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Happy Hump Day!  Welcome back to Wednesday, the hump-tastic day of the week when we celebrate all things sexy. Well, we really celebrate the sexy every day, but today is extra special because it’s time for our mid-week link lovin’!

Let’s get to it!

– Today is also Earth Day (which we will post more on in a bit), so get your green sexiness on with eco friendly sex toys!  Wind-up vibes, solar panels and organic lubes, oh my! 

– Sure porno is all about shaved pubic hair, but what about what your average Joe?  The Google search seems to find just the opposite is true.  (via TheFrisky)

– Air Sex.  Yep, just like air guitar, but sex!  Holy crap that’s an awesome idea.  I even found a video from last year’s World Championships. I want to go to there. This is the ONLY time I’ve ever wished to be in Texas.  (via Sundance)

– Finally, someone is addressing the Gay Choreographed Rain Army issue that is plaguing this country!  And you thought gays marrying was gonna be the bad part. Oooh boy! (In response to this.)  (via Feministing)

–  Sex is pretty much awesome wherever you have it, but some places are definitely not as much fun as others… even though you really want them to be.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you… 

–  If you are thinking about getting into lesbian porn but aren’t sure how, here’s your chance!  Madison Young, Syd Blakovich and Jiz Lee – where do I sign up?!? (ok, not really, I’m totally happy with being on this side of the screen)

–  Sure long distance couples can web cam, chat and talk on the phone, but can they draw on each other with light?  The answer is actually yes, with Mutsugoto, a device that let’s people use light to draw on each other’s bodies and beds from afar.  As interesting as this technology is, I’m not sure if it beat hearing and watching your partner cum via the web…  (via The Frisky)

–  CalExotics recently debuted an awesome new sex toy accessory that I’m suprised has yet to be created : the Toy Cover!  An alternative to using a condom, the toy cover works exactly the same way, except without the pre-lubbed inside or the reservoir tip.  What a smart and needed invention.  They also released a toy cleaner.

Hope that gets you through til the weekend!

J.D. Bauchery

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