Dirty Notes and Genderbread Awesomeness – Link Love!

Happy Humpday!  Welcome back to the midweek stretch.  And welcome to the day that only exists every four years, when our calendar needs that extra jolt of a 29 day February.  Leap Day always seems so random to me, but hey, who doesn’t love an extra reason to celebrate, right?  So let’s kick this mysterious day into high gear and get to some Link Lovin’!

Sometimes you just need to hump to the beat...


- The origins behind porn performers names.  Hmm, and all this time I thought they used the first pet/street they grew up on formula…

- An interesting (and mildly depressing) take on the current porn industry.

- While I think this story is a wee bit exaggerated for sensationalism’s sake, I’m sure there are some med students out there doing sex work to pay their tuition.

- Ooooh, Dan Savage is getting his own advice show on MTV! Savage U debuts on April 3rd at 11pm.  How exciting!

- The Genderbread Person is such an awesome way to explain the differences between gender expression, gender identity, biological sex and sexual orientation.  Thank you to whoever created it!

- A new study has found that more and more folks are having issues with condoms because they aren’t using them properly.  I wonder if this lack of basic safer sex knowledge has anything to do with abstinence-based sex education?  Hmmm…

- HuffPo talks pegging, and we are all ears!

Alright, no video action this week.  Let’s chalk it up to the Leap Day weirdness…

Hope this gets you through to the weekend!


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