Story Of She

Oh Lexi Lowe, you crazy Brit you. We first meet Lexi while she is relaxing by the pool, enjoying her status as a kept woman in a Mediterranean mansion. Soon we learn that her life wasn’t always this bourgeoisie, and we get to hear the ‘rags-to-riches’ which got her to living in the lap of luxury. To be blunt about it – it’s all about pussy.

When her story begins, Lexi has never been with a woman, and downright freaks out the first time one touches her sexually. That same night, Lexi gets herself off while fantasizing about the friend that touched her pussy earlier in the day.

It doesn’t take her too long to realize that her attraction to women is growing, and she soon finds herself being ‘propositioned’ by a sexy businesswoman. I say ‘propositioned’ because neither woman actually talks about wanting to fuck each other, they just touch up on one another and find an excuse to head back to the businesswoman’s posh apartment. It takes the pair about two seconds to drop the pretenses and get their fuck on once they get in the door. And once Lexi has a taste of pussy, there is no going back for her.

Hungry for lady lovin’, Lexi spends the rest of the movie getting into her friends’ panties, until her friend Sasha introduces her to stripping and a bunch of lesbian cougars (you know, ‘older’ ladies that are looking for hot young things to get frisky with) that keeps her living the high life. Lexi and Sasha even have a super hot, champagne drenched three-way with a sexy cougar named Marilyn. Who doesn’t love a bit of sugar mama sweetness?

Thanks, Viv Thomas, for another amazing video full of beautiful women having incredible sex.

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