WhoreLore Season 1: Episode 03 – The Awakening

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Studio: Whorelore Category: Fantasy & Supernatural

The Whorelore saga continues in Episode 3 as Remus gathers everything she needs to complete her quest. First up, the sweat of a troll. Oddly enough, I think the troll is Jamacian. She keeps saying “mon” and until she starts rubbing her pussy, talks of nothing but smoking up. So that’s kind of weird… Fortunately, there’s nothing weird about watching Taylor Rain finger herself – which is totally hot besides the occasional “ya mon.” In the end, the elf princess gets what she wants as the troll squirts into a beaker for her.

This episode concludes with a hardcore scene starring Nick Manning, Ava Rose, and Jessica Jaymes. As fans know, there’s lots of magic in Whorelore and watching Rose make Manning’s big cock disappear down her throat is magical indeed. Rose soon disappears, but Manning and Jaymes put on quite a show as the demon pounds the succubus into submission.

Of course, I’m not really sure what this means regarding the quest. To be honest, I kind of got caught up in the fucking and lost track. I suppose that really isn’t a bad thing and I’m going to assume that our heroes are now one step closer to defeating the greater evil.

Just a warning for those of you who don’t like super hardcore flicks – the final scene is pretty aggressive. Of course, demons aren’t known for cuddling…

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