Our First Time Swinging, Part 1

Author:tandrluv2swing Category: Friends With Benefits

Our first time swinging actually started out with a night out with a couple that were friends of ours. We were hanging out at our house and having a bonfire. All four of us had been drinking since early on in the evening. Travis was at one end of the front porch grilling and me and the couple, Tim and Lea, were on the other end of the porch listening to some music and telling stories and just a general fun time.

After eating, Travis pulled out the vodka and we started having shots. One thing Lea can’t handle is vodka shots. She was passed out within an hour. Meanwhile, me, Travis and Tim stayed outside on the porch listening to music and hanging out. I must have had way too much to drink myself, because we were sitting under the carport in front of my Expedition, and Travis asked me if I would do something for him. I said sure, and was utterly shocked when he said, “I want you to suck Tim’s dick for me.”

I don’t know who was more surprised, me or Tim! After a time making sure he was serious and not joking, I just said, “Sure, why not?”

Tim stood up, dropped his pants and stood in front of me. I looked at Travis, who was nodding his head, so I reached up and took hold of his cock with one hand and started slowly licking it up and down with my tongue. I kept looking from Travis to Tim’s face to see that everyone was ok with what was going on. I finally realized Travis was getting turned on by this, so I started really getting into it, licking from top to bottom and wrapping my lips around his cock watching it grow to its full 8 inches.

I took it into my mouth all the way to his balls and knew I had him from there. He had his head leaned back and was moaning and groaning, he took my hair into his hand and started pumping his cock into to my mouth, fucking my face as hard as he could. I felt him starting to get close, so I slowed down and looked back to Travis who was smiling at me telling me to keep going and swallow his cum.

Wanting to please my husband, I started back with vengeance, sucking and licking Tim’s cock until he couldn’t stand it anymore. Tim was hollering, “I’m gonna cum!” and I looked up into his eyes and told him I wanted to swallow his cum. That was enough for Tim to lose his load right there, so as he spasmed into my mouth. I kept my mouth around his cock and sucked every drop he had down my throat. As he was done, I started licking the head of his dick, making sure I got every last drop of his cum.

After he caught his composure, he looked over at Travis and said, “Man, I don’t know what I did to make you be such a great friend, but I sure did appreciate that!” Travis told him that was nothing, he should hang around for what was to come next.

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