The Slumber Party

Good Dyke Porn always gets it right.  I’ve never seen anything come out of this awesome Canadian studio that wasn’t packed with the hottest of hot dykes getting busy and having fun.  This time we have queer director Courtney Trouble and Jolene Pardon together for the first time.  They are both smokin’ hot chubby ladies with attitude and sex appeal that makes me melt a little into my seat as I write this.  I think I’ve only seen Jolene on screen (ha, a rhyme!) a few times, and each time I’ve become more and more smitten with her.  What can I say, a rockin’ hair cut and a pair of cowboy boots always does right by me.

The buildup is definitely what I initially noticed here.  So much breast play – which is obviously fine with me, but I was just surprised that they focused on each other’s tits for so long.  I mean, they don’t even take off their bottoms until 1/3 into the movie!  No complaints from this peanut gallery, as much as just narrating (which is really fun when it comes to porn and you should try it).

I absolutely love the contrast between Trouble’s black gloves and Jolene’s pale skin.  Especially when she starts getting really aroused and her bits (and her chest) start turning a lovely shade of deep red.

And then the Eleven comes out.  Look at that fine piece of stainless steel! Eleven inches and 2.75 lbs of pure amazingness – all for that lucky Jolene!  Tap, tap, tap, all over her creamy skin and against her pieced nipples and clit hood.  I totally agree with Courtney that the clink that metal toys make against metal jewelry is so super hot.

Jolene takes that Eleven like a total champ and it’s even sexier when she communicates to Trouble that she needs her to slow down, or not hit quite as hard.  Communication during sex is the best!  Second best is that awesome Hitachi Wand that Jolene brings into the equation.  I love how much louder the Hitachi gets when you flip it onto high power.  It sounds like a power transistor or something.  Well, I guess it kind of is, sending sparks of intense pleasure to the bearer.

And we can’t forget about Trouble getting hers!  Jolene’s huge strap-on cock has Trouble panting in about 2 seconds flat.  If I heard correctly, it sounds like this is Jolene’s first time behind the dildo, and if that’s true, this chick is a total fucking natural!  I can’t say I loved the slow-mo weird shooting when Trouble comes, but at least we could hear the audio of her moans in real-time, so I can’t complain.  And the post sexy giggles – that makes the total movie for me!

Thanks for another awesomely Good Dyke Porn!

Watch “The Slumber Party” now!

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