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6 Awesome Lesbian Strap-On Scenes

I’ve seen a lot of lesbian porn. Some of the movies are good, some a little lackluster, and a fraction of them I’ve found exceptionally wonderful. In my opinion, for a lesbian scene to be really successful it must have a few elements: the partners should have evident chemistry, there needs to be a fair amount of dirty talk, and-most importantly-the orgasms are real. I compiled a top list of my favorite lesbian strap-on scenes for your perusal.

  1. Kink School: A Guide To Anal Play (2015) – Severe Sex

Lily Cade & Lotus Lain

Kink School: A Guide to Anal Play videoThis scene is jam-packed with exciting girl-on-girl anal. Per Lily Cade’s style, nothing about this scene feels contrived or inauthentic. Lotus Lain’s got a great ass, and Cade gets right up in there like the expert she is. She starts off alternating between pussy and ass play to get Lain ready for the full penetration. With a purple butt-plug in Lain’s gorgeous ass, Cade begins fucking her passionately. Then, right before anal, Cade removes the plug and slowly massages the inside of Lane’s ass while simultaneously eating her pussy. I wish straight porn showed the amount of time and care it takes to properly penetrate someone’s ass. Cade does it the safe and sexy way, and the two girls continue to please each other until they both come plenty of times. Bonus, Lain’s a squirter and Cade really knows how to wield a strap-on!

  1. Pussy Whipped (2014) – Evil Angel-Aiden Starr

Aiden Starr & Arabelle Raphael

Aiden Starr's Pussy Whipped XXX movieWhat would this list be without my favorite femdom, Aiden Starr? In this scene, Starr starts off with some lovely controlled masturbation with her sub, Arabelle Raphael. Then, Starr removes Raphael’s latex panties and says my favorite line, “I want to shove a bunch of weird fucking objects in your ass, Arabelle.” And shove she does. Raphael obeys entirely like the good submissive she is. When Starr is done playing with Raphael’s holes, Starr pulls out a tentacle-shaped strap-on and face-fucks Raphael until Starr decides it’s finally time to fuck her. Starr relentlessly rams all of Raphael’s orifices and her sub is only too happy to oblige her. You really can’t beat Starr’s strap-on work and dirty talk; the entire Pussy Whipped series is a must-see!


  1. Tight Places – A Drop Of Color (2010) – Reel Queer Productions

Akira Raine, Brooklyn Skyy, Kohen & Vai

This foursome scene starts off with a super-hot make out session asNenna Joiner's Tight Places: A Drop of Color the four performers goof around and get each other excited for the awesome strap-on sex that’s about to happen. Akira Raine happily takes Brooklyn Skyy’s cock and rides it while Vai and Kohen are still getting warmed up. What I really appreciate about this scene is not only the vigor with which everyone fucks, but the genuine vibes between all of them. They’re really enjoying themselves and the sex proceeds naturally because of this. The camera angles allow for close-up inspection of the penetration as well as really nice distanced shots to display the players’ chemistry. While Raine and Skyy fuck like they’re possessed, Vai and Kohen keep things slow and sensual for the most part. It’s the best of both worlds! And it’s quite possible that Raine and Skyy broke the chair they were fucking in, but it’s worth it because it looked so damn good!

  1. Lesbian Adventures Strap-On Specialists Vol. 6 (2014) – Sweetheart Video

Bonnie Rotten & Dahlia Sky

Lesbian Adventures Strap-On Specialists Vol 6While all of this series is a must-see, I particularly enjoyed this scene because 1. Bonnie Rotten and Dahlia Sky are my major girl-crushes, and 2. Bonnie Rotten is one of the craziest squirters I’ve ever seen! As an added plus, the opening vignette is emotional, relatable, and a little humorous too. Rotten and Sky cum multiple times in this scene and, my god, they’re fucking on top of a pool table. I feel like there’s nothing more to be said here – it just doesn’t get hotter than that.



  1. The Crash Pad (2005) – Pink & White Productions

Dusty Ryder & Roxy RyderThe Crash Pad queer porn movie

This scene comes from the original Crash Pad, although, as Andi already mentioned, the whole series is extremely noteworthy for the feminist/genderqueer porn genre. Dusty Ryder and Roxy Ryder come together in the Crash Pad – a safe space free from judgment and sexual objectification – for an authentic lesbian sex scene that is a much-needed departure from the sea of faux-lesbians and women who don’t know what they’re doing in their harnesses. And yeah, I love squirting, and there’s plenty of that in this scene too! It’s just so gratifying watching women actually get off.


  1. James Deen’s 7 Sins – Pride (2014) –

Casey Calvert, Dana DeArmond, Dana Vespoli & Phoenix Marie

James Deen's 7 Deadly Sins: Pride xxx movieI intended to make this a top-five post but then my gal pal Judy Hologram sent me a link to this. At first I thought, where does James Deen belong in a lesbian strap-on post? Once I realized it was part of Deen’s 7 Sins series, I was simultaneously aroused and intrigued. In this artsy strap-on gangbang scene, the women are all wearing James Deen masks and strap-ons modeled after his member and the focus is on the lovely, totally-submissive Casey Calvert. Casey has all of her holes stuffed with the large dildos by the somber, masked Dana DeArmond, Dana Vespoli, and Phoenix Marie. This scene is an eerie and incredible take on the classic gangbang – mirroring the male aesthetic but maintaining an all-female D/s dynamic that still aims to please Calvert in the end. See why I couldn’t leave this off the list?

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7 Hot Tips to Ease You Into Ass Play

Slow down signI admit it. I’m one of many supposedly rare women who happens to be a huge fan of anal sex. Maybe it’s not an every day or every week thing, but for me, it’s for more than just special occasions. Does it hurt? Yes, it absolutely can, especially if you’re with an inexperienced playmate, fumbling around in the dark like you’re still in high school. However, if done correctly and with a caring partner, it can be beyond a pleasurable experience. Here are several anal sex tips to help you turn what could be a frightening and off-putting experience into a mind-blowing romp that will broaden your sexual horizons!

1. Play & Explore
Starting slow and easing your way into any ass play is your best bet! This can be accomplished by using small things, like  fingers and toys, to loosen the butt up before the big show. The more you play, the more you’ll know what you like and how you like it. As they say, knowing is half the battle!

2. Use Lots of Lube!
While there are some of people who don’t need it and are self-lubricating, the vast majority of us need lube–and a lot of it–on both ourselves and our partners (and our toys). Don’t be afraid to overdo it and get messy! It’s only going to make things easier as you slide along.

3. Relax and Don’t Fight It!
The harder you fight it, the more it’s going to hurt! When you’re feeling uptight about what you’re doing, it will LITERALLY make you tighten up! The more resistance you put out, the more of a barrier it’s going to create, making it just that much more difficult to, well… penetrate. The more relaxed and welcoming your mind is, the more relaxed and hospitable your body will be.

4. Inhale….Exhale
Breathing is INTEGRAL! Just like when you work out, taking deep breaths in and out helps loosen the muscles. The same principle applies here. Your breathing technique helps open both your body and your mind!

5. That Feeling of Pressure is TOTALLY Normal!
No, really, it is! It might not be the most comfortable feeling at first, but that sense of pressure is entirely natural and may last throughout the experience, but it will lessen and won’t be as uncomfortable as long as you remember that key word: RELAX!

6. Push Out
This goes right along with relaxing. If you’re tense and making yourself tighter, penetration is only going to be more difficult, but I have found that if you apply pressure as though you’re pushing, it creates more space and allows for easier insertion! It may sound counterproductive and feel like you’re trying to push your partner out, but in reality, you’re loosening yourself and making it easier for both of you!

7. Once the Head Is In –Don’t Pull Out!
This is the main tip I live by (pun intended!). I have found the absolute most painful part of the process is when the penis head first breaks through. Many tense up and refuse to let it go in any further, which is a completely natural reaction. However, as the head is typically the biggest part, it’s going to cause the most pain and the biggest reaction.
Once it’s in, no matter if it hurts right off the bat, try to let it stay! Otherwise, you will go through that initial pain again and again, while if you leave it in, you’re going to relax around it and stretch as your body becomes accustomed to the girth.

Anal sex may not be for everyone. Each woman’s body is individual and unique, and some may not be built for it. However, using these 7 tips will certainly assist you in your experimentation and journey to find out if it is for you, and if it’s just one more additional way for you to find pleasure in your own body!

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Come Crash at Crash Pad

Crash Pad series logoPornography is experiencing a renaissance in both mainstream and independent providers. From big-budget parodies to economically produced amateur content, the idea of what porn can be is expanding. One of the studios on the front line of this evolution in porn making is Pink and White Productions. Since 2005, Shine Louise Houston has created a venue for people to watch hot sex with a cast of inter-changing characters. The unique aspect of this series is that it is not just hot sex we are watching; we’re watching a sea change in the culture of porn.

The conversation about pornography is multifaceted and complex. We often hear people arguing against the exploitation of women, or the lack of representation of ethnicities or different types of bodies on screen. Those who think that porn is strictly the realm of fantasy often argue counter to these points. Fantasy can be a large part of why a viewer wants to watch porn, but not all fantasies are presented within mainstream films. The Crash Pad series is a good alternative to the cannon of porn because it offers viewers a chance to look at something besides the same tropes we always see: the pizza boy, plumber, and random gonzo setups that have predominated much of the major studios. Gonzo has its place, as well as the romantic or more sensual encounters, and the parodies and erotic BDSM features rival Hollywood in production value, but there is often a disconnect between the sex on screen and the sex viewers may have.

I’ve been a fan of porn since I was old enough to rent my own videos at the creepy shack off the highway in Georgia. I’ve always wanted to see something that represented me in real life more than the images I found in some of the previous mentioned material. I like a lot of diverse porn, and I see a ton of films due to my work at Hotmovies, but I never found something as personal to me as when I found the Crash Pad Series.

When I started watching Crash Pad episodes, I realized that I was witnessing a game changer in the industry. Body type, grooming style, and sexual politics have all been addressed in Crash Pad episodes. It’s not that performers are screaming out their ideologies during their orgasms, but the type of sex the performers engage in is informed, safe, and kinky. Crash Pad shows people owning their sexuality and exploring the types of play that is not often depicted in mainstream porn—and it’s hot.

CrashPad53I recently watched Crash Pad Episode 53 staring Syd Blakovich, Carson, and Mickey Mod. The playfulness and connection between these three was incredible. There was no power dynamic, and everyone seemed to know exactly how to make each other get off. It was three good-looking people getting together to have a good time (while sticking things in each other’s asses). In other episodes, Tobi Hill-Meyer, Jiz Lee, Drew Deveaux, and James Darling have some intense orgasms, and they all looked like they were having a ton of fun. There is a positivity that is obvious when you watch these scenes, and there is no doubt that everyone on set wants to be there. While these performers vary in ethnicities, age, body shape and gender, the enthusiasm for their partners in each of their performances makes for happy watching for any viewer.



Other notable episodes:

Crash Pad 64 porn filmEpisode 64: Chocolate Chip, Sadie Lune and Surgeon

Sadie gives sexual instruction to Surgeon and Chocolate Chip as she watches from afar. The dynamic, while leaning towards a D/s tone, is fun and playful. These three are incredibly sexy, and Sadie gives the viewer a very happy ending.





Crash Pad 05 queer porn filmEpisode 5: Rozen and Syd Blakovich (as Shawn)

These two have great chemistry and they are both amazing performers. There is realness and an eroticism that pops off the screen. Rozen looks great with a strap-on, and she knows how to use it too.


Eco-Friendly Sex Toys

Leaf+ Vitality
Leaf+ Vitality

Happy Earth Day dear readers! In honor of the greenest of holidays, we’re going to give you a rundown of how to choose eco-friendly sex toys for your bedside drawer. Gone are the days when you had to masturbate with an organic, locally sourced cucumber that you composted after cumming if you wanted to boast about your environmentally friendly pussy. In 2015, there are plenty of green toys that can satisfy almost any craving.

So what makes an eco-friendly sex toy eco-friendly? First off, it should be safe for your own body; after all, you’re an animal, part of an ecosystem, and your bodily health is important. Secondly, the toy should be made of recyclable, long lasting, sustainable materials so as to reduce our impact on landfills and our natural resources. Finally, if your toy vibrates or has any electronic component it should be rechargeable so that your batteries also aren’t winding up in a landfill. Let’s get started!

Phthalate-Free and Non-Porous

Eco friendly sex toys
LELO Mona 2 – Phthalate free and non-porous

Dear readers are probably sick of me going on about non-body safe materials in sex toys, but here we go again. Sex toys are typically classified as novelty products, so unlike many other products, they remain outside the scope of government safety regulations. Do you ever wonder why that shitty $15 dildo always has packaging that says “Not for internal use” when it is clearly for no other use BUT internal use? It’s an easy way for sex toy manufacturers to cover their butts. So what are phthalates? They’re a class of chemicals that are added to plastics to make them softer and flexible, and they can be absorbed into the body through the mouth and genitals. Once in the body, they may disrupt the body’s hormones and its reproductive system, and the EPA has classified phthalates as “possible human carcinogens.” As such, phthalates have been banned from use in children’s toys in the US and EU. Sex toy packaging may claim to be phthalate-free, but they might not necessarily be honest. Always examine a toy out of its packaging before purchasing and check to see if it’s bendy, squishy, sweaty, or has a strong odor like that of a new shower curtain; all of these qualities point to the presence of phthalates.

When we talk about porosity in toys, we mean that some sex toys are, well…porous, like your skin! As such, these toys can be impossible to sterilize and may become breeding grounds for bacteria, fungus, and mildew, which you obviously don’t want in your genitals. All of the eco-friendly toys listed in the rest of this article will be phthalate-free and non-porous.


If you’re in the market for eco-friendly sex toys, the most important thing to pay attention to is materials. Not only do you want something that’s body safe, you also want something that, with proper care, can last you forever so as not to end up in a landfill. In the case of breakage and you do need to get rid of that toy, you also want it to be recyclable or easily biodegradable. Finally, the materials that it’s made from should be sustainable so as to limit its impact on our natural resources.


eco friendly sex toys
Maverick from Vixen Creations

Silicone is one of the most popular sex toy materials in recent years, loved by many for its soft, sometimes skin-like feel. Sometimes the packaging will falsely claim to contain 100% silicone, so buyer beware. Play it safe and get a toy from any of these companies that manufacture their toys with pure silicone:

If you’re looking for a waterproof, rechargeable silicone toy with eco-friendly packaging and designs inspired by nature, check out Leaf Vibes by Swan.


eco friendly sex toys
Seduction from Nobessence

Often handmade, wooden sex toys are often loved with their unique shapes and textures, artful designs, and lightweight feel. Toys made from trees harvested from responsibility managed forests make them a top pick for an eco-friendly sex toy. While wood is indeed a porous material, it can be made completely body safe (and splinter free!) with the right coating/sealant. There are several makers of wood toys, many of whom reside on Etsy, but as of now your best bet is to go with a toy from NobEssence. Not only are their wood dildos and butt plugs beautifully made, but the trees that they use are sustainably harvested, and the finish used on the wood has held up to plenty of scrutiny by my fellow sex bloggers. If you want to try toy that’s not from NobEssence, you can try to find something from the now defunct company Penetralia.


eco friendly sex toys
G-Spoon from Fucking Sculptures

Glass toys are renowned for their weight, smoothness, and beauty. Like wood toys, they’re often handmade, and can be considered unique works of art. They’re likely to last as long as your grandma’s heirloom crystal vase, and even if they do break, they’re totally recyclable, making them a great choice for green masturbation. Some of the best brands of glass dildos and plugs:


Crystal Delights also has a line of butt plugs with both faux and real fur tails. The real tails come from parts of the animal that would otherwise be thrown away as waste, so depending on your ethics, you might find this an acceptable addition to your sex toy collection. Crystal Delights also donates a portion of profits from their tail plugs to animal charities.


pure wand
Pure Wand from njoy

Much like glass toys, stainless steel is heavy and smooth, not to mention easy to clean and likely to last you a lifetime. The most reputable maker of steel dildos and plugs is njoy, whose Pure Wand and Pure Plugs I covet intensely.

There’s tons of options out there for vibrators, dildos, and butt plugs that won’t have a negative impact on our environment. As always, do your research, be safe, and have fun! Celebrate Earth Day 2015 by bringing home an eco-friendly sex toy an answering the call of nature the way that nature didn’t necessarily intend for you to do.

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Announcing the Feminist Porn Awards 2015 Winners

FPrintor those following, HotMoviesforHer was excited last week to cover the impending 10th Anniversary of the Feminist Porn Awards, which took place on April 17th!

Below is the list of all the amazing winners and their beautiful labors of love!

Sexiest Short (Tie!):
Wall of Fire – Lisa Ganser
Pachisi – The Madame (The Keyhole Sessions)

Steamiest Straight Movie:
The Sexual Liberation of Anna Lee – Jacky St. James

Hottest Trans Vignette:
Courtney Trouble’s Trans Lesbians – Courtney Trouble

Sexist Star Feature:
JL + DD: Jiz Lee and Danni Daniels Jiz Lee and Danni Daniels

Most Dazzling Docuporn:
Bound By Borders – Tobi Hill-Meyer

Smutty Schoolteacher Award:
Jessica Drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex: Plus Size Jessica Drake and Kelly Shibari

Golden Beaver Award for Canadian Content:
Queen Bee Empire – Samuel Shanahoy/Tee Vee Dinner

Hottest Newcomer:
Evie Eliot

Best Direction:
Ovidie for Pulsion

Honorable Mentions:
Fuck Dolls – Zahra Stardust and Emerald
Hello Titty -Skyler Braeden Fox and Idan Sagiv Richter
Homance – AjaPornFilms, Maxine Holloway, and Siouxsie Q
Alias and Knives – John Bee

Hottest Kink Film:
LOVE HARD – Gala Vanting

Hottest Lesbian Vignette:
Lesbian Curves 3: Soft Girls and Strap Ons Courtney Trouble

Best Boygasm:
Heavenly Spire Volume 1Shine Louise Houston

Most Tantalizing Trans Film:
BIODILDO 2.0* – Christian Slaughter

Best BDSM Scene:
Instructed – Pandora Blake and Ms. Naughty

Hottest Straight Vignette:
Xconfessions Vol. 2 – Erika Lust

Hearththrob of the Year:
Morgana Muses

Movie of the Year:
Marriage 2.0 – Paul Deeb

Hot Reviews: Sex Toys for You and Your Lover

Sex Toys For You And Your LoverI briefly discussed Adam & Eve’s Sex Toys for You and Your Lover in my blog Guide To Porn For Married Couples, but now your best gal pal Judy Hologram is here to give you a more in depth review. I mentioned that it’s basically a two hour long infomercial for their in house toy line, which is still pretty much true, but is also had six super hot scenes that show viewers how to incorporate toys into their love lives. It’s pretty inclusive touching on straight sex, female masturbation, prostate stimulation, male masturbation, lesbian sex, and anal play for female bodied people. It’s geared towards viewers who are brand spankin’ new to sex toys and are curious about how to add them to their sexual practice. More seasoned viewers may still enjoy this movie for the porno aspect of it, and to get a few ideas that they might never have considered.





Sex Toys For You And Your LoverThe gorgeous Alexis Adams and super hunk Ryan Driller open Sex Toys for You and Your Lover with the first hetero scene. They start off slowly, with Driller taking his time with Adams’ body, as per the narrator’s instructions. The tease of the buildup is pretty nice and a bit romantic. The first toy that they use is the Slim Pink Pleaser Vibrator, a basic vibrating jelly dildo, which they use both externally on Alexis’s clit and internally to massage her g-spot. Next they introduce the L’Argue G-Spot Massager, a body-safe silicone vibe that is curved with a bulbous end to more easily reach the g-spot. Adams runs this toy up and down the shaft of Driller’s cock for a while before they use it to buzz Adamis’s clit during penetrative sex. Next up is the Couple’s Enhancer Ring, a pink jelly cock ring with a bullet vibe. Ryan wears the ring with both the vibe above and below his cock to demo how it can be used effectively in different positions. I always get super turned on when I see guys use toys on the ladies in my porno; I think it’s both affirming and empowering for all involved when people can admit that cock isn’t the end all be all of sexual pleasure. To be honest, Adams and Driller look a little awkward using the toys in this scene, especially when Adams is vibing Driller’s cock and when they’re trying to get the bullet vibe on the cock ring to hit Adams’s clit properly. But you know what? That’s totally ok with me. When you bring toys into the bedroom for the first time, there’s bound to be a bit of awkwardness as you and your partner figure out what works best for you, and it’s comforting to see that it’s not just you that sometimes looks a little bit goofy. Even if you don’t get much out of the instruction in this scene, Adams and Driller look great together and their scene makes for some great masturbation material.

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Toys for You and Your Lover Scene two opens with blonde Kendall Kayden exploring her body while the narrator discusses statistics from the Kinsey Institute on female masturbation and sex toys, assuring viewers that masturbation is totally normal and healthy. This scene is definitely aimed at women who aren’t necessarily comfortable with masturbating, and I think that it succeeds in dispelling harmful myths and laying out the benefits of self pleasure. Kayden first uses the Clit Cuddler, a vibe with a spoon shaped head with which to cup the clitoris. It has an interesting shape that I’ve never seen before and would be curious to try out. The narrator suggests that it can also be used internally, but I personally wouldn’t suggest that; the spoon shaped cup looks like it might irritate the walls of the vagina. Next, Kayden uses the Velvet Kiss Vibrator, a basic slim vibe with a soft coating; she uses this to massage her g-spot before moving on to the Goddess G, a classic silicone rabbit vibe for both g-spot and clitoral stimulation. Buyer beware: rabbit style vibes don’t fit everyone’s anatomy. There’s a possibility that if you insert the shaft into your vagina, the clitoral stimulator won’t reach your clit, or that if you get the stim on your clit, you won’t be able to comfortably insert the shaft. Just keep this in mind before purchasing! Pornowise, this is a pretty basic solo masturbation scene, but educationally, it definitely does its job of helping newbie viewers and offering up a good starter-kit of ideas for self pleasure.

BUY THIS: The Goddess G



Sex Toys For You And Your LoverThe second hetero scene starts two of my favorite performers working today, Karla Kush and Michael Vegas; Kush has a spark of something different about her with tangible star power, and Vegas is so charming and handsome with the cutest little asshole I’ve ever seen. They use some more “advanced” toys in this scene, focusing on kegal exercise and g-spot stimulation for Kush and anal play for Vegas. The narrator dispels some useful advice on how to go about introducing sex toys into your partnered sex life, saying, “It’s important to be able to articulate why you want to introduce a sex toy into your love life.” As always, communication is key. Vegas uses the silicone Flexi Wand, a novel combination of vibrating wand and kegal balls, on Kush’s clit before inserting it into her vagina while eating her out. Next, they insert the Duo Kegel Balls into Kush while Vegas alternates between stimulating her clit with the Flexi Wand and eating her pussy.  Kush goes wild, making me seriously consider getting a set of kegel balls to incorporate into my own sex life. Vegas gets his turn with toys when Kush puts the Waterproof Prostate Massager, a simple plastic wand, into his ass and starts to blow him. I love it when guys get anal play during non-kinky hetero porn; it’s kind of a rarity, and being a butt-lover myself, it’s always a treat for me. Next, they briefly use the Silicone Prostate Massager before moving onto the Triple Threat Penis Ring, a cock ring with a tail with a bulbous end that inserts into anus; they use this while jerking Vegas off. Finally, they use the Ass-Gasm Cockring Plug, a combination prostate massager and cock ring. If you’re curious about how prostate massagers work, the wonderful Erika Moen recently posted a very informative comic about them. Anyway, Vegas wears the ass-gasm while vaginally fucking Kush, and he has a pretty explosive orgasm that leaves him shaking. All in all, these toys are good both for beginners and for the more experienced. This scene is less awkward than the first between Adam and Driller, and I love the palpable chemistry that Kush and Vegas have together. I’d watch these two fuck each other no matter what, but this was an especially hot scene.

BUY THIS: Flexi Wand and Silicone Prostate Massager



Sex Toys for You and Your LoverThis scene, starring gay porn star Brock Avery, focuses on what solo male masturbation can mean beyond the handjob. The narrator dispels harmful myths that anal stimulation is gay or unhealthy, or that anything beyond the handjob is “weird” and socially unacceptable. Avery starts off getting himself hard by jerking off while wearing the Ball Buzzer Penis Ring, a stretchy TPR cock ring with two vibrating bullets, one that can buzz a clit during vaginal sex, and one that buzzes against the wearer’s balls. Next, Avery eases Silicone Anal Beads into his ass, adding prostate and anal stimulation to his pleasure routine. These beads would be a good starter toy for anal newbies, as the individual balls start off small and increase in size, allowing the user to find the size that is best suited to them. Next, Avery removes the cockring and beads and moves into the Vibrating Inflatable Butt Plug, which starts off small and has an external pump that allows the user to inflate the plug to the desired girth while it is inside of their anus. While the butt plug is vibrating away inside Avery’s ass, he uses the James Deen Signature Pump to increase blood flow to his penis and give himself a harder, more sensitive erection. Avery then removes the butt plug and inserts the Thrusting Anal Vibe, a vibrating TPR butt plug with an external control that simulates the stroking, thrusting feeling of anal sex. Avery uses this toy briefly before removing it and stroking himself to orgasm without the aid of anymore toys. Buyer beware: if you’re new to anal play, the Vibrating Inflatable Butt Plug and Thrusting Anal Vibe are probably going to be too large for you. I’d suggest starting off with one or two smaller toys and working up to the big boys over a few days or weeks. Your anus is a delicate, sensitive part of your body that you definitely don’t want to injure, for obvious reasons. These scene ends with a quick lesson on caring for and cleaning your toys.

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Sex Toys for You and Your LoverThe wonderful Allie Haze joins Kayla Kayden for some outdoors lesbian sex in scene five. To be perfectly honest, this is the weakest of all of the scenes in Sex Toys for You and Your Lover. Haze carries the dead weight of Kayden, who seems half asleep and just barely goes through her paces; I get the feeling that she’s not actually interested in women, and her performance is very porny and inauthentic. I do appreciate that Adam & Eve at least made an effort to include lesbian sex, but I think that this scene was definitely miscast. The narrator also at one point tries to make the word “suckling” sound sexy, which… no, please don’t. Anyway, they have a bit of a warm up with Haze working her way down Kayden’s body before buzzing Kayden’s vulva through her panties with the Silky Slim Pink Vibe, a skinny coated plastic vibe with a slightly angled tip for g-spot stimulation. Haze also uses this vibe on Kayden internally while eating her pussy. One thing that I’ve noticed about this movie is that it diverts from the usual toy based porno in that it’s not obsessed with getting the biggest toys possible inside of its stars. Many men and women simply aren’t built for or don’t enjoy larger penetration, so it’s refreshing that viewers are encouraged to use smaller, more practical toys like the Silky Slim Pink Vibe. The same goes for the Silicone G-Luxe Vibe, a silky curved g-spot vibe that Kayden uses on Haze. Next, Kayden uses the Gal Pal Strapless Strap-On Dildo on Haze while Haze buzzes her clit with the g-luxe vibe. Kayden doesn’t actually use the strapless strap-on as a strapless strap-on, which makes me suspect that it doesn’t work very well for its intended purpose. However, it looks like it’s undergone a redesign since this movie was filmed, so perhaps it would be worth a shot nowadays. Finally, Haze puts on the Love Rider Universal Harness with the All-American Whopper Dong, a realistic dildo (I have no idea what material this is supposed to be) with a suction cup base. She fucks Kayden in missionary while Kayden buzzes her clit with the Silky Slim Pink Vibe. It’s during this part of the scene when Kayden’s performance reaches peak porniness, but I always love watching Haze wield a strap on, so it’s alright.

BUY THIS: Silicone G-Luxe Vibe



Sex Toys for You and Your LoverOur favorite kinky red head, Penny Pax, is joined by Preston Parker for some anal play for her in the final scene of Sex Toys for You and Your Lover. I always love seeing Pax, but I realized that I’ve never seen Parker in a movie before, which is disappointing; he’s pretty hunky in a kind of dopey, bro-y way that I inexplicably like. The narrator talks about how adding new acts and sensations to your sexual repertoire keeps things exciting for you and your partner. After getting Pax aroused, they use the very basic multi-speed silver vibrator from the Complete Lover’s Kit on Pax’s clit while Parker rims her ass. The narrator explains that rimming is an excellent way to warm up and loosen someone’s anus in preparation from anal penetration. Next up, they briefly use the Classix Prostate Stimulator from the Beginner’s Anal Fantasy Kit; despite being female bodied, they use the prostate stim on Pax while she continues to buzz herself with the silver vibe. Pax looks excited to use the Triple Pleasure Rabbit, a silicone three pronged rabbit-style vibe for simultaneous clitoral, g-spot, and anal stimulation. I own something that’s very similar and love it; but remember, rabbit style toys may not fit everyone’s anatomy, so proceed with caution! It’s pretty hot seeing Parker using this vibe on Pax while he kisses her mouth and breasts; this is another great pairing with excellent chemistry, and Pax cums while being vibed by Parker. The final toy is the X-10 Anal Beads, made from PVC. The narrator recommends that users take things slowly with the beads so that you don’t go too big too fast, and pay attention to body language to make sure that everyone’s comfortable. This scene gets particularly hot when Pax climbs on top of Parker to vaginally fuck him cowgirl style, and I loved watching Pax pull out her anal beds when she comes. This was probably my favorite scene of the bunch, and I think that it did offer good advice to anal newbies.

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The main gripe that I have with Sex Toys for You and Your Lover is that, despite being aimed towards viewers who are new to sex toys, the movie doesn’t take much time educating viewers on health and material safety. Some of these toys are not made from body-safe materials; they may leach irritating phthalates into the most sensitive parts of your body, and their porosity can make them difficult to clean, making it easy to transfer bacteria into your body. The main draw of toys made from these materials is that they’re much cheaper, so they can be attractive to first-time toy buyers who are wary of shelling out the big bucks for something that they may or may not enjoy. If you do decide to use any toys made with non-body-safe materials, I highly recommend putting a condom on them. You can learn more about safe materials in sex toys in my blog Sex Toys For The Holidays and at the Kinsey Institute. Empower yourself to do your research before bringing a new toy into your bedroom; it’s your body and your sex life, so it’s up to you to give yourself the best experience possible.

Another thing that I didn’t like about Sex Toys for You and Your Lover is an issue with the audio; it frequently drops out. I could understand if it only dropped out while the narrator is speaking, but the movie is marred by long moments of silence before the audio briefly pops back in. I love hearing the performers moan, and it would have been nice to get a better idea of how loudly some of the toys vibrate, so it was kind of annoying to have one half of my audio-visual experience missing.

One thing that I really do like about Sex Toys for You and Your Lover is its constant theme of empowerment, encouragement, and acceptance. It strives to dispel harmful myths about masturbation and human sexuality, and encourages viewers to communicate and articulate their desires to their partners. This movie was clearly designed to speak to a novice audience that is just starting to explore their sexual adventures, and I think that it hits the mark in that regard. However, if you’ve already made it past those initial awkward moments and have moved on to more advanced experimentation, then this movie might not be for you, unless you particularly enjoy any of the performers or acts. If you or your partner are excited to introduce basic sex toys into your sexual repertoire, then Sex Toys for You and Your Lover might just be the how-to-guide that you’ve been looking for.

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Do You Identify as a Feminist?  New study reveals only 18% of women identify as feminists, 85% believe in gender equality.

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– 23 books every feminist must read.






The 2015 Feminist Porn Awards

This week is the celebration of the annual Feminist Porn Awards. Organized and produced by the Good for Her shop in Toronto, Canada, the award ceremony and surrounding festivities were launched in 2006 by then manager Chanelle Gallant when the team decided “that it’s not enough to criticize adult films for not adequately representing the diversity of women’s, trans folk’s, and in many cases, men’s, sexuality…As porn star and performance artist Annie Sprinkle famously said, ‘The answer to bad porn isn’t no porn…it’s to try to make better porn!’”

This year marks the 10th anniversary or the awards and will be held April 15-17 at the Capital Event Theater at 2492 Yonge Street in Toronto. Today we take a look at the awards and Good For Her’s mission behind them.

What is Feminism?
The word feminism is defined as, “the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men.”  In practice, however; feminism is different things to different people, and is an all encompassing movement for all of those opinions at both sides of the spectrum. According to the official website, Good for Her views feminism as, “beyond gender.  It is about recognizing the mutli-facetedness of every individual and the complex struggles they may face.  As feminists, we strive for and believe in equal access to opportunities, representation and resources and we acknowledge that this is an especially urgent, fundamental and necessary fight for historically disadvantaged groups.  We support individual choice for everyone in all aspects of life, including their sexuality, profession, self-expression and pleasure.”

The feminist movement has gotten a bad rap over the years, and many say that it’s agenda is anti-male.  Good for Her strongly disagrees.  “Our feminism is not anti-male.  We value freedom for everyone and believe that men also have a valuable contribution and part to play in being allies to the feminist movement.”

The Feminist Porn Award’s Goals

– Conversation and evolution of ideas

– Respectful dynamic and creative community

– Exposing viewers to porn they may not normally have the opportunity to see or know where to find

– Providing a platform for film makers and performers whose creativity goes beyond the mainstream

– To showcase the authentic, first person sexuality of historically disadvantaged groups

What is Feminist Porn?
Just like there are many definitions of what it means to be a feminist, there are just as many definitions of what feminist porn is.  To Good for Her, these are the main attributes of what make up a genuine feminist porn:

– “Actors are treated with respect, paid fairly, given choice and ethical working conditions, empowered in their work.

– Directors collaborate with and incorporate the actor’s own sexual desires and fantasies (makes for better scenes too)!

– It expands the boundaries of sexual representation on film and challenges stereotypes especially of women and marginalized communities.

– Realistic pleasure is depicted it.

It can be:

– Edgy or soft

– Low or high production quality

– With our without a storyline

– Straight, queer, cis, trans, bi or any combination thereof

– Made by, for and includes people of any gender/sex, size, age, race or ethnicity, ability, orientation, and desires

– And of course, HOT!”

Just as with the feminist movement itself, there are many misconceptions about what feminist porn really is:

– “Only lesbian: Feminist porn celebrates the diversity of sexuality, including straight films too!

– Man-hating: Everyone deserves pleasure the way they like it, men included.

– Hugging and kissing: Styles of all kinds of porn, including the feminist variety, range from mild to wild.

– Only appeals to women: People of all genders, sexes and orientations enjoy feminist porn!

– Tattoos and hairy armpits:  Performers reflect the diversity of people in the world.  Some do, many don’t!”

In 1997, the Good for Her shop opened it’s doors to customers and have strived since to “find the best products for our customers,” and have gone to great lengths to “find unique offerings for our diverse clientele.”

“In the early 2000s, the porn industry began to change, thanks mostly to technology.  It no longer cost $100,000 to purchase a video camera.  It was much more affordable to buy editing equipment that could be used on a home computer.  And the age of the internet had arrived:  film-makers no longer had to woo a distributor who would hopefully go to bat for them in persuading retailers to carry their work.”

With this revolution in technology, more and more voices were entering the industry, and were finally able to create works that spoke to different audiences, and represented communities that were previously overlooked in porn.

“In 2006, we noticed a huge change in the options we were able to offer our customers.  People of all kinds were getting behind the camera to produce, direct and/or star in films that reflected the kinds of sex that they wanted to see on film. Finally, there were people of color, trans folks, queers and lesbians in particular directing films that featured their communities without being fetishized and with respect.”

Former Good for Her manager, Chanelle Gallant, recognized the opportunity that was being placed in front of them and suggested the creation of an event that would celebrate this movement and those contributing to it.

Alongside Good for Her’s movie reviewer, Lorraine Hewitt, Gallant coordinated the event which was initially called “Vixens + Visionaries: Female Erotic Directors Revolutionizing Porn,” and gave out awards referred to as, “The Emmas.” It was a massive success and this year, they are celebrating their 10th anniversary!

Previous Winners
Some notable winners from past shows include: Jacky St. James, Buck Angel, Lily Cade and

The Audience:
“The movies and websites that we select are for everyone.  We wish to introduce all kinds of people to all kinds of different films.  We strive to provide pleasurable viewing options for a diversity of audiences so they can see themselves and their desires reflected on screen.  This includes EVERYONE from suburban soccer moms to downtown radical hipsters and all folks in between!”

The Judging Criteria:
Quality: We love to award films that look great.  We believe it is possible to make a great-looking film even with a limited amount of resources.  We consider such factors as editing, framing, lighting, sound and overall production value when making selections.  Attention to detail is appreciated!  Story-crafting, acting, music, and direction are all factors that reveal how much care was put into the production of a movie (Earnest feminism isn’t good enough).

- Inclusiveness: We recognize in a niche-based industry like porn not all films are for all audiences and aren’t able to include everyone.  But we also love it when films make an effort to explore sexualities that are often marginalized or ignored by mainstream porn.

– It’s our goal to highlight and celebrate films that appeal to a diversity of audiences.

– We like to include films that contain kink, BDSM, and consensual non-consent in a fictional context.  We believe that these can be valid feminist fantasies. We do not view consensual BDSM as violence or abuse.

– We don’t include or support films that rely upon sexual stereotypes. There are way more fantasy options out there and we love it when people are creative.

- The “It” Factor: Movies that showcase a unique perspective are especially appealing, whether this is about the story being told, the interactions between characters or technical aspects like framing and editing.  We are always most impressed when we encounter something novel, innovative and exciting that causes us to think about sexuality in a fresh way.

- Hotness: Bodies are well-lit, framed and shot to perfection, desire radiates off the screen, and all parties involved appear enthusiastic.  Plenty of orgasms don’t hurt either.

The Nominees
Here is the full list of the 2015 nominee. Stay tuned to find out who takes home this year’s trophies!

The Films

(S)he Comes – Petra Joy

Alias and Knives – John Bee

Art of Spanking – Erika Lust

Between the HeadlinesLily Cade

BIODILDO 2.0 – Christian Slaughter

Bitch – Pandora Blake

Bound by Borders – Tori Hill Meyer

Doing it Again Vol. 2: Fearless Revealing – Tori Hill Meyer

Don’t Touch Me – Lucie Blush

FTMFUCKER Volume 1James Darling

Fuck Dolls – Zahra Stardust, Emerald

Fucking MysticCourtney Trouble

Galactic Cannibalism – Naomi Rutledge

Hearthrob Marathon – Zahra Stardust, James Darling, Wolf Hudson

Heavenly Spire Volume 1 – Shine Louise Houston

Hello Titty – Skyler Braeden Fox and Idan Sagiv Richter

Homance – cocopop, Maxine Holloway, and Siouxsie Q

I Wish I Was a Lesbian – Erika Lust

If You Dare – Lucie Blush

Instructed – Pandora Blake and Ms. Naughty

It’s My Birthday and I’ll Fly if I Want To – Morgana Muses

Jessica Drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex: Plus SizeJessica Drake and Kelly Shibari

JL + DD: Jiz Lee and Danni DanielsJiz Lee and Danni Daniels

Lesbian Curves 3: Soft Girls and Strap OnsCourtney Trouble

LOVE HARD – Gala Vanting

Marriage 2.0 – Paul Deeb

Mien – Gala Vanting

Momentum Vol. 1 – Michelle Flynn

Pachisi – The Madame

Pansexual Orgy Pt. 1 – Trick

Playing Truant – Pandora Blake

Pulsion – Ovidie

Put the Needle on the Record – Shine Louise Houston

Queen Bee Empire –Samuel Shanahoy

Romantic Queer Vintage – Trick

Ryan James:  Single Handed – Ms. Naughty

Shutter – Goodyn Green

Tease  – Ms. Naughty

The Agency – Nimue

The Crash Pad’s Guide to Fisting – Shine Louise Houston

The Fantasy Project – Ms. Naughty

The Mechanic – Anna Brownfield

The Sexual Liberation of Anna Lee – Jacky St. James

The Starrlust ExperienceMadison Young

Trans Lesbians – Courtney Trouble

Trans Men AdventuresMichelle Austin and James Darling

Wwitterbating – Evie Eliot

Waiting for Godot – Gala Vanting

Wall of Fire – Lisa Ganser

Wanna Ride? – Nikki Silver

Xconfessions Vol. 2 – Erika Lust

The Websites



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Maria Beatty – Filmmaker





Maria Beatty has been producing and making films since the late 1980’s and has an extensive filmography of varying genres. Beatty’s films range from noir to Western, and as imaginative as German Expressionism. While many of her early films focused primarily on BDSM and fetishism, her later works incorporate current queer porn imagery and narratives. As an influential filmmaker, Beatty has worked with legendary musicians and writers such as John Zorn and Lydia Lunch. Beatty’s films depict pornography in a way that allows the viewer to get off, while illustrating sexuality through various creative angles, locations and storylines.






  Strap-On Motel (2008)

Strap-On Motel was nominated at the 2009 Feminist Porn Awards, and has been a favorite of some of the staff at HM4H. This film takes an honest look at the sexual relationships between women, and how that lust can become an all-consuming desire. Too often, lesbian erotica can become formulaic, but Beatty’s set design and choice of actors ensures genuine chemistry and sploosh-worthy performances. This film illustrates nostalgia for the Los Angeles of the past with a soundtrack full of longing horns, and melancholic voice-overs.



The Black Glove (1998)

Film noir influenced, The Black Glove explores the artistry and inventiveness needed to perform and enjoy an SM experience. Beatty is gorgeous and vulnerable in the role of the submissive. The viewer is privy to the slow practice of restraining the submissive, and the imagery of pleasurable torture. The use of sound in this film is compelling as the texture of the latex corset, the buckles as it is tied, and the sharpness of the Wartenberg pinwheel are heard in a brilliant design by John Zorn. This is an erotic representation of fetishes, which explores the psychological aspect of BDSM by offering a voyeuristic experience.





  Ecstasy in Berlin 1926 (2004)

If you have ever fantasized about the promiscuity or outlandish activities of the Weimar period in Berlin, then look no farther than Ecstasy in Berlin 1926. Filmed in black and white, this film shows the heightened sexual era that has become synonymous with decadence. Beatty is able to mix that Weimar mystique with the air of naïveté and desire. As the protagonist sleeps the viewer gets a glimpse into the imagination of a submissive, and the fantasies created by her deviant mind.





Post Apocalyptic Cowgirls (2009)

These women are beautiful, and the perfect combination of tough and sexy you would expect from Western-themed porn. Beatty casts people who sincerely love the type of sex they are portraying, and the cinematic storytelling allows the viewer to see the dynamic between characters develop. Reminiscent of Kenneth Anger’s films, Post Apocalyptic Cowgirls is an amazing answer to the road trip genre, and actor Surgeon Scofflaw has a raw sexuality and an incredible on-screen presence.




Beatty’s latest film, The Black Widow (2015) examines the grief of a woman who has recently lost her Mistress. As she walks through the graveyard to her lover’s tomb, she remembers the intense sexual experiences they enjoyed, and she is overcome. In order for her to cope with her loss she takes on a new lover. Miles away, another couple plays with dominance and submission in an elegant mansion. Beatty pays great attention to detail in the shibari work, costume design, and sexually charged portrayals of BDSM.

As Beatty’s career progresses her films become more imaginative, colorful and intriguing. The desperation is painfully obvious in the longing for a dead lover, and the deep need for connection and trust is evident in every scene. Her movies can take on playful themes, but Beatty’s presentation of women’s sexuality is always done with an authority that only a veteran director can implement.