A Visit I Will Never Forget

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It was a Tuesday morning and my husband had just left for work. I got out of the shower and was a little horny, as I always get that way when I take a shower. I was deciding what to wear, when I found a box of movies in the closet that I didn’t know were there. Going through them, I decided to put one in the VCR. To my surprise, it was a porno! A very good one I must admit.

It made me very wet, so I lay down on the bed, took out my toys and started playing with myself. First, I spread my legs wide open and rubbed my wet pussy. I was so into the movie, I never heard the knock on the door. Which is why when I opened my eyes, my neighbor Wendy was standing in the doorway to my bedroom staring at me and the TV.

I quickly got up and started to cover myself when, to my surprise, she started to take off her shirt. Wendy is HOT!! I have had many fantasies about her. She is a petite, slim, brunette with 36DD breasts. Oh how I have wanted to play with them, and now I it seems that I will get my chance.

As I lie there looking at her, she continues to take off all of her clothes. I lie there stunned! Oh how I want her!! Hope my husband doesn’t walk in on us. But, then again, I think he fantasizes just as much as I do about her. At last she is naked!! What a beautiful body!! She starts toward the bed. I am so very wet and ready for her. Kneeling between my legs, she scoots me to the edge of the bed. She takes the dildo I was using, and licks it off. I am so wet now that my juice is running down the crack of my ass.

She lowers her head and flicks my clit with her tongue. Then she takes her tongue and sticks it deep inside me. She starts licking and sucking my pussy. I reach around and pinch her nipple between my fingers. She gasps! I tell her to lie down on the bed. She lies down and starts playing with her tits. WOW! I reach into the drawer beside my bed and take out a strap-on. It is big, 10 inches and very thick!! I put it on and move to her head. She immediately takes a hold of it, and starts licking. Meanwhile, I am feasting on her sweet pussy!! MMMMMMMMM!!

I straddle her face and she is sucking my dick hard. I want to fuck her with it!! I move around and rub it on the entrance to that sweet hole!! I get it nice and wet and start slowly inserting it. I don’t think she is used to something this big because she moans like it hurts. I keep slowly inserting it, until it is in as deep as it will go. She took it all!!! I start pumping and grinding. Playing and sucking on her big tits.

All of a sudden, I hear a gasp. I turned around to see what made her gasp and there is my husband with his dick in his hand. He is also large, 9 thick inches. I motion for him to come over to us. He obeys, and puts his cock in my face. Of course I start licking and sucking the pre-cum. All the while I am banging that sweet cunt. I think Wendy likes it!! She reaches over and I can tell she wants some cock!! I take the strap-on off, let her straddle my face and while I am eating away, she is taking a mouthful of my husband’s cum. He cums a lot, so I make her get up and share all of that cum with her. It is so good!!

With hubby finished, I go to making her fill my mouth with her cum. While hubby licks and sucks my pussy, I start licking her pussy while I finger it and her ass. She likes this I can tell. She is soon bucking against my hand and face, and I am doing the same to hubby. MMMMM… all of that cum tastes wonderful. All of us spent from the day’s events, Wendy quietly gets dressed, looks at me and hubby and says, “Hope we can do this more often!” Then she walks home. I never did find out why she came over, but she cums over a lot now.


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