Sleazy Family

Normally I try to stay away from any and all family themed porn – it’s not my thing really – but the Brady Bunch like theme on the cover of this one finally won my curiosity over. That and the artwork didn’t look too mediocre in the scenes. Was it a surprising treat or a disappointing premature spurter?

Dubbed rather than subbed, “Sleazy Family” starts off when the male lead Masaru walks in on his step-aunt masturbating while watching an adult film. The fact that Masaru’s beloved aunt Miyuki is calling out his name while she cums probably doesn’t help Masaru’s self control, when Miyuki comes out and insists that Masaru come inside so she can “help make you feel good.” After the ‘sex’ (blow job and couple cum shots seems a little spare to call sex) the movie ends. Seriously, nine minutes in and the credits are rolling on the screen!

Whatever quirk of editing prompted the rolling credits, there’s still lots more sexy to come. I have to give it to this team of animators they’re went the extra distance, being sure to give a very detailed rendition of the French kiss as well as nipple biting. Unfortunately the level of detail decreases sharply once we get to the female genitalia. The animation was interesting in other places as well, the thrust in doggy style was both a little off and perfect from the over the shoulder third person perspective. Definitely better animation over all, than a lot of hentai I’ve seen recently.

The plot, what little there is of it, is simply put, kind of a boner killer. You see, the very same step aunt that starts seducing Masaru in the beginning – also encouraged her sister to marry Masaru’s father. Why did she do that? No idea, but here is the more interesting part – she told her sister that Masaru looked just like her lost love. Ew. Things just get more random and nebulously connected from there. How random? Think fries in someone’s pussy while someone else has a candle in their ass the copious use of blindfolds and slave training.

Ok so the animation was an overall win, but the way they cut up the movie into ten minute scenes of limited sexual fruition was rather frustrating. Add in the horrible way that Masaru became a part of the family and the various handling of all the ‘seduction’ and it’s pretty much a net loss for me.

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