Hot Reviews: Comic Book Freaks and Cosplay Geeks

Joanna Angel’s latest alt-porn release, Comic Book Freaks and Cosplay Geeks  takes you inside the wild, kinky world of people who take don’t mind getting nerdy–and dirty! True to her directorial style, Angel makes sure to keep the line between silly and sexy very thin, which I appreciated a lot. As someone who hasn’t read a comic book since 7th grade and doesn’t partake in cosplay, I still found myself enjoying this movie for its intentionally campy, and ridiculous plot points and, of course, because the sex was still super hot!… More

HOT Toy Reviews: The Hitachi Magic Wand

HotMoviesforHer is pleased to announce that we have reinstated our toy reviews after a long, arduous battle here in the HMFH office.  The war has now been won, and we can once again bring you both the hottest and most honest toy reviews anywhere on the web!

The conflict began several weeks ago when the current HMFH Editorial Team began questioning why we weren’t writing toy reviews at the moment. … More

Booty Building Tips with Richelle Ryan!

It’s almost that time of year again! The time when the dreaded bathing suits begin showing up in department stores (and we’re all left wondering–who needs a bathing suit in February, and who really wants to try one on immediately after the holiday binge?!), and we’re forced to face the fact it’s another year later and we still haven’t perfected our bodies the way we promised ourselves in January (and the January before that, and the January before that).… More

Round 2 Voting in Bracket Promotion is Live!

Be sure to check out the RogReview Podcast on the tournament here!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Porn Star Bracket Promotion for Charity Enters Round Two

 Philadelphia, PA – March 24, 2015 –, home to the largest collection of adult films on the web, is excited to announce the start of second round voting in their 2015 Porn Star Tournament!… More

Women’s History Month for Adults: Rennaisance Woman Joanna Angel

In our final spotlight for women’s history month, HotMoviesforHer takes a look at the woman who helped change the face of porn for our generation. Dubbed the “Queen of Alt Porn,” director, writer, producer and performer Joanna Angel may not have created the hardcore, punk genre of porn, but she did turn it into the massive market and empire that it is today.… More

Hot Reviews: Spicing Up the Marriage from Jacky St. James


Jacky St. James succeeds once again with another incredible script, masterful production and beautiful, passionate scenes. After several years of marriage these four couples have found ways to continue to feel close to each other, and make their sexual experiences even hotter than when they first met. However, it hasn’t always been easy to communicate their needs within these relationships.… More

HMFH Guide To Porn For Married Couples

With the recent release of Jacky St. James’ Spicing Up The Marriage, we figured we’d direct all you (heteronormative… I’m sorry queers!) married people to a few other titles that might give you some spicy new ideas to keep the sexy in your relationship! The rad thing about porn land is that it’s where all your wildest fantasies can come true; it’s up to you to decide whether to bring those fantasies off screen and into your bedroom, or store them away in the spank bank.… More

Femdom Dream Interview: Carissa Montgomery

In honor of the new release Femdom Dream Date, we decided to interview one of our favorite Femdoms, Carissa Montgomery. Carissa has had an interesting career as a fetish model, learned the ropes of BDSM as a professional submissive, and she has been featured in major releases. We wanted to know how she began her journey in adult entertainment, and how the industry has helped her to express her kinky side while gaining experience as an entrepreneur.… More

Just a Civilian Girl in a Porn World: A Jacky St. James Guest Post for Women’s History Month

Known for her depiction of strong female characters, as well as her uncanny ability to place her finger on the erotic pulse of women’s sexuality, highly sought after director Jacky St. James has created an entire genre of adult films that seek to encourage and empower women. With titles like The Submission of Emma Marx, The Submission of Emma Marx-Boundaries, and the newly released Spicing Up the Marriage, her approach reassures women that it’s ok to embrace and explore their own sexuality.… More