The Art Of Sex

Studio: Viv Thomas Category: Erotica

There are a number of porn movies that fall into the grey area between art and sex. Some even merge the two to the point that you can’t even really tell what you are watching. Sure people are fucking, but what’s with Santa Claus carrying the inflatable donkey? This movie is not one of them. This is the Art of Sex, an actual examination of the artistry behind passionate sex. This movie looks into the sensuality that sex can create and takes the phrase “making love” literally.

But don’t think this is some boring, soft focus flick. Nope. There is hot triple X action, with plenty of naked bodies, moaning and fast paced fucking. As well as kissing, passion and real orgasms. Whether the performers are real couples or not, there is definitely real chemistry between each pair.

While I really like what this movie has to offer and the attention it pays to making sure each person is enjoying themselves, I didn’t see any one scene that really stood out to me as a favorite. All five were equally pretty good, but none were amazing. For me, I need to really be in the right mood when I watch a sensual video, and right now I wasn’t feelin’ it – though at another time I might have felt differently. I will say that one big turn off for me was that there was no music. While I love actually hearing the sounds of sex while I watch porn, I really prefer a little something in the background to keep it interesting.

If you are looking for a sensual adventure and a porn to perk your passion, this is the one to watch!

-J.D. Bauchery

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