I don’t know about anyone else, but man, I love me some therapy!  I am a firm supporter of keeping mental health healthy and I think that every single person could benefit from some form of therapy.  Though I may never have had the inclination to strip down and jerk off during my own sessions (what was that about therapeutic relationship boundaries??), in porno anything is possible.

Unlike other masturbation movies I’ve watched, Therapy brings this amazing added element of spoken erotic storytelling that leads to the performers getting themselves hot and bothered.  It’s an exciting and totally hot addition that really moves this title to the top of my masturbation movie picks.   Well, that and the fact that it is beautifully shot and super high quality.  I love the minimalist backdrop and simplicity of the set, which is just one padded lounge.  Though I need to interject and mention how awesome the lounge is – very stylized and modern, without being too cold or sterile.  What can I say, I watch so much porn that I can’t help but take note of the furniture…

One of the things I like best about this movie is that the scenes are the perfect length for me.  Each solo scene is about 10-15 minutes long.  While some folks love a longer scene, I like that these ones are just enough time to get both a story and a mind-blowing orgasm out of each performer.  Nothing ever feels rushed or too fast-paced for me; it’s just the opposite actually, and I am relieved to not have the scenes drag on.

The actual jerk off action is super sexy and sensual. The performers take their clothing off slowly and take their time touching their bodies tenderly in anticipation of the pleasure.  As much as I like the whole thing, there are a few parts that confuse me a little – such as the fact that one woman is pretty much dressed as a superhero and it’s never mentioned (there are actually a bunch of random outfits), and that the performer named Laura is most definitely Dylan Ryan in a wig.  I’m into it all, but it definitely has me scratching my head.

I’ve been hearing about the entity of Girlfriends Films that is Juicy Pink Box for a while and I have to say that I am so happy that all of the rumors are true – these movies are stellar.

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