Nudity, Photography, and Computer Language

Russian Game Developer and Photographer Exey Panteleev is trying to get famous off of what many people have already done — combining the ever-trendy art of nude photography and geekery. Well behold! Something that’s already been done but has never been done! His project is called Geekography, and there’s something very “I have never in my been so turned on my computer language before” about it. Having been featured as a Photoproject Best of Russia, and multi-nominated for Masters Cup of Color Awards, the brightly and nsfw project spread seems to be ever growing in his portfolio. Below, a few of my favorites, and here is the link to the complete show.

Bonus factoid: at his site, many of them show you the definitions of each term. Learning and nudity and geekness, fuck me!


nude photography

nudes and computer language

html video element

instagram nude photography

nude pic of paragraph tag

script tag in nude photography

swipe gesture exey panteleev

nude photography featuring zoom

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