Sybian Rides 4 Cash – Lexi Belle

Riding the Sybian for the first time is an important milestone for any young porno starlet.  You know, like a Bat Mitzvah, or learning how to drive.  When your pussy first touches that buzzing saddle, you know you have arrived.  Welcome, .

While I still consider Lexi Belle’s 24 years to be pretty young, this video features her as a veritable porno bebe at 19 years old and only one year into the business.  In fact, the pornographer comments on how young and innocent she seems, and is genuinely shocked when she busts out with expletives as she rides waves of pleasure.  The description says that he even checked her ID twice to confirm her age.  It’s true that Lexi is super sweet, both in her appearance and her demeanor.

Though we all know that Lexi is getting paid for the shoot, it’s a pretty hot fantasy to ask beautiful women to hop on a fucking machine for $100.  There is something extra sexy about picturing Lexi Belle as some cute girl off the street, just walking in to make a few bucks.  She is so bubbly and excited about the Sybian, and has so much fun playing on it, that it’s a win-win situation for all.

I love that this thirty minute quickie starts out pretty tame, with Lexi fully clothed in a tank top and skirt, just straddling the Sybian, which only has an external clit stimulator on it.  After five minutes, Lexi gets a choice to take off her tank and bra for an additional $100, which she takes, and continues to enjoy her Sybian ride.  Another five minutes flies by and Lexi is asked to take her skirt and panties off, leaving her totally naked for another $100.  She’s totally into it and strips, hoping back on the Sybian to keep jerking off.

Soon the director asks if she’d like a little something extra, like a rotating dildo attachment for the Sybian, which, of course, Lexi is super interested in and climbs right aboard as soon as it is presented to her.  With the dildo inside of her and her clit pressed firmly against some deliciously bumpy ridges, Lexi gets off over and over again, giving us a whole bunch of super hot orgasm action!  Who doesn’t love better living through technology?

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