The 8th Day (Disc 1)

Studio: Adam & Eve Category: Features

Today I was looking for something with a plot I could rave about to my mother later. Since she’s almost as big of a science fiction fan as I am (and since the Avatar porn spoof is still months away) I decided to give “The 8th Day” a chance. Or maybe I was hypnotized by the character on the cover’s breasts – Vanity‘s are better but I’ve been staring at them for months and can’t get them out of my mind!

Starts right out with a brief injection of plot, Samantha has been in suspended animation until the day when the earth which was supposedly on the brink of death but is supposed to be flush with new life and abundance. Maybe it even is but before Samantha gets all the way outside of her father’s scientific complex she encounters a room full of hot naked men and decides to indulge in a little foursome before seeing the outside world – or even asking them their names. Then she wakes up and realizes she’s been fucking oozing crusty mutants and that she can’t get back into the sealed bubble from whence she came. After that it’s a madcap rush to keep herself out of trouble and find a decent place of shelter.

Sex scenes are pretty much the epitome of major studio hot, though I have to admit it was the little touches that turned me on most. Watching the lead bring a guy from completely limp to a raging seven inches was hot and those little flashes of the guys in profile with half lidded and lecherous expressions, super hot. The Mistress slave, threesome prelude scene was squirm inducing (in the good way) from the overlay of the Mistress’ voice giving commands seductively in the background to the ecstatic writhing of the slave girl while she was spanked and scratched.

Really if the prelude to the sex is super hot, then the sex itself is going to be that much hotter than it would have been without that oh so essential pre-tingle. The story was pretty good, at least no worse than 70% of the post apocalyptic b-movies I’ve seen over the years. It even gets bonus points for working so hard to incorporate back stories and personalities for all its tribes.

Unfortunately the best bits of plot come close to the end of the two hours that make up disk one, which might be par for the course with most pornos except there’s only four sex scenes in those two hours (average porno has six in an hour and a half production). I do freely admit that each and every one of those sex scenes was like a meal in and of itself but that also means there’s no real incentive to stick around for the story which isn’t terribly compelling or vital before the first two hours are nearly up either. And it’s not over, not by a long shot, but why come back for more?


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