Happy International Orgasm Day!

Today is the 13th Annual World Orgasm Day!  The goal: for everyone to experience the most pleasure they can!  And maybe have a little less suffering and pain in the world, if only for one day.  Why fight wars and hurt people when you can get off instead??  I’m keeping the words short on this one because I plan to get my celebration on as many times as I can on this awesome holiday!

But before I sigh off so I can go click my own mouse, I wanted to offer up some of my favorite orgasm movies, in hopes that you’ll be inspired to share in the fun.

Orgasm! The Faces Of Ecstasy: A from-the-shoulders-up look at orgasms.  Yep, a whole movie full of “O” faces – and one of my favorite videos on the site!

Bottoms Up Orgasms:  A video full of delicious real female orgasms from a studio that specializes in featuring real female orgasms.  I also love that they are all coming from ass up, belly down positions (since many women in porn are masturbating on their backs).

Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide to Female Orgasms: The name says it all.  An amazing instructional from the brains of educator/pornographer Tristan Taormino!

Have an amazing time celebrating!!


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