Snow Bound Women

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Beth was widow, nearly 38 years of her life. Now 58 she was alone completely after her only daughter married and moved away. Her small country home was near mine and I grew up close enough that we were friends. She was always distant from everyone until the blizzard last winter. The storm dumped twenty-four inches of snow in one night and twice that over the next week. My folks were away on business in the North and I at 23 was stranded at home. I had just graduated from college during the summer and was preparing to go to work for a hospital in the city as a nurse when it hit. I had no food, power or water by the morning of the first day. The temperature dropped to below freezing and the snow turned to ice and froze all the doors to my house solid. I was smart enough to rap everything cold in plastic bags and shove it in the snow outside my bedroom window, but I was stranded with only one option. Turn off and lock up and crawl out a window and walk for help. I had warm weather clothes and few that I can bunch to make do, so I had to borrow my dad’s jeans and tie them on with rope. I found an old sweatshirt of moms and used it to cover me for a coat. Then I hopped out of my window and slammed it back shut and walked out to where the road should have been. The snow was so deep I couldn’t see anything familiar until I turned towards Beth’s house and heard her calling me.

I walked over and she was out on her front porch with a shovel making a path down to me. I was almost frozen when I got there and my baggy coverings were beginning to turn into ice. Beth helped me cross the hedge bushes and make my way in her house. She a nice warm fireplace going and fresh hot coffee was hanging on a metal ring by the fireplace.

I wobbled in the door as she closed and sealed it with a blanket at the bottom. Then she helped me peal off a couple of the layers of clothes with ice and snow falling from them and covered me in a thick blanket. As she took me to the fireplace, she told me, “Sit down here and get yourself warm. I’ll hang these wet clothes up in the bathroom and maybe they will dry right.”

I looked around and she had a dozen candles lighting the room in all corners. She had a fire going bright and warm and another was flickering and crackling in the bedroom across the room from where I was. She had a gas grill on her back porch as I could see her walk out to extract some food from it. Then she came back in with a plate fit for a king and said, “I think you could use this.”

A steak, a big potato and an ear of corn were set in front of me with a warm cup of coffee. I gulped it down as she sat there telling how she knew it was coming and decided to be prepared. She had brought in enough firewood for two weeks just in case. She also said she had enough food to last longer and two unused canisters of propane for her grill. She watched me eat and then she surprised me with kiss on the cheek and soft pat of my face as she said, “I was worried about you child. Your mom and dad away like that and you fresh from the beach. I bet this is a shock for you?”

“I admit I got really scared when I didn’t have any power. It was scary no heat, now water, no power and no clothes to wear. If you hadn’t been watching I would be frozen dead right now.” I said as I finished my cup of coffee.

Beth took the empty plate and asked me to follow her, and into her kitchen we went. A vent from her fireplace warmed the room enough to open my blanket slightly. She walked over and turned on her water and smiled as it poured out in full force and then she said, “We built the house over a well so long ago I forget sometimes how lucky I am. If the hot water heater had power, I would offer you a warm bath.”

All I had on at that point was my tank top and shorts and her blanket, so when I snagged it on the edge of the counter and it fell from me, it actually yanked the right side of my top off and broke the strap. She looked at me, 5’4” 120 pounds, 38D-24-36 a bit large up top and on my hips yes, but nice. She smiled at me and said, “You got a pretty body there, Lisa. Very pretty, too pretty to be showing it to an old woman who has long since been starved for sex.”

“I guess it’s a clumsy day for me,” I said as I bent over to retrieve the blanket and got a boob to plop out almost to my face. I stood up and as it flopped back down and swayed there the cool air made my nipple harden and rise. She could see it and smiled again, as her hand slowly traced along her own body. I saw her face and as I started to put it back under my top, I asked her, “Would you like to touch me?”

She was 5’8” a chubby woman, who with her heavy housecoat on and her hair pinned up looked sort of homely. I had seen her a few times in different outfits and she was never ugly. I know I shouldn’t have done it, but her kindness made me feel for her, when I realized exactly how long she had been alone. I also was not pure with women, as several times in college I had been with a couple of older women. I liked the way an older lady treats herself and me to our hidden desires.

Her face was flushed as she fanned herself and stepped a foot closer to me. She was almost gazing at my nipple as I slid my left strap off and then let my tank top fall down. Both of my breasts was standing out and perky as she opened her coat and let it fall back on the floor revealing her soft unwrinkled white flesh. She was completely naked underneath it. Her body was 36-30-38 but her breasts were round and subtle and had the smallest nipples I ever saw but the longest as well. They peeked out about an inch and half and were hard as rocks. Her shaven pussy was well defined and looked like a younger girl’s, unspoiled. She slid her hand to my shoulder as I took it and helped her fondle my breast and then without words, she kissed me on the lips and I stuck my tongue into her mouth. Five seconds later and my shorts fell off and her hand started to caress me and I slid mine to her and with her free hand she tweaked my nipple. That really started my motor for me. I was just going crazy with my kissing of her mouth when she slid a finger to my wet twat. A shuttering shiver ran over me and as it did she slipped it inside my hole and we stood there fondling each other kissing and I found myself in love.

Beth moved us to the fireplace again, and on a warm blanket in front of it, I came to rest. She snuggled beside me and kissed me and as we did her hands roamed over my chest and nipples and upper clit. When she saw how much I liked something she would repeat it many times before moving on. The way she touched me showed her to be a novice with women, but she was also a very fast learner. My head was swimming with desires and sexual lust but also, I began to want her for more than sex. By the time she got up the courage to test my slit, I almost felt like I did the first time a woman touched me. Her mouth slowly coated me and then began to extract my lusty scent and when she figured out what her tongue was doing to me, I yelled out, “Beth you have to let me stay with you.”

She made me cum twice more from touching and kissing and licking my twat before I pulled her to rest on her back. Then I began to kiss her body and when I had devoured her breast that brought on her first climax, I moved between her legs for more. I deeply encircled her clit and opening with my tongue and then I began to drain her juices with a powerful suction. She exclaimed several times in a way that told me I was doing it right. When I brought her to a squirting jittering shutter, I knew she really had just had her first real orgasm.

We stayed there kissing and playing around for the next two hours, until fire began to wane. Then we stoked it and each other. She made me a shawl from a big fluffy blanket and rapped it around me and then her warm arms around it. While I reclined in her arms, her hands gently stroked my breast and upper chest and neck, as kissed lightly. Then she confessed, “I always wanted to do that with you. Ever since I saw you sunbathing in the nude seven summers ago. I had forgotten about men and sex for so long that when I saw you naked, I got hot and horny again. I wanted to know you better and hope that one day what we just did would come about, but I also didn’t want you to break my heart. I had to say goodbye to someone once before and I wouldn’t want to do that again.”

I looked back at her with a caring glaze over my face and lovingly said, “If I had known then I would have walked over and offered you my body, the same as I did today. The same as I will do from now until you tire of me.”

Her hands cupped my breast as she petted the nipples with her fingernails and said, “I hope you are serious, because if you are, you can have me anytime you want me.”

“I mean that I do really love you, and it’s not a joke. I want you Beth as my lover and friend, and more,” I said. Then I kissed her lips turned to her and started to devouring her flesh like candy. I worked down her belly until I reached her pussy and I stayed there for so long that she had three very intense and wet orgasms.

Shortly before late night she went out onto the porch and came back with a warm ear of corn and some butter. She sat it on a plate and offered it to me. I asked her what she had in mind, and she said, “This is all I have been using for many years. I especially like to butter it up and slid it in and then eat out afterwards. Will you screw me with it then make me eat for you?”

I did just as she wanted me to and when I brought her to a very intense climax, I ate the first few bites then I allowed her to eat the rest. After she was done, I walked naked out on the cold porch and brought back another and then I told her, “Now it’s your turn to do me. Make it hard and rough and gnaw on my nipples while you do it.”

She did just that and when I yelled and cooed and sighed for endless minutes she fed it to me and helped me eat all. Then she took me to her bedroom and as we climbed under her covers, I fell into her arms and control.

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