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The Authentic Lesbian Review: Bonnie Rotten’s Sybian Showdown

Bonnie Rotten's Sybian Showdown CoverBonnie Rotten’s Sybian Showdown is exactly what it sounds like and you aren’t going to believe how fun it is. I laughed throughout this entire movie which was a surprise to me. First though, let me just say that Bonnie Rotten is even sexier with clothes on! When Sybian Showdown opens, she’s in a pretty decent backyard (not impressed with the pool) with 10 bombshells all dressed in bikinis. Being the foodie that I am, I noticed a few coolers and platters on the tables which seem standard for your typical cookout, but this isn’t your typical cookout, so the first question that popped into my head was what did they have to eat and drink? (Hopefully one of them reads this and lets me know.) No time is wasted lining the girls up and explaining the rules (yay rules!) to the showdown. First, all the girls pick a number out of a hat to determine in what order they ride the Sybian, and then Bonnie explains that each girl has to stay on for 5 minutes while the other girls are allowed to do whatever they want to the rider. They’re being judged on how many times they cum, how consistent the ride is (whether they need a break), and much fun they have. It all sounds amazing because it is!

Scene 1 – Jennifer White

First up is Jennifer White, a very sexy brunette with a sultry deep voice and a nice rack! As soon as Jennifer sits on the Sybian the girls attack, which becomes the theme, and her nipples get so hard they look ripe for picking. With 1:30 left to ride, Bonnie kicked up the speed and vibration and the cum is still on White’s clit by the end of it all. Safe to say everyone had a good time out the gate!

Scene 2 – Piper Perri

Piper Perri immediately stuck out to me because she has that energy about her that demands attention. Bonnie makes a joke that the cock is bigger than her, and she isn’t far off. Piper is super skinny with tiny boobs, braces, and a tiny voice to match. When she jumps on, she’s instantly taken by the vibrations and it like she’s being tickled the whole time. The girls decide to hold Piper’s hips down and that seems to really get her going.

Scene 3 – Selma Sins

Right before Selma Sins sits down to ride the Sybian, the girls decide to name it Bill, and I don’t know why, but I found that hilarious. I found Sins’ voice slightly annoying, mostly because she’s a screamer, but I thought her bush was pretty cool and her body is crazy hot! After her ride starts and the girls jump on, you can see Selma getting turned on a little more with each slap, and I love me a girl that likes a little slap and tickle with more emphasis on the slapping. Bonnie covers her mouth from behind and randomly shuts the vibration off and on again for shock value, which really got me and Selma going. Ready for a surprise?  Remember Piper Perri from one scene ago? She earns the nickname “Tiny Terror” for her femdom mannerisms and the reputation sticks for the rest of the flick. Who saw that coming!?!

Scene 4 – Alice Lighthouse

This one was a lot of fun to watch! Alice Lighthouse is a really hot brunette with a bubbly personality and a look that kind of reminds me of Kelly from Saved By The Bell. Her boobs had me drooling and I like her tats too. When the girls attack after her ride starts she proclaims, “I want it rougher, bitches!” and shit really gets real! First off, that’s another attitude I didn’t see coming, but was extremely happy to see, and second, she takes that shit like a champ! I mean all of it! Alice has about 5 girls slapping and choking her while head mistress Bonnie Rotten just plays with her forcing her to beg for the Sybian to be turned back on. Piper Perri strikes again too, this time sitting on Alice’s shoulders for maximum pressure against the vibrator. Very hot scene!

Scene 5 – Sasha Heart

Next up is the blonde beauty from Kentucky, Sasha Heart. Being the bad ass bitch that she is, Sasha decided to take things up a notch by requesting a bigger dick to sit on. She has a little bit of a hard time getting that bad boy in, but once she does, the girls jump right in with the face slapping and shit talking. At one point Sasha calls for Cali Carter saying she’s the only one there she finds sexy, and I couldn’t stop my mind from wondering and imaging those two in a scene together. Watching them interact on the side throughout this flick was pretty exciting too, but you’ll have to find that little gem on your own. Sasha’s entire body quivers with her 1st orgasm, and although Tiny Terror ruined it a little for me, this is my favorite scene thus far.

Scene 6 – Elsa Jean

Elsa Jean is so fucking pretty your eyes might hurt if you look at her too long! Seriously, she’s so damn pretty that the girls have been calling her “princess” all day and even sing that horrible “Let It Go” song that got stuck in my head thanks to them. Elsa responds to the Sybian and the 10 freaky girls surrounding her like you might expect she would, and yes, that’s based completely off her looks. She smiles and giggles a lot, seems to hold a lot in (hence the “Let It Go” ridiculousness), and gets completely dominated. She really does look like a princess though, and as a lesbian who wants to fuck the princesses instead of being one, I had a lot of fantasy fun with this one. Just look at the face!

Scene 7 – Alessandra Noir

Coming straight outta Baton Rouge (you though I was gonna say Compton, didn’t you?) Alessandra Noir immediately caught my attention because she has two different color eyes and it’s really noticeable during her brief introduction with Bonnie. It’s her first time on the Sybian, as with a lot of girls in this one, but it really shows with Alessandra. She appears super nervous at first, but once the girls start pinching nipples, slapping tits, and putting as much pressure on her clit as possible she literally cums to life and her moans were like music to my ears. They eventually cover her mouth and the intensity was damn near too much, but we both survived!

Scene 8 – Cali Carter

I couldn’t wait for this scene to start. I agree with Sasha that Cali Carter is the 2nd hottest chick in the group after Queen Bonnie herself, and after watching her pull and pinch and bite those who came before, I just knew they were going all in when it was finally her turn. Not only is this her first time even seeing a Sybian, but Cali admits to not being able to hold back so juices are flowing everywhere for me right now! Her body is fucking gorgeous with perfect tits and a fat pussy and the girl starts working her hips before Bonnie even turns the machine on! To top it off I’m pretty sure she cums within the first 2 minutes of vibration. Carter is so turned on that it takes the girls a little time to even jump on her, and once they do they quickly realize that when it comes to her body, you can do no wrong! Every touch was equally as intense as the next and she wasn’t lying about not being able to hold it in.

Scene 9 – Jojo Kiss

Jojo Kiss calls on her maker as soon as she sits on the Sybian and it’s obvious she doesn’t stand a chance! When the vibrations start the girls go to work on her boobs and the screams of pleasure start instantly. I liked watching Jojo more than I thought I would because I wasn’t expecting her to pop off the screen as well as she did. Counting her orgasms is impossible but it had to be somewhere around 6. The girls cover Jojo’s mouth and hold her arms behind her back while spanking and playing with her clit simultaneously sending her over the top a few more times. She rides the Sybian really nice too. I couldn’t help but wonder what it must be like to look up and see her sitting there!

Scene 10 – Jessica Malone

Up last is Jessica Malone and this could go either way. If the girls are all tired from a hard day’s work she could find herself getting cut some slack, but I have a feeling since she’s the last girl up they’re going to try and top everything that’s happened so far. That’s a gift and a curse for our little Russian dime piece Jessica. Her accent is magical! She could say just about anything and I’d melt at the knees! Even the way she said “my pussy” while lubing up got me hot and heavy. Once Bonnie turns up the heat on the Sybian Jessica shows her true side and the wild motions and moans don’t let up, thank God! Piper Perri got in my way again with her demands for Jessica to say “I like to cum” in Russian, but Jessica is so discombobulated that she yells out in English “I like to cum…in Russia” and it’s a pretty hilarious moment, so thanks Tiny Terror…I guess. Everybody wants a piece of the gorgeous Russian and they make sure to take it! She gets her hair pulled, ass slapped, backed rode, tits grabbed and pinched, arms held back, and even tickled a little. The best part of it all is that she broke the damn Sybian! She rode that shit so hard they had to stop. Leave it to the Russian!

By this point I completely forgot this was a contest. I couldn’t even tell you how to judge it because it seemed like everybody won. That’s what the experts are for though, and I trust Bonnie Rotten with my orgasms, so when she returned after long deliberation with Russian beauty Jessica Malone as the winner I had no complaints. Make sure you watch Bonnie Rotten’s Sybian Showdown and judge for yourself!

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The Bard with a Boner: Kurt Lockwood’s Twitter Poems

KLOf all the porn stars on Twitter, you’ll be hard-pressed to find one as interesting and articulate as Kurt Lockwood. When he isn’t giving you an insider’s look into the exciting life of a male porn star, he’s espousing erotic poetry that could only come from someone who fucks as much as he does. As someone who loves porn and poetry equally, Lockwood is really doing me a huge favor with his craft, which he refers to as “guerillerotica.” If only Shakespeare was this ripped!


2015-10-01_15-19-23Over the past month or so, I’ve collected any Lockwood poems that entered my Twitter feed in the hopes of analyzing them and sharing his literary prowess with the world. Yes, everyone: porn stars are more than the sum of their (very lucrative) body parts! Lockwood’s poetic erotica seems to  be inspired by a few things: his career, his impressive penis, and-more romantically-his relationship with rising adult starlet, Maya Grand. The two are very much in love, and he doesn’t spare his followers the sweet details of their domestic bliss.


2015-09-23_16-47-02In this particular poem, Lockwood waxes both tender and introspective. The lines “140 letters / to say u what u mean 2me” recall a frustration with Twitter’s character-count guideline-we’ve all been there. Obviously, 140 characters could never be enough to tell someone how you feel! He continues, “ur breath is my life / ur laughter / sweetest melody.” Someone very special in his life is so important to him that their breath has transcended their own body and fulfills the needs of his own. “So kiss me now / n when we die / find me / in some starrysky”-although life is finite, he hopes to exist together with his lover in the afterlife. Aw!

2015-09-23_16-33-33This one’s pretty straightforward. Here, Lockwood utilizes the often-overlooked list poem format to outline synonyms for “porn star.” My personal favorite is definitely “connosieur of touch.”




2015-09-23_16-35-12Here, Lockwood provides the reader with visceral imagery to illustrate his unbounded lust. I imagine him flying over a field of naked women laying spread-eagle and just dive-bombing on top of them to do his job. He has such a huge sexual appetite, however, that all the women in the world “would never b enough.”


2015-09-23_16-37-19Lockwood has a pretty great vocabulary, and he’s not afraid to use it. In this poem, he paints a crisp picture of a woman performing fellatio a woodsy setting. I think this may be one of his strongest poems to date. His line-break at “blowing, blowing wind and she / how beautiful the falling leaves” is clever work. The woman is blowing in the sexual sense of course, but her hair is also blowing in the wind. She is beautiful, as are the leaves. Double-entendres everywhere!

I would definitely be remiss if I didn’t include my favorite, which I can only assume is called, “Ode To My Balls.”


2015-10-01_16-13-40If I were a male porn star, I’d write an ode to my balls every day of the week! I can’t thank Kurt Lockwood enough for filling my porny Twitter feed with something other than dick and boob pictures-although they’re great too! He’s really found a niche market in the adult industry with these poems, and I’m all for him publishing a book later down the line. These Twitter free-verses have my rapt attention!



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The Authentic Lesbian Review: Alex Chance: Family Therapist

Alex Chance Family Therapist CoverFilly Films has never disappointed me. Their plots are awesome, they always seem to cast the perfect stars, and their movies are actually made for lesbians even if all the actresses aren’t full on lesbos. I find myself waiting for their next feature time after time, so when Alex Chance: Family Therapist landed on my desk I couldn’t wait to crack it open. I knew from the title it was going to be interesting and Alex Chance has a set of boobs that clearly illustrate she’s favored by the gods. The plot at first glance seems like a winner too. Alex plays a family therapist taking us through a day in her life as a shrink helping step-sisters resolve their issues and better their relationships. Messy step-sisters in need of therapy already makes for perfect reality TV, throw in some messy step-sister sex and it just gets better, right??

Scene 1 – Alison Rey & Alex Chance

Alex is taking us through a day in her life, but before we can jump into the patient files, it’s important to understand why and how she chose her profession and unique methods. To do this, we travel backwards in time to Alex’s sophomore year in college when she roomed with her step-sister Alison Rey. Similar to many of my sophomore afternoons, Alex is masturbating in her room when her step-sister walks by her half-opened door. Under normal circumstances, one in Alison’s situation would probably tiptoe back to where she came from and never mention what was just seen. Alison, however, is not normal and neither is her dilemma. Alex hears a noise and notices step-sis at her bedroom door and invites her in to talk about what she just witnessed. It’s during this sisterly convo that Alison reveals she’s had a crush on her step-sister for a while and that she’s been watching her masturbate. Naturally, Alex is freaked the fuck out! Not enough to put clothes on, but still pretty freaked out. Eventually though she agrees to one kiss, just to see if there’s anything there, and after that it’s a wrap. The two can’t keep their hands or mouths off each other. During their talk, Alison seems innocent and nervous, talking in a low volume and keeping her eyes down, but when her dream finally comes true she looks like a pro with Alex’s beautiful boobs in her hands and makes it pretty believable that she’s been waiting for this moment for a while. They spend a lot of time exploring each other’s bodies before big step-sis takes over and makes Alison cum in 20 minutes. The positions aren’t really anything to write home about and it felt like the energy between them dropped off towards the end of the scene, but the finger fucking in this scene is right on point.

Scene 2 – Hollie Mack & Xandra Sixx

After her sexual experience with her step-sister, Alex finds her calling and decides to help step-sisters everywhere who might find themselves in situations they aren’t comfortable exploring or don’t know how to express. Enter Xandra Sixx. Xandra explains that she has always looked up to her older step-sister, Hollie Mack, but that now things have taken a sexual turn and she can’t control her feelings. Our understanding shrink explains that these feelings are perfectly normal as Xandra reveals one of her latest fantasies. Hollie is naked in the kitchen making a PB&J sandwich, body glistening and tatted up (and I’m already drooling all over myself), when she notices Hollie eyeing her from the kitchen table. She demands Xandra take her right then and there and instantly this fantasy gets even hotter. Both girls have amazingly fit and gorgeous bodies. There aren’t many curves in this scene, but the chemistry between the girls is fucking hot! They start with the typical kissing and rubbing, making sure to spend extra time on each other’s boobs (just the way I like!) before Hollie licks and fingers Xandra’s pussy. Next it’s Xandra’s turn to please big step-sis and from the way Hollie moans and squirms all over the kitchen counter, little sis is extremely well versed in the art of female pleasure. My favorite part in this scene, and what makes it stand out in my opinion, is the tribbing. I’m a huge fan of tribbing and scissoring when it’s done right (I’m forever in debt to you Sinn Sage!) and these two meet my gold standards. The position is spot on with their clits rubbing together, they look into each other’s eyes (worth at least 3 rewinds if you ask me), and the glorious sound of their asses smacking together cost me about 20 bucks at the laundry mat for clean sheets! Seriously, it’s that good…too bad it was just Xandra’s fantasy.

Scene 3 – Dani Jensen & Kimberly Brix

Dani Jensen is Dr. Chance’s next patient and her problem seems simple enough on the surface. She and her step-sister aren’t getting along anymore after pretty much being best friends most of their lives, and it seems like sis Kimberly Brix is begging for a little quality time and attention. Chance suggest a good old fashioned sleepover, but with a Truth or Dare game leaning towards the sexual tension that has no doubt developed between the two. Dani seems a little weirded out after leaving Dr. Chance’s office, but she calls her step-sister and the two plan a weekend together at their parents’ house. The first thing I noticed was that both girls are gingers and BAM, I found a new turn on! The girls talk, and Kimberly admits she’s been feeling a little left out of her step-sister’s life and that she could have really used a shoulder and an ear when she broke up with her boyfriend. Dani promises to be less self-indulged and all appears on the up and up. TheTruth or Dare game lasts a little too long for my taste, but they finally end up naked running around their parents’ bedroom (knowing what was about to go down I couldn’t help but find this a hilarious touch and a little rude too). When they finally get into it, the kissing is long and sensual, like they want to savor the moment, which I found cool considering the plot, and watching two gingers get it in was way more exciting than I would have guessed! Dani fingers and eats Kimberly’s pussy first, but Kimberly seems like more of the expert, making Dani’s feet and legs shake uncontrollably as she cums. Next a little more of the girls’ freaky side comes out as Kimberly dares Dani to eat her asshole and they proclaim themselves sexy naughty ginger step-sister perverts. Again, there wasn’t really anything special about the sex itself, but the chemistry between the two made the fantasy crazy hot and definitely pushed me over the edge. The humor at the end of the scene after all was said and done was a nice touch also.

Scene 4 – Alex Chance & Keisha Grey & Karlee Grey

Keisha Grey and Karlee Grey do not get along at all. The beef is serious with these two as they blame one another for getting kicked out of a rave a few days earlier. Clearly sex is what’s missing, and thank the lord above for Dr. Chance. She instructs the girls to stare deeply into each other’s eyes, which of course causes them to crack the fuck up, but they worked it into the plot and it added to the immaturity of the step-sisters’ characters which I really liked. Chance then shows them how to kiss and from there everything takes off. I must say, when it comes to body type all three of these women are top notch. First off, BOOBIES! Seriously, I would have loved to be on set just for the motor boating practice! Second, we have facesitting, and just typing those words is enough to get me there, so watching these curvy boobalicious babes act it out was perfect! The pussy eating, finger fucking and shared masturbation are your standard basic, and when Dr. Chance sees that the step-sisters are finally getting the hang of it she leaves them in her office alone to let them finish working there issues out. Keisha and Karlee 69 and cum everywhere literally releasing their problems and yay! Everyone is getting along and all is right in step-sister world.

The step-sister/family fantasy is not something I’m into so I found myself pushing that out of my head and focusing more on how the girls looked, how they interacted, and their chemistry. However, if the family fantasy is your thing and you’re looking to give this a try, there’s a bigger issue. The editing is pretty bad throughout this one. It’s as if nobody took the time to actually sit down and watch this in its entirety and it was rushed to press. It could be the master DVD we received, but since it’s a master I’m betting that’s not the case. In the 2nd scene, Alex asks Xandra a question and when they cut back to Xandra for her answer, it’s to a completely different question and doesn’t make sense at all. In the 3rd scene, after Dani and Kimberly sit on their parent’s bed and begin talking, the scene cuts and starts over. Initially they had already begun taking off their shoes and getting into comfortable conversation so the restart is very noticeable and annoying if you’re actually attempting to follow the plot. In the 4th scene, we get something similar to the 2nd where Karlee doesn’t answer Chance’s question at all. For me, it was frustrating, but the point is the sex after all, and because of that I’d still recommend it.

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Kink School: A Guide To Erotic Role Play

Kink School: A Guide to Erotic Role Play box coverOnce again, husband/wife director team Jimmy Broadway and Dee Severe take the helm at Severe Sex with the latest installment in their instruction series Kink School: A Guide To Erotic Role Play. People are drawn to tapping into their imaginations sans pants for a variety of reasons, ranging from intellectual stimulation, guilt mitigation, for the love of their favorite characters, or just for the fun of it. For pantsless people who are interested in exploring sexy dressup, Kink School presents an excellent beginner’s guide. Broadway and Severe diverge from their usual Kink School format of putting the focus on instruction first and porno second. Instead, the first five scenes are straight up hardcore cosplay sex scenes, which expertly give viewers realistic inspiration for how to pull off their own role plays. The final scene is an extensive Q&A with the cast, and is a must see for anyone looking to safely delve into their fantasies.


Scene 1 – Cat VS. Captain – Annie Cruz and Steve Rodgers

scene 1Kink School starts out strong with a sweaty, animalistic fuck between Selina Kyle aka Catwoman (Annie Cruz) and Steve Rodgers aka Captain America (Steve Rodgers). The chemistry between these two is strong from the get go; I’m fairly certain that Cruz and Rodgers are a real life couple. The whole enterprise is low budget and silly, with Rodgers wearing a First-of-November-close-out-sale Captain America costume. Axel Braun this is not. But you know what? It’s perfect. Most viewers and sexytime cosplayers aren’t going to construct elaborate sets, concoct true to canon story lines, or dress in official costumes that they’re just going to take off anyway. Cruz and Rodgers make do with what they have in a playful, mildly kinky domination scene, threatening each other with sex toys as torture devices and throwing in the occasional pussy pun. After setting the mood by constructing the fantasy of being someone else for half an hour, Cruz and Rodgers put the focus just plain-old orgasmic fucking, and that’s what really matters.

Scene 2 – The French Maid And Her Boss – Dominik Kross and Charlie Piper

scene 3Scene two of Kink School simplifies things with a straight forward French maid scene. Dominik Kross is perfectly charming as the smug employer of sweetly demure French maid Charlie Piper. With a little bit of suggestion and hints at a raise, Kross gets Piper out of her frilly uniform and onto her knees for a sloppy blow job. I loved the power dynamics of this scene; while Kross is clearly the one in charge here, it’s wonderful to see Piper gain the upper hand as her boss inches closer and closer to orgasm. This would be an easy scenario for viewers to recreate; most dudes own a suit, and ladies can be anyone from a French maid to a sexy secretary, depending on whatever clothing she already owns. Again, simplicity and suspension of disbelief is key for couples who are just starting to dip their toes into erotic role play.

Scene 3 – Rogue Cop Meets Escaped Prisoner – Lily Cade and Penny Pax

cade and paxThings get more intense in scene where, where Lily Cade’s dirty talking, handsy rogue cop discovers escaped convict Penny Pax in a store room. In exchange for not sending Pax back to prison, Cade gets to have her way with her redheaded prisoner. The result is way more aggressive and fast moving than the previous two scenes; there’s no room for seduction, just straight up tearing off of clothes, finger fucking, and ravishment with a strap on. It’s a classic power exchange scenario, and Cade makes the perfect service domme to Pax’s submissive. Pax revels in playing a domme’s frightened quarry, and she does it well. Again, it’s a pretty easy scenario to play out; with a costume and a pair of handcuffs anyone could pull it off.

Scene 4 – Naughty School Girl Gets Punished – Dominik Kross and Charlie Piper

scene 4Dominik Kross and Charlie Piper return in scene 4 for a classic naughty school girl spanking scene. Piper plays a troublesome high school senior called into the office of frustrated blowhard Principal Kross. Spanking just for the sake of a good spanking is a good time, but a naughty school girl role play gives context to the act and helps the participants fully immerse themselves in the scene. Piper and Kross set up their characters’ personalities, histories, and relationships with plenty of dialogue and verbal sparring before Kross loses his patience and exclaims, “If you’re gonna be a little girl, we’re gonna treat you like a little girl.” The teacher vs. student scenario sets up an element of age play (Piper is referred to as being 18 years old) that further pushes the power dynamics of the scene. This is another scene that would be simple for viewers to recreate; all you really need is a desk and a plaid skirt. Don’t have a crop or a switch? A wooden spoon, hair brush, or belt work great too!

Scene 5 – Clowning Around – Jessica Ryan and Jimmy Broadway

scene 5Ok, so…clowns. This is one fetish that has really eluded my understanding, but that’s ok! For scene 5 of Kink School, Jessica Ryan and Jimmy Broadway clown around in a manic, light femdom scene. The clown theme lends itself well to domination, with the gleefully insane Ryan using a combination of teasing, pranking, humiliation, fear, and tickling to dominate professional sadsack Broadway. After establishing who’s in charge, Ryan slips out of her undies (the squeaky toys in her bra were a great touch) and makes Broadway go down on her until she cums. She mercifully returns the favor before slipping a bright blue condom on his dick (another great touch!) for some cowgirl and doggy fucking. After the cumshot, the scene is wrapped up with a comically large hammer and several pies to the face and genitals.

Scene 6 – Q&A With The Cast

If you’re only going to watch one scene of Kink School: A Guide To Erotic Role Play, make sure it’s this one. Scene 6 is where the school part really comes into play; the cast, along with “pro villain” Tim Woodman, BDSM educator Lorelei Mission, and clown makeup artist Beaverella, return for extended interviews on role play. They go over a wide variety of topics, covering just about anything that someone new to role play needs to know: the what, why, and how, scene ideas, where to get costumes, and the ever important topic of safety, consent, negotiation, risk mitigation, and legality. Woodman and Mission are particularly helpful and enlightening. While the straight up porno of the first five scenes make for great titillation and inspiration, the important thing is to ensure that, at the end of the day, all participants are safe, consenting, and happy.

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The Authentic Lesbian Review: Hairy Armpits, Hairy Bush – Lesbian Boat Orgy

Hairy Armpits, Hairy Bush - Lesbian Boat OrgyHairy Armpits, Hairy Bush – Lesbian Boat Orgy didn’t exactly sound like my preferred cup of tea when it was assigned. I love boats, the open sea, lesbians, and orgies, but hair…I think not! I mean, a manicured bush down under holds a certain sex appeal, but being hairy all over (because most people aren’t now, it’s become a thing that some label “natural”) is not something I’m into (some people are naturally un-hairy…why doesn’t anyone ever talk about that?). That being the case, I do enjoy watching porn I haven’t experienced before from studios unknown to me, and I have been turned on by things I never would have even found if I didn’t work here, so it would be unfair to pre-judge. Plus, more important than the hair, there’s a lesbian orgy happening on a boat and I’m not dumb enough to turn that down.

Captain Samone Shade promised to take her gal pals out on her boat to sail the beautiful seas, but she had no idea they’d be so lazy during the trip. When we open, El Capitan walks from under deck to find her crew sitting around like shit is sweet even though she gave them all specific tasks to complete. Samone sets her sights on Ava Solanas first, having the other crew members, the beautiful Nikki Silver and Luka Peona, help her punish the lazy horn ball. They start with some light spanking and dirty talk before Luka grabs a boat oar and goes to town on Ava’s ass until she literally can’t take anymore. Next, they tie her hands to a post on the boat and things get way more interesting. Word is Ava can squirt, and Captain Samone wants to see it in action, so she instructs Luka to finger fuck Ava until the deed is done.  This part is so hot I found myself wanting to be Ava! She begs and pleads with Luka to go deeper faster, and once that spot is hit it’s so intense that the camera falls over and the audio only streams through one channel for the rest of the movie…that’s some serious squirt power and it came across beautifully on screen!

After her right arm workout session ends, Luka is horny and begging to cum next. Nikki eats her pussy and she cums pretty quickly, but that isn’t enough, so Nikki whips out a double headed dildo and they ride that thing like it’s about to save their lives. When Luka finally has had enough she jumps off, but continues to fuck, lick, and finger Nikki. Nikki can’t hold on anymore and creams all over Luka’s face. This is the point when I realized that I’m watching 6 of the most beautiful natural tits bounce around in one place that I’ve ever seen before! All 6 are perfectly round with proportioned areolas (just call me the breast inspector!) that had my mouth drooling and hands outstretched towards the computer monitor just begging for a handful.  Apparently Ava felt the same because she grabbed as much boob as she possible could while Nikki’s pussy was getting pleasured by Luka.

Finally, it’s time for the tables to turn. The crew, realizing that they outnumber the captain 3 to 1 (only after they’ve all had multiple orgasms), decides the captain needs to be punished. After all, she brought them out on her fancy boat expecting them to help her run the damn thing, but never showed them what they should do (Sounds like my job. I kid, I kid). If that isn’t reason enough for uproar and some light femdom, then nothing is! The three tie Captain Samone’s hands up and strip her down, exposing 2 more beautiful boobs in the process. It’s fitting that Ava is the first to punish the bound captain since she was Samone’s first target, and boy, does she get her revenge. She fingers the hairy captain like it’s a personal mission to make her squirt and Luka follows up with strap-on power, fucking Samone doggystyle and then missionary while the captain partially dangles over the boat. If I had to guess I’d say she probably wouldn’t mind being punished again, and I’d definitely watch.

While the girls are way too hairy for me, the sex (and setting) really put this one over the top and made me forget everything I’m not attracted to. The tone was light and playful which is always nice in amateur content and the light slap and tickle theme was right up my alley. Make sure you check out Hairy Armpits, Hairy Bush – Lesbian Boat Orgy and judge for yourself.

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Kayden Kross’ Casting Couch

Kayden Kross' Casting Couch boxcoverI usually don’t like casting couch movies. I know that it’s all a set up, and that the women in these movies do know ahead of time that they’re going to be fucking the “casting agent,” but the whole charade of pretending that this lady is getting conned into sex with the promise of fame or fortune at the other end rubs me the wrong way. Happily, director Kayden Kross breathes new life into the genre with Kayden Kross’ Casting Couch from fledgling studio airerose Entertainment. In only her second time flying solo in the director’s chair, Kross rounds up four young women who are new to the industry. After an interview in which the porno newbies awkwardly divulge their histories and sexual appetites, Kross unleashes her fiancé and perennial AVN award winner Manuel Ferrara on these girls who apparently don’t understand what a treat they’re getting. Kross is keenly interested in highlighting the inexperience of her subjects, exploring how time spent in the sex industry changes how the new girls perform and how authenticity is or is not maintained. Matching these women with a legend like Ferrara makes the juxtaposition of newbie vs. porn star clearer, and leads to both super awkward and super sexy results.

Tomi Taylor

Tomi Taylor Kayden Kross' Casting CouchCasting Couch starts off strong with Tomi Taylor; this statuesque brunette has a distinctive, memorable face, a banging bod, infinitely squeezable boobs, and is easily the most charismatic of Kayden Kross’ quartet of noobs. She seems the most comfortable during her conversation with Kayden, but she really shines when she enters the famous Kross-Ferrara bedroom for POV fuckery with Mr. Manuel. As it turns out, Tomi Taylor is a kinky, dirty talking, aggressively submissive little minx who has instant chemistry with her costar. It’s a match made in heaven, as Taylor goes face deep into Ferrara’s balls and asshole and asks to be his dirty little whore, which the well hung Frenchman is all too happy to indulge her in. There’s plenty of face, ass, and titty slapping, but my favorite parts have to be when Ferrara sets the camera down and allows the viewer to really see their interactions and closeness. What’s great about this movie, and Taylor’s scene in particular, is that these girls don’t yet know how to perform; instead, they’re just present and in the moment, and that’s such a refreshing thing to see.

Lacey Channing

Lacey Channing glamNext up on the casting couch is Lacey Channing, a pretty, leggy brunette stoner who reveals to Kayden that she got into porn at the suggestion of her cuckold boyfriend. Her interview starts off a little stiff, but she quickly warms up to Kross and demonstrates her singing chops for the camera. Her tease footage is probably the best of the bunch; her body is controlled while she gyrates and sways, and the upturned angle of her eyebrows gives her an alluring innocence. Channing’s time with Ferrara has a wonderful private sex tape feel to it; she doesn’t pay much mind to the camera, instead allowing sweetness and intimacy to build between herself and her costar. It’s a much subtler and quieter scene than the previous one with Tomi Taylor, and Channing shows that she’s a natural when it comes to establishing a genuine sexual connection with her costars.

Elektra Rose

Elektra Rose glamHazel-eyed brunette Elektra Rose was a stripper (briefly) and a cam girl before taking the plunge into porn; she was only in the biz for a month before joining Kayden Kross on her casting couch. She admits to being shy, which she offsets by being endearingly giggly as she responds to Kross’ interview questions. She seems like the type of girl who can do really well in porno; she’s in it for the love of being naughty in public, and the best performers are always the ones who just really like to fuck. Also, her boobs totally remind me of Penny Pax’s. She does a great job of getting right into it and sucking Ferrara’s cock; she looks great doing it, with no superfluous vamping for the POV camera. What I love about Elektra Rose’s scene is her facial expressions, which switch between a delighted grin and sleepy-eyed-lips-parted lustfulness. By the end of the scene, Rose is totally dick drunk and happily licks up Ferrara’s cum while he coos, “Oh Elektra, you’re so cute,” and he’s totally right. This chick is adorable, and definitely a new girl to watch out for in the coming year.

Kylie Nicole

Kylie Nicole glamTwenty-one year old modelesque blonde Kylie Nicole bookends Kayden Kross’ Casting Couch. She’s obviously the shyest and maybe the most nervous of the four newbies, but it’s pretty endearing. She divulges that she likes when her male sexual partners take control and are great at eating her out, which should be no problem when she gets her no-pants-time with Ferrara. Nicole’s awkwardness and shyness does carry over into the POV portions of her scene; she seems too aware of the camera, resulting in vampy, eyebrow-twitching facial expressions. But once Ferrara puts the camera down and fucks her in the spoon position on the couch, she starts to shine. She regains the authenticity that we love about amateur scenes when she allows Ferrara to take control. She’s a really cute and sexy girl, and her giggly submissiveness charmed the pants off of both Ferrara and myself. She’s the kind of lady who benefits from having a strong costar, and I’d love to see how she would do if she were taken under the wing of someone like Kayden Kross or Phoenix Marie.

Kayden Kross and Manuel Ferrara succeeded in creating a high end edition to the casting couch genre by carefully curating a cast of young amateurs who have what it takes go far in the industry. Kross’ insightful and disarming interview style allows viewers to get to know the girls on a more personal, human level while Ferrara’s experience and encouragement pushes his costars to the top of their fucking A-Game. Tomi Taylor, Lacey Channing, Elektra Rose, and Kylie Nicole are undoubtedly four porn starlets to watch in the cumming months.

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The Authentic Lesbian Review: Tight Places – A Drop Of Color

Tight Places A Drop Of ColorThis week, I went to my wonderful editor-in-chief looking for something to review that would take me back to my roots. I’ve made it pretty clear that I love watching all types of porn with all types of people in it, but lately I’ve been in the mood for more dyke/queer content that I could easily relate to. Why? I have no idea. It’s like when you crave chocolate or ice cream out of the blue for two weeks and then take a break and try nutri-grain bars for a month. Anyway, Reel Queer Productions was suggested and I found Nenna’s porn gem Tight Places – A Drop Of Color. Everything from the title to the box cover commanded my attention and even the opening credits were impressive. The music is just right and the shots are creative, but what I like most is that the entire cast is made up of queer people of color. I couldn’t have created a more relatable title than this if I tried.


Scene 1 – Brooklyn Skyy & Vai

Opening with a brief introduction, Brooklyn Skyy reveals that this is her first time performing in front of the camera, but what stuck out to me was her style. She already has a cool look, but the leather jacket and shoes were right up my alley. Already I felt like I could relate to her and that’s exactly what I was looking for. Immediately following Brooklyn’s intro, we’re taken to a patio setting (the vibe it gave me was “lesbian outdoor lounge”) where we meet Vai. There’s no introduction for her (yet) but I didn’t get hung up on that because she’s already taking her clothes off and that’s 10 times better in my opinion!  Vai is a sexy little brunette with the perfect handful of tits. She and Brooklyn seem drawn to each other from the jump, and their bodies look amazing together with tattoos intertwined and boobs bouncing in sync. We get some intense finger fucking that results in Vai squirting all over the place followed by clit stimulation that proves Brooklyn knows her way around a wet vagina! The scene is only about 12 minutes long, but by the end Vai was thank-you kissing Brooklyn like she was the only person in the world to remember her birthday.

Scene 2 – Akira Raine & Kohen

The chemistry between Akira Raine & Kohen is evident as soon as the scene starts. They laugh like they’re sharing an inside joke and if I saw these two in real life, I’d guess they were a couple. Both are covered in tats, which is an instant turn on for me and again, we get straight to the action with Akira fingering Kohen until she literally cums laughing (I’ve been with a chick that laughed after orgasms and it was kinda hot to tell the truth). Kohen then flips the script and starts fingering Akira who is absolutely gorgeous! Her right arm got a serious workout that Akira can attest to and would probably love to do over just because of the intensity. I counted at least 3 orgasms and 1 possible orgasm. After all is said and done, we get a little ass slapping which looks like it could have gotten the two fired up again because the kisses that follow are some of the most passionate you’ll ever see in porn, period! I felt like they forgot a camera was even there and I love when that happens.

Scene 3 – Brooklyn Skyy & Vai

Now we learn a little about Vai and it turns out she’s been in a few movies before working with trans and queer performers, which was a shock to me just because of how raw and natural she seems as opposed to lots of amateur performers who are camera-conscious throughout their scenes. Keeping with the pattern, Vai and Brooklyn jump straight into the fun stuff, this time finding themselves in the bath/laundry room. The kissing is hot and heavy and, most importantly, REAL. Brooklyn further enhances her role as the lady pleaser, propping Vai on top of the sink and letting her fingers work their magic on her clit until she cums. Vai’s moans are so impassioned that I had to pause the flick a few times just to make sure I didn’t blow my top! My favorite part in this scene is when Brooklyn asks Vai how she feels about putting her head in the toilet. Vai asks if the toilet is clean (at which point my girlfriend stood up and starting clapping to show her approval for Vai being hygiene conscious while getting her brains fucked out) and after a little chuckle she agrees to try out this new position. Once Vai got over the loud echo effect, Brooklyn fingers and fucks the shit out of her with a strap-on.  I got the feeling that I was getting a little more of Brooklyn and what she likes in this scene because she was in control the entire time. It was nice watching someone completely in tune with the female body only concerned about pleasing the woman she’s with multiple time, but still being able to incorporate a little roughness into the sex with hair pulling and spanking.

Scene 4 – Akira Raine & Brooklyn Skyy & Vai & Kohen

I thought I was in for a foursome treat when this scene opened, but instead it’s a couple swap that turned out to be more exciting than I thought it would be. First, we learn that this is Kohen’s first time on camera (but not with an audience) and a little of that goofy personality that was slightly visible in scene 2 comes out here. In fact, throughout the scene you can hear her and Vai constantly laughing and joking with each other during foreplay and that’s a major turn on for me! I love when me and my girl can appreciate the awkwardness that comes with trying a new position or when the neighbor happens to be playing “Put Your Dick in Her Mouth” while we’re getting it on, with a little laughter. It takes some of the seriousness and pressure off of the moment. Meanwhile across the room from the jokesters, Akira and Brooklyn are in their own little world getting to know each other’s bodies and spending a lot of time sucking each other’s tits (yay boobies!), before they steal the show with their spirited and vigorous fucking. Brooklyn makes Akira moan with so much pleasure and energy that Vai and Kohen stop what they’re doing to watch the pair across the room for a moment on more than one occasion. Eventually Vai even suggests going in a separate room so her and Kohen can concentrate and enjoy each other without all the noise.  I personally couldn’t get enough of the noise! When you have a pretty girl sitting on your cock moaning in your ear because your stroke game is on point you want that to continue for as long as possible, so needless to say, I was a very happy authentic lesbian during this scene.

Scene 5 – Akira Raine

Akira is the only cast member to have starred in porno flicks before this and the punk alpha femme vibe she gives off is enough to make you wet alone! This solo with Akira in the kitchen while water boils on the stove was exactly what the doctor ordered after watching Brooklyn fuck her to multiple orgasms. It wasn’t the hottest of the 6, but it allotted some much needed cool down time, plus you get to marvel at Akria’s amazingly hot body! Her tits are smaller than Vai’s but still represent a nice little handful and that woman’s love handles make me wanna scream! Nothing like hitting it from the back and grabbing onto those babies! How I would love to be the kitchen counter in this one!

Scene 6 – Brooklyn Skyy & Akira Raine & Vai

The chemistry between Brooklyn and Akira still goes strong in this threesome, and for me it took away from the scene because Vai is left on the outside. It doesn’t come across as something intentional, it’s just one of those things where you can tell Brooklyn (and her cock) is drawn to one over the other. The raw realness of the scene makes up for the unevenness for the most part, but it would have been nice to see Brooklyn spread her dick action between the two more. That being said, I can’t blame BK at all! Akira’s response to her every touch makes it impossible for her to stop (trust me, I’ve been there!) and the slack is picked up towards the end when Akira, still being fucked by Brooklyn, finger bangs Vai to pleasure and then fondles her clit for a little something extra. The three are sexy as hell together ultimately and I’d love to watch them go at it again!

Overall, I was very pleased with this movie. It definitely lived up to its hype and it was just what I was looking for. If you’re like me and find yourself craving some good ol’ fashioned lesbian queer porn make sure to check out Tight Places – A Drop Of Color. You won’t be disappointed!

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What A MILF Wants: Top 5 Male Porn Stars

If you are anything like me, you know sometimes being a mom can be hectic, to say the very least. After a long day of cooking, cleaning, resolving spats between siblings, getting dinner on the table, and all the other daily tasks it takes to run a household – sometimes Mommy needs a little “me” time…and I’m not talking about a Calgon moment. Yes, a hot, long, luxurious bubble bath, complete with candles and a good glass of wine can be extremely relaxing, but who has time in their busy schedule to take that time out, right? There’s just way too much to do in a single day and wearing that “S” on your chest can get to be downright stressful! What’s a MILF to do when she has limited time to take a timeout for herself? When this mommy needs a little “me” time, I like to relax and relieve by watching a hot stud pound away at a hot chick, and wishing it was me. But I’m not talking about watching just any guy. I’ve got a “Fab Five” list of guys I would love to invite over for a special Mommy & Me play date.

First up is the fabulously freaky Derrick Pierce. I don’t usually go for domination and submission, but this man is so sexy and versatile with his kinkiness he could talk me into ANYTHING from nipple clamps and spankings and whatever he wanted to do! He has a way of making you feel like a sexy lair kitten without the experience being a degraded one. Watch him top Skin Diamond in Adam and Eve’s Legendary Sex Tips:

Next up is Bruce Venture. What MILF wouldn’t want to get down and dirty with the “hunk next door,” as Megan Rain does in Don’t Tell My Boyfriend I’m Cheating 2. If you want to have a clandestine affair…even in your fantasies…Bruce is your guy!

Ladies, if you love a guy who fits the tall, dark, and handsome category with a hint of rogue-ishness, then Tommy Gunn is the man for the job. He’s got the experience and stamina to scratch that itch and then some. He knows exactly what to do with Brooklyn Chase in Cute and Curvy 2 video:

Okay, I admit sometimes fast and hard doesn’t necessarily hit the spot, but when you’ve got Ramon Nomar‘s sexy accent talking dirty to you – lets be honest – what wouldn’t you do just to keep him talking?

Last, but definitely not least is, drum roll please…Xander Corvus. Xander is another one that just strikes me as so adorable it’s almost hard to believe that he’s just so damn nasty…I LOVE IT! And is it just me or when you hear that name you start envisioning your own parody of Evolution?

Authentic Lesbian Review: Bisexual Pick Ups Scene 3

Bisexual Pick UpsThere are so many things right with Aiden Starr’s Bisexual Pick Ups that it’s impossible to even list them all, but scene three with Jeze Belle, Brock Avery and Ruckus XXX was soooooo perfect I had to give it it’s very own review. I mean, this scene HAS to win an award! It’s that good, and there are so many factors that play into why.

First, I like plots. I like a back story and a little humor with my sex.  It doesn’t matter if they change from scene to scene or get more and more elaborate as the movie unfolds, I just like being told a story. In my opinion it adds to the fantasy and this one was short sweet and to the point. Ruckus is selling one of his old motorcycles and Brock is a beginner looking to buy his first hog. Of course Ruckus suggests that Brock sit on the bike and get a feel for it before going out on a test drive, and of course Brock’s legs and midsection need a little adjusting. Ruckus makes sure to let his hands linger a little too long and porn gold is what ensues. Brock lets him know he notices by saying “You’re very friendly” and the next thing you know lips are being complimented and clothes are being taken off! Next thing you know, Brock’s girlfriend Jeze walks in on her boyfriend with a mouth full of cock and doesn’t hesitate joining in. If only…

Second, everyone in this scene is fucking HOT! Clearly I’m not attracted to men. The lack of titties and ass just doesn’t make sense to me. However, I can certainly appreciate the male body and Brock Avery has it going on! Everything from his hair to his muscular build just fits and pairing him with Ruckus XXX’s skinny tattooed cute self was genius (the motorcycle was the perfect prop). As soon as I saw the two of them in the frame together for the first time I wanted to watch them fuck, and when Jeze Belle finally entered the picture I felt like I was somehow cheating the system. She’s sexy, pierced, tatted up and to top it off her hair is green! Nothing screams “I’m sexy and I know it” like bright colored hair and her boldness works the shit out of it. This was hot people overload and if there isn’t already an award for casting it needs to be created ASAP!

Okay, so we have beautiful people and a short script to match, but what we’re ultimately here for is the sex, and if that isn’t fantastic nothing else really matters.  Luckily for us it’s beyond fantastic. In a lot of bisexual themed movies what you really get is two guys who are cool with giving each other blowjobs but both are obviously there for the girl. This scene is so awesome, in my opinion, because it’s balanced! Whenever there’s a threesome in the mix you have to make sure everyone plays an equal part and nobody is left in a corner, but with bisexual flicks I expect more than that. No one should be excluded but I want guys who enjoy fucking guys and I want that to come across in the scene. Brock, Jeze and Ruckus have that shit down. If I had to guess I’d say these 3 are friends in real life, that’s how amazing their chemistry is in this scene! Brock and Jeze know exactly what turns each other on and Ruckus plays the 3rd wheel role perfectly, sticking his dick where it’s wanted right on cue and pretty much letting these two gang up on that great body of his (they both seem really turned on by him).

As a lesbian who loves watching gay porn I was really excited to see how much dick on dick action I would get to see between Brock and Ruckus because up until this point there hadn’t been much. Don’t get me wrong, Jeze is fucking awesome throughout the scene and her body is sexy as hell. Brock fucking her ass while Ruckus holds a Hitachi to her clit blew my mind along with a few other body parts more than once. Watch for yourself…

But Brock stole the show halfway through the scene. You can tell from the very beginning he’s into Ruckus, especially when Ruckus is fucking him and he says “don’t hold back” while Jeze sits on his face. Things get even more intense after Brock’s first orgasm (he has 3 total!) when he isn’t quite ready to stop. He keeps jerking himself off and tells Ruckus to fuck him again and then magic happens! I had never witnessed an anal orgasm before this. In fact, I didn’t even know if they were real or not since I don’t do much butt stuff, but Brock and Ruckus opened up a whole new world for me. I mean, just look at his face!

Right! That shit stopped me dead in my tracks it was so intense and real. How can you not cum from watching that!? Just imagining how Brock feels is a turn on. I could watch that part a million times! From there, besides Brock looking completely exhausted, Ruckus continues fucking Jeze until he cums in both of their mouths and they swap and spit it around for a while. Amazingly enough Brock has yet another orgasm (this dude is my hero) and Jeze walks away feeling like a bad bitch having caused 2 of the 4 orgasms in the room that day.

Well, I’m going to smoke a cigarette and take a nap after that one. Make sure you watch Bisexual Pick Ups  and follow me and the gang on twitter @authenticlezz1 and!


Bush Is Back… With Beauty Tips!

Riley Reid with bush
Riley Reid

For years magazines and blogs bemoaned the dearth of female pubic hair on beaches, in the bedroom, and of course, in pornography. Like an endangered species, pubes were slowly disappearing from our vulvas; from Brazilians, to landing strips, to postage stamps, to full on baby smooth bareness, it seemed like it was impossible to have no pants time and discover a lovely, womanly bush.

Niche studios like ATKingdom have always been there to satisfy the market for full bush, where the ladies have untouched, totally hairy mons, labia, and buttcrack. However, the fact remains that many men and women alike prefer the bush style that’s making a surging comeback in mainstream pornography; it’s what Bianca Breeze calls her “Power Muff,” Veruca James refers to as the “Doritos Chip,” and I affectionately refer to as “The Portlander.” It’s the awesome compromise of a sexy, fluffy mons with hairless labia, buttcrack, and maybe a cleaned up bikini line.

Pornstars and civilians alike are choosing to style their bushes this way for a variety of reasons. Riley Reid, covergirl of New Sensations’ Hair Nation, recommends keeping pussy lips hairless because, “it helps keep her [the vulva] presentable and easy to work with. Plus I love having my whole pussy sucked on, lips and all, and if I have hair all over her, well, it’s just like sucking on hair!” Bianca Breeze of Nexxxt Level Models removes hair “in areas I wanna feel direct wet contact on.” Savannah Fox of Devil’s Film’s Bush League also prefers hairless labia for no mess oral sex.

Bianca Breeze with bush
Bianca Breeze

As for keeping the rest of the bush on the mons pubis, Reid enjoys the versatility in styles that having a bush allows. For Breeze and James, their reasons are more practical; Breeze has thick hair that makes the upkeep of a totally bare crotch a pain in the ass. For James, she says that style is, “easy to maintain, feels natural, and keeps my life simple.”

Most of us probably aren’t sharing our pube styles with millions of people, but I know that when my pants come off, I feel much more confident when I have camera ready crotch, even when I’m flying solo. We asked Riley Reid, Bianca Breeze, Savannah Fox, and Veruca James for their tips for maintaining a gorgeous Power Muff, Dorito, or Portlander!

Hair Removal

I asked the ladies about different methods of hair removal, thinking that there would a mix of shaving, waxing, lasering, sugaring, etc., and was surprised that the consensus was simple: shaving. Savannah Fox uses a shaving cream made specifically for the bikini lina, and Veruca James recommends using a fresh razor that hasn’t had more than five uses. Bianca Breeze uses men’s razors, saying that “they get a better cut on coarse hair,” not to mention that they’re cheaper than women’s razors.

Savannah Fox with bush
Savannah Fox

Keeping It Pretty

When you’re dragging a razor over sensitive skin covered in coarse hair, you’re bound to sometimes experience redness or irritation. To combat this, Savannah Fox applies “91% rubbing alcohol to prevent razor burn and ingrowns.” Veruca James recommends “Desitin, the diaper rash cream. It coats the skin and locks moisture out.” Again, using a new, clean razor will also help your skin stay clear.

Good Hair Day

Once you get rid of the hair that you don’t want, it’s time to think about the bush that you’re keeping. Riley Reid, who has thick hair, uses shea butter on her bush in the shower, and once she’s towel dried, rubs in “just another drop of Argan oil. You don’t want to use too much, but I’m telling you the scent it leaves is so yummy, your playmate is going to want to rub their face all over your bush and pussy more than they normally do!” Fox also sports a thick muff, and soaps, conditions, and adds lotion to her bush. Veruca James keeps things simple with coconut oil, which I second.

Veruca James with bush
Veruca James

Shape It Up

Riley Reid loves to play with the shape and thickness of her pubes. She told us, “I always allow my bush to start right at the crease of my pussy lips so that my clit and whole pussy is just ready to be devoured! Determining the amount of hair and everything is now all preference. For me, I like to have lots of fun with my bush on top. It’s like instead of having to change my hairstyle on my head, I can mix things up by changing my bush! I really love my bush when she’s fully grown out but still clean shaven on the lips. When I get tired of the full blowout bush…I take small scissors and I trim the hair back just in length…This way my bush isn’t so fully grown out. She looks thinner yet still full in size.”

As porn continues to embrace diversity in the bodies of its performers, we will see more and more women who feel empowered to groom their bodies in whatever ways they deem best for themselves.  Veruca James said it best: “Listen to your body, if it doesn’t like shaving or waxing or whatever method then don’t do it…I think there has been more of a demand for natural in recent years. People are enjoying the natural form and the bush is natural! Women are becoming more and more comfortable with their bodies and their choices regarding their bodies…It’s your body, do what you want with it. Don’t let anyone impose their preference on you if it doesn’t also suit your preferences.”

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