BONUS: Keisha Grey’s Full Interview

Keisha Grey 3Twenty-one year-old Florida native Keisha Grey was kind enough to grant us an exclusive interview on her starring turn in Hard X‘s Gangbang Me 2. After our initial movie review, we decided that her candor was just too good to keep all to ourselves. So without further ado, here’s our full interview with Keisha Grey!

HotMoviesForHer: So you did your first gang bang AND your first DP. How was it?

Keisha Grey: Fucking intense.

HMFH: You’ve been in the industry since 2013. What made you decide to finally take the leap into gang bangs and DP?

Keisha: I became curious to see how two dicks in me would feel. And it’s always been a fantasy of mine to have many guys at once. So what better way to figure out how it is than doing it first hand?

HMFH: Tell us about that day on set. What were some memorable moments? 

Keisha: I was very nervous. Mason brought me balloons and roses and a stuffed animal to make me smile cause she knows how nervous I get for first time things, never knowing what to expect. It was so sweet.

HMFH: Mason is famous for being one of the most elusive directors in the business. What’s it like working with her?

Keisha: It’s fucking funny. We joke all of the time. She jokes about how goofy I am and I joke about how goofy she is. It works. She’s so creative and its honestly very inspiring. Makes me want to own the fucking scene and and blow her expectations out of the water.

Keisha with her cat, Fritz. Courtesy of Keisha's Twitter @keishagreyxxx
Keisha with her cat, Fritz. Courtesy of Keisha’s Twitter @keishagreyxxx

HMFH: Do you feel like there’s a big difference between being directed by a woman as opposed to a male director? Why or why not?

Keisha: I don’t feel there’s that much of a difference at all. You can tell which directors are driven and which directors just want to half ass and get the day over with despite the outcome. [Mason] is definitely hardworking and a perfectionist

HMFH: You had a really great set of guys in your gang bang. How much input did you get to have on the casting?

Keisha: I try not to say who I want to work with cause I trust Mason with who she’d pick. She knows who will fuck me right and look good on camera.

HMFH: Did everything you wanted to happen during your gang bang come true?

Keisha: Indeed. I’m addicted to numerous cocks at the same time.

HMFH: What’s next for you on your porno bucket list?

Keisha: It’s a secret.

Image courtesy of @keishagreyxxx

HMFH: What are your goals for your future in the industry?

Keisha: I want people to get off to me getting off. I want to be known. I want to enjoy myself constantly. I want to direct films. 

HMFH: What do you like to do in your free time when you’re not on set?

Keisha: Music and art. I love exploring.

HMFH: You’re frequently cited as having one of the best bodies in the biz. What are your secrets for maintaining your figure?

Keisha: Hahahahahaha I’m honestly blessed. My weight fluctuates a lot. Sometimes I go to the gym. I’ve been eating organic and home grown my whole life. My mom made sure I was VERY active when I was younger with dance, yoga, and tennis. I get munchies quite often.

HMFH: What can we look forward to seeing from you next?

Keisha: I’m gonna keep these hot scenes coming that’s for sure.

HMFH: What are the best ways for your fans to support you?

Keisha: Kind words and fan art make me very happy.

HMFH: Any last words?

Keisha: Eat my ass.

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