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The Authentic Lesbian Reviews: Crash Pad Series Episode 64: Chocolate Chip, Sadie Lune, and Surgeon

Box Cover for Crash Pad Episode 64Crash Pad Series Episode 64: Chocolate Chip, Sadie Lune, and Surgeon was my first Crash Pad experience, and it definitely lived up to the hype. From the beginning it’s easy to tell that Sadie Lune is in control of the scene and the performers. By the 2 minute mark Chocolate Chip is framed as the newbie, and Surgeon Scofflaw as Sadie’s right hand woman. Before the clothes even started to come off, I fell in love with Sadie’s bossy authority and the playful awkwardness she intentionally threw into the mix, first by instructing each girl to kiss her separately, then by telling Chip to take off her clothes while Surgeon sits on her lap and they both watch Chip. Sadie makes Chip confront the camera and her nervousness immediately (which she later admits to). For me, this helped drill her character into my head. Chip is already super sexy, and now you get a shy but more than willing girl inserted into the fantasy. What could be better than that!?

Oh, let me tell you…Sadie, as previously stated, is completely in control and in semi-dominatrix mode as she commands Surgeon to tease Chip. Surgeon is extremely hot and, apparently, an expert in the art of titty sucking. Not every woman out there knows what to do with a nipple in her mouth, but from Chip’s facial expression it’s safe to say Surgeon has it down! Per Sadie’s instructions, she continues her tease, this time with her hair, letting it brush lightly with a tickling effect up and down Chip’s body. I’ve never seen or had this done intentionally, but on a girl’s way down I can imagine the sensation one might feel. Add to it the controlled situation she finds herself in and this must be heavenly for our newbie. This, mixed with the environment, had me on the edge already! Thank the Goddesses of Lesbos Sadie isn’t as overwhelmed as me! She feels the heat rising, and changes course by putting Chip in the ass up position (thank you thank you thank you!) and having Surgeon go spanking 101 all over that beautiful, round butt. Neither I nor Chip was expecting this move, but both of us appreciated it. The newbie took it all in stride as was evident by her moans and the slight grin on her face once it was all said and done.

Sadie continues to throw Chip in the spotlight by asking her about her toe sucking experience and then demanding she slowly illustrate on Surgeon. At this point, Sadie has a vibrator running on constant full speed between her legs with both breasts exposed and you can tell she sees something in Chip she likes, because now she wants to see her “blowjob eyes.” Surgeon straps up and Chip’s 15 minutes of fame start. Usually this is the part I skip because I can never relate to the blowjob (maybe because I’ve never given one), but with Sadie guiding us I needed to see where this ended up and I am soooo happy I let it play out. The blowjob was cool, but Sadie really turned me on with her directions! She tells Chip to look at her and instantly I understood what she meant by “blowjob eyes.” Next she tells her to arch her back so her ass can be seen from the front, and again, there goes my top! I don’t know what it is, but Chip is fucking hot, man!

Round 3 is all about Surgeon making Chip cum, at Sadie’s command, of course. We finally have our first look at Chip’s fully naked body and all I can say is I hope she’s in more features! Her look is natural, her body is fit and her moans resonate with such authenticity that I almost blew it again! Surgeon is loving every moment of it too. She teases a little longer before eating Chip out. There’s a great shot of Chip’s hands gripping the bed post during this scene that slowly pans up to Sadie and her trusty vibrator watching with a pleasure filled grin on her face and she tells Chip to look her in the eyes the entire time. With Surgeon going to town I can just imagine how hard that task was, but Chip was up to it and the whole thing was pure porn magic!

It’s not over for our Chocolate Chip just yet. Surgeon plays with her clit while Chip sits between her legs, directly in front of Sadie. Talk about pleasantly awkward. Eventually Sadie hands her vibrator over and watches as Chip pleases herself while Surgeon fondles her nipples. The final orgasm from Chip is a buildup of everything she’s endured, and if Sadie was handing out grades there’s no way Chip finishes with anything less than an A. Sadie couldn’t care less about grades at this point though. She’s been playing with herself while handing out directions and now it’s time for her to get off. Both girls begin kissing all over her big pierced boobs and each other while Sadie holds her vibrator to her pussy, which I imagine is dripping wet by now. As Sadie begins to scream her orgasm (which we’ve all come to expect and love, or not, from her) the girls enhance the moment by sucking on her earlobes, licking her neck, and groping her tits. This is the first time I can say I was actually sad to see a porno flick end. I remembered rewind is actual thing and the panic calmed, but shit got real for a second there. This is definitely a fantasy to be revisited more than once!

I was a little confused by the constant presence of an internet voyeur whose hands and laptop they cut to at various points throughout the film, but the cuts are maybe 3 seconds in length and not once did it take away from the experience or the scene itself. It simply left me with a “huh?” and then a “oh yeah, you again” whenever she (I’m assuming because of hand size) entered the scene. Overall, I was beyond satisfied, like 3 times beyond, with my first Pink and White Productions Crash Pad experience and have already started a list of titles from them I want to watch next. Shine Louise Houston is a genius!

Watch Crash Pad Series Episode 64: Chocolate Chip, Sadie Lune, and Surgeon now on!

Hot Reviews: A Thing Of Beauty

When I began watching Dana Vespoli’s A Thing Of Beauty, I knew a few things right off the bat-it was going to be super hot, compelling, and maybe a little twisted. What I wasn’t prepared for was the incredible pornographic psychodrama that ensued. Of course, any porn directed by a woman has my immediate attention, but Dana Vespoli’s directorial work has a specific style and finesse that is nothing short of artistic.

A Thing Of Beauty is, of all Dana Vespoli’s films, a standout favorite of mine. As both a bibliophile and a professional pervert, I was ecstatic to find that Dana based her premise for Beauty off of the 2015-06-18_15-04-16classic Faustian legend of one selling their soul to the devil in order to gain an earthly desire. In this case, Bree Daniels is a depressed, mousy girl working a shitty temp job. She can’t get a man to save her life, and she’s at the end of her rope…literally. Just before Bree is about to end it all, she sees an infomercial on her TV for the “Victoria Hook Two-Part Plan” to turn things around and start living the life that she deserves. Bree watches as the scary-beautiful Victoria, played by Dana Vespoli, works her she-devil magic and sells the hell out of the extremely vague plan that consists of “believing and receiving.” Easy enough, Bree figures, and calls the number on her screen. She has no idea what a fateful, yet sexy, decision she’s made!2015-06-16_11-46-03


After meeting Victoria Hook and signing some documents (without paying much attention), it’s official-Bree Daniels has made a deal with the devil! Victoria ensures her that the life-changing effects of this pact will be noticeable within 24 hours. Bree goes home, 2015-06-18_15-06-42unaware of the price she’s just paid, and goes to bed. When she wakes up, looking more like the Bree Daniels-sexpot we’re accustomed to seeing, she has an extra pep in her step and she’s ready to see what this two-part plan is all about. As she’s walking down the street, she runs into none other than the dreamy Logan Pierce. Once Logan gets a glance at Bree’s newfound confidence and rockin’ bod, he invites her out for coffee. Sparks fly as they desperately clutch their Starbucks cups in order to conceal the copyrighted logo, and soon the new couple is headed to the bedroom. This was the first guy-girl scene of Bree’s that I’ve watched, and fans of her lesbian work will be pleased to find that she’s as demure as ever even while being ferociously penetrated. Logan starts out the foreplay by eating Bree’s pussy with her perfect ass in his face. I mean, seriously, look at her flawless, porcelain cheeks. She’s got quite the jealousy-inducing booty! After some expertly executed cunnilingus, Bree goes to town on Logan’s handsome cock. The sex that follows was nothing out of the ordinary for a straight, hardcore scene, but watching two gorgeous people fuck is always awesome.

SCENE TWO:2015-06-18_15-09-35

The following Monday, Bree lands a new job and can’t wait to get started. She takes the bus to the address of her new office, but finds that the directions led her right into the middle of the woods. Things are starting to get creepy! Shadows pass in the forefront and Bree is rightfully creeped out. Suddenly, two mysterious women-Sinn Sage and Karlie Montana-appear out of nowhere at Bree’s side. They’re wearing top hats and all black, and something about the look in their eyes makes evident the fact that 2015-06-18_15-11-54Sinn and Karlie are not of this earth. In fact, I’m pretty positive these chicks are demons sent by Victoria Hook. Well, the demon-girls grab Bree and pull her down into a graffiti-covered tunnel, where they proceed to grope and undress the frightened girl. They laugh and moan and inform her that they’re going to make her “do things she’s never done before.” Soon, Sinn and Karlie have Bree pinned against the wall as they lick and finger her pussy. Bree meekly submits to the Sapphic fiends and a hellishly hot lesbian threesome ensues! For someone who was raised Catholic, the demonic dirty talk hit home in a specifically sexy-but-scary way for me, especially the Jesus-cross dildo that Sinn and Karlie fuck Bree with. This was a seriously twisted, awesome scene.



I admit this is my favorite scene. Bree must’ve passed out after Sinn and Karlie fucked her brains out, because she awakens in a weird 2015-06-18_15-13-52plane of existence that is surely hell. Bree opens one of the velvet curtains she’s surrounded by to reveal Lea Lexis adorned in a spine-chilling ballerina-doll costume, dancing in pointe shoes like she’s possessed. That freaks Bree out, as it should, so she moves on to the next curtain to see what lies behind. Bree opens the curtain to everyone’s favorite femdom, Aiden Starr, cinched in a leather corset with appropriately black, demonic makeup covering her face. Aiden is caressing Skin Diamond, asking if she’s in pain. Skin Diamond is a fallen angel, and her wings were ripped off, as evidenced by the feathery scars on her back. Aiden makes Skin Diamond say that she’s better off without her wings, and Aiden proceeds to spank Skin Diamond’s gorgeous ass. In typical Aiden Starr style, Aiden says some hilarious shit while she dominates Skin Diamond. When Skin Diamond moans “oh god” as Aiden continuously stimulates her G-spot with her fingers, Aiden stops and demands, “Don’t say ‘god’ anymore.” Because, get it, 2015-06-18_15-16-12they’re in hell! Aiden flogs Skin Diamond while asking her why she’s such a fucking slut, but Skin Diamond doesn’t have a good enough answer. “You’re a fucking whore for no good reason?” Aiden quips, and continues punishing her ass with the flogger. When Skin Diamond pushes her ass out, Aiden says, “This is the naughtiest little pussy I’ve ever laid my fucking eyes on.” Aiden makes Skin Diamond eat her pussy as some really hot punishment, and Skin Diamond is able to make her cum. Aiden is proud of her angel-turned-devilslut, and some really awesome strap-on sex ensues. I can’t give this scene enough credit, so if you like kinky lesbian scenes, just go ahead and watch it already!



Bree’s mind is blown, as it should be, so she retreats back to another2015-06-18_15-19-55 curtain, where none other than the devil herself, Victoria Hook, and Mick Blue are about to get it on. Mick Blue is another fallen angel, and as Victoria gropes his body, she says, “I love turning good boys out.” Victoria shakes her hot ass and tells Mick, “So many bad things have happened here.” That’s all the she-devil needs to say, and Mick rips open her pantyhose and begins to rim her. Victoria turns around and sucks Mick’s huge dick, and soon the two are having hardcore anal sex the way I’d imagine Satan would enjoy it. All throughout the ass-pounding, we know Bree is watching from afar. When the steamy encounter is over, Victoria Hook approaches Bree and informs her that she’s cashing in on her half of the deal. This is the part in all Faustian schemes where the devil collects the protagonists’ soul, and even this porn movie doesn’t skip out on that half of the deal. When Bree realizes she’s sold her soul to the devil, 2015-06-18_15-24-56she puts her head in her hands and calls Victoria “heartless.” In response, Victoria reveals that-indeed-her heart has been ripped out of her chest, right between those perky tits! The only way Bree can get out of this deal is if she offers up another soul to Victoria in replace of her own. When Victoria asks if she’d sacrifice Logan Pierce’s soul instead, Bree admits that she could never do that to someone, and somehow this pure-heartedness frees Bree from the deal! Suddenly, Bree wakes up at home in bed with Logan, and *cue Biggie* -IT WAS ALL A DREAM. Thankful she isn’t stuck in hell with those sex-crazed demons, Bree wakes Logan up and begins to kiss him. Logan pans over to the camera, and the last thing we see before the screen goes black is his face transform into a dark, devilish grin.

All in all, A Thing Of Beauty is one of the coolest movies I’ve had the privilege of reviewing at HotMoviesForHer, and I highly suggest you check it out; if not for the incredible sex, for the insanely cool plot. Dana Vespoli has truly created a porn masterpiece here, and I’m really thankful that intelligent female directors like her are so active in the industry these days. For more movie reviews and sex-related stuff, follow me on twitter @BridgetXXXXXXX and all of us @hotmoviesforher!



A Timeline of the Gay Rights Equality Movement in America


The month of June has been designated as Gay Pride Month, and across the globe, gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgender men and women, as well as their cis-identifying straight supporters, take to the streets in a show of celebration (and pride) for just how far the equality rights movement has come.  This week in particular commemorates Pride Week and HotMoviesforHer is taking a look at the impetus behind the social revolution that has led to the current, crucial moment in our nation’s history.

Below is a timeline detailing the fight for LGBT equality here in the United States from its inception to now!

1779: Founding father Thomas Jefferson proposes a law that would require castration for gay men and mutilation of the nose cartilage for lesbians.  At the time, death was the most common penalty.

1924: The first gay rights organization, The Society for Human Rights, is founded in Chicago by Henry Gerber.

1947-1950: 1,700 federal job applications were denied, 4,380 were discharged from the military, and 420 were fired from their government jobs on the basis they were suspected homosexuals.

1948:  Alfred Kinsey publishes Sexual Behavior in the Human Male, which concluded that homosexual activity is not limited to those who classify themselves as homosexual.

1950:  Homosexuals are included on the list of those deemed “Un-American,” by the State Department, based on the theory they would be “susceptible to blackmail,” and that “those who engage in perversion lack the emotional stability of a normal persons.’”

1950: The Mattachine Society is established in Los Angeles. Mattachine was one of the first two organizations in the United States to focus on the cause of homosexuality and provide social opportunities for the homosexual community.

1950: The Daughters of Bilitis, similar to the Mattachine Society, is established in San Francisco with the aim of providing similar services to the lesbian community.

1950s–1960s: The FBI and local police departments maintained files on known homosexuals, along with favored establishments and associates.  The US Postal Service kept records of addresses to where any materials that involved homosexuality were mailed. Universities expelled gay professors.  State and local governments closed gay bars, performed sweeps of the neighborhoods, and outlawed the wearing of opposite gender clothes.

1952: The American Psychiatric Association lists homosexuality as a mental disorder in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM).

1953: President Eisenhower signs Executive Order 10450, which banned homosexuals from federal government positions, including contractors. Homosexuality is listed as a security risk, next to alcoholism.

1953: In August, the US Postal Service refuses to deliver ONE Magazine, which focused on homosexuals in heterosexual marriages.

1956: Psychologist Evenly Hooker releases her paper, “The Adjustment of the Male Overt Homosexual,” which concludes based on various tests, that there is no significant difference between homosexuals and heterosexuals.

1958: The Supreme Court rules that ONE, Inc. could mail its magazine through the US Postal Service.

220px-Wiki02CinoFront19651958: Caffe Cino opens in New York. The café will later be credited as starting the off-broadway theater movement and hosting the first gay plays, The Madness of Lady Bright and The Haunted Host, in 1964.

1962: Illinois becomes the first state to legalize homosexuality after repealing its sodomy laws.

1965: Frank Kamney, founder of the Mattachine Washington, DC chapter, organizes a picket at the White House to protest employment discrimination after being fired from the US Army Map Service due to his orientation.

1965: The first “Annual Reminders,” protests that were the precursor of Pride marches, begin being held at Independence Hall in Philadelphia.220px-Barbara_Gittings_1965

1966: The Mattachine Society states a “sip-in,” at Greenwich Village’s Julius Bar.  The New York Liquor Authority had deemed homosexuals as “disorderly,” and prohibited them being served alcohol.  This sit-in was the impetus for future legislation that eventually led the New York City Commission on Human Rights to declare homosexuals have the right to be served.

1966: The Compton’s Cafeteria riots break out in San Francisco after police arrive to arrest all males inside that were dressed as women. This also sparked the beginning of transgender activism in San Francisco.

1966: The National Transsexual Counseling Unit, the first transgender organization in the US, is established in San Francisco.

1966:  The Student Homophile League, the oldest collegiate student union for homosexuals, in founded at Columbia University in New York.

stonewallii1969–June 28th: The Stonewall Riots, the first documented case of LGBT rioting, occurs in New York City after a police raid on The Stonewall Inn, a local gay bar on Christopher Street in the Village. This event is known as being the catalyst of the gay rights movement.

1973: Homosexuality is removed from the DSM as a mental disorder.

1974: After being elected to the Ann Arbor, MI City Council, Kathy Kozachenko becomes the first openly gay American elected to office.

harvey-milk1977: Harvey Milk, one of the most famous gay rights activists known for introducing legislation protecting gays and lesbians from being fired from their jobs, is elected to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

1978:  Harvey Milk is assassinated by former city supervisor Dan White.

1979: Harvey Milk assassin Dan White is convicted of involuntary manslaughter and sentenced to 7 years in prison. Because of the leniency of the sentence, 5,000 protesters ransack San Francisco’s City Hall causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage.  The next night, 10,000 further protestors gather on Castro and Market Streets for a peaceful demonstration and to commemorate what would have been Milk’s 49th birthday.

1979: In a bid for equal rights and civil rights legislation, 75,000 protestors march on Washington in the National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights.

1980: At the Democratic National Convention, the Democratic Party becomes the first political party to embrace a homosexual rights platform after stating it will not discriminate against homosexuals. According to the platform, “All groups must be protected from discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin, language, age, sex, or sexual orientation.”

download1981: The New York Times prints the first story documenting 41 cases of a rare pneumonia and skin cancer that has been found in gay men in both New York and California, referring to it as GRID, short for Gay Related Immune Deficiency Disorder (so named by the Center for Disease Control, aka CDC).  It is not until the same symptoms are found outside of the gay community that biologist Bruce Voeller successfully lobbies to have the name changed to AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome).

1982:  The state of Wisconsin becomes the first to make discrimination based on sexual orientation illegal.

1984: Berkley, CA, becomes the first city to offer domestic-partnership benefits to its employees.

1987: ACT UP (The AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power), the first AIDS advocacy group, is formed in New York. ACT UP organizes demonstrations against drug companies that are profiteering from AIDS related medications.

1987: Hundreds of thousands of protesters convene on Washington to demand then President Reagan address the rampant AIDS crisis.

1988: Understanding AIDS, an AIDS awareness brochure is mailed to every household (107 million brochures) in the United States by the CDC.

1988: The first World AIDS Day is organized by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Ryan_White1990: After the passing of Ryan White (an Indiana teenager barred from attending middle school after an AIDS diagnosis attributed to a tainted hemophilia treatment), President George H.W. Bush signs the Ryan White Care Act, a federally funded program for Americans living with AIDS.

1991: The red ribbon is adopted as the symbol for AIDS awareness.

1993: “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” the US military policy that forbids homosexuals from serving openly, is implemented by President Bill Clinton.

1996: The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) rules that Colorado’s 2nd Amendment, which denied gays and lesbians protections from discrimination, is unconstitutional (Romer v Evans).

1996: The Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) is signed into law by President Bill Clinton. DOMA defines legal marriage between one man and one woman, and that no sate is required to recognize a same-sex marriage from another state.

1998: Martin Luther King Jr.’s widow, Coretta Scott King, states the civil rights community should embrace the struggle against homophobia.

2000: Vermont becomes the first state to legalize civil unions for same-sex couples.

2003: SCOTUS determines sodomy laws in the US are unconstitutional (Lawrence v. Texas).

2004: The state of Massachusetts becomes the first to legalize same-sex marriage.

2004–2010: New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, New Jersey (civil unions), Iowa, and Washington, DC, follow Massachusetts’ lead and legalize same-sex marriage.

2007: The US House of Representatives approves a bill granting equal rights to gays and lesbians in the workplace.

2008: Proposition 8 is approved by California voters, making same-sex marriage illegal in that state, which inspires the NOH8 campaign promoting marriage equality.

2008: California, Arizona, and Florida approve a ban on same-sex marriage, while Arkansas passes a measure forbidding gays and lesbians from adopting.

2009: The Matthew Shepard Act is passed, which expands federal hate crime legislation to protect victims who are targeted based upon their perceived gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability.

2009: President Obama signs a memorandum giving same-sex partners of federal employees the right to receive certain benefits (health care not included).

2009: Harvey Milk is posthumously awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Barrack Obama.

2010: A San Francisco judge rules Prop 8 is unconstitutional.

2010: “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” is repealed, allowing gays and lesbians to serve openly in the military.

2011: President Barrack Obama announces his administration will no longer defend DOMA.

2011: New York legalizes same-sex marriage.

Leaving_courthouse_on_first_day_of_gay_marriage_in_Washington2012: Washington state and Maryland legalize same-sex marriage.

2012: President Barrack Obama endorses same-sex marriage. “It is important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think same-sex couples should be able to get married.”

2012: Wisconsin’s Tammy Baldwin becomes first openly gay person elected to the US Senate.

2012: Minnesota voters reject a proposition to ban same-sex marriage in their state.

2013: The Washington Wizards’ Jason Collins comes out as the first openly-gay player in the NBA, NFL, NHL or MLB.

2013: Same-sex marriage goes into effect in Delaware.

2013: DOMA is ruled unconstitutional by the SCOTUS.

2013: Illinois begins to recognize same-sex marriages.

2013: Hawaii begins to recognize same-sex marriages. “This is  nothing more than the expansion of aloha in Hawaii,” according to State Senator J. Kalani English.

2014: Same-sex marriage is legalized in Oregon.

2014: The same-sex marriage ban is struck down in Pennsylvania.

2014: The SCOTUS denies to hear requests attempting to block same-sex marriage in Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia, and Wisconsin.  Virginia announces civil unions the same day. Kansas and South Carolina follow suit one month later.

2014: A federal judge rules Montana’s same-sex marriage ban is unconstitutional.

2015: Jazzie’s Place, the first shelter for LGBT adults, opens in San Francisco.

2015: Large, international corporations such as Target, Dove, and Cheerios begin incorporating gay families in their advertising.

2015: An Indiana law that gave businesses the right to discriminate against members of the LGBT community in their state is scuttled after major corporations like Wal-Mart and Salesforce threaten to stop doing business in the state.

2015: Laverne Cox becomes the first transgender woman to be featured on the cover of Time magazine.

2015: Famous athlete and personality Bruce Jenner comes out to the world as transgender and begins living publicly as Caitlyn Jenner.

2015: The state of NJ hits a milestone with over 5,000 same-sex marriages performed.

June 26, 2015:  Gay Marriage is ruled legal in all 50 states by the US Supreme Court.




Hot Reviews: Anal Day

Anal Day BoxcoverYou know what the mildly inconvenient part about being a professional porn watcher is? Sometimes you get assigned to really good pornos, and it takes forever for you to review them, because then you’re just horny the whole time and have to keep texting a someone (you know who you are) to tell them that you’re thinking about their penis. And then they send you a photo of their penis and then your day is REALLY shot all to hell.

Anal Day from director/performer/wet dream James Deen is one of those movies. Filmed in an amateur style with no crew and just a hand held camera, Anal Day stars five beautiful women, including long-time industry veterans and a first time amateur. There’s varying amounts of anal in each scene; Deen takes the smallest “Let’s just try it out” dip into Mia Austin’s ass, and two scenes later is DPing Nadia Styles alongside Tommy Pistol. This unevenness surprisingly works in the movie’s favor; part of Deen’s strength lies in his ability to showcase the diversity of his costars. These are all very different women, with varying bodies, experiences, personalities, and styles of fucking, and that’s what’s important here; the anal is an afterthought. Deen may be in every scene, but it’s the women who are the stars of the show.

Scene 1 – Adrianna Nicole

adrianna nicole in anal day
Image courtesy of

Anal Day opens with James Deen joining kinky, naturally curvy, 30-something blonde Adrianna Nicole in her New York apartment. Nicole and Deen have both been fucking on camera since 2004, and they approach the scene super casually, as old friends who maybe haven’t seen each other in a while, but whose reunion doesn’t require any fan fare. Nicole goes make-up free, and seems almost stand offish at times, but once the sexy times start at around the 6-minute mark, all that falls away. I’ve seen her blow a dude before, but holy shit, Adrianna Nicole must have an iron uvula. She deep throats in ways that I can only dream of, with her whole mouth quivering around the base of Deen’s cock. She confides in Deen that she loses her sense of hearing when there’s a cock in her, and I have to conclude that she also loses her gag reflex. When the actual vagina/anal fucking happens, it’s fairly unporno, other than the standard opening up the camera. Nicole isn’t really performing, just enjoying the moment with Deen; there’s plenty of intimate eye contact, kissing, and unhearable whispers, aka many of the things that we love about James Deen. Most notable about this scene is the lack of a cumshot; Deen is on the record as saying that his orgasm is the least interesting part about sex. Instead, he turns the camera off and runs off to the bathroom to pee on Adrianna Nicole, which I totally wish we could have seen. What I love about this scene is how bare bones it is (harsh lighting, no makeup/wardrobe, un-luxurious setting) while still starring people who are really good at having sex just doing what they would do even if the camera wasn’t there.

Scene 2 – Ava Addams

Image courtesy of

Dark haired, big boobed MILF Ava Addams is up next in Anal Day, and her scene is probably the most porno of them all, and might be my least favorite of the bunch. Addams is very performative, and it makes it difficult for me to fall into the “these are just two porn stars fucking normally on their day off” fantasy. However, I don’t think the Addams or Deen are being inauthentic, and I definitely think that they’re super hot. And call me a rube, but I can totally buy Addams being as multi-orgasmic as she professes. I don’t really have a ton to say about this scene; there isn’t a ton of foreplay, but there’s lots of anal sex in lots of different positions, and Addams calls Deen “daddy” a lot, but he’s not very daddy-dommy in it. If you like James Deen putting his penis in MILF butts, you should watch this, definitely.



Scene 3 – Mia Austin

Image courtesy of
Image courtesy of

Full stop, this is my favorite scene of Anal Day. Mia Austin is a gorgeous, coy, multi-ethnic, poofy haired princess who is slowly and flirtatiously brought out of her shell by Deen in an exchange of dirty talk. They discuss how the last time they performed together, Austin was brand new to the industry; in Anal Day, Deen has her describe what she’s been up to since then, such as her first BBG threesome, and then has her tell him what her fantasies are, all while he feels her up and slowly gets her out of her dress. The whole exchange is ridiculously hot to me, and makes for a great bit of verbal foreplay and tease footage. They finally get down to business when Austin says, “I want you to put the camera down and fuck me.” Deen growls and complies, pushing Austin up against a glass sliding door and eating Austin’s ass and pussy from behind.  Mia Austin seems so sweet and innocent until she’s got Deen’s cock in her mouth; she really knows what she’s doing with it. The vast majority of this scene is limited to vaginal penetration, which works just fine for me. Deen sensually doms Austin, slapping her ass, growling, tossing her around, and making her whimper with pleasure. It’s not until about 45 minutes into the scene that Deen asks Austin if she wants to try having his cock in her ass. I love that Deen asks for consent, which Austin grants, and that he doesn’t just slam his cock in her. He goes very slowly, and they just chill out with him inside her for a minute before he really starts thrusting. It feels like such an authentic example of how real couples go about negotiation their sexual encounters, and how people safely explore new sexual territories. There’s really a lot of truth behind “Consent is sexy” campaign, and Deen and Austin really exemplify that in this scene. I definitely recommend it!

Scene 4 – Grayson Z

Image courtesy of
Image courtesy of

Next up, Deen joins amateur Grayson Z in Brooklyn, New York. Grayson is one of many women who have applied on Deen’s website to star in a scene with him, and one of the few who has actually stepped in front of his camera. She’s a beautiful, tattooed, pierced Latina hipster with a gloriously curvy body and an affinity for blow jobs. Her small talk with Deen isn’t particularly flirtatious, but they’ve got a great little buddy-cop connection going on. She’s allowed to ease herself into her first time fucking on camera, but once she starts, she’s unstoppable. Grayson Z is really really really good at sucking cock. I am seriously going to re-watch this for pointers. Not only is she really good at it, but she also seems to really enjoy it; she has this great focus while she’s doing it, and just seems like she’s really fascinated by cock. The actual fucking is pretty awesome too. Like in the previous scene with Mia Austin, most of it’s just vaginal, with a little dip in the butt towards the end, but that’s all fine by me. The great thing about Grayson is that her amateur status makes her reactions to getting fucked by Deen appear to be authentic and genuine. I’m sure Deen probably coached her on how to open up for the camera, but I totally buy that Grayson’s orgasms are real and that she really enjoyed filming her scene. A little internet snooping has shown me that Grayson has done at least two other scenes with Deen, and I’m really hoping that they’ll also make their way to my desk!

Scene 5 – Nadia Styles, Tommy Pistol, and James Deen

nadia styles
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Deen saves the most intense action for the fifth and final scene of Anal Day, a threesome between himself, alt-Latina performer Nadia Styles, and tattooed DILF Tommy Pistol. The three veteran porn stars are hilarious together, trading stories from their time in the industry and joking around over drinks in Deen’s kitchen. As pants are coming off, Deen makes the observation that “We all do porn, but for some reason we still act like twelve year olds.” They kind of do, but don’t worry dear readers, because everything here is totally legal. This is a pretty rough and tumble threesome, complete with a sloppy double blow job, vaginal fucking that leads to anal, explosive squirting, and of course tons of searing double penetration. BBG threesomes and DPs aren’t usually my thing, but the joyous roughness and hysterical glee with which this veteran trio goes at each other is too much fun not to love.

The variety of women and situations in Anal Day, plus James Deen fucking the way that he fucks, means that there will probably be at least one scene worth getting off to. Anal Day offers up a great selection of hot, amateur style, woman friendly anal scenes.

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The Authentic Lesbian Reviews: At Last

At Last lesbian porn movieThe story goes that Gina Devine and Eileen Sue have been waiting a long time to explore each other’s lady parts on camera. From the very beginning of the Lesbea film At Last, these two are staring at each other, smiling non-stop, and even brushing back strands of hair from each other’s faces. The chemistry is definitely there and the girls are beautiful, so getting through this one was easy breezy (besides the first minute of cheesy jewelry box music). The kissing is extremely hot! It’s obvious the girls are into each other and that helps passionate kisses come across on screen, but the kissing sounds are what really got me! After the music drops out you’re almost thrown into the room through the audio. It’s so clear and distinct that it adds to the fantasy. You can feel what they’re feeling through the sounds they make. I don’t know if that’s just good audio equipment or if I just leveled up my lesbo credibility by being incredibly turned on by any sounds coming from naked women’s mouths, but either way I hope it’s a trend that continues!

The actual sex takes it up a notch. Gina undresses Eileen and works her way down to the forbidden garden. Gina slowly eats her out in a teasing way, moving up and down her entire body before finally finishing the job with a sensual finger fuck. Eileen cums with Gina’s deep gaze on her the entire time, and I found it to be a major turn on! You can tell she’s locked in because she’s all about making Eileen cum and when it finally happens there’s a brief moment where you can tell by the look on her face that Gina’s panties just got a lot wetter (8:30)! That brings us to my favorite part of the movie…Eileen props Gina up between her legs and starts in with neck kisses and clit stimulation through her panties! Fellow lesbians, we all know this is a power position. You wrap her up in front of you, sometimes using your legs, so it’s not easy for her to close hers when the intensity level rises. What I love about this part is that Gina’s panties are still on, so there’s an underlying element of teasing going on. Gina is already wet and ready after having her way with Eileen and I think Eileen’s decision to make her wait for the real deal just a little longer was genius!

As a woman who usually pleases first and asks questions later I know this feeling all too well. It’s the perfect balance of wanting the wait to last a little longer, but needing that touch immediately! To see that pulled off (not to mention hear it being pulled off…horny shivers) placed me in a familiar fantasy spot and was the perfect push over orgasm cliff.

My lone complaint is the overly sensual tone. For two women who have been waiting a while for this moment, which is finally here, there doesn’t seem to be any urgency. It feels like the slow tempo with the eye gazing and hair brushing is a little over the top. Don’t get me wrong, it’s sexy as fuck and doesn’t necessarily take away from the experience, but it’s slightly forced and no doubt typical of what people think lesbian sex looks like. Personally, when I’m finally about to hit the sheets with a hot girl that I’ve wanted to get with for some time, the desire boils over and I can’t help but kiss a little harder or pull her panties down quickly with a little force. You can still take your time and make it lasts, but it would have been nice to see a little more of that long waiting effect in the scene.

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6 Best Lesbian Vacation Movies

It’s finally summer! That means it’s time to slip on a bikini, round up your best gal pals, and get out of town on a vacation that will make memories that last a life time! Take a dip in a refreshing swimming pool! Hey, you know what’s wet like a swimming pool? Pussy. You know what’s round and bouncy like a beach ball? Boobs and butts. Lounge around in the sun! You know who’s hot, like the sun? Lesbians, that’s who. Find out how to make the most of your summer vacation with our favorite lesbian vacation movies!

Lesbian Roadtrips

lesbian roadtripsThe latest release from Forbidden Fruits Films and husband/wife directorial team Jay and Jodi West veers away from their usual brand of taboo erotica. Instead, Lesbian Roadtrips is a lighthearted tale of four women on a museum tour and a wily, Hungarian hotel manager who, surprisingly, aren’t related to each other. When their itinerary goes awry, the four ladies are forced to share two hotel rooms, which obviously leads to lots and lots of lesbian sex. You know, as you do. Lesbian Roadtrips has a great mix of older and younger stars, with MILFy director Jodi West featuring prominently. Bootlylicious Kimber Woods is also a stand out as a pearl clutching prude who’s pulled out of her shell by the opportunistic hotel manager Angie Noir.

Road Queen

Road Queen Part 31In the idyllic, man-free world of Girlfriends Films, Road Queen reigns supreme. The long running series stars busty MILF Deauxma (pronounced Doo-may, as in “Do me”) as an adventurous lesbian who traverses the back roads of America in a purple hot rod, seducing younger travelers along the way. The latest episode has some stand out scenes, especially from innocent Bree Daniels and seductive Nordic goddess Siri as they bunk together in Deauxma’s house. Now in its 31st installment, Road Queen is driving into the sunset as it heads towards its final four episodes, which are sure to be a satisfying conclusion to this fan favorite series.


strandedOffWorld’s Stranded and Stranded II, from director and star Magdalene St. Michaels, take a look at what can happen when your vacation plans go awry. In the first installment, St. Michael and Ela Darling share a seedy hotel room after their flight is delayed by a storm. In Part II, Poland’s Natasha Starr loses her passport and comes to St. Michaels for help. Both movies take their time getting to the sex, allowing for a tense, realistic build up from sly flirting to stolen kisses to full on, passionate sex at a very easy pace. These movies really have a different feel than your typical lesbian pornos; you don’t get the sense that St. Michael is making them for a male audience, but rather that she’s simply fulfilling her own fantasies and generously sharing them with the rest of us.

Belladonna’s Road Trip: Cabin Fever

belladonna cabin feverIf you’re like half the people that I went to high school with, you don’t head down the shore after Memorial Day. Instead, you head up into the Poconos and beat the heat in your mountain cabin. Director and star Belladonna had the same idea in Belladonna’s Road Trip: Cabin Fever; the legendary gonzo maven gathers up eight beautiful women and one cameraman and brings them to Washington’s Big Bear Mountain. There, they battle the elements, all while taking the time to get each other off with Belladonna’s kinky brand of lesbian fuckery, including plenty of anal play and strap on sex. It all culminates in a wild lesbian orgy between seven lusty snow bunnies, including Belladonna, Alexis Texas, Bobbi Starr, and Sinn Sage. Don’t forget to check out Disc 2 for some fun behind the scenes footage!

All Girl Adventure: RV Edition

rv editionIn director Sal Genoa’s All Girl Adventure: RV Edition, Australian stunner Gigi Allens and tattooed Israeli Penelope Stone are aching to see America. Lucky for them, they have a bevy of sexy gal pals with an RV on hand to take them on an American adventure. Viewers get tons of fun footage of the ladies hanging out and playing a wicked game of Never Have I Ever before the really sexy times start. The beautiful Chloe Amour and Stone steal kisses on a ski lift before heading back to the RV, where they find their traveling companions engaged in a full on back seat orgy, which they gleefully join in on. If you feel so inclined, stick around for the bonus scene starring Gigi Loren and a number of unnecessarily loud sex toys.

 Belladonna: Sexual Explorer

sexual explorerSorry y’all, I had to get more Belladonna in here. In the two disc Belladonna: Sexual Explorer everyone’s favorite gonzo kinkster and her lady friends do all the funnest summer activities: racing go-carts, relaxing at the spa, washing hot rods while wearing bikinis, and staying indoors while drinking vodka and playing World of Warcraft. Considering that you have read over 800 words of this blog by now, you might be able to guess that these hijinks ultimately lead to some lesbian lovin’, with plenty of pussy eating, ass play, toys, and toe sucking. I thought that the strongest scenes were between Belladonna, Sinn Sage, Sinn Sage’s butt, and Sarah Shevon in the back of a party bus; there was a fantastic and naturalistic build up in the action, which I always appreciate in my pornos.

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The Top 14 Hottest DILFs in Porn

With Father’s Day looming before us and plenty of sexy, older men on HotMoviesForHer worth watching, I decided to compile a list of the hottest over-35 male performers currently making porn, and making it well! Age is just a number, and you definitely don’t have to be a father to be a DILF in my book. Without further ado, here are my favorite DILFs in porn today:

2015-06-08_17-16-211. Manuel Ferrara

What can possibly be hotter than a super-hung scruffy guy with a French accent? That’s right-nothing. Manuel Ferrara is a long-standing porn crush of mine. Everything about him is delicious: his furry dad-bod, his commanding sexual performance, and the inaudible things he mutters in French when he’s about to cum. Some things really do get better with age, and Ferrara is one of them! Kayden Kross is one lucky lady.

2015-06-08_17-06-482. Ramon Nomar

This Venezuelan hottie brings his Latin flavor to every performance he’s in. Not typically one to turn up the volume during scenes, I always make it a point to listen to the phrases Ramon Nomar utters while fucking. When he’s not calling his costars “mama,” he likes to encourage the women he’s fucking by showering them in compliments and, of course, spanking their asses with fervor! Once he gets rid of that faux-hawk he’s been rocking lately, I’ll be his “mama” anytime.

2015-06-08_17-07-153. Mick Blue

I’ll admit it-I’ve got a thing for uncut guys. Mick Blue’s penis is not only an uncircumcised masterpiece, but attached to a gorgeous Austrian man with piercing blue eyes-hence the last name. While Blue may be married to Anikka Albrite, I can’t quite say I’m jealous; instead, I’ll just squeeze between the both of them for a chance at this super-DILF!


2015-06-08_17-07-514. Steven St. Croix

A venerable performer with over 15 years in the industry, Steven St. Croix is a DILF-y favorite among the women at HMFH. Croix plays the father figure in many of the plot-oriented films he’s cast in, and it’s easy to see why. Croix’s authoritative presence, mixed with his mature age and delectable, toned physique make a girl want to enjoy the loving care of a decidedly way more experienced man.

2015-06-08_17-08-365. Rocco Siffredi

The incomparable Rocco Siffredi is an Italian Stallion I’d love to ride someday. Siffredi’s lustful enthusiasm and masterful anal scenes make him a favorite performer of mine. Combine his classically handsome look with that huge dick and you have a Euro-DILF for the ages. Not to mention, Siffredi has the cutest dimples ever. Awwuh.

2015-06-08_17-08-596. Lexington Steele

Lexington Steele is not only one of the most well-endowed male performers in recent memory, but he’s got a goddamn gorgeous smile. Steele’s performances are frequently nominated for awards, and he’s got plenty of trophies besides the one in his pants. An educated guy with a dual-degree in history and African American studies; I wouldn’t mind if Steele schooled me sometime. *winky face*

2015-06-08_17-09-257. Derrick Pierce

Derrick Pierce is an avid Crossfit devotee which, if you’ve seen his physique, isn’t much of a surprise. Pierce’s body is a smooth, solid muscle-mass covered in tattoos and most likely capable of fucking you into a coma. I’m not usually into bald dudes, but his “piercing” eyes coupled with his sculpted body are undeniably sexy. Plus, his fetish scenes are really fucking hot. I like a dominant man, and Pierce’s spanking scenes are worth watching even if you aren’t a spanking fanatic.

2015-06-08_17-10-048. Nacho Vidal

It doesn’t get much more caliente than a Spanish man with an 11-inch dick. Nacho Vidal has been a staple in the adult industry for almost two decades, and he’s really aging to perfection. Vidal looks like that one friend’s dad all the girls wanted to fuck in high school. Or like, the sexy older neighbor who you secretly watched mow the lawn every Saturday, hoping he’d pop that shirt off. A man with tattoos is always going to be hot in my book, but he’s also got some pearly-whites that are damn-near perfect. *swoon*

2015-06-08_17-10-489. Kurt Lockwood

Not only does Kurt Lockwood have a toned, bangin’ bod and impressive dick; this DILF-y, tattooed dude can really act. I always find myself mesmerized by Lockwood’s performances in films like B. Skow’s Gardener and Control. Besides his male-model figure and acting chops, Lockwood’s got some street cred as a musician too, having played and toured with Dee Dee Ramone. Who doesn’t love a mature, multi-talented guy?

2015-06-08_17-11-1910. Alec Knight

Alec Knight is pretty adorable. If I hadn’t watched him fuck girls up the butt a lot, I’d probably assume he was a stay-at-home dad or a paperweight collector. But nope, Knight is a straight-up DTF DILF with over 500 movies under his belt and really great sense of humor that makes me want to hang out with him in a sexual way. He used to work on the show Family Guy, which is also very awesome. I love funny, cuddly guys that happen to have big dicks.

2015-06-08_17-12-1111. Toni Ribas

Everyone loves Asa Akira, but Toni Ribas is the only guy worthy enough to lock down the gorgeous starlet. It’s pretty easy to see why; the Spanish stud is a solemn sex-machine. Ribas has spent nearly half his life in the industry, both directing and performing in award-winning movies like the Ibiza Sex Party series. And, weirdly enough, he kind of looks like Sopranos character Christopher Moltisanti, who I always had a crush on.

2015-06-08_17-12-5112. Erik Everhard

Erik Everhard reminds me of those aging boy band members from the 90s who are still pretty cute but have a hard time giving up those frosted tips. I can look past Everhard’s goofy spiked hair when I watch him go down on a girl, because he clearly knows what he’s doing! Plus, he usually maintains some level of scruff on his face in his scenes-an added plus for any girl that loves facial hair (me!).

2015-06-08_17-14-2913. Ryan McLane

Ryan McLane’s body is heart-stopping. I mean, this guy is fit. Beyond his chiseled 6-pack and sexy-sharp hip-bones, he’s got a pretty nice pecker. It’s not overwhelmingly huge, but it’s a nice dick nonetheless. McLane is nice for those slow, erotic scenes that some women enjoy, but I prefer him in a more fast-paced fuck like his scene in the movie, Our Father.

2015-06-08_17-15-0114. Prince Yahshua

Speaking of fit bodies, Prince Yahshua has the musculature of a body builder. Unlike most body builders, however, Yahshua has an incredible 11-inch cock that needs no performance enhancers! But don’t let this hulking hottie’s look fool you; he’s really a gentle giant. After reading a few interviews Yahshua’s done, it’s clear that Yahshua loves pleasing his female costars, and I can certainly appreciate a man that loves giving women pleasure.

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The Authentic Lesbian Reviews: Lily Cade & Tina Horn

Lily Cade and Tina HornWhen it comes to lesbians watching lesbian porn we are known to be extremely picky. We want the authenticity and variety to perfectly blend with the fantasy. Everything from the look of the girls to the positions they explore and places where they have sex are critical. That’s why Good Dyke Porn’s 2011 movie Lily Cade & Tina Horn was an instant classic! The plot is universal, the girls are hot, and the sex is amazing! Bonus: THEY’RE IN THE KITCHEN!

Tina has chores on her mind and she’s determined to get her housework done without any distractions. In walks a horny Lily. She pushes up against Tina’s back (don’t you love walking up on your girl while she’s at the sink?) and promises to do the dishes if she can just get what she wants, and even after being shot down she has Tina’s top down and boobs exposed within the first 2 minutes. BAM! That’s getting to the point and it is much appreciated! The fantasy’s pace has been set and we’re ready to roll. The playful touching and “stops” that really mean “please don’t stop” are enough to make you explode. When Tina finally does give in she flips the script on Lily and takes control, sitting her up on the counter top and demanding all clothes be removed. The shift in dominance throughout this scene is incredibly hot and enhances the fantasy. You can tell the girls are simply being themselves and the authenticity oozes out.

Now for the good stuff…Lesbian sex is more than just 69ing and scissoring while staring at an ever-present camera. There’s a certain patience and attention to detail that makes it that much better, and Lily and Tina illustrate it beautifully. That’s the best part about actual lesbians performing in lesbian porn geared towards a lesbian audience. It’s authentic and you relate without trying. After Lily undresses and hops back on the counter, Tina goes straight for the clit and things heat up instantly. She plays with Lily’s hood piercing before fingering her to an orgasm all in less than 4 minutes. That’s right, get that first one out so we can start on the next! Being a minute woman is actually a good thing here (it’s almost unfair how lucky we are). With Tina now completely wet and ready for her first climax of the day, Lily flips her around and lets her fingers work their magic. Tina’s moans betray her a little here. It’s clear she’s in need of a little break, but is completely turned on and doesn’t want to stop. If that isn’t real life, you’re just not doing it right! They pull out a sex toy from the kitchen drawer (because who doesn’t keep one in there), and Tina is already on her second orgasm. It just keeps getting better from here.

The chemistry is undeniable as the two explore each other’s breasts, clits and asses (the amount of ass slapping is pleasantly surprising). The comfort level rises with each orgasm and the girls do an amazing job of displaying real lesbian sex with their variety of positions, clit stimulation, and of course, toy selection. The strap-on sex, while still extremely hot, was probably the most disappointing part. I think the intensity level is so high during their actual physical contact that the strap-on almost gets between them (haha) and in the way. It appears they agreed, because less than two minutes in Lily pulls out and goes back to making Tina scream with her magic fingers. The clit stimulation reaches an all time high as both ladies have two more orgasms before Lily is forced to finish the dishes.

Throughout this 30 minute masterpiece I couldn’t take my eyes off Tina and Lily’s gorgeous bodies! Not just because it’s porn, but because I’m always blown away to see women who resemble what I’m familiar with and know in my everyday life. Don’t get me wrong, the glamor is fun and adds to the fantasy, but something about being able to identify with what I’m watching is a major turn on! The thick curves, almost trimmed pussy, and lack of caked on make-up enhance the authentic feel. If there ever was a perfect lesbian sex scene this has got to be it!

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Porn Stars React To “Hot Girls Wanted”

hot girls wantedTwitter and the blogosphere are abuzz over Hot Girls Wanted, the latest documentary to stream on Netflix. Produced by Parks and Recreation’s Rashida Jones, the doc bills itself as “a first-ever look at the realities of the professional ‘amateur’ porn world and the steady stream of 18-to-19-year old girls entering into it.”  While some of the resulting outrage has come from civilians reacting to the seemingly exploitative working conditions of the performers depicted in the film, much of the outrage has been from sex workers, porn stars, and industry insiders themselves.  And no, they’re not siding with the filmmakers.

Director Jacky St. James, who wrote for us about how “porn defied every stereotype [she] had about it,” had a healthy dose of sarcasm for the filmmakers.

Much of the criticism of Hot Girls Wanted has focused on the filmmakers’ inabilities to take a truly unbiased look at porn. Performer Casey Calvert took a lighthearted approach to expressing her ire.

Professional dominatrix Mistress Matisse live tweeted as she watched the documentary.

Veteran performer jessica drake tweeted a powerful “rant” expressing her frustration at how many issues that porn performers face stem from the attitudes of outsiders.

Many sex workers, such  as trans performer Chelsea Poe, condemned Hot Girls Wanted for not examining broader societal issues or offering solutions for reform.

Chanel Preston also expressed similar views on her blog:

I understand why Rashida Jones would want to make this documentary; she saw a group of young victims, and she wanted to raise awareness around the issue of female exploitation. Unfortunately, the documentary doesn’t have a view point about this subject beyond “this is bad” except that it alludes to pornography as being the problem. Because of this vague message, it gives no insight into why this is happening or how we can work towards reducing female exploitation.

One scene in Hot Girls Wanted showed a pro-am performer dealing with health issues that arose from her work. Stoya pointed out that bodily injury is part and parcel of the careers of much of the working class, not just sex workers.

Gay performer Conner Habib expressed frustration over the erasure of the voices of sex workers in their own narratives.

There’s so much to say about porn. It’s vast, diverse, and complex. It’s not for everyone, and that’s okay. And it’s far from perfect or pretty. But does that make it an anomaly in society or a microcosm?

As a product and as a component of wider society, porn needs an informed critical eye. Hot Girls Wanted is not it. I wish the film had moved us even a baby step closer to complicating the conversation, especially given its potential reach. But it didn’t. Instead, feel free to put it on the shelf next to Reefer Madness and Red Asphalt, right where it belongs – “Tell your children!”

Many sex workers and performers pointed to an Uproxx review written by sociologist Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals as the most eloquent summation of their frustrations.

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Celebrity Sex Tapes and Shame: How the Conversation Has Changed

With the release of Taylor Lianne Chandler’s new movie, Going For The Gold, I’ve gotten to thinking about the interesting paradigm of celebrity sex tapes in our culture, and how we collectively receive celebrities’ sexuality much differently now than a mere couple decades ago. It wasn’t too long ago that we shamed celebrities when their sex lives were made public. Whether the information was made public with or without their consent was no matter: it was somehow obscene for us to fathom America’s Baywatch sex symbol actually engaging in the very acts that everyone fantasized about her doing anyway.  Rightfully so, Pamela Anderson was horrified at her personal tapes leaking-but at the very least she made a pretty penny off of it.

Then, at the change of the millennium, we saw a new type of celebrity emerge from the very caucus of shame that almost ruined 2015-05-13_16-19-37many a career. Paris Hilton was an established young socialite in the LA-NY circuit before the extremely publicized leak of her private sex tape, Paris Hilton Sex Tape Home Video, (otherwise known as One Night In Paris). Whether leaked or manufactured, Hilton’s sex tape worked as a successful publicity stunt, allowing her to further her career into reality TV, fashion, and music. What was interesting about Hilton’s tape was for the first time in celebrity culture, Hilton needed virtually no explanation or apology for her actions. The tape was allegedly leaked without her knowledge, just like Pamela Anderson’s, but the climate of 2015-05-13_16-28-41acceptance had shifted in such a way as to receive Hilton’s raunchy personal life as part of her character. Then, the relatively unheard-of Kim Kardashian’s sex tape with rapper Ray-J hit the streets, soon picked up by Vivid Entertainment, and continues to be sold as one of the highest-grossing celebrity sex tapes to date. Kim Kardashian’s wildly successful career is a direct result of her sex tape, and she continues her life in the public eye advocating for women to own their bodies and sexualities. Hate her or love her-you can’t shame her-and I find that admirable.

On the other hand, a celebrity lacking momentum in the public eye 2015-05-13_16-21-53can now be thrust once again into the spotlight via their sex tapes. We’ve seen this happen with multiple celebrities with varying degrees of success. Famous female wrestler Chyna owes her significant career boost to her leaked tape 1 Night In China, which resulted in her appearance on popular VH1 reality show The Surreal Life. Interestingly enough, world-famous porn star Ron Jeremy appeared on The Surreal Life as well, and can probably thank the show for a good deal of his 2015-05-13_16-20-03current crossover appeal. Similarly, Mötley Crüe frontman Vince Neil experienced a lull in his fame after parting ways with the band and attempting a solo career that didn’t work out. Thanks to Vivid, Neil released Janine & Vince Neil: Hardcore & Uncensored, a four-scene sex romp with adult starlet Janine Lindemulder that 2015-05-13_16-22-46resulted in Neil’s return to the spotlight on reality TV show-you guessed it-The Surreal Life, and a shaky attempt at revamping his music career. And, of course, I can’t leave out the sex tape/publicity stunt by none other than Dustin Diamond, better known as “Screech” from the 80s sitcom Saved By The Bell. In a frantic grab for some limelight, Diamond directed, produced and starred in Screeched, an intimate three-scene look into the child-star-turned-porn-star’s world.

What we’re seeing is a change in the tide of stigma – what was once deemed a career-ruining move is now a platform for mainstream success (ie. Kim Kardashian), or a way to jump back into the public eye (ie. Vince Neil). What’s often so easily forgotten are the celebrities who never released a sex tape, but started their careers in porn. Sylvester Stallone, best known for his prolific acting and screenwriting careers, got his start in Hollywood by starring in adult films like Italian Stallion. Similarly, Game of Thrones star Sibel Kekilli, who plays Shae, began her career acting in much more revealing roles when she was better known by her porn star stage name, Dilara (for those interested, HotMoviesForHer has seven of her films, including the popular Lollipops 16).

As a self-professed pop culture junkie, what I presume is occurring here is the slow erosion of slut-shaming in Hollywood. Sure, every now and then a sex tape happens that does definitively end a career (John Edwards), but that’s usually more about the extenuating circumstances. What’s more important is that famous people, particularly famous women, are getting less and less ashamed of their bodies and sexuality-and, obviously, making a buck off of that confidence is quite the positive reinforcement. So yeah, I applaud celebrities that don’t make excuses when their sex tape goes public. Paris Hilton owned it, Kim Kardashian made a career from it, and even Chyna made a comeback from it. Thanks to Vivid’s offshoot studio, VividCeleb, we can look forward to more sexy famous people fucking on camera to satisfy our voyeuristic natures.

Make sure to check out the latest VividCeleb release, Taylor Lianne Chandler’s Going For The Gold, now on!