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The Authentic Lesbian Review: Happy Ending Lesbian Massage 3

Happy Ending Lesbian Massage 3I’m a huge fan of massages that turn into sex. In fact, it is my strong belief that if you and your partner are exchanging massages it SHOULD result in sex. Also, you both (or 3 or 4…no shade, poly people) should be naked. Just think about it. You’re rubbing oil or lotion all over a person you’re attracted to, hands wander from the back to the inner thigh, you hear that slight moan, and feel relaxation running through their body, and the entire thing can be really sensual. The buildup is crucial too. The rubbing and teasing further the sexual tension and the craving even more, so when the time finally comes for you to cum, it’s pretty epic. I’m telling you, done the right way, a massage can get you laid pretty much every time! Since massage sex is so near and dear to my heart, I felt like Happy Ending Lesbian Massage 3 from Brat Perversions Films would be perfect for my next review. It’s short, sweet, and features women touching each other. If you’re not sold on that, you’re not human.

One thing that’s important to remember when watching most massage porn is that there’s nothing that really looks all that exciting. It’s more about the sensation of touch and the experience of being rubbed down more than position switches and movement, and your head is more involved in the fantasy than your eyes. If that doesn’t sound appealing stop reading now, this one probably isn’t for you.

Scene 1 – Kate England & Helena Price


Kate England and Helena Price are naked and in position with oil already in hand so there’s no waiting around with this one. There’s massage-fitting music playing instantly (and for most of the scene), but honestly it started to make me a little sleepy, especially since this starts as an actual massage. Kate starts with Helena’s feet as she lays face down on the bed. I like when a massage starts off as a massage, even when you know a happy ending is in the making, because the buildup can be crazy intense. Helena looks beyond relaxed as Kate makes her way up her thighs and plump ass. Like I mentioned before, there isn’t really much going on outside of the massage, and because of that I wish the music didn’t play the entire time. . I would have loved to hear Helena’s soft exhales as Kate oiled and slid her boobs up and down her back, but it didn’t ruin the scene.


Helena turns over and it doesn’t take Kate much time to start fondling those goodies. She does start the massage with the feet again, but it doesn’t last nearly as long as you can sense both ladies are ready for the good stuff. The tit to tit grinding was cool to watch because it’s the first time you see Helena respond as she puts her hands on Kate’s waist to pull her closer, but the moment we’ve all been waiting for is really when it gets hot. As Kate rubs Helena’s clit the music dies down and you can hear just how pleased Helena is. After all the sensual touching, it doesn’t take long for her to cum, but watching the steady progression mixed with her facial expressions was well worth the wait!


Scene 2 – Kendra Lynn & Scarlett Demitro


This scene was my favorite of the two. The format is exactly the same, so as far as the actual massage you won’t see much difference, but even with the music playing the entire time you can tell Kendra Lynn and Scarlett Demitro are having fun and are really into each other. For starters they spend more time doing this shit right here…


I’m not sure about you guys, but when a beautiful naked woman has her pretty pussy pressed up against my butt cheeks, that shit sends me over the edge! The sensation from her sliding back and forth, moaning as she gets off, and feeling her wetness on my skin…Yaaaaaaas! There’s nothing better (except head, but you get my point). It carries over as Scarlett lays on her back and Kendra massages her big, beautiful breasts. Scarlett has a pretty pussy too! It’s nice and plump…makes you want to just grab a handful and fondle until she cums, which is exactly what Kendra does. She plays with Scarlett’s clit until she arches her back and cums all over her fingers. I absolutely loved listening to and watching Scarlett reach her climax. Her body is sexy as fuck and you can tell Kendra was hitting all the right spots.


Like I said before, you have to enjoy sensual massage porn to appreciate all that Happy Ending Lesbian Massage 3 brings to the table, but if you do, or are willing to give it a try, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. Check it out here and let us know what you think.

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Don’t Yuck My Yum: Sloppy, Wet Blowjobs

Sloppy Head 7 Jonni DarkkoIf you’re like me, your taste in porn is probably pretty eclectic. I’d assume if you’re reading this you are familiar with HotMoviesForHer and have read about the vast access we have to not only “for women” movies, but also global producers, old loops, and new releases. In this series I will be talking about some of the porn that could easily come under the umbrella of male gaze content, and at worst be considered misogynistic. The reason for this examination is due to that conflict that many people have about their preferences for adult content and the stuff they don’t like. Porn is a hot topic, and how do you defend it when there is stuff out there you think is gross? This brings to mind a saying that has become popular in sexual discourse; “Don’t yuck my yum.” It’s a simple message that has been pretty helpful for me in conversations about stuff I like and stuff I don’t like to watch. Also, watching porn and enacting porn are two different things, so for the sake of this series, we’ll be focusing on watching porn.

Which, brings me to our first topic: sloppy, wet blowjobs and cum bubbles. Yeah, I’m going there first. At some point in the 1990s, blowjobs went from deep-throating to gagging, and then everyone had mascara running down their faces and they were eating cum out of dog bowls. OK, not everyone was eating cum out of dog bowls, but blowjob performances started to become a bit more vigorous, and there is a certain expectation for drama when we watch them now.

These examples are from two different studios that are known for different genres, but the point is that there is a huge difference in the way blowjobs were presented on screen in the 1990s, and how blowjobs are definitely more aggressive now.

The Wet Food series from Jonni Darkko  is an example of what was emerging in the blowjob genre in the early 2000s,  and it is definitely the kind of content that outsiders critique as far as the role of women in porn. This series started in 2007 and the first release starred some of the top performers of that time. In my opinion, Hilary Scott gives one of the best performances I’ve seen her in. This is a blowbang where she is commanding the men to call her names, tell her she is a good whore, and she is controlling the entire scene. She sets the pace for the men, and they take their cues from her.

Hillary Scott Sperm Diet 2 Hillary Scott Wet Food

Hilary Scott is also in Sperm Diet 2. This movie pushes past the scenes in Wet Food, and is for the serious cum play fan.

I’m also intrigued by the Sloppy Head series, and I absolutely love Karmen Karma’s performance in Sloppy Head 7. This is another blowbang, and she is super passionate the entire time. The evolution from eating cum out of dog bowls to trails of backthroat gunk and spit is not for everyone, but these women are definitely invested in giving the best performance they can.

The gagging, choking instruction, “Be a good mouth whore,” are things that we are told are not good for women. Well, of course I don’t want someone to think it is OK to think about me as only a good mouth whore, but maybe in someone’s personal life they enjoy the separation from their real life role as mother, partner, or worker, and they get to live out a fantasy beyond their normative experiences.  I can’t say what is right for another woman to enjoy, but I can tell you that there is a distinct difference in watching a sloppy blowjob and giving one. In this instance, the viewer gets to explore the fantasy of eating four dude’s cum from the safety of their home, and they never have to act on this fantasy if they do not want to.

Other issues may arise when we compare ourselves to the performers. We critique our own bodies and our own performances, and then turn that critique against the female performers too. Maybe we wait until after we get off to do that, but we may start to wonder, “Who is that girl giving head to all these random men?” Most of the time there are no “random men” in the scene. These are male performers that have been tested, know the studio or director, and often the female performer knows at least half of the males she is performing fellatio on. As a viewer, we don’t want to think about that, we want the fantasy, but then our non-horny mind asks questions that conflict with our libidos. It’s good to question our sexual interests in a way that lets us explore ourselves as sexual people, but it’s not good to shame the people we get off to.

Load My Mouth Rachel Madori Penny Pax

If you’re looking for some blowjob POV in-between the romantic 90s and the Darkko stuff, check out Brandon Iron’s Load My Mouth series. I really like the Rachel Madori and Penny Pax scenes. Mr. Irons does a good job of showcasing the women in a way that lets you get to know the personality of the performer, and he isn’t degrading. His voice is a little weird at times, but whose wouldn’t be with Penny Pax blowing you?

Naughty Alysha Jenny Jizz

Some other series to check out would be Face Painters, facials without the degradation aspect,  and any of Naughty Alysha’s blowbangs. Naughty Alysha is the real deal. She and her husband Adam shoot all their own content and she really loves her life and sex, and she is super out and proud about making her films the best they can be.

While watching these movies, remember that if everyone liked the same things the world would not be as interesting or complicatedly beautiful as it is.

Stay tuned for my next segment of Yuck/Yum when I explore the anal gapers!

Writers Roundup: Creepy Creeper Edition

Face it.  If you’re a woman, you have at some point been the target of a creeper. Someone that makes inappropriate comments on the street, or someone that stalks your social media pages, or someone that simply can’t take “no” for an answer when you aren’t interested.  It’s a part of life that women have to deal with on a regular basis, and sometimes, well…their antics can just be downright hilarious.  Here are some of the worst stories the women here at HotMoviesforHer have had to deal with in their daily life!

Judy Hologram

After exchanging all of two sentences with my neighbor, I suddenly got this Facebook message:


Weird, right? Keep your hot dogs away from me, bro.

But oh no, it doesn’t end there. One snowy, miserably cold night, my BFF and I had to pull this dude’s tiny, soaking wet girlfriend out of our courtyard and into our house after he assaulted her and threw her car keys over the fence. While we waited for cops to come, she told me that she knew who I was, and that dude had told her that we were really good friends and that he had spent hours telling me all about their relationship. Luckily, the girlfriend knew that dude was full of shit. It was for sure some creepy nonsense and I’m happy to report that I never saw that fucko ever again.

Dee Viant

When I was 18, I was still pretty shy when it came to dating, and hadn’t had but one boyfriend by my senior year of high school. I used to work at a Hot Topic before they were as common as they are now, so we’d get a lot of striving-for-eccentric teenagers from about a 60 miles radius from the mall. One day, this chick about my age in tons of black eyeliner and cat ears comes in, and she was really working hard to get me to be her friend/girlfriend/pet goth in under 5 minutes. She talked about how her parents let her have their McMansion to herself all the time, and how she got to work on a lot of legitimate art projects with old, more established artists. (You know, creepy old guys who always buddy up with “artsy” teenagers.) I mentioned I wanted to go to college for photography, and she got super excited about taking me to an abandoned hospital 2 hours away to shoot photos. In the course of ten minutes, she went from seeming kind of cool to utterly creepy, and there was no way I was going to a decrepit hospital with her. I’ve met a lot of creepy guys, but none of them have offered to take me anywhere as romantic as a neglected hospital full of rusty tools and motherfucking ghosts.

Also, if Girlsway wanted to make a movie based on this, along the lines of the Bree Mills creepers like The Turning and Project Pandora, I’d totally watch it.


One of my coworkers at this shitty summer job I had used to always ask me weird questions like what my favorite color was, what my favorite movie was… It always kind of felt more like an interview than a conversation with him. He was also very into the Bible and being homeschooled so he was pretty socially awkward all around. I can forgive all of that, but what pissed me off was that he felt like it was his obligation to periodically remind me that I was living in sin. After working with him a few shifts, I became very annoyed with this guy’s pushy morality and my behavior probably started to reflect that. Soon I was receiving Myspace messages from different accounts he had trying to get my attention, so I began blocking him on every form of social media I had. Finally, one day I came to work and another coworker told me that this homeschooled guy was just kinda reciting all of my favorite stuff (color, movie, etc) to everyone in the break room at work for no fucking reason. I was truly disturbed at this point and decided to steer clear of this guy at all costs. After flat out ignoring him for a while, I got an AIM message out of the blue from him letting me know that he’d “seen me at the park earlier that day.” He didn’t live anywhere near this park, nor did I see anyone else there when I’d been walking through. That was one of the last times I heard from him because I found a new job not long after, but I still worry occasionally that this homeschooled guy is going to pop up out of nowhere to remind me that I’m going to hell, or that my favorite color used to be turquoise.

The Authentic Lesbian

So just this past weekend I’m taking a late night trip to Walmart (in Aberdeen, Maryland) because my life is boring and this is where most of my entertainment comes from. Usually I don’t get approached. Either people can’t tell if I’m a boy or a girl, or I look “intimidating” because I’m a black butch with locks (really long locks), but on this day, a petite army brat decided to try her luck. I was in the frozen food section and she walked up to me and asked for my phone number. This never happens to me, but my Rolodex is a little full at the moment and since I don’t live in Maryland anymore I gave her the “thank you but maybe next lifetime” speech. She seemed a little bummed but walked away, so I thought nothing else of it. Then I see her in the entertainment section of the store. A little weird, but I’m not full of myself…maybe she wants a PS4 too. Then I see her in sporting goods while I’m checking out fishing rods. Now I’m getting creeped out. I walk over to the jewelry counter and sure enough she follows me. This time we make eye contact and she winks at me. I immediately speed walk to my car, sit in the driver’s seat, pull out my phone to let my sister know I just ran from a stalker, look up and there the fuck she is, 4 cars down just standing there. My sister got left that night.


I went out with a guy I knew from work, and from music shows. We had a great time together and I thought that maybe there was a possibility of getting closer to each other. He seemed really nice and we had a ton of similar interests. We had a few drinks and I spent the night at his house so that I wouldn’t have to drive. We didn’t have sex, just snuggled and passed out. The next morning he was really warm and said he would call me later, then I left for work.

Later that evening I get a picture of him standing next to a picture of David Hasselhoff (not too bad), then right after that first text I get a picture of his dick illuminated by a black light (not at that point with him yet), then I get a text that reads “Let me see dem big titties, yo.” At first I thought someone had stolen his phone because this seemed so out of character, and I didn’t have time to respond right then anyways.  An hour later he texts back asking if I received his texts and says, “What’s up with my titty shot?” I asked if he was serious and he said “I showed you mine, show me yours.”

What the hell, man. Dick pics aren’t cool unless they are asked for. Demanding nude selfies is lame AF. Sometimes the creepster is a dude you thought was way cooler than he turns out to be.


I’m one of those stereotypical working single mothers that doesn’t have time go out and meet new people a lot, so I’ve become reliant on the wonderful world of online dating.  I’ve met some great people in my time online, but the number of creepers I’ve come across have far outweighed the good.

For example, there has been one guy that lives in the next town over and has been cyber-stalking me for more than a year.  Every single day the guy checks out my dating profile.  EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. He messages me at least twice a month, after I have repeatedly told him that I am not interested. I don’t know how to discourage him and get the point across, but seeing him pop up in my feed on a daily basis just creeps me out to no end!

For more, be sure to check out the new site, which features stories just like these and so much more!

The Top 13 Hottest MILFs In Porn

Mother’s Day is right around the corner folks! With that in mind, I decided to pay homage to some of the sexiest mature women currently working in the adult industry. They might not actually be mothers themselves, but they’re representing MILFs all over the world and proving that age is irrelevant when it comes to sex appeal. Check out some of my favorite MILF performers, in no particular order, below:

  1. Dana VespoliDana Vespoli

Smart and sexy performer/director Dana Vespoli is an undisputed favorite among the women of the HMFH office. Not only does this incredible talent churn out amazing title after amazing title for top studios Evil Angel and Sweetheart Video, but Dana is known for her incredibly fierce performances as well. Whether she’s doing intense anal or a soft girl-girl scene, Dana consistently brings the heat.

2. Cherie DeVilleCherie Deville

Speaking of smart and sexy, you’ve surely heard of Cherie DeVille by now. This bombshell not only has her doctorate degree in physical therapy, she’s a certified pussy-eating aficionado. Cherie may play the sexy, wayward stepmom in a lot of her films, but she’s definitely got a good head on her shoulders and an amazing body to compliment it.

3. Mercedes CarreraMercedes Carrera

With her background as a former aerospace engineer, Mercedes Carrera is another brainy beauty deserving of a place on this list. This multi-ethnic goddess is packing some pretty deadly curves on top of the fact that she’s a porn powerhouse. I mean seriously, have you seen her lesbian scenes? Nothing stops Mercedes from making her partners cum like crazy.

4. Julia AnnJulia Ann

This list wouldn’t be complete without Julia Ann. Julia Ann has quite literally grown up in the adult industry. Starting her career when she was in her early 20s, it’s safe to say this superstar has aged like a fine wine. Julia Ann is not only an insanely gorgeous MILF, but a picture of success and stability in an industry with so many misconceptions about female performers’ career longevity. Julia Ann has won MILF Performer of the Year at almost every awards show for the past 5 years, and with good reason.

5. Brandi LoveBrandi Love

Brandi Love is a complete and utter seductress from every angle. This trim-yet-curvy star plays the line between nurturing and sex kitten perfectly, making her the ultimate MILF performer. If you’re not sure what I mean, check out her scene in A Mother’s Love and pay close attention to how she connects with costar Ryan McLane on both a sensual and quasi-maternal level. Besides the amazing Brandi Love we see onscreen, she’s also an incredible advocate for adult performers who have to juggle their careers on top of parenting.

6. Kendra LustKendra Lust

I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t put the incomparable Kendra Lust on this list. The reigning MILF Performer of the Year literally looks like a living statue of the perfect female form. This hard-bodied hottie is packing T&A for days, not to mention her breathtaking legs! Simply put, Kendra makes 37 look like the best age to be.

7. Jodi WestJodi West

Co-owner of popular studio Forbidden Fruits Films and sizzling sexpot, performer Jodi West is known for her work in taboo and lesbian genres. The 51 year-old babe won the 2016  HotMovies Porn Tournament hands-down with help from her immensely supportive fans. It’s easy to see why porn-lovers continuously praise Jodi’s work; nothing about Jodi is an act. This is a mature woman that truly loves sex and completely owns her coveted place in this competitive industry.

8. Francesca LeFrancesca Le

You’d be hard-pressed to find a MILF that is more enthusiastic about anal sex than Francesca Le. Together with her performer/director husband Mark Wood, Francesca makes up the Le in LeWood Productions. Whether she’s working the camera or fucking in front of it, Francesca knows how to keep a dirty dialogue going. She’s the definition of “freaky” in the sexiest sense of the word imaginable.

9. Ava AddamsAva Addams

Brunette beauty Ava Addams, known for her voluptuous bust and tiny waist, is a favorite of big breast fans everywhere. Not only does Ava have cans every man wishes they could suckle on, but this powerful MILF is as versatile as they come: appearing in lesbian, anal, group sex, and foot fetish films.

10. Nina HartleyNina Hartley

Nina Hartley needs no introduction. This porn legend has been bangin’ in the biz since 1984 and looks just as fine as the day she started. Besides her incredible figure and timeless look, Nina is an intelligent advocate for informed sex education. Her acclaimed series, Nina Hartley’s Guide To…, is designed to inform viewers of a wide array of sexual techniques and improve communication between partners, all from an expert’s point of view. Nina is a true renaissance woman.

11. India SummerIndia Summers

Raven-haired India Summer is an all-natural MILF from the Midwest. What sets India apart from her fellow mature performers is her lack of breast implants, and frankly, I think she looks great without them. India’s athletic look is only accentuated by her natural chest. India’s sultry performances and versatility transcend her from getting cast in MILF-only titles as well: she is a performer that can and does do everything!

12. Ariella FerraraArielle Ferrara

Luscious Latina Ariella Ferrara is a smoking hot MILF that hails from Colombia. With her spectacular cheekbones, curvy figure, and 34DDs, it’s hard to imagine Ariella doing anything BUT being a professional sex symbol, but she worked as a dental hygienist in Chicago before ever considering porn. Always an adventure-seeker, Ariella decided that the adult industry would be a better fit for her lifestyle, and boy was she right!

13. Kelly Madison2016-05-03_13-50-43

Last, but obviously not least is the amazing Kelly Madison. She is an all-natural wonder with 34FF breasts and a figure anyone would kill for. Kelly is not only serious eye-candy, but she owns and operates her own high-quality studios with husband Ryan Madison. This inseparable duo is to thanks for so many great high-definition titles like the Kelly Madison’s World Famous Tits series.

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The Authentic Lesbian Review: Studio Profile owner Lily Cade

If you’re a porn connoisseur, or think you are, then you know who Lily Cade is. We want to celebrate the arrival of on HotMoviesforHer! If you’ve browsed through our Recently Added or Featured Movies on our VOD site, you’ve definitely stumbled across the sexy red head with the short hair cut to rival Nia Long in her Fresh Prince days. And if you’re familiar with my reviews here on HotMoviesforHer you probably feel like you get a weekly dose of Mrs. Cade, from my very first review of Lily Cade & Tina Horn from Goody Dyke Porn to the classic that is Fuck The Police. That’s because Lily Cade has been making waves in the industry as a genuine lesbian porn star and there aren’t many of those in the industry, let alone those in the mainstream limelight. logo





Dedication to producing quality lesbian porn that accurately represents lesbian sex and all its moving parts has led Lily to performing and producing for her own studio,, and we here at HotMoviesforHer couldn’t be happier about it! Not only is packed full of the enthusiasm and excitement that Cade is known to bring to each scene, it also serves as a creative outlet for Lily and provides the viewer with more insight into her kinky desires and hilarious plot writing. Instead of long, feature films, most of’s content are short website clips that allow Lily, and you, as the viewer, to get straight down to business (something I greatly appreciate) with a few talking lines here and there to add to the experience.

Lily Cade

When you decide to watch a Lily Cade movie, you know what you’re getting: a genuine lesbian sexperience that’s going to bring non-stop energy, show you intense girl-girl chemistry, and probably a few positions you’ve never seen. Plus, Lily loves to please and watching her make women cum time and time again, bodies shaking and voices cracking, is always a good time. Check out some of the titles below as a starting point and get lost in the magic that is Lily Cade!

Yoga Sex Cover from Strap On Cheaters by with Lily Cade and Allison Moore Lesbian Fuck Club 2 from Butch Femme Girlfriends cover from

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Angie Rowntree Shares Tips to a Successful Relationship for Couples Appreciation Month

Angie and Colin RowntreeApril is National Couples Appreciation month, which was “founded by Blissful Escapes ‘to encourage couples to do something special to re-enforce and celebrate their relationship.’” Rather than spending money on fleeting items like cards or flowers, the spirit of National Couples Month proffers that it’s really the little things that can show your loved one exactly how much you care. By telling them you love them for no reason at all, cooking “them dinner just because it’s Wednesday,” or giving them a passionate kiss out of the blue, couples can reconnect and revitalize their relationship without the need for expensive and unnecessary grand gestures.

In honor of National Couples Month, HotMoviesForHer reached out to Angie Rowntree, sex-positive pornographer, founder of, the oldest porn site ever created specifically for women, and one-half of Angie and Colin Rowntree, one of the most celebrated and successful couples in the adult industry.Angie Rowntree filming

Together since the early 1990s, and married 22 years, these industry powerhouses who not only make their marriage work, but have also mastered the rare ability of cohesively working together as well. In an industry where marriages are often fleeting, these two have provided a shining image for how to make a marriage work, no matter what the world around them might throw their way.

We asked Angie to give us some insight into how they keep their romance alive as they navigate the porn industry as a couple and a team.  Here’s what she shared with us!

“Our marriage is strong for the same reasons a lot of lasting marriages are strong; there’s a high degree of shared interests, mutual respect and profound trust and most importantly COMMUNICATION. We’re very comfortable with each other, which enables us to be very open, very frank, even when we disagree – which happens plenty, believe me.

I believe the fact we both work in the adult industry helps a lot. It means we have a shared understanding, and we don’t have to wonder or guess at what each other’s professional lives are like, because we already know. While there are huge differences between the content each of us produces, Colin and I appreciate each other’s perspective and method.

More important than any of the above is love, of course. I still get a huge smile on my face every time I think about when we first met, when I was immediately charmed by Colin and there was this instant connection. All these years later, I still feel that connection every day. I’m not sure I can explain it, exactly – and I’m not sure I’d want to. A little mystery can go a long way in sustaining passion, after all.”

Now that gives all of us here at HotMoviesForHer some serious #RelationshipGoals!

To learn more about Angie and the empowering work she does on a daily basis, visit or check out some of her husband’s incredible films (Wasteland) here on!


Authentic Lesbian Review: Blue Collar Lesbians

Blue Collar Lesbians CoverBlue Collar Lesbians is a sweaty, sexy, power tool, work garage flick from Triangle Films featuring an all star cast. From the box cover I could already tell the blue collar theme was strong with this one, and the fact that they’re in some type of workshop with machines and power tools lying around in the background was fantastic visually. I like when the cover helps get the point and overall theme across, and so far I like what I see, but does Blue Collar Lesbians live up to the Authentic Lesbian standards…

Scene 1 – Ariel X & Syd Blakovich

Good God, Ariel X is hot! She’s standing in her workshop airbrushing something I can’t pay much attention to because her ass in those jeans! In walks Syd Blakovich and I couldn’t be happier to see anyone else. I haven’t seen Syd since Madison Young’s The Many Shades Of Juliette March for Filly Films (I live under a rock). Anyway, Syd wants to know when her couches are going to be done. She just moved and needs something to sit on. The two walk over to the couch where Ariel begins to explain and illustrate how much work still needs to be done. They sit on the couch, Syd’s hand ends up on Ariel’s thigh, a huge smile crosses Ariel’s face, and we have lift off.


I always enjoy watching Syd perform because I can relate to what she does. She takes her time building up to the serious stuff with the perfect amount of foreplay. The neck and boobs get plenty of attention to ensure Ariel reaches maximum wetness before her pants are even pulled down, and once the moans reveal she’s ready, we get to see her pretty pussy. This woman is hot all over! Syd fingers, fondles, and licks Ariel to a body shaking orgasm and even lightly chokes her to send Ariel over the top. Only 7 minutes in and girls are already creaming everywhere. Yay Team Lesbians!


Ariel definitely holds her own when it’s time to please Syd. After basically ripping her pants off, Ariel gets a taste of Syd’s good stuff and then decides she wants it from the back. Finger fucking Syd from behind seemed to turn Ariel on just as much as it did Syd. She moans and groans while humping the air, obviously turned on by Syd’s reaction to her fingers, and by the 12 minute mark both beautiful ladies are ready for round 2. They jump into 69 which quickly turns into hot and heavy scissoring with Ariel leading the way on top. At times it seems like she may be over exaggerating with the pleasure sounds, but as someone who used to date a girl who would get extremely turned on by the sound of her own moaning, this can definitely be appreciated. Especially when you have the wetness and body shakes to go along with it, so the scene is never in danger of being ruined by a “fake” performance.



The pair continues to flip in and out of positions, exploring and pleasing each other’s bodies, with one highlight being Syd eating Ariel’s booty like groceries and Ariel losing complete control. My favorite part of the scene though is when Syd holds Ariel down, hand around her neck, and titty fucks the shit out of her! That’s why you gotta love Syd man… she never leaves you wanting more because she puts it all out there! Ariel enjoyed the light domination, and I walked away more enthused about clit-to-tit stimulation than ever before. They both cum again and Syd wraps it up by placing gentle kisses all over Ariel’s body, making her shake and squirm even more. Classic lesbo move…


Scene 2 – Ariel X & Syd Blakovich & Kimberly Kane

I wasn’t sure how I would react when this scene began because we’re in the same setting with the same theme and we just watched 2 out of 3 of the stars perform with each other (and I’m pretty sure Ariel is wearing the same jeans…that ass!). I went in a little more cautious than usual, but since the previous scene with Ariel and Syd was so good I at least felt like I wouldn’t be bored. What I didn’t account for was how much of an impact Kimberly Kane would add to the dynamic. I wasn’t very familiar with Kimberly’s work until now, but she definitely inspired post scene research.


Back in Ariel’s workshop Syd is still complaining about those damn couches. Ariel’s busy on another project when in walks Kimberly. Turns out Syd is pretty behind at work too, because Kimberly wants to know why her car is still out of commission after sitting in Syd’s shop for a few days. Ariel and Kimberly joke about Syd being a lazy pain in the ass and naturally decide a tag-team style threesome is in order (seems like a better option than actually working). The two jump Syd on her unfinished couch and begin taking her clothes off. Lucky bastard! Whenever I’m called a lazy pain in the ass it never ends in me getting my bones jumped. Anyway, they talk shit to her, hold her down with her shirt intentionally covering her eyes, suck her boobs, and fondle her clit… now that’s a proper punishment! Ariel smothers Syd while Kimberly goes to town on her pussy, licking her senseless. All three ladies look amazingly hot together and right about now is when I noticed the rock music still playing in the background. Not that annoying, but slightly distracting.


Syd and Ariel flip the script on Kimberly, licking her from head to toe. Syd eats her pussy while Ariel focuses on her beautiful boobs. I’ve never gotten head from two chicks at the same time before but I’ve heard about it and today, I’ve seen it! The things this image did to my imagination are almost unfair. Can you imagine what this feels like!? Just knowing two chicks are down there at the same time is enough to send me over the top!


Kimberly literally goes crazy over Syd giving her head. She moans how good it is and in true girl fashion says “Don’t you love her hair? It’s awesome. Perfect length.” as she grabs it and holds on for dear life. Of course Syd eats that shit up and uses it as motivation to bring on orgasm after orgasm followed by the shakes (I love the shakes!). Throughout the scene I became more and more in love with Kimberly Kane. She talks the entire time and is fucking hilarious, but in real life, this is her way of having sex and I fell for it. At one point she calls out anyone to just sit on her face and more than welcomes Ariel when she takes her up on the offer. The two scissor for a while afterwards and once again Ariel getting off was absolutely amazing to watch. Amidst the heavy breathing and intense moans of pleasure you begin to realize why no work gets done in this place. These girls don’t go for just one quickie and get back to work. No no no, this is all or nothing, and when they decide to end things with Syd fingering both Ariel and Kimberly at the same time while giving them head I seriously didn’t think I’d make it through the rest without… well, you know. I mean, the girls even had to be told by the director to wrap things up, which I found to be incredibly hot because I got lost in the scene right along with them. This is one of the best lesbian threesomes I’ve watched in a while!


Scene 3 – Kimberly Kane & Veruca James


Enter Kimberly Kane’s workshop. Beautifully decorated with posters of cars and hot girls in bikinis, fully loaded with power tools and large machines, and currently occupied by two sexy ladies who don’t mind midday distractions. Veruca James is there to pick up a table that Ariel X left for her. When Kimberly finds out she’s an interior decorator, she offers to trade “kisses & stuff” for her services. Naturally Veruca accepts those terms (who wouldn’t!?) and they start making out. Then BOOM… that fucking music is back and this time it’s extremely annoying. Kimberly and Veruca are exchanging words and giggling and as much as I strained, I couldn’t fully follow along because the music not only lasted way too long into the action, it was louder in this scene than the previous two. Eventually it went off, but after tit stimulation, clothes coming off, pussy licking, and fingering. It was distracting without a doubt. Anyway, for some reason Veruca James reminded me of Kirsten Dunst in Bring It On, really cute and always smiling with a pussy to match. Kimberly wastes no time getting her fingers up in there and when she eats Veruca’s ass she couldn’t contain the outburst. Kimberly flips her over to rinse and repeat from behind and the view is just incredible.


I told you! Look at her face! That about says it all. Kimberly brings her same enthusiasm and hilarious charm to the scene from the very beginning, and when she “hops up on this sex bench” I knew I was in for a good one. Veruca returns the many blessings just received by licking and fingering Kimberly’s ass, forcing her to cry out. Veruca likes Kimberly’s ass so much she declares it magical and continues to indulge. I can tell that these two are having fun and I really enjoyed it. They seem completely comfortable exploring each other’s bodies and their conversation is fluid and natural. It’s nice when it happens like that.


This is my favorite scene of the movie so far and the scissoring to top it off confirmed that for me. They continue the butt stuff for a while with the slapping and smothering being particularly hot. Kimberly calls Veruca a piglet because of how much she loves it down there and you can hear Veruca get even more turned on by it. They explore a few more positions before discussing the rustic machine theme décor Kimberly has going on and deciding to keep it central to the shop. Nothing like women who can handle business and sex at the same time! Veruca ends up on top and all things sweaty and good came to life! The eye contact was on point, the deep moans were an audible turn on, the conversation matched the pace and the laughter enforced the fun, lighthearted underlying tone. I absolutely loved these two performing together! I could watch this scene a million times and be equally, if not more turned on each time.


Scene 4 – Kimberly Kane & Syd Blakovich

I was more than ready for Syd and Kimberly! Kimberly is always entertaining and verbalizes what she wants and we already know Syd’s tongue is one of her best friends from scene 2, so I couldn’t wait for this to start! Syd complains about not having her couches from Ariel yet, blah blah blah, clothes are off! Syd gets down to business ASAP, eating Kimberly out, sucking on her nipples, and groping her breasts. Kimberly is just as pleased as before and goes right over the cliff and into the deep end when Syd tosses her over and eats her ass out. The camera closeups are pure genius again, getting right up in there during crucial moments so you feel like you’re in the scene.


Syd begins undressing and we have our first and only strap of the movie. Now I’m super excited! I had to stop myself from fast forwarding a few times, but I made it through. Kimberly’s ass is nice and red from Syd slapping it and I found that to be visually stimulating. They fuck missionary for a while with Syd holding Kimberly down while she fucks her. Kimberly’s eyes roll back in her head at one point and that sent me sky high! Being on either end is a dream come true for me and I felt Kimberly’s orgasm through the screen, no bullshit!


Syd pounds away when they fuck doggy style and the roughness was a nice touch to say the least. She gives Kimberly a break by sitting on her face but making her keep the dildo inside her pussy. I absolutely love the way Syd rides Kimberly’s face like she’s taking what she earned. It’s time for her to bust a nut and man was it a good one! Literally dripping in sweat as she thrust back and forth across Kimberly’s tongue, Syd is a woman on a mission! I must have watched this part 5 or 6 times.


They jump into 69 with Syd on top, and the view is really pretty with Kimberly’s mouth wide open, unable to concentrate, with Syd’s colorful back tats on full display. Like I said, Kimberly can hardly focus on giving Syd head because she’s just that good, but when Syd starts fingering her it’s pretty much a wrap. She kept trying so there’s your A for effort, but the body quivers had the final say. I’m a huge teaser, even after the fact, so I thoroughly appreciated Syd taking the time to lightly rub her fingers up and down Kimberly’s body while holding her hands over her head so she couldn’t squirm away. She even whips her tongue out one more time, licking Kimberly everywhere and spending extra time on her armpits, sending Kimberly off into pure bliss.


Overall, Blue Collar Lesbians is a great movie. Aside from the music playing too long into the scenes and being particularly loud in the 3rd scene, everything fits the theme and the sex is spot-on because of the great casting. Watch it and comment below to let me know what you think about it.

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Sex & Confidence – A Steamy Movie Review

2016-04-21_16-55-15Digital Playground is known for putting out some of the best movies in the XXX biz, and their newest, Sex & Confidence, is sure to please. Sex & Confidence is a HMFH VOD-exclusive packed with strong women that love to take the reins and get what they want. It’s destined to become one of their all time best! Whether they’re looking to hook up at the gym, taking therapy to a whole new level, or helping a friend with his little problem, these ladies are proving that confidence is sexy! And with stars like Alexis Adams, Peta Jensen, Aidra Fox, Darcie Dolce, Audrey Bitoni, Miss Eva Lovia, and Abigail Mac, you know you’re in for one hell of a steamy show! So let’s not waste another moment with introductions and get right down to the nitty-gritty!

Scene One: Alexis Adams & Karlo Karrera


John Strong, Mr. Pete, and Karlo Karrera are at the gym beefing up when Peta Jensen and Alexis Adams make an appearance. One is there to work out, but the other one… well, she’s there to have some fun! Alexis Adams flirts with them all, trying her best to tempt them to leave their weights behind and follow her taut behind to the next room and fuck her! Strong and Pete seem shy when the indomitable, sexually brazen Adams gets handsy. But rather than being scared away, Karrera can’t help but to take a taste! Adams may be a sexually confident woman, but when they get down to business, it’s Karrera who takes charge and face fucks Adams before diving into her wanton pussy. Bent over and gripping the ropes of the boxing ring, Adams groans in ecstasy as Karrera slides his cock into her waiting hole. She is finally getting the exact type of workout she came to the gym to get! Karrera switches up the positions – missionary, doggy style – slamming into her hot hole like a jack hammer. Adams rides him cowgirl style for a bit, taking him deep inside and juicing his cock with her powerful pussy! Finally, when he can’t wait another moment, Karerra unleashes his torrent of hot jizz onto Adams’ heaving tits.


Scene Two: Peta Jensen & Mr. Pete


Meanwhile, Peta Jensen has caught the booty bug from her gym buddy, Alexis Adams, and is ready to have some fun! Mr. Pete and Jensen just had a nice dinner and she wants dessert.  Pete’s suggestion is that they get to know one another, maybe partake in some Netflix and chill. But Jensen prefers to get to know him by pulling his dick out of his pants! She’s a powerful, pushy woman that knows precisely what she wants, and she’s about to take it from the shy, big dicked Mr. Pete! It doesn’t take long for him to get into the groove of things – and by groove I mean Jensen’s sweet little pussy! He dives in, licking and tasting her before taking control and fucking her pretty mouth. When he finally gets inside this tattooed temptress it’s from behind, her cute ass stuck up in the air and her dirty mouth demanding that he fuck her hard! They spend most of their time with Jensen on top, taking back control and riding Pete for all he’s worth! She finally gets her sweet reward – a face covered in hot, creamy cum, courtesy of the generous Mr. Pete.


Scene Three: Aidra Fox & Darcie Dolce


Aidra Fox wants to be fucked like a porn star. She shares this secret with her sexy friend, Darcie Dolce, and it’s no surprise what happens next. Dolce can’t help but give her friend precisely what she wants, so she leans forward and catches Fox off guard with a quick kiss on the lips. Fox responds eagerly, rising to her knees to engage in a long, passionate kissing session with Dolce. Fox lays back and the dark haired Dolce explores Fox’s pretty pink pussy with her tongue. They move on to toys, including a black one that is much too large for Fox, followed by a pink glass heart that brings Fox to a screaming orgasm! Fox returns the pleasure, admitting that she’s always wanted to use a dildo to fuck a woman. This scene is crazy hot. I mean, seriously, Dolce has some mad pussy eating skills and watching Fox squirm her way through two very real orgasms was amazing. The scene came to a disappointing end for me when instead of more making out, they finish up with some dildo titty fucking. Now, I’m sure there are tons of people who will love that ending, I’m just not one of them. But hey, all you titty fucking fans are in for a real treat!


Scene Four: Audrey Bitoni & John Strong


John Strong is out of the gym (let’s not forget how shy poor Strong acted when Alexis Adams flirted with him at the gym in scene one) and in the therapist’s office. They don’t state the problem outright, but therapist Audrey Bitoni makes it pretty clear the type of therapy she offers. She’s on Strong’s lap with her tits in his face in less than two minutes! Not long after she’s letting him eat her out on her desk. She’s a very hands-on therapist! Bitoni’s methods seem to be working, so she drops to her knees to continue her hard work. Once she’s sure Strong is ready, Bitoni offers the most intensive therapy method available – her sexy ass in the air and her wet pussy ready to be fucked by her needy patient! Strong wastes no time grabbing her hips and driving his cock deep inside her! This final stage consists of doggy style and cowgirl, the latter of which allows the creative therapist to control the speed in which their therapy session comes to an end! Bitoni’s hard work pays off and she gets a hot facial for her efforts!


Scene Five: Aidra Fox & Tommy Pistol


I’m not sure why Tommy Pistol is being shown around the house by adorable, half dressed Aidra Fox, but to be quite honest, I don’t really care. Fox is too cute for words with those dimples and tits. Tattooed, bearded, and pretty damn adorable himself, Pistol can’t resist her sexual prowess, even though he feels nervous about fucking in her dad’s room! Despite being scared of getting caught, Pistol spends plenty of time using his tongue to pleasure the lovely Fox. He licks from back to front, dipping his tongue into her tight ass and then moving up and lapping at her pussy eagerly. This scene is so hot – Pistol barely able to wait, ripping his pants off and slamming his cock into Fox while he spoons her – it’s definitely one of my faves! Trying to keep her quiet so they can hear if her dad comes home early, Pistol keeps Fox’s mouth covered through missionary and cowgirl positions as she is nearly brought to tears with several orgasms! Fox begs Pistol to make her his dirty little porn star and cover her face with his load; he finally gets his release and gives her exactly what she desires.


Scene Six: Abigail Mac, Miss Eva Lovia & Kieran Lee


Keiran Lee has a little problem. It seems as though he’s a one pump chump. A minute man. A dude who only gives the quickie dicky, if you will. But never fear, Abigail Mac and Miss Eva Lovia are here! These sexy, confident women are going to tag-team this sad English man and help him rise to the occasion and stick it out! They begin with a slow, deliberate blowjob, each taking turns putting his tool in their mouths. But Lee doesn’t want to go too quickly, so he takes time to lick and taste Miss Eva’s pussy before burying his cock in it! He takes turns fucking each one in various positions, seemingly having gotten over his little problem! While one is being fucked, the other gets busy sucking bouncing tits or playing with tender clits. When Lee finally cums, he deposits his load inside the well fucked Miss Eva, and Mac is right there to lick it up as it drips out!


Now that you’ve read all about the action in Sex & Confidence, there’s no doubt in my mind you’ll want to see it. There just no substitute for watching the action yourself! Check it out; you won’t find it anywhere else.

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Porn and Sex Education

Peggy Orenstein
Peggy Orenstein

Last month, the New York Times published an OpEd from author Peggy Orenstein titled, When Did Porn Become Sex Ed? When it hit my social media feeds, I braced myself for an anti-porn diatribe about how the industry is destroying our youth and must be more strictly regulated by the government. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Orenstein’s main focus was, in fact, on the failure of responsible adults (parents, schools, health care providers, community leaders) to provide factual, comprehensive sexual education to young people. Even when sex education is available, “we still tend to avoid the biggest taboo of all: women’s capacity for and entitlement to sexual pleasure.”

These omissions lead young people to “consult pornography, at least in part, as though it were an instruction manual, even as nearly three-quarters say that they know it is as realistic as pro wrestling.” According to Orenstein, the many young women that she interviewed are not prioritizing their own sexual pleasure. When they begin having partnered sex, they gauge their own satisfaction by their (presumably male) partner’s satisfaction.

Curiously, Orenstein writes very little about porn itself; the dearth of comprehensive sex education in American schools bears the brunt of her concerns.  Porn performer, dominatrix, and podcaster Tina Horn tweeted at Orenstein, “This piece has great research. Why does it have to blame porn when it clearly argues bad sex ed is the issue?” Indeed, it seems that the NYT used the headline When Did Porn Become Sex Ed? simultaneously to make porn the scapegoat and to give the article a sexier, click-baity edge. Tina continued, “It’s the most sad when clear researched arguments are made and we are expected to infer porn as malevolent force.”

Even though Orenstein and the NTY manipulatively used porn as the framing device for a piece that was not really about porn, the article did spark important conversations about the intersection of sex education and pornography, and where our responsibility as porn industry workers begins and ends. It’s a conversation worth having, especially when young people are being denied information about their own bodies. I reached out to several porn performers and other industry workers to get their opinions on the matter.

Tina Horn
Tina Horn

Judy Hologram: What are your thoughts on Orenstein’s When Did Porn Become Sex Ed?

Princess Kali: Reading these kinds of articles that describe the ways in which young women are particularly affected by porn are always a bit heart-breaking. It’s tragic that ALL youth, regardless of gender, are left with porn as the only way to learn about the mechanics of sex, but young women seem to bear the brunt of the resulting pain, both physically and emotionally. It’s criminal (or it should be) that schools and government agencies do such a horrible, damaging job with sex education.

This is a generation that has grown up with the internet at their fingertips and cell phones in their pockets, so trying to keep information out of their hands is a battle that’s lost before it’s even begun. This is a generation that is not used to being denied information or dealing with “gate-keepers,” and so a system that was already hurtful has also become ridiculous.

Alyx Fox: The article points to the fact that Americans have trouble talking about sex, especially parents and [young people], and I think that’s true. Porn is often the scapegoat, but actually it is one of the only resources most people have to explore their fantasies and figure out their desires. I like that the author points to a need for adults to have intelligent conversations around sex—especially with each other, but also with [young people].

Kitty Stryker: I agree with Orenstein that parents, teachers, etc need to be in a position to talk about sex in a direct, honest, consensual, and respectful fashion. That said, when she discusses the Dutch’s openness around sex education, she fails to mention the study that suggested porn doesn’t seem to affect the sexual behaviour of Dutch teens. Another seemingly relevant study would be the Danish one about the impact of porn on relationships, where access to a variety of porn seems to benefit couples rather than hurt them. This leads me to question if, perhaps, porn is being scapegoated because of a lack of comprehensive sex education, rather than because it’s inherently “bad.” Just as a TV is not really a substitute for parenting, porn is not really a substitute for communicating about sex, nor should it be.

JH: It has been argued that porn literacy is an essential part of sex ed for young people. What does porn literacy mean to you? How can porn literacy be approached in sex ed?

Princess Kali
Princess Kali

Princess Kali: I agree that porn literacy should be a part of sex-ed for young people now, but I also believe that MEDIA literacy should be part of the curriculum. Teaching young people to understand, analyze, critique & reflect on what media shows and its effects on each of us both consciously and unconsciously is a part of living in the 21st century. To deny that porn is part of the “usual” sexual experience is an effort in futility. I personally don’t know how incorporating porn literacy in youth sex ed can be accomplished, which is one of the reasons I’ve always stayed away from youth sex ed in my personal career. But there are some brilliant sex educators (not necessarily in academia but in the schools, that are actually working with [young people]) that I’m sure have some amazing ideas. They should be sought out and listened to.

Alyx Fox: The most basic and necessary form of porn literacy is the one pointed to by the NYTimes article — knowing the difference between porn fantasies and personal realities. But to me, real porn literacy would mean knowing what kind of porn exists — who porn is made by, for, how, and why (insert cis het male gaze education here / alternative sexualities and feminist approaches). There should be a historical survey of porn with an understanding of the American film rating system and how it came to be. Add some cross-cultural study looking at other cultures and their ratings systems and restrictions, or lack thereof, around erotic media. An advanced course should include legal issues surrounding porn production and distribution with both a domestic and global POV. It should include a study of the economics of porn including piracy, “high risk businesses,” and the way financial institutions exert control over what gets produced.

Porn is often the scapegoat but actually it is one of the only resources most people have to explore their fantasies and figure out their desires.

Kitty Stryker: I think porn literacy is really important. For me, porn literacy is entangled with teaching [young people] (and adults!) that sex work is work. The adult industry is an industry, and like other industries involving entertainment, performers are paid to perform. Just as you wouldn’t try to do gymnastics like Cirque du Soilel, I think people should see porn as a job that involves practice, skill, athleticism, and, frankly, training! The more that people understand that and treat it as a job, I think the easier it is to explain the intricacies of porn as an entertainment and marketing industry.
How would you approach that in sex ed? I’m not sure, considering in some states you can’t even have proper sex ed, just abstinence only education. Despite the fact that maybe talking about porn and masturbation would help encourage abstinence, I doubt the places that go for that approach would go for it. Once you can tell [young people] how to have safer sex, then maybe you can begin to deconstruct their porn viewing habits. This site, however, is pretty well done and is made for teens.

Kitty Stryker
Kitty Stryker

JH: Are there instances where porn can be educational?

Princess Kali: My first response to this is always, “meh.” Can 2 Fast 2 Furious teach you to drive? Can Point Break (the 1st one) teach you how to skydive? Can 50 Shades teach you what a kinky relationship is like? (Hint, the answer to all three of those is no.) I think that porn is entertainment, and of course we can “learn” from entertainment, but I don’t think that makes it educational. That may seem like splitting hairs but to me it’s an important differentiation. Victoria’s Secret Catalogs aren’t porn but are often used as it (or were before easy online porn access!). Intention matters.

One of the reasons I created & is because I wanted to show sexual techniques (especially edgy or more dangerous ones) without the distraction of being super turned on right in that moment. When it comes to bondage or impact play, learning technique is truly a matter of safety, so I wanted people to learn how it works and then be safe to go create their own erotic in-person experiences.

Alyx Fox: Definitely. Right away I think of Crash Pad’s Guide to Fisting and Kink University but I know there are many titles that take an educational approach. But education is something that porn companies can do around porn, not only in porn. Producers can provide resources on their sites or find ways to engage in discussions around porn and talk about what they do. Foxhouse has not produced any educational titles yet, but we do participate in porn festivals and interviews and look for ways to talk about what we do and why we do it. And I think this is a very effective way to educate around porn without requiring all films to be educational. Sometimes it’s ok to have a film just be fun or twisted and taboo. With so much moral policing in our culture I think porn provides a much needed, more relaxed, indulgent experience and I’d hate to see that change.

Sometimes it’s ok to have a film just be fun or twisted and taboo. With so much moral policing in our culture I think porn provides a much needed, more relaxed, indulgent experience and I’d hate to see that change.

Kitty Stryker: I mean, educational porn is a whole genre, so yes. :) That said, I think even when porn isn’t seeking to be education it can have some educational impact. I’ve discovered new turn ons through watching porn, or experimented with new positions I’ve seen other plus size performers do. I learned how to put a condom on with my mouth through watching porn. These are all great things! I have a context for sexual education, though, so I think critically about what I’m watching and if it makes sense for me. Unfortunately, we don’t tend to teach critical thinking in schools either, which doesn’t help our teens make sensible decisions.

JH: What responsibility does porn have to educate its viewers?

Alyx Fox
Alyx Fox

Princess Kali: I personally always err on the side of responsibility. I think if we had more porn literacy, there would be LESS responsibility, because viewers would have learned that it’s for entertainment and not as a how-to manual. But as of now, with porn so often acting as a form of education, I’m glad when they include safe-sex and consent discussions. When porn-as-entertainment is used as porn-for-education there’s often not much context for what’s going on or whether everyone involved has consented and is enjoying it. At least not in what is considered most “mainstream” porn. There are feminist and/or ethics driven companies creating porn and I wish mainstream media would promote those companies more.

Alyx Fox: I don’t think that porn has responsibility to directly educate. Porn should not have to pick up the slack just because Americans have a problem talking about sex, their fantasies, and desires. There are some non-pornographic films that are educational and other films that are not. If this is ok I don’t think porn should be held to a different standard just because of moral stigmas around sexually explicit content. I think it’s great that some porn takes that approach and definitely agree that those resources should be made available. This definitely makes a good case for porn literacy—helping people to understand how to view porn that is not directly educational—but that doesn’t need to come from porn itself. This is something that could also be provided by writers, sex educators, or parents.

Kitty Stryker: I don’t know that I feel porn has a responsibility to educate its viewers, per se. I would argue, more, that porn is accountable to its viewers. For example, I do believe that when people see slurs in porn is helps to normalize them, so I personally don’t use them in my work and I don’t tend to work with people who do. Is that my responsibility? No, but for me it’s a way of staying accountable to my politics and my community.

JH: How can young people/millennials affect the ways in which porn is produced, and the kinds of porn that is produced?


Princess Kali: I think this is one of the toughest problems to solve actually. Because I’d naturally say boycott those companies that don’t produce ethical porn. But no one pays for porn anymore, so it’s harder to use dollars as influence. So maybe the opposite stance. Millennials have to become willing to pay for porn that matches their desire for how it’s produced. Small companies that produce ethical porn have a very hard time staying in business these days thanks to tube sites and “amateurs” being willing to post free videos of sexual escapades in celebration of exhibitionist expression. So put your money where your mouth is, and buy porn from small indie companies!

Alyx Fox: I think it’s important first of all for young people to know about the different kinds of porn that are out there. I mean, wasn’t it just recently that Emma Watson said there needs to be a feminist version of porn? Which is a nice sentiment but actually is misleading and kind of laughable to those of us who know the amazing female directors who are already producing content right now. If Ms. Watson is clueless, then we can assume most of the people who are finding free content on tube sites are as well. Once people are aware of what is out there, we really need to drive home the fact that paying for porn is what keeps these studios and performers going. It’s really that simple. So find what you like, and pay for what you like. Even the mainstream porn industry will change once they see that independent and feminist studios are successfully producing different kinds of content. That’s already started happening, and I’m sure it will continue if porn watchers just continue to support the studios they like.

Kitty Stryker: The easiest way is to pay for your porn. Yes, you can find porn for free on hub sites, but that porn is often stolen. When producers don’t see money coming in from a particular performer or type of porn, they won’t bother booking more, which means your fave hub performer may be losing work when you’re jerking off to them for free. Help us continue to make the porn you like by paying us! Even better? Many models have their own clip stores, allowing them to be in charge of marketing and production themselves. Pay them directly and help influence independent business over big industry!


Princess Kali is a former dominatrix and is the founder of Kink Academy. You can follow her on twitter @Princess_Kali.

Alyx Fox is a performer, producer, and director at Foxhouse Films. You can follow her on twitter @AlyxFoxxx.

Kitty Stryker is a BBW performer. You can follow her on twitter @KittyStryker.

You can follow Judy Hologram on twitter @JudyHologram and the rest of us @HotMoviesForHer.

The Authentic Lesbian Review: Sober Sets

black background

When it comes to porn, everyone assumes it’s the same lifestyle as rock n’ roll: sex, drugs, alcohol, and money. While one of those is certainly true (there’s lots of sex in porn) and the other true for some people (I know a few claiming to make really good bank), the other two are more mythology by some accounts. For the record, we aren’t talking about the male enhancement drug side of things (although there’s a lot there to be dissected), but rather the alcohol, marijuana, and coke that outsiders think are given out in goodie bags as soon as stars walk on set. While that sounds like the dream life to some of us, porn is still a business and being sober is extremely important to businesses everywhere. I’ve made it a task of mine to find stars promoting sober sets and sharing their drug-free porn set experiences.

SiriIn an article written for Quora, the beautiful and boobaliciously blessed Siri outlines what sounds like common sense when you think about it. Making pornographic movies is a business first, and being fucked up on the job is unprofessional no matter what that job is (not to mention the whole consent issue you’re opening yourself up to if you’re a production company allowing stars to perform while under the influence). Siri writes,

If an adult company allows a non-sober performer to work, they are taking a MAJOR liability. A non-sober performer does not have complete awareness and full control of his/her faculties, and cannot legally give consent to what happens on film.

Sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen if you ask me. She goes on to explain that most adult film companies require performers to film a video disclaimer either before or after the shoot stating their age, that they consent(ed) to the sex acts taking place, and that they are not under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Producers and studios have to take that shit seriously because of VOD licensing and CC processor censorship. Garion Hall, owner and genius over at the Australian porn superpower that is, agrees and confirms that drugs and alcohol are never allowed on his sets.


AceComedian turned porn star Ace touches on the subject in his Youtube vlog detailing his personal experiences in the industry. While he admits that he has witnessed the occasional joint smoking in a backyard after a scene, he says drug offers on set are nothing like people think. People want to believe there are a lot of drugs on set, but that’s just not true according to Ace. He goes on to outline typical interviews from outsiders and talks about how everyone assumes that adult performers are all on drugs and doing porn because of something fucked up that happened to them. However, these interviews completely ignore the fact that sex is enjoyable to most people and that there are some of us who want it more than others. If you can get paid for that, why the hell wouldn’t you, right!? Exactly. John E. Depth joins him on one episode and even I found it interesting that they talked more about male enhancement drugs that they saw during their time in the industry, rather than the party drugs everyone assumes comes with the career choice.


Kayden KrossNone of this is to say that porn stars don’t do drugs. Hell, I’m not even saying they shouldn’t do drugs, just that nobody should be under the influence of drugs or alcohol while at work (even on 4/20). In an interesting read at LiveScience, Kayden Kross joins the conversation and offers her knowledge and opinions on a study of the average adult performer. When it came to drugs, the study claims that the stereotype that porn stars use more drugs than the average person was partially true. Kayden agreed, stating:

I have a feeling we’ve probably, as a demographic, tried skydiving more. We’ve probably tried monkey brains in South Africa more.

That’s extremely telling to me. It speaks more to the personality type of those who may enter the industry and I think that’s where outsiders get things wrong. They assume sex in front of a camera and crew to be horrible and forceful, so they assume you must be doped up or drunk to do it. After researching, it seems clear to me that adult companies and performers have much more to lose than gain when it comes to being high or boozed up on set. Performers are reportedly sent home and not paid, which leads to a bad reputation with the end result being that nobody wants to work with you.

While I’m sure there’s much more out there, unfortunately the adult industry and those working in it just aren’t accurately represented in mainstream media. It’s easier for outsiders to make assumptions and lump performers into stereotypical categories, so there isn’t much to go on. But after working around the content for over 5 years, I feel confident in believing the voices of the few who have spoken out and continue to speak out against drug and alcohol stereotypes. I’ll continue my due diligence on the matter of sober sets and set the world straight, but until then make sure to follow me on Twitter @authenticlezz1 for all things lezzy and my favorite group of ladies @hotmoviesforher!