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The Authentic Lesbian: 8 Favorite Skin Diamond Lesbian Plot Based Scenes

Skin DiamondIn an attempt to get me to stop mentioning her name every 5 minutes, my editor (and probably half of the staff) suggested I compile a list of my top favorite Skin Diamond lesbian scenes. To any normal Diamond fan this might seem like a welcomed and somewhat easy task, however my INTENSE AND EXTREME love for her mixed with my OCD just wouldn’t allow it. I tried, people, I really did, and what I ended up with was a list of 48 titles where my beautiful favorite is in at least one scene. Obviously that wasn’t going to fly, but picking out a few and calling them her “top scenes,” even if it is just my opinion, made me too uncomfortable. There can’t be a top list because she’s fucking perfect in everything! That’s a fact not to be argued or tampered with…so instead, here is a list of 8 of my favorite Skin Diamond lesbian plot-based scenes, in no particular order, with 2 honorable mentions. For the record, I’m still twitching from narrowing this down.

First up, Skin’s scene with Lily Cade in Severe Sex’s masterful Ms. Grey. Kristen, played by Cade, runs into Skin, a former conquest, while she’s working at a bar, and things heat up rather quickly. It’s obvious Skin wants to be dominated by her former lover one more time and what follows is an amazing light femdom scene. I have too many favorites within this scene to keep count, but watching Cade throw a little slap & tickle Diamond’s way is the perfect place to start!

Her scene with Sinn Sage in Sweetheart Video‘s Lesbian Sorority was never in danger of not making the list. The tribbing alone in this scene is capable of generating at least 3 orgasms. Side Note: Sinn taught me everything I know about tribbing!

Killers with Emily Addison is a turn on from the jump off. First off, Skin’s running around with guns looking all Lara Croft sexy from the time this flick comes on, and as if that wasn’t enough (which it is) she gets captured and tied to a chair naked! Call me a weirdo, but my favorite part of this isn’t even sex related. Instead, I love when she head butts Emily and calls her a bitch. She’s so good at being a badass.

Scene 3 of Meet Bonnie with Asphyxia and Bonnie Rotten isn’t plot based, but the opening interview is one of the coolest I’ve seen that isn’t behind the scenes, and the scene is incredibly hot! Plus you can’t not include a Skin and Asphyxia scene. They have amazing chemistry and Bonnie just fits in perfectly. When she fucks Skin with a strap-on…oh to be Bonnie that day!

Erotic Blends 2 (I know, perfect title) from Triangle Films is definitely a personal favorite. Skin is getting ready to meet her partner Jiz Lee’s family for the first time and wants everything to be perfect. She’s anxious and nervous and really fucking cute! I could watch the opening sequence of her just running off her list of things to do a million times; the sex is a bonus after that. Seriously, look how adorably sexy that worried face is! How could you not fuck her to help her relax after that!?

Skin with Sincerre LeMore in Lesbian Hitchhiker 3 is when it all started. Sure, I’d seen her around here and there, but for some strange reason unbeknownst to me I never gave her a second thought. Then I saw her sexy yet shy character getting fucked by the super sexy LeMore and beyond turned on I was! I probably spent the next hour and a half looking up every Skin flick we had on the site.

Skin Diamond + Asa Akira = very happy Authentic Lezz! These are my #1 and #2 favorite stars, and in Girls Kissing Girls 9 I saw them together for the first time…FIREWORKS!

Skin as Michonne…YES! My favorite porn star playing favorite Walking Dead character…I must have been fucking fantastic in my past life because the porn gods continue to bless me by making my dreams come true. Even the terrible wig has a special place in my heart.

Honorable Mention 1: Scene 1 of Analized where Mick Blue is fucking the shit out of my boo. If I’m ever lucky enough to fuck Skin Diamond, I would use this scene as a reference point. I love the intensity that oozes out of the screen.

Honorable Mention 2: Skin pegging Owen Gray in Femdom Empire‘s Size Queens is, in my opinion, one of her best pegging scenes yet. Watching her fuck Owen while he’s bent over and tied up is just too much fun. Look at that huge grin on her face!

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BONUS: Keisha Grey’s Full Interview

Keisha Grey 3Twenty-one year-old Florida native Keisha Grey was kind enough to grant us an exclusive interview on her starring turn in Hard X‘s Gangbang Me 2. After our initial movie review, we decided that her candor was just too good to keep all to ourselves. So without further ado, here’s our full interview with Keisha Grey!

HotMoviesForHer: So you did your first gang bang AND your first DP. How was it?

Keisha Grey: Fucking intense.

HMFH: You’ve been in the industry since 2013. What made you decide to finally take the leap into gang bangs and DP?

Keisha: I became curious to see how two dicks in me would feel. And it’s always been a fantasy of mine to have many guys at once. So what better way to figure out how it is than doing it first hand?

HMFH: Tell us about that day on set. What were some memorable moments? 

Keisha: I was very nervous. Mason brought me balloons and roses and a stuffed animal to make me smile cause she knows how nervous I get for first time things, never knowing what to expect. It was so sweet.

HMFH: Mason is famous for being one of the most elusive directors in the business. What’s it like working with her?

Keisha: It’s fucking funny. We joke all of the time. She jokes about how goofy I am and I joke about how goofy she is. It works. She’s so creative and its honestly very inspiring. Makes me want to own the fucking scene and and blow her expectations out of the water.

Keisha with her cat, Fritz. Courtesy of Keisha's Twitter @keishagreyxxx
Keisha with her cat, Fritz. Courtesy of Keisha’s Twitter @keishagreyxxx

HMFH: Do you feel like there’s a big difference between being directed by a woman as opposed to a male director? Why or why not?

Keisha: I don’t feel there’s that much of a difference at all. You can tell which directors are driven and which directors just want to half ass and get the day over with despite the outcome. [Mason] is definitely hardworking and a perfectionist

HMFH: You had a really great set of guys in your gang bang. How much input did you get to have on the casting?

Keisha: I try not to say who I want to work with cause I trust Mason with who she’d pick. She knows who will fuck me right and look good on camera.

HMFH: Did everything you wanted to happen during your gang bang come true?

Keisha: Indeed. I’m addicted to numerous cocks at the same time.

HMFH: What’s next for you on your porno bucket list?

Keisha: It’s a secret.

Image courtesy of @keishagreyxxx

HMFH: What are your goals for your future in the industry?

Keisha: I want people to get off to me getting off. I want to be known. I want to enjoy myself constantly. I want to direct films. 

HMFH: What do you like to do in your free time when you’re not on set?

Keisha: Music and art. I love exploring.

HMFH: You’re frequently cited as having one of the best bodies in the biz. What are your secrets for maintaining your figure?

Keisha: Hahahahahaha I’m honestly blessed. My weight fluctuates a lot. Sometimes I go to the gym. I’ve been eating organic and home grown my whole life. My mom made sure I was VERY active when I was younger with dance, yoga, and tennis. I get munchies quite often.

HMFH: What can we look forward to seeing from you next?

Keisha: I’m gonna keep these hot scenes coming that’s for sure.

HMFH: What are the best ways for your fans to support you?

Keisha: Kind words and fan art make me very happy.

HMFH: Any last words?

Keisha: Eat my ass.

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Hot Reviews: All Access – Abella Danger

All Access - Abella Danger boxcoverEvery year, as new talent enters the adult industry, we see countless young women who seem to only appear in a handful of scenes before falling off our radars forever. But then there’s the select few who beat the odds and become constant fixtures in the landscape of the business. Even then, only one may rise to the top to be crowned Best New Starlet at any pornography’s award shows. This time last year, I was certain that the trophy would be going to Kota Sky, the petite blonde who seemed to be on every other box cover that came into the office. A few months later, I knew that I had been wrong; Carter Cruise swiftly became the new It-Girl, with her girl-next-door beauty, brains, serious acting chops, and ferocious sexual energy. She went on to win Best New Starlet at the three major adult entertainment awards, became the airerose Brand Ambassador, and starred in All Access – Carter Cruise. This year, there’s a clear and dangerous front-runner: Abella Danger, the big-assed, sultry-voiced, pouty-lipped, Jewish teenager who is brazenly following in Cruise’s footsteps. Danger now has her own worthy edition to the All Access series: All Access – Abella Danger, a two disc showcase that puts the starlet into some of her best scenes yet while granting viewers unprecedented behind-the-scenes access.

Scene 1 – Abella Danger, Ramon Nomar, and Toni Ribas

All Access – Abella Danger opens with a fast and furious MMF threesome costarring silent but deadly Spaniard Toni Ribas and hunky Venezuelan dom Ramon Nomar. In the interview that precedes the scene Danger gushes, “That scene was definitely one of the most intense scenes that I’ve ever shot. The energy that they both gave into it was just crazy.” It definitely shows in the scene, with Nomar leading the charge by barking orders at Danger and manipulating her into whatever position suits him. Danger notably performs her first ever double vaginal penetration, with two Spanish cocks squeezing into her pussy and making her scream and yelp. What I love about Danger is that I’m preeetty sure that her orgasms are completely authentic; there’s something about her expressive face and guttural moans that just shows how she’s able to let herself disappear into her scene. After watching Danger take on double vag, I’m actually looking forward to the possibility of her first DP in the future.

Scene 2 – Abella Danger and Lexington Steele

Abella Danger and Lexington SteeleIn her pre-scene interview, Danger explains that the idea behind her first ever scene with legendary stud Lexington Steele was that she would be his willing sex slave. While she’s not his slave in the kinky, BDSM sense of it, she does come across as a desperate slave to his impressive cock. Steele makes Danger work for it, playing with tease and denial; he briefly dips into her pussy, she cries out in pleasure, and then he takes it back until she’s literally begging for it, only for the process to repeat itself. This works in Steele’s favor as well; I get the sense that he’s very enamored with his young, big booty costar, and without recusing his cock from her pussy here and there, well… we’d wind up with a very short scene. The chemistry between Danger and Steele (cumming this fall on NBC) is palpable, and I hope that they get to hook up again soon for Danger’s first anal-interracial scene.



Scene 3 – Abella Danger and Phoenix Marie

Abella Danger has some serious love for blonde brickhouse Phoenix Marie, gushing about how much she looks up to the MILFy pornstar. The theme of the scene is perfect for Marie; she plays Danger’s bitchy ballet instructor, getting increasingly angry at the younger girl. She keeps her cool though, unleashing a torrent of ass worship and huge buttplugs in an awesome and hilarious lesbian femdom scene. After Danger cums for pretty much the millionth time, it’s Marie’s turn, but things don’t go as the blonde expects; Danger is vying for power, brattily trying to withhold orgasms from Marie. Shit gets meta when Phoenix Marie clips a clothespin onto Danger’s tongue spits one of the most fabulously bitchy comments I’ve ever heard: “Come on Princess, show me how you’re the next big thing. Take it down your fucking throat!” The fact that Abella Danger holds her own against the hurricane of sexual energy that is Phoenix Marie shows just how much staying power this young dynamo might have.



Scene 4 – Abella Danger and Manuel Ferrara

Oh fuck yes Abella Danger and Manuel Ferrara. After their last oily anal scene together, Danger wants this to be her best anal scene of the year, and holy shit does she do it. She fucks the bejesus out of the inimitable Ferrara and, honestly, it wasn’t nearly as rough as I expected it to be. Ferrara could probably conjure up some chemistry with a Dakimakura pillow, but the passion between him and Danger is super real and super hot. There’s more oral in this scene than in either of the other straight scenes, with the cursory blow job, Danger eating Ferrara’s ass, and then getting to sit on the Frenchman’s face. The way that Danger trembles after the scene pretty much sums up how I felt too. Seriously, just watch this. It’s great.

With a stunning first showcase and the youthful energy of fledgling studio airerose Entertainment behind her, Abella Danger continues to catch the public’s attention. Mark my words, this girl is going to be accepting a trophy in Vegas this January.

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Naked and Famous: What Makes a Porn Star?

Lights, Camera, ActionEarlier this year, my fellow HotMoviesForHer writer Bridget wrote about the shift in cultural acceptance of celebrity porn tapes, and how these tapes have actually helped boost celebrities’ careers, as opposed to making them move to a far away land and change their name to Smith. In this article, Bridget wrote about how the “change in the tide of stigma” allows women to use their sexuality in a positive way, moving their career along, and making them a daring public personality and more of a household name. While we certainly wouldn’t call these women “porn stars” they did rise to fame (or notoriety) because of their naked romps. Now C-list celebrities can become A (ish) listers and get a reality television contract just from a bit of scandal. But what about the stars who rise to fame from just one highly publicized porn film, or those who do porn after they already have contractual agreements with television networks? Would we consider these one-offs “porn stars?” In this time period where anyone can have a sex tape and profit from it, what exactly makes a porn star?

Erica Lynn Bad Girl
Erica Lynne

HotMovies forHer has just received the Erica Lynne is Badd, a vacation video staring the reality television personality Erica Lynne from the Bad Girls Club. Although the show has a niche audience, Erica Lynne has been on television for awhile, and reportedly her season was one of the highest rated of the series. She made a conscious decision to release a tape of her and her boyfriend while they were on vacation in Jamaica. There are a few news articles discussing why she would want to release this tape while one reoccurring statement from Lynne is that another “Bad Girl” happened to be in Jamaica at the time and knew about the tape. Therefore, Erica Lynne decided to release the tape on her own terms before the tape was either stolen or became a nasty rumor. This way, Erica Lynne would have control over the promotion, distribution, and marketing of the video. The video is reminiscent of the other celebrity tapes that Bridget mentioned in her post. It’s similar to the style of Pam and Tommy’s, while being a bit more entertaining that Paris Hilton’s. But, these stars where already big names at the time of their tape releases, and Erica Lynne seems to be working off a smaller amount of media attention in order to propel her star. She has stated that she does not intend to release any more adult-themed videos. In an interview with the Miami New Times Erica Lynne said, “Well, I wouldn’t consider myself doing porn or a porn star. I mean, no one thinks of Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian as porn stars. They did the same thing, but the difference between me and them is that they put their tape out there and then pretended like, ‘Oops! It came out.’ I’m not going to be like that.”

Mia Khalifa
Mia Khalifa
Veronica Vain
Veronica Vain

So, if releasing a sex tape doesn’t make you a porn star, what does? Is it a quality production that makes you an actual porn star? If that is the case, then are Veronica Vain and Mia Khalifa porn stars? Veronica Vain was “outed” because she posted some naked pictures of herself on Twitter, and apparently this was a no-no if she wanted to be respected by the men at her firm who enjoyed looking at them. After she was let go from her company early, she was contacted by Bro Bible, and somehow through all that she hooked up with Kayden Kross and Manuel Ferrara and made Screwing Wall Street, which is a really solid movie. It’s got a great story line and Veronica rises to the occasion in it. I love Kayden Kross, and Stoya is so fantastic as a mean boss-lady. That movie was released at the beginning of the year, and since then the buzz around the name Veronica Vain has subsided. Let’s not forget Mia Khalifa, who created media frenzy when she performed oral sex while wearing a hijab. She may have a few videos on the Internet, but she only has one high-end film that was directed and released by the Scores group. According to a lot of Internet databases, she is the most searched after “porn star” within the last year. She is very beautiful, and she is an interesting performer, but can she really be a porn star when she is so new to the game?

Nina Hartley
Nina Hartley

Let’s look at some of the women that would definitely be considered porn stars like Nina Hartley or Jenna Jameson. Infamy has made Traci Lords, Linda Lovelace and Savannah well known, but who else has mainstream recognition like these five women? Maybe Sasha Grey has that kind of mainstream name recognition? What about the industry favorites like Joanna Angel who helped to spear-head the alt-porn scene, or Gloria Leonard who was one of the first female porn directors in the 1970s and the publisher of High Society?

ginger lynn
Ginger Lynn

Ginger Lynn was a mega porn star in the 80s, and had cross-over recognition in B-movies and then in American Pie and Rob Zombie’s second film, The Devil’s Rejects. Annie Sprinkle was making her own films in her day, has been educating the masses since the 1970s, and has continued to be relevant to this day. The work that has gone into making these women’s legacies is overwhelming, and the odds of making a living-or career-in the porn business is incredibly difficult for numerous reasons. Marginalization is just part of the issue.

Naughty Alysha
Naughty Alysha

I could continue on a long list of women that I respect in this industry, like Dana Vespoli, Aiden Starr, and Julia Ann. The professional amateur stars like Janet Mason and Denni O’Brien, or Naughty Alysha put out massive amounts of content. I’m sure they are having as much fun as they look like they are on screen, but the WORK that goes into what they do may not be recognized by many of their fans. My question is, are these performers ALL porn stars, and if not, why?

Bridget’s article used the proliferation of celebrity sex tapes as a way to understand what she saw as a “slow erosion of slut-shaming in Hollywood.” I’m wondering if this slow erosion is what makes the term “porn star” so overused.

Dana Vespoli
Dana Vespoli

Bridget wrote, “What’s more important is that famous people, particularly famous women, are getting less and less ashamed of their bodies and sexuality-and, obviously, making a buck off of that confidence is quite the positive reinforcement.” I absolutely agree with Bridget on this. I have to clarify that Bridget did not call any of these celebrities “porn stars” in her article, but there is a direct connection between the work that porn performers do and a celebrity’s desire to been seen in the same sexual light. Everybody wants to be able to fuck like a porn star and make some money off of that work. There were two 90’s bands* that used the lyrics “Everybody wants to be just like me, I’m naked and famous.” That desire for fame doesn’t seem to have subsided in 2015, but the path to fame might be a little wider, and a bit more traveled.

* Presidents of the United States -“Naked and Famous” Presidents of the United States (1995)
* Tricky -“Tricky Kid” Pre-Millennium Tension (1996)

The Authentic Lesbian Review: Girls Keen For Sex

Girls Keen For SexThere are lots of things to love about, so when it came time for me to review Girls Keen For Sex I knew I would enjoy it. For anyone unfamiliar with the studio, specializes in filming amateur young women having real sex and real orgasms, and is known in many places throughout the world as the flagship studio for sex positive, pro-female porn. The models always seem very natural and the atmosphere is always one of fun and sexual exploration. The production quality is amazing and everything is done in a tasteful, yet erotic way. Whenever I watch something of theirs I feel like a fly on the wall. Their content is unbelievably candid, giving the impression that the actors forget a camera and other people are even in the room. Being the authentic authority around here, I especially love that the girls are your average girl-next-door type and naturally beautiful at the same time. I don’t know what Abby is doing over in the Netherlands, but she attracts a lot of hotties!

Scene 1 – Flora & Salma

Girls Keen For Sex follows the same format as many other AbbyWinters titles. There’s an opening conversation between the two performers, followed by sex and ending with an interview of the two regarding the sexual experience they just had. Flora and Salma have one of the best opening conversations I’ve seen from the studio, and I’ve seen quite a bit of them. First off, their accents are fucking hot, but more importantly the content of their conversation actually turned me on. I couldn’t believe it. Fifteen minutes of fully clothed chicks talking and I was enjoying myself already! Maybe the stars aligned perfectly or maybe the Dyke Gods were happy that I helped an old lady across the street and didn’t correct her when she called me sir…either way, I’ll take it! More likely, it’s because they reminded me of my girlfriend and I sitting on our couch talking to each other. It’s important to remember that this is amateur porn, and part of the allure of amateur porn is being able to relate to it and situate yourself in it in a way that can’t always be done with glam Hollywood porn. The fantasy aspect is there in amateur porn, but it takes more of a backseat to being able to relate and understand what’s happening within the scene because of your real life experiences. The girls touched on everything from how love isn’t necessary for good sex to how being physically submissive is freeing in a lot of ways. From there they discussed what they like sexually and found some common ground. Speaking from personal experience, I know what it’s like to have this conversation with a woman before the fun begins, and as awkward as it may seem, it really makes you feel more comfortable about what you’re getting ready to do and it gives you a starting point and rough outline of what you want to do. Trust me, it’s soooo much easier knowing from the jump that she prefers 2 fingers instead of 3. Get that wrong and you can seriously fuck up a good time! Now, on to that good time…

Flora and Salma seem really at home with each other. The playfulness to start out the scene is fun and sexy, but you can tell they’re ready to get to it. Salma pulls Flora on top of her for a grinding session that turned out to be sexier than I would have thought (I’m pretty sure Flora cums here), and after teasing each other a little longer, clothes finally start to come off. There’s nothing worth looking at more than a naked woman, and these two have great bodies! There’s nothing that really stands out, but both are naturally fit with a handful of titties I’d reach out and grab, no questions asked! I really enjoyed the positions they explored. They hit my favorite power position and Salma toyed with Flora’s clit for about 3 more orgasms before being flipped over and having her pussy licked until she came for the first time. Speaking of pussy licking, I never noticed before how boring watching a good munching session going down could be. I’ve become so accustomed to pussy lips being spread apart and just the tip of the tongue being used so viewers can actually see what’s happening, that I forgot most of the time your mouth is completely covering her vag. Don’t ask me why I suddenly had this “revelation.” I’ve seen it done both ways countless times and I’m always turned on no matter which is presented. Watching Flora on Salma, I remembered how it felt to be the giver and the receiver and the whole thing was really hot. The tribbing stood out to me also. I’m one of the lesbians who actually enjoy tribbing (Sinn Sage, you’re a hero and my teacher!) and watching these two pussy bump through their clothes was a major turn on. The 69 and finger fucking is as you’d expect, but I found myself getting slightly hornier watching the awkwardness of them getting into these positions. It’s never as smooth as it looks in the movies and watching these two was like watching me and my girlfriend. There’s an almost kick to the head that happens and a lot of sliding back and forth for perfect positioning. I caught myself giggling during these change ups and it was cool to see something that resembled what happens in my personal sex life. The ending interview wasn’t as exciting as the opening conversation, but I like to feel like I’m learning something from the performers I watch so hearing the girls explain what was most exciting for them and what they’d try again was interesting, especially coming from two girls with more sexual experiences with men than women.

Scene 2 – Luna & Maylin

Bare with me for a moment…LUNA IS MY NEW GIRL CRUSH! It’s one of those things that just happens. Her complexion is perfect, her accent makes me hot, and her boobs remind me of Skin Diamond’s (for anyone who knows me, it doesn’t get any better than Skin fucking Diamond!). To top it off, she’s a lesbian and appreciates a beautiful, naked woman just like I do AND she likes to fondle titties which is one of my favorite pastimes. She’s perfect, I tell you! Okay, now that I got that out of the way, this scene was awesome. Maylin, a sexy Asian, and Luna have great chemistry and since both are already very familiar with sex with a woman, there was a level of comfort ability they had with each other, even in flirty conversation, which I appreciated. Again, both girls have great bodies and these two were even more eager to explore each other, taking their time with foreplay and making sure they memorize reactions to certain kisses and caresses. When the buildup hits crucial, they jump straight into face sitting and clit stimulation, which I thought showed their comfort levels as well as their strong attraction to the female body. There wasn’t anything particularly aggressive about their acts, but the way they changed and explored positions felt like it was done with an aggressive passion, like they wanted to do as much as they could with each other. I know this feeling and it was nice watching that intensity coming from average women who look like people you could run into while out jogging or sitting at a bar.

One of my favorite moments in this scene is what I like to describe as simply the phone intermission. First off, girls take intermissions all the time (in fact, it happened in the first scene too) and it’s pretty amazing. We’re usually having 2-3 orgasms in one round (because lesbian sex is just that awesome) and after that, you understandably need a break, during which you grab your phone to check on the world and play a game with the beautiful naked woman sitting beside you. Yes, that happens in real life. Of course, it doesn’t last long because there’s a beautiful naked woman sitting beside you. The reason this one is so great is because the girls come back with a refueled appetite, deciding they now should attack window sex. That’s right, WINDOW SEX! How fucking cool is that!? I completely forgot about window sex since my college days. My girl and I would prop ourselves up on our window, that happened to face a bar, and put on a show for the ages! Those were the good days, and Luna and Maylin brought all of that back for me. I watched this part and let memories and fantasies run through my head more than a couple times. After Maylin cums, the two move a coffee table out of their way and have an intense tribbing session. Next we get a little coochie eating and fingering before the two finally decide they’ve reached their limit. Then Maylin gives us, and Luna, a squirting surprise…impressive to say the least. It even gets on the camera woman. There was a lot of laughter during their ending interview, which is a good sign, and I walked away from this scene totally expecting these two to film another scene together.

This movie is a complete hit! I forgot how much fun and how erotic amateur porn can be. I love seeing someone act and look and laugh and talk like I do. There’s still that element of fantasy that you get to play out in your head, but the understanding that comes along with knowing exactly how something feels or looks can be the perfect push over orgasm edge.

Watch Girls Keen For Sex now!

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Hot Reviews: Gangbang Me 2

front coverHaving won Director of the Year at the 2015 AVN Awards, acclaimed auteur Mason continues to redefine hardcore gonzo and anal pornography. With her simultaneously sleek, luxurious, yet undeniably dirty style of capturing her subjects, Mason knows how to capture viewers’ attention and keep them watching. Her interviews with performers show them at ease, yet breathlessly excited about what’s to come; in the case of Hard X’s latest release, Gangbang Me 2, it’s an intense five-on-one fuckfest filled with plenty of on-camera firsts. Current all-natural big-boobed darling Keisha Grey opens the flick with her first ever gangbang and DP, having previously shot her first blowbang, MMF threesome, anal, and interracial anal scenes with Mason as well. The second half stars the alluring Dahlia Sky as she performs her first ever on camera double anal, double vaginal, and triple penetrations.


Keisha Grey

Keisha Grey 2Dressed in a black dental floss bikini and shyly flashing her charming gap-toothed smile, curvy twenty year-old Keisha Grey opens Gangbang Me 2 with a brief interview with Mason. It’s clear that Grey is a bundle of nerves and excitement and lust, yet is so eager to get in the thick of things with her first ever gangbang. When asked what made her want to take the plunge into gangbangs and double penetrations, she said, “I became curious to see how two dicks would feel. And it’s always been a fantasy of mine to have many guys at once. So what better way to figure out how it is than doing it firsthand?” Grey obviously has a wonderful working relationship with Mason. When asked about that day on set and her relationship with the elusive director, Grey responded:

I was very nervous. Mason brought me balloons and roses and a stuffed animal to make me smile ’cause she knows how nervous I get for first time things, never knowing what to expect. It was so sweet…It’s fucking funny. We joke all of the time. She jokes about how goofy I am and I joke about how goofy she is. It works. She’s so creative and it’s honestly very inspiring. Makes me want to own the fucking scene and and blow her expectations out of the water…She’s definitely hardworking and a perfectionist.

Keisha Grey groupKeisha Grey blow jobs Keisha Grey analKeisha Grey dp











Grey absolutely succeeded in owning her scene. She’s joined by cocksmen Erik Everhard, Mick Blue, Jon Jon, John Strong, and James Deen, five veterans who know how to give a lady what she wants while keeping the focus on her and her pleasure. They indulge in Grey’s desire for rougher sex, slapping her tits and choking her till she cums. She gives us a spectacular performance, grinning all the way through and staying engaged with her costars and the audience. She’s always present and energetic, but is totally spent by the end as she masturbates herself to a final orgasm. Afterwards, Grey told us that the scene was “fucking intense” and that she’s now “addicted to numerous cocks at the same time.” She cheekily wouldn’t tell us what was next on her porno bucket list. “It’s a secret…I’m gonna keep these hot scenes coming, that’s for sure.”

Dahlia Sky

Dahlia Sky 1During her interview with director Mason, pretty blonde Dahlia Sky expresses her joy at having an opportunity to live out her fantasies on camera and her nervousness at doing something for the first time. In her case, she’s going to perform a gangbang along with her first ever double vaginal, double anal, and triple penetrations. It’s a huge step; one might argue that her scene is a bigger deal than Keisha Grey’s. Seasoned performer Sky brings a maturity to her scene, and appears truly grateful to be able to do what she imagines many women are only able to fantasize about. She’s joined by the same gangbangers as Grey, and matches their roughness tit for tat. She demands more and more cock; when James Deen momentarily pulls out of her pussy, she screams at him to give his cock back, grabbing him by the neck and pulling him back to her, all while she bounces on Everhard’s cock. Her scene moves at a breakneck pace, with double penetration occurring within the first few minutes before they move into Sky’s more extreme first time acts. If you’re someone who likes to be teased and warmed up with a slow burn, then you might be disappointed. But if totally bananas intensity and no-bones-about-it let’s-fuck-right-now madness, then you’re going to love watching Dahlia Sky’s lotsa-cocks dreams come true.

Dahlia Sky group shot Dahlia Sky blow jobs

Dahlia Sky double anal Dahlia Sky triple













Some statistics have shown that gangbang, rough sex, and double penetration are some of the most popular search terms used by women who watch porn. While anti-porn critics point to these kinds of pornos as some of the most problematic and harmful content, Hard X’s Gangbang Me 2 proves otherwise. Hardworking, talented directors like Mason who care about the wellbeing their performers, and porn stars like Keisha Grey and Dahlia Sky who love their work validate the fantasies and desires of the women (and men!) who are watching, even if those fantasies might be considered taboo. Gangbang Me 2 is a fantastic edition to the gangbang and multiple penetration genres, and will definitely stick around as some the best work from Mason, Keisha Grey, and Dahlia Sky.

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The Authentic Lesbian Review: P.O.V. Punx 11 – Curvy Girls

POV Punx 11 Curvy GirlsI requested to review this one. When P.O.V. Punx 11 – Curvy Girls came across my desk I already knew it would be a personal favorite. I love Burning Angel, I love girls with tattoos, and I love Mr. Pete because of the energy he regularly brings to a scene. That’s a lot of love, so there was no way I was passing this one up. POV isn’t an automatic go-to for me, but Burning Angel is, and when they go POV it’s usually pretty intense. This was no different!

Scene 1 – Mr. Pete & Axis Evol

Mr. Pete takes us to the store that started it all for him, a little porn shop where he worked before getting into the business and becoming the AVN Hall of Fame sexer that he is. While there he meets Axis Evol, a customer who happens to be looking for Burning Angel DVDs. He offers to help her look around and, well, we all know what’s going to happen next. Axis’ tattoos are incredibly hot and her nipple piercings just pushed me over the edge, but what I was most attracted to was her cute bubbly personality! She has the sweet girl next door voice that makes you want to fuck the shit out of her right there on the spot. I bet that had something to do with why Pete took her back to his room in the first place. It got even better as she started to moan! Her look mixed with that voice is a win-win. Plus she likes to talk dirty, telling Mr. Pete to “fuck that pussy” and “don’t fucking stop!” A tatted up hot girl with a sweet voice that she uses to talk dirty to you while you’re fucking her…can it get any better!? YES! The sex throughout the scene is pretty basic, but when she climbs on top and rides cowgirl you really understand the benefit of POV shooting! Her body is amazing and her tits are perfect natural mounds of joy! I wish our boy Pete would have played with them a little more, but that’s just for my personal benefit. In my mind, that’s exactly what was happening! They go on to have anal sex, and while doing the butt doesn’t do much for me, the fact that she was into it enhanced that “sweet girl who’s a super freak in the bedroom” role for me. The scene felt really natural also, which is very important in my opinion. I couldn’t have asked for a better first scene.

Scene 2 – Mr. Pete & Brianna Rose

After that first scene I had no clue how I was going to make it through four more. But being the girl-crazy, masturbating, lesbo champ that I am, I knew I could spirit fingers my way through it. Then I saw Brianna Rose poolside and decided to take a five minute break. She’s another one with an innocent voice and big, natural, pierced boobs. She comes across as very playful and as Mr. Pete points out, her pussy is already wet. She takes some time to model in front of a mirror and that’s where the real appreciation for just how thick and curvy she is really comes out. Pete is definitely excited. You can hear him say “I love my life” while she’s kissing herself in the mirror and my first thought was, “Damn, I love your life too, man!” The titty fucking in this scene was great and the girl has some serious deep throating skills! My favorite part was when they got into the doggy style position. One look at Brianna’s ass and you’ll instantly know why! It’s thick as fuck and perfectly round, and when she’s doing it herself those cheeks clap to a beat that’s all theirs! The view from back there is better than anything you’ll ever get from a copy of Penthouse, trust me. The whole time I thought about how fun it would be to spank her OTK style (something to think about for next time). At one point she asks him to choke her while he’s fucking her missionary and there I went! All that kept going through my mind was “This is one you marry!” At this rate, I figured it would take me 2 days to get through the rest of this flick.

Scene 3 – Mr. Pete & Nicole Malice

Mr. Pete is four hours late to a shoot and the girl he was scheduled to film with left the set. Since he’s already one fuck up from being unemployed, he calls an escort agency and asks for a girl with tattoos. In walks Nicole Malice. How I’ve missed her is beyond me! This girl is totally my type and she’s in two other Burning Angel titles (bad lesbian…pay attention!). Her body was a complete distraction for me. I heard absolutely nothing she said during her mini interview because of the skin tight leggings she had on along with her tats, and she has the sexy punk look that Burning Angel is known for down to a science with her half-shaved head. Even her butthole tattoo turned me on! There are no curves missing when it comes to Nicole and her boobs are the perfect handful. Her moans and groans are guaranteed to send you over the edge, especially if you already love her look like I do. Everything about her just fits (new crush alert). As boring as it might sound, missionary was my favorite in this scene. Even with Mr. Pete slapping her ass red while hitting it doggy style, I couldn’t get enough of seeing her full body spread out in front of the camera and watching her pierced pussy cream with pleasure all over Pete’s dick. Again, POV is a godsend here! I was completely involved in this scene and wouldn’t have had it any other way. Having Nicole look into the camera the entire time was brilliant too. You feel like she’s gazing right at you, and I’m not sure if it was done on purpose or not, but she has a way of pleading for you to keep going with her eyes! SEXY! She’s a shaker too. You can see her legs and body quiver when she really gets hot and that’s a major turn on for me as a woman who likes to know she’s pleasing her partner. Five minutes of intermission wasn’t enough after this one!

Scene 4 – Mr. Pete & Tori Avano

Tori Avano is one name I am very familiar with, so I was really excited when I found out she was in this movie. At 5’5″ and 130 lbs with 34DDs, she’s a dream come true! The tats and curves are bonuses at this point. This woman is gorgeous and the fact that she instantly says she wants Pete’s dick in her ass shows just how naughty she is. This is her first scene for Burning Angel and I think after this she’ll definitely be back. The pair takes a little too long picking out outfits in my humble opinion, especially when the point is to get her naked anyway. I’m more of a “get right to the point” type of girl, but I can’t lie, the thong shorts that she ends up wearing got to me. The bass guitar Mr. Pete throws into the scene makes for a great photo op (I wish I was there with a DSLR!) and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed their dialogue. She explains her tattoos, which was really cool and made me feel like I gained a little insight into who she is. We get modeling and posing before some light submission sets the tone for the scene. Apparently, Tori likes being told what to do and she’s a pretty good listener. I love that her pussy is more hairy than usual, but more importantly, it’s fucking fat! There’s nothing like going down on a girl with a fat pussy! The juices end up all over your face and you feel like it’s literally sucking you in…fucking awesome! She even admits that it swells when the action starts to heat up. After some bass guitar grinding, she sucks Mr. Pete’s stiff cock and shows off her deep throating skills. When he finally slides into her pussy, it instantly becomes obvious that every position is going to be a hit. Her body is perfectly thick and Pete can’t get enough. The anal is what really puts this scene over the top since she asked for it as soon as she got on set. You can tell it’s something she really enjoys from her reaction and it really enhances the authenticity within the scene which is always a good thing. There’s nothing like knowing that every single thing you’re doing to a woman is making her hot, even in fantasy. I wish the anal would have started sooner since it was a little hyped up, but it doesn’t take away from the scene at all. Multiple orgasms are always a reality when Tori is involved.

Scene 5 – Mr. Pete & Geisha Monroe & Zarrah Angel

A threesome, yay! I think everyone can agree equality is what makes a threesome work. Whenever there’s one person off in a corner rubbing themselves and looking dazed it completely takes me out of the zone. Geisha Monroe and Zarrah Angel made sure I stayed in my zone! Both are ridiculously hot. Geisha’s pink hair is a major turn on and Zarrah’s aggressiveness is amazing. The action starts right away with these two, as Zarrah can’t wait to show off her butthole tattoo and later play with Geisha’s clit piercing. This is another anal heavy scene, but seriously, I could have watched these two do just about anything. Mr. Pete let them do their thing, staying out of the action for a while and I absolutely loved that! Watching two hot punk chicks feel each other up was right up my lesbo alley. When it came time to share the dick, they performed one of the best dual blowjobs I’ve ever seen. Both girls were always involved and they played along perfectly with Mr. Pete, doing whatever he told them too. Just like with Tori, I couldn’t pick a favorite part within this scene. Every position they wiggled into served justice. Zarrah’s ass was fun to watch during doggy style and Geisha’s moans were intense throughout the scene. There was never a shot where you couldn’t see both girls and I greatly appreciated that. Both girls got extremely wet as time went on with Geisha’s pussy actually queefing a few times (I love that sound!). This was probably the kinkiest of the five scenes because of the girls’ personalities. Down for whatever was definitely the impression I got from the very beginning, and the atmosphere came off as very loose and life like, with the girls giggling and laughing while changing positions or sucking Pete’s cock. Threesomes are hard to pull off on screen just like in real life so I was pleased to see it done right with two smoking hot babes! I’d watch this scene a few times if I had the stamina.

Overall I give this movie two wet and sticky thumbs up! The girls are hot, each one balancing the punk look with the sexy porn star glam look, Mr. Pete was energetic and you could tell the girls had a good time fucking him, and the sex is exactly what you would expect! You never go wrong with a Burning Angel title and now they have another one to add to the list.

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What a MILF Wants

For several years now, one of the top searched-for porn categories by males has been the term “MILF” (AKA “Mom I’d Like to Fuck”). In fact, in 2014, MILF came in 2nd place for most searched porn terms by men, with “Mom” and “Stepmom” coming in at 3rd and 4th place, respectively. To top it off, the #1 porn star men searched for in that same period just so happens to be the beautiful, 43-year old MILF, Lisa Ann.images It’s become clear that men, both young and old, are excited by these hot 30-45 year old women – the moms they pass by every day on the street. They’re the moms they see with their kids at the grocery store, neighborhood playground, or PTA meetings. The moms they work with at the office – from the receptionist to the CEO. The regular, average women they interact with in their daily life.

Which explains one theory behind why men harbor these fantasies: the MILF-types seem attainable and approachable. They resemble women they already know – friends, friends’ wives, ex-girlfriends, etc. A regular woman who may have a chance with when they buy her a beer at the local bar. While it may not be as simple to land one of these MILFs in real life as it is in a porn, it would certainly help fulfill that hot MILF fantasy to have a better understanding of the MILF, her wants, and who exactly the modern day MILF really is.

a-milf-and-a-bitch-with-a-babyBy definition, *I* am a MILF. I’m a 34 year-old single mother of one who leads a regular, normal life with a regular, normal routine. Drop the kids off in the morning, grab the morning coffee, make that tedious commute, get to the office to clock-in on time only to sit through one seemingly endless meeting after another, before turning around and doing the entire morning commute again in reverse! Except this time you have to fight the gnarling traffic just to get home to cook dinner, help with homework, and do bath, story, and bed-time. Only to get up and do it all over again the next day! We rarely have time to stop and think for a moment, let alone fantasize about the next guy we want to meet, the last time we got laid, or find even a single moment away from the kids to have the opportunity to watch porn.

But trust me – we MILFs do want to get laid as badly as you MILF hunters out there. We DO wish we had the time (or energy) to seduce the 22-year old intern, as we watch him bending over to replace the copy paper in the office printer. We wish to GOD we had 5 minutes alone, away from the kids, to sit down with our “mommy toys,” and watch our favorite porn scenes without the volume turned off, and our free hand on the remote’s power button just in case little Billy should come out for another glass of water.

Yes, it’s true. We MILFs enjoy porn just as much as all of you men out there. The modern day MILF is of a generation that is way more in tune with their sexuality, and don’t feel the same distaste for porn as our mothers and grandmothers did.

So why do men still watch porn at such a higher ratio compared to women? While part of the reason is that we just don’t have the time, Angie Rowntree, founder of, offers a different take:

“If the vast majority of porn on the market is made by and for men—and it is—is it any wonder that a relatively small portion of women wants to watch it? To me, that number just speaks to the opportunity on the market for porn made with a female viewership in mind. It’s just a function of the numbers and what has been available on the market, historically speaking.”

Adult director Jacky St. James, noted for “having her finger on the pulse of women,” went even further during a recent Mindbrowse panel session, noting that while the industry has been trending towards creating porn “for women, by women,” there are still hurdles to getting it right. According to St. James, the film could have a female audience in mind, with a female director, but would still need to meet certain guidelines that address what men want to see in order to get a distribution deal for the film. Essentially, even “porn for women” is still just porn for men!

So what is it women want to see in their porn? The “Website That Shall Not Be Named” recently released a report on the top 2014 searches broken down by gender. According to the report, when it comes to ladies liking their porn, they most wanted to see:

  1. Lesbian
  2. Gay (male)
  3. Teen
  4. “For Women”
  5. Ebony
  6. MILF
  7. Squirting
  8. Anal
  9. Mature
  10. Big Dick
  11. Threesomes
  12. Big Tits
  13. Gang Bangs
  14. Rough Sex
  15. Hentai, and;
  16. Bondage

deenAnd when it came to who they wanted to see in their porn, female performers received more searches overall, but the top male performers were James Deen, Xander Corvus, and Danny Mountain. No surprises there!

What did come as a surprise though, was that when male vs. female search terms were compared, they found “eating pussy” was searched for 900% more often by women than men.

So what does all of this tell us about what it is a MILF wants? Grab your notebooks boys, because here is the key to landing that MILF next door.

All a MILF wants is this: someone to lend us a hand in getting dinner made and the kids off to bed at night, then getting on their knees to eat us out before fucking us roughly like they were James Deen (doesn’t hurt if they look like him either), as we watch lesbian porn together (the good lesbian porn, not the sweet romantic kind either)!

Really…is that too much to ask?

4 Best Pet Play Movies

There’s something about donning a pair of bunny ears, a leopard spotted catsuit, or a butt plug with a real fur tail that just puts you in a certain state of mind. It lets you shed some of your weirdo human hang ups, allowing you to temporarily adopt the traits and personalities of your chosen sexy spirit animal. Some of porno’s best actresses have portrayed everything from a sweet and innocent bunny rabbit to a temperamental kitty cat. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite pet play pornos!


Analmals - BoxcoverThe latest offering from Belladonna director Aiden Riley stars some of porn’s hottest superstars dressing up at kitties and tigresses, adopting playful personalities and purring their way through improvised foreplay, before transitioning into the wacky anal fuckery that these ladies are known for. Covergirl and weirdo Dana DeArmond is a treat to watch in her tiger striped catsuit as she blends sensual yoga poses into her scene, culminating in a handstand butt fucking from Mark Wood. It’s the final scene with Romanian housecat Lea Lexis and doting pet parent Tommy Pistol that steals the show. Lexis revels in playing up her role as a cat, lapping milk from a bowl, and then…Pistol’s foreskin. Yes dudes, Lea Lexis stretches out Tommy Pistol’s foreskin, pours milk in it, and then drinks it. That’s some serious fucking dedication from both parties. If you’re worried that Pistol gets the short end of the stick, don’t worry, because he gets to have plenty of his own fun with Lexis’s butt in a kinky ass fucking session.

Latex Pets: Untamed

Latex Pets: Untamed - BoxcoverThis kinky European rubber-fest from Bizarre Video shows latex catsuit-clad women submitting to their masters and mistresses. Latex Pets: Untamed has three scenes of lesbian domination, where sensual, benevolent mistresses tame their feminine feline companions with light spanking and kind words. When kitty is a good girl, she gets to lap up a bowl of cream. If she’s a really good girl, she might get to lap up her mistress’s wet pussy too! The highlight of Latex Pets is scene 2, where one leopard spotted latex kitty escapes her cage and Dr. Franco Roccaforte has to get her under control with the help of lab assistant Kid Jamaica. It’s hilarious and sexy all at the same time, with the latex cat-lady hissing and scratching at a flustered yet determined Roccaforte. Once she’s been tamed, she’s rewarded with getting her own pussy serviced before she submits to a scorching interracial MFM threesome. Good kitty! Latex Pets: Untamed is a little bit weird, especially for viewers who don’t have their own latex fetishes, but it’s a whole lot of sexy fun that’s definitely worth a look.


Kelly Shibari’s Chubby Safari

Kelly Shibari's Chubby Safari - Movie BoxcoverPonies, gerbils, puppies, kitties, oh my! Kelly Shibari’s Chubby Safari dresses up sexy, chubby babes as man’s best friends for a kinky look into their private lives. By far the best scene is the first, where we meet BBW pony girl Tindala whinnying in her stable. She’s shortly joined by her owner, none other than Mistress Dee Severe, who lovingly brushes her pet’s hair and sweet talks her, letting her know that it’s time to see if she’s ready for breeding. Tindala is a little resistant to Severe’s pink dildo at first, but after a stern cropping to the ass, Tindala submits. Her neighs and whinnies turn to moans of pleasure, and soon she’s ready to be bred with a hung stallion. If you prefer submissive boys over submissive ladies, stick around for scene three, where BBW queer porn superstar Kitty Stryker plays with woman’s best friend, puppy-boy Mike Stryker, who laps at his mistress’ wet pussy like it’s a full dish of cold water on a hot day. Chubby Safari has a great, DIY, throw-everything-at-the-wall-and-see-what-sticks ethos to it that makes it a worthy pick for kinky lovers of bigger ladies.


Heavy Petting

Heavy Petting Movie BoxcoverTelevision X’s Heavy Petting showcases some of the U.K’s best talent from 2009. It opens with puppy-girl Shay Hendrix bouncing around on her puppy pillow, eagerly awaiting owner Clark Kent’s return home. I wanted to huff and puff and frown at the degradation of it all, but Hendrix is so cute and just seems to be having so much fun that I couldn’t get mad. Next up, pony-girl Melvina Raquel gets trained and fucked by Rene Richards’ strap on before Richards removes her britches to get the favor returned. Scene three stars Harmony Hex and Robyn Truelove as two adorable fluffy bunnies who penetrate each other’s bunny hutches with big carrots until they’re interrupted by Jon James, who offers them a much more substantial treat (it’s his penis). Kitty cat Holly D is let out of her cage for scene 4 to be tamed by Steve Hooper. Finally, bisexual puppy boy Damian Duke is trained to lick pussy by mistresses Lala X and Kiesha Kane. This eyebrow raising flick hits all the spots when it cums to pet play!


Meow, woof, and neigh!! These are our favorite porno flicks starring sexy ladies as our four legged friends!

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The Authentic Lesbian Review: Silver Star

Silver StarFor those of you that don’t know, like I didn’t until I watched the L-Word for the 5th time and picked up on it, a gold star lesbian is one who has never been with a man sexually. Enter the brilliant minds of Alyx Fox and Foxhouse Films! While standing around the kitchen table, our three ladies, Alyx, Chelsea Poe and Gaperiella Holl, are drinking wine and preparing for a night on the town. Of course sex becomes the main topic, and Poe reveals that she’s a gold star lesbian, saying she’s never even seen a penis before. I thought this was clever since Poe has a penis and I like humor with my pornography so I got a chuckle out of that. Immediately after the revelation, you can tell Fox and Holl have all types of ideas flowing through their brains, and what follows is a damn good time for everyone involved.

The entire thing goes down in the kitchen and I’m a huge fan of kitchen sex, so I was right on board. The dominance asserted by Alyx and Gaperiella is to be expected and they’re amazing at it as usual. With Foxhouse already known for its feminist approach to the way they do things, I knew this was going to be a major turn on with some hidden gems along the way. Up until now though, I’d never had the pleasure of watching Chelsea Poe perform. I knew of her success with Fucking Mystic, but that was as far as it went. She’s hot! I have a thing for red hair done right, and I love it on Chelsea. She also has a nice smile, which gets you 100 bonus points in my book. As previously stated, I like that she plays the gold star lesbian, but all that goes out the window once you watch that girl give a blowjob. I mentioned in a previous post that BJ’s are usually an automatic fast forward for me, but with Alyx and Gaperiella in complete control I had to watch it play out. Turns out this isn’t your typical blowjob. Both ladies strap up and immediately begin face-fucking and deep-throating Chelsea. She handles it way better than I could! Things heat up when our gold star is pulled by her hair on all fours to a separate part of the kitchen. Now we get some fucking action and that has my name all over it! Alyx hits it from the back while Holl continues getting her dick sucked, and the site of Chelsea’s bare ass was a huge creamer for me. We’re only 6 minutes into the flick at this point, but for some reason it felt like I’d been waiting a while for someone to get fucked. Needless to say I was pleased when it finally went down. Poe’s moaning was hot, as you could tell with each stroke she got more and more into it. When she’s flipped around and fucked missionary I lost it! Her erection further illustrates just how into it she really is, and when she cums it’s literally an explosion! Fox was definitely doing something right because that girl lost her top completely. So much so that they all have a little laugh after the fact just from the sheer shock of how much it was.

After the pop-top, we flash to Poe bent over a chair with Alex making her hold an orange in her mouth and Gaperiella sticking a carrot up her ass. I chalked that up to light femdom play that’s a little out of my area of expertise, but appreciated nonetheless. Then, out of the blue, a guy walks in-GASP-and shit gets real! This caught me by surprise, but I like the decision. It took some thought, but I finally figured that if Poe is supposed to be a gold star lesbian, the only way to break that label is with a cock. Strap-ons are fun, and in this particular instance  they’re an amazing warm up, but if the point is to knock our beautiful redhead down to a silver star lesbian, you gotta throw some real dick in her face, and that’s exactly what they did. The penis, played by Andy Whore-Holl, is immediately stuffed in Chelsea’s mouth upon its arrival. (For the record, Andy is a pretty cute dude with a HUGE dick! I definitely made a side note to check out more of his stuff.) If you’re a gag and spit lover this is totally for you. Our two mistresses make sure Chelsea is never without a mouthful. They even stuff it with his nut sack, which was pretty impressive. You get a more extreme BJ experience than before with some nose holding and heavy face fucking. The dick-slapping was my personal favorite (I want to dick slap someone so bad!) but it’s obvious Andy enjoyed the whole shebang! His load was almost as huge as the one Chelsea unleashed a few minutes earlier. I would have liked to see Poe getting fucked a little more. Her moans are so sexy and I know she had a few more to pop, but the point is to knock her down to silver not take away her lesbo card for good, so again, smart decision.

Overall, I was pleased and would easily recommend this flick to those who are more into the BDSM side of things as opposed to plot or gonzo sex stuff. If you’re like me and into it all, give this a watch, you won’t be disappointed!

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