The Devil Inside Her

Today was feeling like an old school porno day, so I headed over to our Classics category to check out the goods of decades past.  Something about this bizzaro ‘70s flick caught my eye.  I mean, you mix weird family dynamics, demons and Annie Sprinkle, and I am so there.  Add in a naked Devil jerking off and you have yourself a porno I can’t help but need to review.

Basic premise of this movie features a pair of sisters lusting/loving the same man.  Not only is their über religious father in the way, the second sister (Hope) gets so jealous and crazy with desperation that she offers her soul to the Devil in exchange for the man they love (Joseph).  Using his dastardly tricks, the Devil takes the shape of Joseph and has his way with Faith, the other daughter.  While I know it’s just porno, I still don’t like weird, rape-y scenes.

It turns out that Hope didn’t even actually sell her soul to the Devil, because after he appears and conjures his own Joseph, Hope then goes to the local witch-y woman in search of a love potion to make Joseph fall in love with her.  Confused?  So am I.  I guess it really doesn’t matter because Hope gives this magical dude a blowjob as he hangs from a tree branch, which is totally awesome.  Man, I love me some strange porn!  I will say it all starts to make a tiny bit more sense when we find out that the witch is working with the Devil to orchestrate all the delicious debauchery.  Oh and one last thing… the Devil totally has Kiss makeup on his face.  And it’s amazing.

So, Hope gets her potion and as soon as she downs it, the Devil comes to her and gets a magical blowjob/  fuckfest, though she thinks he is Joseph the whole time.  Reverse love potion??  Either way, the whole thing is pretty fucking bizaro.

Anyway, I won’t get into the whole movie, because I don’t want to spoil it all, but I will end this with a mention that there is a masturbation scene with an ear of porn and a squash… and some super strange incest thing… and a huge demon orgy.  Yeah, like I said before, it’s all bizarro.  And equally awesome.  Oh 1970’s, you are so weird.

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  1. Annie Sprinkle talks a bit about this film in her Herstory of Porn. She basically says that the rape scene quickly became too real, and she experienced it as rape — it was quite disturbing to hear her reflect on it.

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