Thin Line Between Art And Sex

Studio: HeartCore Films Category: By Women

If there is one person I would intrinsically trust to truly portray the closely woven ties between art and sex, it would most definitely be Madison Young. Not only does this fiery redhead run her own art gallery in San Francisco, Young brings an overtly artful quality to every porno movie she’s made. But unlike other directors, Madison Young doesn’t try to create avant garde experiences that do more to confuse and shock than actually titillate, she directs scenes that are naturally artistic. It’s just the way she rolls. And this movie takes the cake.

More documentary than dirty movie, Thin Line Between Art and Sex breaks down the bonds between art and sex so we can examine the fibers that connect them. A handful of artists from different concentrations and mediums come on one at a time and discuss their work. The group includes writing, film making, dancing, and more, stretching art in many different ways. After the chat, each artist gets naked and gets busy one on one. And that’s where it all changed for me.

I’ll be the first to admit that when I hear art and sex (or porn) in the same sentence, I usually expect some melodramatic art house piece that happens to have naked people fucking. While it can be interesting, I usually get bored by it pretty fast. But this movie was nothing like that. Because each person talked about their experiences in a very personal way, each of their sex scenes actually came off expressing an extension of their craft. It wasn’t about creating an artful movie, it was about exposing the innate artful qualities of sex. So hot. Leave it to Madison Young to once again offer up a sexy think piece that gets our brains just as excited as our junk.

Obviously I had the total hots for Jiz Lee, both during their interview and the super hot kitchen fuck fest after, but I think my favorite pair of the movie was Naga and Carl Hungus in the last scene. The DYI mentality of their art was a major turn on to me, and once they started fucking I was completely sold. I couldn’t tell you why I found it so sexy, but I definitely did. And not to spoil the ending, I was surprisingly turned on when Carl cums in Naga’s butt. I mean, sure I’ve seen men cum inside women before, but rarely in porn… and rarely do I care about it. There was something about the pair that blew my mind and made that act really freaking hot. What can I say, I love a good orgasm!

If you are looking for something smart, sexy and sure to have you thinking about it the next day, this movie is totally for you.

-J.D. Bauchery

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  1. “surprisingly turned on when Carl cums in Naga’s butt.” don’t know why this cracked me up so much, but it totally did.

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