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When it comes to porn, there’s nothing us dykes hate more than unrealistic, male-fantasy driven bullshit. You know the type: a chick with bad implants eating out a bottlejob with long fingernails (ouch!) and a bored look on her face. There’s nothing more tiresome unless, of course, that’s your bag, baby. We want to see authenticity. And I’ve gotta say, as a person who’s seen her share of lesbian pornography- this movie is for reals.

Mon Cher Sherry, brought to us by the amateur-driven studio Vagabond Entertainment, is a prime example of how real girls do real girls. Set in a modest studio apartment, our two pornographic protagonists begin by role-playing just a little to set the mood. Soon, it becomes clearly obvious that these two girls not only know one another, but that they are comfortable getting it in front of a camera. They begin to passionately makeout and clumsily remove their clothes, revealing their superhot womanly bodies. Our butch, played by a nameless stud we’ll call “Mohawk”, begins to rub and caress Sherry’s tall and buxom body, stopping to grip up her ass while sucking on her full, round tits. Next, they move onto the bed while Mohawk shifts to in between Sherry’s legs, eagerly lapping at her wet and willing pussy. From here on in, it’s..ahem..balls to the wall, dude. Mohawk straps it on and, after a quick bj, bangs Sherry out doggystyle, leaving her panting and moaning in her stilettos!

If you’re a girl like me then you’re someone who likes to see reasonably realistic girls fucking on film and this movie does not disappoint. It’s genuine, it’s guileless and it’s a perfect representation of some hot lesbo lovin’.

Trust me, I know.

Mon Cher SherryThis is real lesbian love as these girls straight up dyke out just for the camera and just for you.

Do women watch porn?

Do women watch porn? Why the hell not, we need to get off too, no? It’s time for us ladies to start doing it for ourselves..
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In front of and behind the camera, women are doing it for themselves too (and I’m not just talking masturbation!). More and more women are stepping out of the g-spotlight and making their own visions reality as directors, writers and business owners.

Joanna Angel, founder of, brings her own brand of rock ‘n roll aesthetic to the adult industry. Nominated for over half a dozen awards at the 2006 AVN show, including Best New Starlet and, for Joanna’s Angels (in which she wrote, directed and starred in), Best Sex Comedy, Best Actress, Best Screenplay and Best Marketing Campaign, it’s more than obvious that this tattooed beauty has the stamina for real lasting power! Watch our exclusive interview from 2005 with her for free!

Belladonna is another female force to be reckoned with. Known for being one of the nastiest girls in the biz, she’s recently made the move to directing and producing her own all-girl movies, including the 2006 AVN award-winner for Best All-Girl Feature, Belladonna’s Fucking Girls, in which she also starred. Watch her for the dirty sex, get off on seeing that she enjoys it more than anyone!

From amateur studios like and Melanie’s Movies, to the classic Candida Royalle’s Femme Productions; from female run couple-friendly studios Stella Films Productions, Anna Span’s Diary and Jennifer James Films to extreme hardcore raunch from director Mason…women are working hard to fill the voids and fulfill all of your deepest desires!

As You Desire Me

As You Desire Me

Studio: Jennifer James Films Category: By Women

This movie takes a nice gentle turn into a more erotic approach, a softer way of making love and fucking the bejesus out of your partner. We have some really hot ladies getting drilled by strong, manly studs ready to give their sex god best! This is one erotic skin-fest you don’t want to miss!