The Sensational Tasha Jones: Exclusive Interview

2015-06-03_15-21-54The star of a new Kennston Productions film, Tasha Jones talks about issues that are as important to adult entertainers as they are to the fans who watch it. While some stars may have a split personality when it comes to performing and real life, Tasha Jones can’t help but be anyone but herself, all the time. We were happy she agreed to talk with us about her experiences in the industry, her outside interests and upcoming projects, as well as what keeps her focused in this sometimes crazy profession.

You are the star of the newly released Oral Sensation in which you are in all five scenes. You get to be the hot girlfriend, the elegant lady in lingerie, and the temptress next door. What is your favorite on-screen role to play? Do you have any favorite scenarios?

I loved making this movie. It is my first adult DVD where I am the star. To be honest I do not have a favorite on screen role. I love it all. As for scenarios, I have always loved real homemade type of movies. You find a guy online, bring him over, turn the camera on, and just go at it. That really turns me on.

tj8You have a great scene with Eddie Wood in Oral Sensation. Your banter and chemistry is really intimate. Was working with him your first female-to-male on-camera sexual experience?

It was my first time being with a F2M. I prefer the term “being with” rather than “working with.” I do not like to think of my filming as “work.” I enjoy it too much. Eddie was amazing to work with, we came up with the concept of how our scene would play out while Michelle Austin was taking a bath, and it took 10 minutes. Then we started to film and ad-libbed most of it. It pretty much happened all in one take.

The sex was amazing! It was so interesting to me to play with someone who looks so manly yet he has a pussy. I am a Trysexual type of person; nothing is off limits to me sexually. But this was something I had never done and really wanted to. Again, the sex was amazing.

Who would your dream co-star be, and who have you loved working with?

My dream co-star was Christian XXX and I got to shoot with him twice so far this year. I have jerked off watching him in videos wishing it was me he was fucking more times than I can count. After years of missing out we were finally in the same city together. We had no plans to shoot, but once we met face to face there was no question it was going to happen. Maybe me more than him but I had to have his cock…even just once.

What made it really special for me was that it was my birthday. I went out to Club Cobra on Thursday night and ran into him. We hung out and made plans for the next day. Before the shoot he took me out to Mel’s Diner and we had breakfast and then we walked around and he showed me places he used to live and told me stories about LA. We talked and got to see a side of each other that was more personal than online. That made the actual scene we shot more intense. He is a really big guy in more ways the one. What really turned me on was that he is a really nice guy and I felt really lucky to experience him and get to live out my fantasy!

You’ve been in the adult industry since the 1990s. There have been several technological changes in the way people watch and access porn. What changes have you seen due to this new technology? Has your content changed because viewers want to see something different than before?

Gosh, what a way to age me…lol. Yea, things have really changed over the years, some are good changes and others are really bad changes. The biggest change I see today is more with the girls. Everyone is a porn star these days. You go on webcam or take a selfie and now that gives you a label of a porn star. Sadly that has taken the “star” away from porn. Now anyone can do it. This really effects how much money you can make doing porn, which then affects the effort people put in making a good porn movie. I miss the old days.

But for the guys, it is great. No longer do they have to leave their house-they can turn on their computer or even their phone now and boom you have all the porn you want at your fingertips. Again, pretty much for free. Reality is that people are getting bored, you have to really do something different to get noticed. How many times can you hear “I have a special surprise for you” or “Oh daddy it feels so good,” when you know that girl is making a shopping list in between moans? Lol. I just think the adult industry is too saturated with underrated basic porn and really bad attempts at acting. Girls are more worried about how they look rather than enjoying having a huge cock spread them open.

tj6You have several interviews available for your fans to read on different websites like Real,, and your own blog is full of personal insights. While many performers have on-screen personae while hiding their real personalities, you are very candid about your life, your history and your past. Why did you make a conscious decision to be transparent with your fan base, and let people know the real you?

I have known no other way to be. I have also, since the first day I started doing webcam shows in 1997,  have been myself on and off camera. Meeting me in person or online–it does not matter, I am always just me. I also think my fans have come to expect that from me and it would be disrespectful to them to change that. Has it hurt me in the long run? Yes! Have I changed a bit of how open I am? Sadly yes.

Fans want the fantasy, the untouchable girl they can admire, but know nothing about. As much as my fans love that I am honest, they also would rather spend money on other girls who are not. I have seen it when I am watching another girl’s webcam show and see one of my fans tipping up a storm, but when they are in my room they just want to talk to me for free. Or if I have a personal issue like the discrimination I have had to deal with YouTube, Plenty of Fish, even Grindr. I get no support from my fans. I tested it, I posted a real story about my life and waited an hour. I got 20-30 likes/favorites. Then I posted a picture of my tits within 15 minutes I had over 100 likes and favorites.  Does it disappoint me? Of course. But if you have noticed, I have been less forthcoming on social media these days. Posting less selfies and a lot less nude photos. I feel, if you’re only going to support me when I give your spank bank a free deposit then you will get a lot less spank bank deposits until you learn you have to give me something in return 🙂

tj4Do you ever feel like you are pigeonholed in real life because of any of your on-screen personae?

Dating. I have always had a very hard time dating anyone because like you said above, I am so open about who I am. Guys think that all I wanted was sex. They would fuck me, but would never date me. I have had so many guys over the years tell me that, to my face. It really was disappointing and honestly this may shock some of your readers but, I was single and alone most of my life. I always privately hoped I would have a partner who would accept me for who I am, that we could have an honest relationship and be ourselves.

The truth is it is hard enough dating when you’re Trans let alone a very open sex worker/adult star. That is just too much for most guys to handle. So I went from one bad relationship to another filling the void with guys who were more fucked up then I was. But it was better than being alone. It was also easier for me to not feel less than or rejected. The really sad part was I was open to dating older guys or guys with no money. I just wanted to be accepted.

Then when I was at my lowest and I truly had given up all hope, I married my best friend. We do not have a conventional relationship. But it works for us. We are happy and accept each other’s issues and never judge each other. We allow each other to live life to the fullest. He knows I am a very sexual person, and [I] love my dick, so he has no issues with my life choice. I think that is more important than the fairy tale you grew up being told was the norm.

tj5You’ve mentioned in previous interviews that you are writing a book about your life. What is your motivation for getting your life story out there?

I think I have been writing this book since I was in my 20’s. It hopefully will get done, but every time I think it is finished, life changes and it seems my story is not done yet. I have two reasons for writing my life story. I am writing it to help others who might be going through what I had had to go through in my life. If I can help and save someone the pain, it will make everything I have been through worth it. I also think because I starting transitioning at the age of nine I have a lot of years of life lessons that could be very helpful to younger and now older Trans just starting to transition.

My main reason for writing it is for myself. It is very therapeutic for me to relive my life as I write. It answers questions for me and allows me to see things now that I am older differently. Some things are still just too painful to write and others I want to write about them but it might do more harm than good. It is a very hard thing to write about your life, but I choose to focus on the therapeutic, and the positive benefits I get when writing a chapter.

What are some questions that you wish interviewers would ask you, but they never do?

That is a hard one. I almost live two lives. People never know which way to go with me. Do they focus on my adult life or my personal life? As well, most interviewers who have dealt with the other girls find they want to stay away from personal questions, they do not understand that I am OK with both sides of my life being exposed.

I have read some interviews were personal questions were asked and I could tell that the answers were bullshit. They either lied to get attention or they embellished to make themselves look better. That is not me. I might answer a personal question with too much honesty than most porn readers wish to know about me. They cannot deal with that much truth. They would not be able to look at me as a sexual object knowing my personal life or issues. But again, I do not want to be fake, or play the role that works for others. I am me, I am a very complicated person, but at least I am a sexy one. 🙂

tj3What would you like to film if money was no matter? Would it be a big budget film, documentary, or maybe an avant garde, experimental scene? Would it be pornographic at all?

All of the above. I love to try new things and experience new adventures. This will sound bad, but I film what I want to film because I enjoy it. I will never do something I do not enjoy–money or no money. I have money. I have been in this business since 1998 so I better have a nest egg. I am the type of person money has never meant anything to me and it never will. I will do scenes for free because I just want to experience it. Some may judge me because of this, but at least I have the memory.

If you look at my Youtube channel it really shows my personality. I do a cooking show, a vlog, a first time show where I interview people about their first time having sex, just me driving around, crazy Trans adventure videos of me cruising for cock, music videos with my best friend Corey. I do it all and I made no money off of any of it; it cost me money, but I loved every second of it and I plan to do lots more.

People focus on money and limits way too much–as well as what other people think. I live for me and do what makes me happy. Do I like when people compliment my work on any level? Of course I do. But that is not why I do it and it should never be why anyone does anything in life.

I’ve read that you are a gamer, and especially enjoy Massively Multiplayer Online games. What are your favorite games, and when did you start playing?

I started playing in 1998, Resident Evil was my first game. Then Tomb Raider was my second, Now I love playing Black Ops. I love to play on the computer or my XBox. But I have not played in a very long time. In fact, now I want to play, but cannot because I have to answer these stupid questions…lololol.

tj2What are your plans for this year? Is there anywhere we can look for your work?

I will have 1 or 2 more DVDs coming out this year; a crossdresser video where I dominate sissy sluts and use my strap-on to fuck them raw. Then Oral Sensation 2 is in the works. It will either come out late this year or early next year.

I also have my new website through Grooby, Club Tasha.XXX that will have tons of updated content and a place for my fans to watch me on webcam. Lots of new content that will be uploaded this summer will be just me and a camera finding guys online, in parking lots, or in the woods, and filming me having sex with them, total strangers. It will be

My social networks always have updates. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook all @TsTashaJones

How can your fans be good to you in your new ventures?

Support me by retweeting, commenting, or I don’t know…buying

On your T-girls Radio show, you say that you want your conversations to sound like conversations with your girlfriends. Have you met many good friends in the adult industry, and how do you support each other?

To be honest I only have a handful of people I have in my personal life. Michelle Austin, Dicky Johnson, Eddie Wood, Dan & Kristal from Grooby, Tyra Scott and Christian XXX are the main people I would consider friends. I talk to lots of other people, but I would not consider them friends. This is from the adult world only.

2015-06-11_13-10-07Earlier this year your YouTube account was terminated, yet the content you had online followed YouTube’s user agreements. What type of recourse do you have when mainstream censorship prevents you from self-promotion? Have you seen this kind of censorship happening to other trans stars?

I am really disappointed with YouTube. I did nothing wrong yet they suspended my account for 6 months, not terminated. I tweeted them every day for a week. Wrote letters. Followed the worthless option they give you to fight the suspension, but it was a waste of time and they knew that. But they have to give us something. I begged my fans to support me because power is in numbers. But little did. Like I mentioned before, show something real—nothing, but if I attached a naked picture it would have went viral, but then that would have not supported my cause.

This is common with sites like that. We are adult stars, so we must be uploading something porn related. Yet, Mary Sue down the road can upload her ass shakin’ all over the place and that is OK? Females can do a cooking naked show with nothing but whipped cream covering their nips and pussy and that is OK? Yet mine, where I am covering everything, they had issues with. I submitted those videos in my email to them to show why I felt like they were discriminating against me, those videos are still up there today, yet my account is suspended?

I could write a book on the issues I have faced with some of the websites and apps. But it will not change a thing. Without the support from my fans I am just a nobody to them. Not worth their time. It is very sad, disappointing and frustrating.



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