small spaces, but if you’re looking to watch a porno and get off I doubt this is the movie for you. If you like Sci-Fi porn with lots of twists, turns, and torture along the way then give Shadow Army a chance. Otherwise, save your money for a better fit.

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Up and Coming Tattooed Stars

Summer is almost here, and with the warm weather comes the shedding of most of our clothing as we bare our backs, thighs, and upper arms to the world. It’s during this time of year that we get to show off any body modifications that may have been covered by layers of alpaca in order to endure the unbearably cold winter months. Just as tattoos have become more popular than they were in previous decades, the porn world has acquired an influx of tattooed performers who are helping to change what an “average” porn star looks like. Besides being a niche interest, such as the Alt scene in the early 2000s, tattooed women have been able to amass work outside of the standard alternative studios and work with mainstream directors, stars, and become part of long-term series that are not specifically focused on their body art. This is a brief list of women who have made a definite impression on the industry in 2016, and we are positive we will be seeing more from them.

alby1alby2Alby Rydes is an Alabanian adult film actress. She was born in Albania, and is of mixed Albanian and Cuban heritage. She first traveled to the United States in 2005 and settled down in Miami, Florida. She began performing in porn in 2013 for local Miami companies. At first, she was heavily compared to similarly tattooed porn star, Christy Mack, but soon became popular in her own right. She has many, many tattoos, enough that she claims to have “lost count.” For example, she has a tattoo of a marijuana leaf, the word “Pow,” a slice of pizza, and the word “Bad Ass,” all on her right ass cheek alone. Her Twitter is incredibly entertaining, and shows that besides being super-hot, she has a wicked sense of humor. Alby’s porn dream is to have sex while skydiving.

kim1kim2Kimberly Chi is a cute and diminutive “alt starlet” who officially broke into the industry in 2016. Kimberly’s put the industry on notice with her unique looks, tattoos, and piercings. She’s appeared in a handful of titles for popular and successful companies like Filly Films, Evil Angel, and Burning Angel. And she’s displayed some serious versatility by performing in different genres like interracial, lesbian, and creampie films. Kimberly has a great scene with Marcus London in Exchange Students 2, and she also stars with new director/performer Bryan Gozzling in Hookup Hotshot: Extreme Dating.


charlotte1charlotte2Charlotte Sartre does her own tattoos via the punk “stick and poke” method, which some people refer to as “jailhouse style.” Charlotte has some interesting hobbies, including taxidermy (stuffing and preserving dead animals) and mathematics. She is currently enrolled in college, majoring in accounting. She has an interest in economics overall, and she’s considering becoming a CPA.

Sartre was raised in a small rural town north of Sacramento, CA. She says she was the last person her friends would’ve thought would be doing porn. She’d always been shy, quiet, and not very active in dating or sex for most of her life. She’d been a long fan of BDSM porn behind closed doors, and she began doing cam modeling in 2015 at the age of 20. She soon became a popular model for various BDSM and alternative style adult websites. She intends to primarily stick to BDSM scenes; she finds it less confining and exploitative than mainstream porn.

august1august2Indigo Augustine or Indigo August is known for her fantastic features with mainstream costars, as well as her signature clavicle tattoos.

Originally from New York, Indigo describes growing up on Long Island as being boring. It was a small town community and she never really quite fit in. Despite all that, she was a gifted student and could have graduated early from high school if she wanted to. Besides working with Burning Angel, Indigo has also had the opportunity to work for other popular studios like Vivid, Digital Playground, Evil Angel, and Brazzers. Based on her work, Indigo is anything but shy and she’s performed in boy/girl, lesbian, anal, interracial, and double penetration films. Check out Indigo take on Mike Adriano in Ready for Anal.

luna1luna2Luna Lavey hails from Arizona (though alternate sources suggest she may be from Salt Lake City). She shot her first scene for Burning Angel Entertainment with Mr. Pete, in the film POV Punx 12: Tig Ol’ Bitties.

Luna is known for her body modifications including a large labret piercing, stretched nostril piercings on both nostrils, and forehead implants. Most notably, she has a large tattoo on her left cheek of the word, “Petrichor” (the pleasant smell that precedes a summer storm). There are several pictures of Luna without a facial tattoo, but she sometimes uses a dermablend to cover it up. Luna’s social media accounts focus on her love of suspension performances, vegan cuisine, and great fashion sense.


The Authentic Lesbian Review: Happy Ending Lesbian Massage 3

Happy Ending Lesbian Massage 3I’m a huge fan of massages that turn into sex. In fact, it is my strong belief that if you and your partner are exchanging massages it SHOULD result in sex. Also, you both (or 3 or 4…no shade, poly people) should be naked. Just think about it. You’re rubbing oil or lotion all over a person you’re attracted to, hands wander from the back to the inner thigh, you hear that slight moan, and feel relaxation running through their body, and the entire thing can be really sensual. The buildup is crucial too. The rubbing and teasing further the sexual tension and the craving even more, so when the time finally comes for you to cum, it’s pretty epic. I’m telling you, done the right way, a massage can get you laid pretty much every time! Since massage sex is so near and dear to my heart, I felt like Happy Ending Lesbian Massage 3 from Brat Perversions Films would be perfect for my next review. It’s short, sweet, and features women touching each other. If you’re not sold on that, you’re not human.

One thing that’s important to remember when watching most massage porn is that there’s nothing that really looks all that exciting. It’s more about the sensation of touch and the experience of being rubbed down more than position switches and movement, and your head is more involved in the fantasy than your eyes. If that doesn’t sound appealing stop reading now, this one probably isn’t for you.

Scene 1 – Kate England & Helena Price


Kate England and Helena Price are naked and in position with oil already in hand so there’s no waiting around with this one. There’s massage-fitting music playing instantly (and for most of the scene), but honestly it started to make me a little sleepy, especially since this starts as an actual massage. Kate starts with Helena’s feet as she lays face down on the bed. I like when a massage starts off as a massage, even when you know a happy ending is in the making, because the buildup can be crazy intense. Helena looks beyond relaxed as Kate makes her way up her thighs and plump ass. Like I mentioned before, there isn’t really much going on outside of the massage, and because of that I wish the music didn’t play the entire time. . I would have loved to hear Helena’s soft exhales as Kate oiled and slid her boobs up and down her back, but it didn’t ruin the scene.


Helena turns over and it doesn’t take Kate much time to start fondling those goodies. She does start the massage with the feet again, but it doesn’t last nearly as long as you can sense both ladies are ready for the good stuff. The tit to tit grinding was cool to watch because it’s the first time you see Helena respond as she puts her hands on Kate’s waist to pull her closer, but the moment we’ve all been waiting for is really when it gets hot. As Kate rubs Helena’s clit the music dies down and you can hear just how pleased Helena is. After all the sensual touching, it doesn’t take long for her to cum, but watching the steady progression mixed with her facial expressions was well worth the wait!


Scene 2 – Kendra Lynn & Scarlett Demitro


This scene was my favorite of the two. The format is exactly the same, so as far as the actual massage you won’t see much difference, but even with the music playing the entire time you can tell Kendra Lynn and Scarlett Demitro are having fun and are really into each other. For starters they spend more time doing this shit right here…


I’m not sure about you guys, but when a beautiful naked woman has her pretty pussy pressed up against my butt cheeks, that shit sends me over the edge! The sensation from her sliding back and forth, moaning as she gets off, and feeling her wetness on my skin…Yaaaaaaas! There’s nothing better (except head, but you get my point). It carries over as Scarlett lays on her back and Kendra massages her big, beautiful breasts. Scarlett has a pretty pussy too! It’s nice and plump…makes you want to just grab a handful and fondle until she cums, which is exactly what Kendra does. She plays with Scarlett’s clit until she arches her back and cums all over her fingers. I absolutely loved listening to and watching Scarlett reach her climax. Her body is sexy as fuck and you can tell Kendra was hitting all the right spots.


Like I said before, you have to enjoy sensual massage porn to appreciate all that Happy Ending Lesbian Massage 3 brings to the table, but if you do, or are willing to give it a try, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. Check it out here and let us know what you think.

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Don’t Yuck My Yum: Sloppy, Wet Blowjobs

Sloppy Head 7 Jonni DarkkoIf you’re like me, your taste in porn is probably pretty eclectic. I’d assume if you’re reading this you are familiar with HotMoviesForHer and have read about the vast access we have to not only “for women” movies, but also global producers, old loops, and new releases. In this series I will be talking about some of the porn that could easily come under the umbrella of male gaze content, and at worst be considered misogynistic. The reason for this examination is due to that conflict that many people have about their preferences for adult content and the stuff they don’t like. Porn is a hot topic, and how do you defend it when there is stuff out there you think is gross? This brings to mind a saying that has become popular in sexual discourse; “Don’t yuck my yum.” It’s a simple message that has been pretty helpful for me in conversations about stuff I like and stuff I don’t like to watch. Also, watching porn and enacting porn are two different things, so for the sake of this series, we’ll be focusing on watching porn.

Which, brings me to our first topic: sloppy, wet blowjobs and cum bubbles. Yeah, I’m going there first. At some point in the 1990s, blowjobs went from deep-throating to gagging, and then everyone had mascara running down their faces and they were eating cum out of dog bowls. OK, not everyone was eating cum out of dog bowls, but blowjob performances started to become a bit more vigorous, and there is a certain expectation for drama when we watch them now.

These examples are from two different studios that are known for different genres, but the point is that there is a huge difference in the way blowjobs were presented on screen in the 1990s, and how blowjobs are definitely more aggressive now.

The Wet Food series from Jonni Darkko  is an example of what was emerging in the blowjob genre in the early 2000s,  and it is definitely the kind of content that outsiders critique as far as the role of women in porn. This series started in 2007 and the first release starred some of the top performers of that time. In my opinion, Hilary Scott gives one of the best performances I’ve seen her in. This is a blowbang where she is commanding the men to call her names, tell her she is a good whore, and she is controlling the entire scene. She sets the pace for the men, and they take their cues from her.

Hillary Scott Sperm Diet 2 Hillary Scott Wet Food

Hilary Scott is also in Sperm Diet 2. This movie pushes past the scenes in Wet Food, and is for the serious cum play fan.

I’m also intrigued by the Sloppy Head series, and I absolutely love Karmen Karma’s performance in Sloppy Head 7. This is another blowbang, and she is super passionate the entire time. The evolution from eating cum out of dog bowls to trails of backthroat gunk and spit is not for everyone, but these women are definitely invested in giving the best performance they can.

The gagging, choking instruction, “Be a good mouth whore,” are things that we are told are not good for women. Well, of course I don’t want someone to think it is OK to think about me as only a good mouth whore, but maybe in someone’s personal life they enjoy the separation from their real life role as mother, partner, or worker, and they get to live out a fantasy beyond their normative experiences.  I can’t say what is right for another woman to enjoy, but I can tell you that there is a distinct difference in watching a sloppy blowjob and giving one. In this instance, the viewer gets to explore the fantasy of eating four dude’s cum from the safety of their home, and they never have to act on this fantasy if they do not want to.

Other issues may arise when we compare ourselves to the performers. We critique our own bodies and our own performances, and then turn that critique against the female performers too. Maybe we wait until after we get off to do that, but we may start to wonder, “Who is that girl giving head to all these random men?” Most of the time there are no “random men” in the scene. These are male performers that have been tested, know the studio or director, and often the female performer knows at least half of the males she is performing fellatio on. As a viewer, we don’t want to think about that, we want the fantasy, but then our non-horny mind asks questions that conflict with our libidos. It’s good to question our sexual interests in a way that lets us explore ourselves as sexual people, but it’s not good to shame the people we get off to.

Load My Mouth Rachel Madori Penny Pax

If you’re looking for some blowjob POV in-between the romantic 90s and the Darkko stuff, check out Brandon Iron’s Load My Mouth series. I really like the Rachel Madori and Penny Pax scenes. Mr. Irons does a good job of showcasing the women in a way that lets you get to know the personality of the performer, and he isn’t degrading. His voice is a little weird at times, but whose wouldn’t be with Penny Pax blowing you?

Naughty Alysha Jenny Jizz

Some other series to check out would be Face Painters, facials without the degradation aspect,  and any of Naughty Alysha’s blowbangs. Naughty Alysha is the real deal. She and her husband Adam shoot all their own content and she really loves her life and sex, and she is super out and proud about making her films the best they can be.

While watching these movies, remember that if everyone liked the same things the world would not be as interesting or complicatedly beautiful as it is.

Stay tuned for my next segment of Yuck/Yum when I explore the anal gapers!