Private Man: Job Wanted

Private Man: Job Wanted Studio: Private Man Category: Gay The fourth issue of Private Man takes you into the glamorous world of fashion, where a host of male models parade themselves for your eyes-only. Of course, the temperature is soaring as Private brings you the best scenes of horny, provocative, and penetrative sex. From the catwalk to the bedroom, the perfect setting for catching an eyeful of our Private boys’ most tantalizing secrets.

Belladonna’s Fucking Girls

Belladonna’s Fucking Girls Studio: Belladonna Category: Lesbian Belladonna is a dirty, dirty girl. Evil Angel’s premier director of lesbianic lust leaves no hole unexplored. She still loves giant toys and nasty all-girl action. Find out whom Belladonna wants to love and whom she wants to hate. Regardless of the treatment, these girls love every minute of it.

Spoiled (Audio Story)

Spoiled (Audio Story) Studio: Venetian Dreams Category: Audio Stories Alison and Rick like to play. Rick likes to tell Alison that she’s spoiled. He pampers her, in every way imaginable. He smiles as his little redhead gets spoiled rotten, enjoying the better things in life. He loves how he’s the one who spoils her. Giving her everything. And when she’s asleep he spoils her right to the edge of reason, never waking her, but always bringing her to a climax that could only be appreciated by someone spoiled so rotten.

Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost Studio: Sin City Category: Erotica Our’s is a tale of disappointment, lust, betrayal and ultimately reconciliation. Our couple is drawn into a profound revelation of their true selves as they are taken on this psychological exploration by a common figment of their imaginations, Faust. AVN hails Michael Raven’s Paradise Lost as a masterpiece of erotic cinema.

Annie Sprinkle

Annie Sprinkle Known as the prostitute/porn star turned PhD. sexologist, Annie Sprinkle has been making movies, researching sexuality and teaching workshops while championing the rights of sex workers for the past 30 years. As a performance artist, she has been touring with her one woman show and has been receiving international critical acclaim, all while changing the way people view sex. Sex goddess, feminist, queer activist and pornographic powerhouse- Annie Sprinkle is an icon! For more Annie Sprinkle, be sure to check out her amazing films!

Gay Picks – Feb 20

Welcome to HotMoviesForHer! When it comes to porn, there’s nothing us dykes hate more than unrealistic, male-fantasy driven bullshit. You know the type: a chick with bad implants eating out a bottlejob with long fingernails (ouch!) and a bored look on her face. There’s nothing more tiresome unless, of course, that’s your bag, baby. We want to see authenticity. And I’ve gotta say, as a person who’s seen her share of lesbian pornography- this movie is for reals. Mon Cher Sherry, brought to us by the amateur-driven studio Vagabond Entertainment, is a prime example of how real girls do real … Continue reading Gay Picks – Feb 20

Do women watch porn?

Do women watch porn? Why the hell not, we need to get off too, no? It’s time for us ladies to start doing it for ourselves.. Welcome to HotMoviesForHer, your one-stop shop for everything a sexy lady needs! For those of you porn-curious ladies who are new to this wonderful and wild world, check out our extensive catalogue that features categories For Women. Our movies are handpicked by our resident aficianados, Venus Vegas and Spot G, and contain some of the more traditional (and a little not so traditional!) female and couple-friendly titles. For the more XXX experienced, we’re not … Continue reading Do women watch porn?

As You Desire Me

As You Desire Me Studio: Jennifer James Films Category: By Women This movie takes a nice gentle turn into a more erotic approach, a softer way of making love and fucking the bejesus out of your partner. We have some really hot ladies getting drilled by strong, manly studs ready to give their sex god best! This is one erotic skin-fest you don’t want to miss!