20 Questions With… Nikki Delano

We here at HotMoviesForHer think Nikki Delano is freaking awesome!  We’re totally interested in her dirty movies, but we’re pretty sure she would be super fun to just hang out with (or hit the gym with).  She is easy on the eyes and her sense of humor made a lasting impression on our perverted minds.  Making us laugh is a damn good way to get into our pants.  No nonsense, but not too serious, Nikki is new to the porno biz and loving it.  She is keeping her eye on the prize and we’re definitely keeping our eyes on her! 

1. How (and when) did you get started in the industry?
I was modeling for over a year and a scout from Brazzers contacted me through my Model Mayhem Page. Model Mayhem is a place were photographers, models and mainstream individuals connect. Nonetheless, I  got into the industry 8 months ago (Mmm Fresh Meat). I have wanted to be in porn for awhile, however I was feeling deterred due to stereotypes, family and peer approval.

2. If you weren’t in the adult industry, what would you be doing?

I would probably be a nun, celibate living in a monastery. Just Kidding, I would have joined the NYPD, or become a teacher or a social worker. I went to college to pursue a degree in Forensic Psychology. My main goal while pursuing a degree was to enter a field in were I would be helping others. I am content with my choice to become a porn star based on my sexual urge to be in the limelight and show everyone my huge appetite for whoopee.

3. What’s the best thing you’ve learned or best advice you’ve received in the industry?
The best advice I received in the industry is keep working hard and just have a goal in mind. Porn isn’t forever, be smart, promote and have a long term plan.

4. Whats the funniest things that’s happened to you while filming?

The funniest thing that has happened to me on set is when a male performer was about to cum in my mouth and he accidentally chummed up my nose. Eww gross, a cum booger!

5. What do you think the biggest misconception about women in the industry?

That women are stupid, drug addicts and were victims of sexual abuse. In life, people will always have their perception and beliefs about the sex industry. It upsets me very much, because most people who disagree with porn are not open minded. Sex saves lives and marriages… so shut up and get down to business.

6. What did you do today?

I’m at the airport flying back to L.A. from Columbus, Ohio. I was there to feature dancing at Columbus Gold.

7. What would you rather have done today?

Gotten my vagina banged about 5-6 times. Orgasmic pleasure indeed would have been my ideal day.

8. If you could do a movie with anyone (living or brought back from the dead) who would it be?

Marilyn Monroe – she was a beautiful woman and is one of my role models.

9. Who is your favorite adult performer?

Jenna Jameson, of course. Very cliche, but I really respect and look up to her.

10. You’ve got 20 bucks left to your name; what would you do with it?

I would buy 14 cans of tuna, crate of eggs and bottle of water. I need protein. Got to feed the muscles.

11. If you were president whats the first thing you’d change?

Sex would be allowed anywhere and everywhere. Fuck this conservative crap! On a serious note, castration or vaginal mutilation to all people who are cruel to animals. I’m an activist and love animals.

12. Whats the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done?

Bit my lip while talking to a hot guy.

13. Which is your favorite project that you’ve worked on?

Building my own personal website. It was my favorite based on my own personal input on content and the layout in general.

14. If you could have 1 superpower what would it be?

Titty wings. I’d have the ability for my breasts to expand into wings whenever I want to fly to a destination.

15. Meat or Veggie?

Meat. I’m into fitness, therefore anything that fuels my muscles – I’m all for it.

16. What is your favorite book?

“A Child Called It.”  I’m into reading books based on actual events. “A Child Called It” is based on a true story of a child who was abused as a child and tortured by his cruel parents.

17. What is your biggest pet peeve?

People who pass gas in public are gross. That’s what the bathroom is meant for. Keep your stinky smells to yourself.

18. What is your piece of sex advice for women?

Sex is the cure to all marital and relationship problems.

19. What is your favorite adult movie?

“Titanic.” I love romantic movies. Each time I watch it, no matter how many times, it brings tears to my eyes and gives me chills. Jackkkkkk don’t go!!!

20. Tell me one thing you’ve never told anyone else.

I want to have 10 kids!

Check Nikki out on her website at Nikkidelano.com or here on HM4Her!

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