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Ok, we all know Valentine’s Day is coming at the end of this week.  Sure, it exciting for some of us – but to others it’s totally annoying and a bit of a bother.  And while I’m of the giddy, squeally variety when it comes to Feb. 14th, I’ve decided to consciously not inundate this week’s Link Love with all the sweetness and hearts that every other blog on the web is sporting.  None of those ‘what to get your man on v-day’ posts or what have you.  The only thing Valentine-y you are getting is the heart picture above… I couldn’t help myself to give at least a little cheer.  But, doing this also means that Link Love is a little shorter this week. Seriously all the sex news on the web is pointing to Valentine’s Day, and even I’m a little sick of it.  So, on that note, let’s get to it!

– Just like anything else with a motor, sex toys don’t last forever. Sad, I know, but when your trusty vibe finally konks out do the right thing and send it to Florida.  Old folks love used sex toys! No, no, ew gross, just kidding.  FL company Dreamscapes recycles sex toys – all you have to do is wash it and mail it!  Easy peasy AND you get a $10 to so you can mourn your favorite toy by having lots of orgasms with a new one!  (via Jamye Waxman)

– Coolest gamer invention ever.  Maybe even better than this.  Now they just need to figure out how to combine the two…  (via Tiny Nibbles)

– Ok, one more thing about sex toys, then I’ll move on.  Babeland recently posted some awesome pictures of the inner working of the Vixen Creations dildo factory.  How cool is that!  Silicone dildos everywhere! Yay!  Now I get to see where my favorite dick was born.  Love it!  Thanks Babeland!

– Are AIDS protection gels on the horizon?  Seems like maybe they are.  (via TheFrisky)

– I love personal essays, and I think this one about a vasectomy and a sex life rejuvenation is pretty neat.

– Congrats to all the this year’s GAVYN nominees! WooHoo!

– Not quite about sex, but it’s Sarah Haskins, so really, I had to post it.  Oh man, thanks Sarah, now I desperately want chocolate.

– And lastly, I love this video from the Courage Campaign.  It makes me sad that it has be done, but it also makes me smile.

“Fidelity”: Don’t Divorce… from Courage Campaign on Vimeo.

Hope that gets you through to the weekend!

-J.D. Bauchery

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