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Every once and a while someone tries to pull the whole “women don’t watch porn” shtick with me. After shaking my head in amazement at their naiveté, I politely tell them that a) they are wrong and b) plenty of women not only watch porno, there are more and more women creating and directing adult movies every day. Since the real start of women behind the porno camera with Candida Royalle in the ‘80s, women have been taking the reins in creating hot material that is specifically made and marketed for women. While it’s impossible for us to say women want an exact kind of porn (it turns out that different women like all different types of porn – go figure!), we do know that each of our top five female porn directors hit the nail on the head when it comes to getting us gals hot and bothered!

Erika Lust: With HotMoviesForHer must sees like Five Hot Stories For Her and Barcelona Sex Project, Erika Lust tops the list as one of our ultimate favorite directors. Lust’s movies are thoughtful, super steamy and not afraid to show women’s sexuality as raw and totally real. Three cheers for Erika Lust!
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Tristan Taormino:Smart girls make us smitten and no one gets us giddy quite like Tristan Taormino. A jack of all trades in the sex education business, Taormino knows just how to leave us informed, aroused and begging for more with both her reality-ish porn series Chemistry and all of her Expert Guides instructional flicks. When we really want to get going, we get going over to a Tristan Taormino movie!
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Dana Dane: The only director of 100% lesbian movies on the list, Mz. Dana Dane is without a doubt bringing the ladies what they have been looking for with her Erocktavision movies. Hot lesbian fucking with amazing soundtracks and awesome video quality – can we really ask for more? Dana Dane always seems to do us dykes right!
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Jamye Waxman:
With her amazingly fun and warm personality and the way she can make an instructional video totally hot and engaging, Jamye Waxman definitely joins our list of the top female porn directors out there. Her “Personal Touch” series showcases all of the sexy wisdom she’s garnered over the years as a sex writer, all the while getting us rearin’ to go. We love this sexpert extraordinaire!
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Candida Royalle: How could Candida Royalle not be a part of this list? As a pioneer in the field of women making hot porn for women, Candida paved the way for all these other women to bring “for women, by women” sexy movies to the mainstream. That and her movies are totally hot and most definitely worth watching.
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